Leonard Amadeus Helperman[3] is Spot's owner and best friend and the deuteragonist of the series, Teacher's Pet and the 2004 film . He isn't very popular at school because his mother is the teacher, and is often ridiculed and taunted for embarrassment. He knows of Spot’s charade and, while wishes he would remain his dog at home, he allows him to continue his alias as his school friend.


Leonard is known to be very insecure of himself because his mother is the teacher, resulting in him being unsuccessful and mocked. Leonard is normally kind, moralistic, and caring but is also be negative all the time because of Spot's amazing plans often getting him in trouble, though Spot always manages to save him from the consequences by the end of the episode. He gets really annoyed by Spot’s actions, despite being best friends, but they always reconcile in the end when they get mad at each other.


Leonard is a young, chubby 10-year-old boy with short red hair and has a very pale/white skin color. His outfit is a dark blue sweater with red stripes, khaki shorts and blue shoes.


Teacher’s Pet

Leonard gets picked on because his mother is the teacher, since the kids believe it gives him an unfair advantage. On his first day of 4th grade, he meets the new kid in class, Scott Leadready and is jealous when he becomes popular. Leonard finds out that the new kid is actually his pet dog, Spot in disguise. After Spot begs him to do so, Leonard decides to have Spot continue his double life as his classmate and closest friend.


At the end of the school year, Leonard’s mother has been nominated for the teacher of the year and has to compete in the final round in Florida. Principal Strickler lends the Helpermans his RV, as long as they do never let any dogs in it, which means that the pets can’t come with them. Spot feels terrible that he can’t go on vacation with Leonard, but Leonard assures him they’ll hang out all summer long when he comes back.

Miles away from home, Leonard sees that Spot has followed them. While happy to see Spot, Leonard remembers what Strickler explained about no dogs in the RV. Luckily, Spot dresses up as Scott Leadready and convinces Leonard’s mother to take him to Florida with them (while also dressed as Scott’s "relatives"). When they arrive in Florida, Spot reveals that he only came to Florida to see a scientist named, Dr. Krank who claims he can turn animals into human beings. Spot begs Leonard to help him find Krank, hoping that this is his chance to become a human boy.

Leonard and Spot arrive at Dr. Krank’s lab, who is trying to destroy his transformation machine after another failed experiment. Spot tells the scientist that the subject he needs to change into a human is a mammal. Using Spot as his newest subject, Krank transforms Spot into a human, much to Leonard’s dismay. Spot is changed into a human, but he isn't changed into a boy as expected, since he’s long past his doghood, he’s changed into a full-grown man (his age in dog years). Wanting to use Spot as proof of his "genius", Krank traps Leonard and Spot in his lab. Luckily, his nephew, Ian manages to save them in exchange for a gooey chew toy.

The boys get hungry and realize that Spot needs new clothes that fit his new man body. They manage to find a lost dog and her puppies, with the owners rewarding them with five hundred dollars. Spot buys a new suit and rents a fancy car.

When they meet Mrs. Helperman back at the RV park (with Spot passing himself off as another teacher), she begins to fall for Scott which makes Leonard furious because he does never want Spot to become his stepfather and tells Spot to leave. Saddened that Leonard would kick him out, Spot sadly walks away and leaves.

The next day, Leonard meets his other pets when they arrive and decides to have Krank turn him into a dog to be with Spot again. But, when he gets there, he realizes he has been tricked and he is going to be used as a bait to lure Spot and then Krank will have the man and the dog. Leonard’s pets arrive just in time to stop Krank from harming their master. When Spot causes the machine to go haywire, he stands in front of the machine to change back into a dog. The machine zaps him, but changes him into a pile of blue dust. Angered and certain that his best friends is dead, Leonard kicks the machine and it reactivates, changing Spot back into a dog. Declaring himself to be proud of being a dog, Spot and Leonard both reconcile.

Leonard and the pets go to the awards ceremony to congratulate Leonard’s mother, who has won. The pets are wondering how they’re supposed to get home without Mrs. Helperman seeing them, but luckily, Spot has a plan. Disguising himself as Scott Leadready again, he convinces the Helpermans to drive him home, while Pretty Boy and Jolly hang onto the RV’s ladder as they drive back home.

Relationships with Other Characters

Spot Helperman/Scott Leadready II

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Spot is Leonard's best friend and pet dog. While Leonard and Spot are still best friends and are loyal to each other, they can occasionally get very competitive with each other when there is something they want to succeed at. But, whether it is helping Leonard with his confidence or helping Spot deal with one of his burdens, they always stick by each other and are always there for each other when they need each other the most.

Pretty Boy and Mr. Jolly

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Leonard loves his cat and bird just as much as he loves his dog. He always turns to them for help when he needs them the most. He doesn't appreciate it when they are in danger such as Tallulah trying to harm them and eat Pretty Boy or when Jolly is in a stone funk. In the movie, when Leonard missed having Spot and was holding a grudge at him, Jolly and Pretty Boy arrived on the scene and Leonard was like "oh it's you". Pretty Boy was mad about this and they decided to leave but Leonard quickly apologized and was glad that they were in Florida and he never needed anyone more. Overall, Leonard has a great friendship with his three pets.

Mary Helperman

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Leonard is embarrassed about his mother being his teacher because she tends to humiliate him and the other kids give him grief for it. But, he always pays attention to her and doesn’t like ignoring or disappointing her.


  • Leonard and Spot are the only characters to be in every episode.
  • The name Helperman is Jewish, so it can be assumed that Leonard is Jewish. However, this has not been confirmed. He is most likely Jewish on his disappeared father's side. But in the show, he celebrates Christmas instead of Hanukkah. However, some Jews (due to their partial faith) celebrate both holidays so he might celebrate Hanukkah.


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