Lenore Shimamoto is a character from Big Hero 6: The Series. She was a famous artist during the late 19th century and early 1900s. Despite having made a name for herself through art, Shimamoto secretly doubled as a scientist.


As an artist, Lenore Shimamoto had a great talent for creating astonishing masterpieces, like "City Rising" a painting that represents San Fransokyo's rebirth after the great catastrophe of 1906. Hidden from the public however, her true passion was science. She never told anyone, not even her friends, as she was uncertain that people would understand her passions. In any case, she felt she did not understand herself.

Shimamoto kept her scientific work a secret in a laboratory hidden beneath her house. She also had experience in mechanical engineering, like the hidden trapdoor to her lab in the living room. Shimamoto kept a journal containing details about her secret life as a scientist and the progress she was making in her research.

Role in the series

On April 3, 1906, Lenore Shimamoto was on the verge of a groundbreaking discovery that could change the world. She planned to share her findings with the city the following day, but mysteriously never did for an unknown reason.

After her passing, Lenore Shimamoto's secret life as a scientist remained hidden from the world. Her painting of "City Rising" hid designs for some kind of machine, and Obake recruited Globby to steal it for him. This was achieved in the episode "Failure Mode". By the events of "Rivalry Weak", Lenore Shimamoto's secret life as a scientist was finally discovered by students of San Fransokyo Institute of Technology. Hiro, Go Go, Honey Lemon, and Baymax stumbled upon her secret lab while hiding from campus security during an attempt to prank SFAT. Honey Lemon found Shimamoto's journal and brought it home to read with Go Go. The last entry Shimamoto made was on the day before the great catastrophe. Honey planned to hand the journal over to the museum, but Obake, disguised as a historian, tricked her into giving it to him. He went through the pages and then left it for Big Hero 6 to take back. Little did anyone know that the seemingly blank pages in the journal were filled with hidden vectors, which Obake unveiled.

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