Lester "Les" Averman is a hockey player from Brooklyn Park, Minnesota. He plays forward and wears number 4. He serves as a goofball and deadpan snarker of the team. He can contribute on the ice but has trouble dealing with opposing enforcers. Averman is the second most injured person in the series, tied with Guy. In The Mighty Ducks, he is first shown to be playing a prank by filling a broken handbag with dog waste and leaving a dollar bill tucked half way out to attract an unsuspecting person. He tried to avoid playing in the game by acting as a commentator, giving everyone nicknames. Most of the early games involved Averman being knocked down by a larger, tougher player in the face-off for the puck. Thanks to Coach Bombay's help and exercises, he began doing better at handling the puck and passing it to the other teammates. In D2, he was working as an usher at a local movie theater when Charlie stopped by to recruit him for Team USA. He admits to not practicing while Bombay was gone, saying that he knew they were forgetting something. Averman was part of the Team USA. He later attended Eden Hall Academy, as seen in D3: The Mighty Ducks. He is portrayed by Matt Doherty.

Playing Style

Lester's playing style resembles that of a Playmaker. He often passes and sets up shots for the better scorers.


(Saying running commentary in the style of Rob Schneider)

  • "The Pete-Meister, Mr. Rabble-Rouser! Passing the puck over to Jessie-Roonie, the Enforcer!"
  • Peter falls down
  • "Ouch! That hurt! Oh, it's the Connie-Meister..."
  • Connie shoves Averman down
  • "...the Velvet Hammer."

(In first hockey game under Coach Bombay)

  • Averman: "Hum, batter batter batter! Hum, batter batter batter! Eh batter batter, eh batter batter, swing batter batter–"
  • Coach Bombay: "Averman! It's hockey, there's no batter!" (under his breath) "Idiot."
  • Averman: "Hum goalie goalie goalie! Hum goalie goalie goalie. Eh goalie goalie goalie, save goalie goalie..."

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