Leonard Saber is the secondary antagonist, later supporting character in the film G-Force. He is a former arms dealer and the owner and CEO of the Saberling Technology enterprise. He was at first thought to the main antagonist but that was really to hide the real main villain.



According to Ben Kendall, it is mentioned that Leonard Saber was a former weapons dealer who later became an electronic house mogul that designed a new microchip (Clusterstorm) with military application, and believed that some evidence of it is being sold to the Middle East.

Saber is first seen at his mansion, where he seems to be having a party with numerous guests. Saber gives a presentation to his employees about his new microchip, which will allow all Saberling brand electronics to communicate with one another, allowing to import preferences and information (i.e. having the coffee maker tell the fridge to add coffee to the shopping list). Saber is later seen when he receives a call from an unseen Mr. Yanshu about project Clusterstorm.

The project involves tracking floating objects (junk) in space. Mr. Yanshu is apparently an anonymous engineer working for Saber, but it is eventually revealed that Speckles is the one who created Clusterstorm, via manipulating Saber, while pretending to be an anonymous engineer (Mr. Yanshu). During the climax of the film, Saber talks to other people about the project and begins launching Clusterstorm. However, the Saberling products become killing machines and start to attack the town, including Saber himself, much to his shock. At this point, a joint FBI and SWAT team led by Agent Kip Killian show up to arrest Saber, but find out that he's the victim set up to take the fall of the Clusterstorm scheme orchestrated by Speckles. He later witnesses Darwin attempting to stop Speckles and realizes that Speckles was Mr. Yanshu all along. At the end of the movie, it is heard on the news by the FBI Director that Saber was forced by the FBI to make the largest product recall of history by giving Speckles the punitive duty of removing all the malicious chips that he put in the Saberling appliances.


  • Bill Nighy, who portrayed Leonard Saber in the film, also portrayed Davy Jones from the Pirates of the Caribbean series, which was also produced by Jerry Bruckheimer.
  • Since Speckles was the real villain of the film, the trailers and marketing of G-Force advertise Leonard Saber as the main antagonist. However, Speckles had bigger plans than Leonard Saber, as he wanted to get revenge on human beings for killing his family. Despite this, the trailers had several factors that showed Leonard Saber as the possible villain.
    • In the first trailer of G-Force, Saber is shown in his room, saying "our time has arrived" and the next scene shows Ben Kendall informing Darwin that his mission is to stop Saber as he has built a "mechanized army that threatens the entire free world", which indicates the household appliances that turned into killing machines.
    • The second trailer of G-Force shows Leonard Saber saying "are we ready" and "it's not easy to take over the world", indicating that he was going to the bad guy.
  • Because of these factors, he is sometimes considered as the decoy antagonist of the film.
  • Although he is the secondary antagonist, he seemingly had no interaction with Darwin and the rest of the G-Force team, although he did attack Mooch when he was flying up to his nostril as a distractions, and even witnessed TV footage of Darwin trying to stop Speckles.
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