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Leopold Loggle is a supporting character in the 2019 television series Amphibia.



Loggle is an all-around, nice and friendly carpenter. He is a dedicated individual who shows a passion for what he does. He does have a strong sense of discipline and, like most workers, prefers to have validation. He was seriously upset at his business getting destroyed and refused to have Anne and the Plantars leave until he was satisfactorily compensated.

Physical appearance

Loggle is a light blue axolotl with dark blue gills (the horns on his head). He has small white tufts of hair on the side just above his gills and a big white mustache. He has a light green tongue and his eyes are small and look closed. When they do open, they are white and have tiny blue pupils.

He wears a pair of goggles that wrap around his head. The left lense is clear while the right lense is green with three small settings on it. He wears a beige shirt, brown work apron and grey boots. To top it off, he wears a red neck scarf that is supposed to cover a small healed hole over his neck from a metal smith accident.

Starting with "Commander Anne", Loggle has undergone a significant change and now sports a large masculine body that makes him taller than most of the Wartwood citizens. He still retains his clothing, but now lacks his beige shirt and red scarf.


  • Wood carpentry: Loggle works at a local carpentry shop. He is shown to be capable of building small things like coo coo clocks to big and complicated things like a statue of Anne dabbing.
  • Metal workings: Loggle has implied that he has worked with metal before as his occupation prior.


  • Loggle is Matt Braly's favorite of the citizens of Wartwood.[1]
  • While Loggle is an Axolotl that walks around on land, real Axolotls prefer to stay in the water at all times as they dry up quickly.
  • Loggle used to be a metalsmith, but quit when he fell and impaled his voice box on a pipe. Because of this, he has a bizarre speaking issue where he would speak using a positive before becoming a negative ("I doooooo-n't).
    • Axolotls have the ability to regenerate lost limbs, thus it is possible that while he was able to regenerate his voice box, it came out wrong.
    • In "Reunion", it is shown that everyone is annoyed with Loggle's voice issues.
  • When the episode "True Colors" was leaked online, a personal message from Loggle was released asking fans to wait for the official release of the episode and suggested taking up woodworking to pass the time, though not before having another vocal issue.[2]



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