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Lester B. Pearson Middle School is a location from Disney/Pixar's 2022 film, Turning Red. It is where Mei, Abby, Priya and Miriam goes to learn their skills. Sometimes Ming visits to watch over her which made her any strong emotional would transform into a red panda.


The Lester B. Pearson Middle School is located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. It is the place where Meilin Lee attends school and hangs out with her three besties, Priya, Abby, and Miriam while being instructed by their teacher, Mr. Kieslowski. The mascot of the Lester B. Pearson Middle School is a beaver.

Role in the film

When Mei introduces herself to the audience at the Lester B. Pearson Middle School, she hangs out along with her three best friends, Miriam, Abby, and Pirya, who agree with her to change the world together. After school, Mei and her friends stop by the Daisy Mart convenience store and observe Devon, the cashier of the store to which Mei finds no interest in him.

The next day, Ming drops her daughter to school where she packs lunch, snacks, and herbal tea for her just before Mei enters the school building. Mei encounters Miriam, Priya, and Abby who notice Mei wearing a beanie just before Mei briefly stares at Carter Murphy-Mayhew before seeing a drawing depicting Mei and Devon, much to Miriam worried about Tyler putting up these humiliating drawings just as the three try to teach him a lesson not to humiliate their best friend just before Mei goes to math class. During math class, Mr. Kieslowski teaches his students a new lesson while Miriam writes a note to Mei who is discussing about Mei's strange behavior while Mei. Mei plans to write on her notebook while Miriam gives her a note to know if she is safe to which Mei writes her a reply to her explaining that she is fine while Mei continues writing during class followed by Miriam explaining to Mei that her mother is outside. Outside, Mei's mother Ming is arguing with a security guard, Mr. Malik who accuses her for trespassing as it is then known that Mei forgot her pads only for Mei to transform into a red panda. Seeing Mei who turned into a red panda, she nervously runs through the hall and into a bathroom where she notices Stacy Frick, one of the school's students inside as she reacts to Mei in her panda form just before Mei escapes the school through a window much to her mother's worry.

The next day during a game of dodgeball, Mei tells her friends about her mother's refusal to attend the concert to which Priya shares her thoughts with Mei while noticing her mother by the school grounds still chased by Mr. Malik again just as she is taunted by Tyler during the game to which Mei attempts to fight back but her attempt to throw the ball at him instead breaks a nearby window. Mr. Keislowski, furious of what Mei did, marks her as "out" for throwing a dodgeball into the window. Priya, Miriam, and Abby take Mei to the bathroom as she discusses about her mother preventing her from attending the concert. Mei then devises a plan with Priya, Miriam, and Abby to accumulate enough money to buy tickets for 4*Town. As Mei is excited about her favorite band and then turns into a red panda, Stacy reacts to Mei's panda form again to which Pirya faces Stacy, thinking she is harming Mei. However, as Stacy and her two friends react to Mei, she and her two classmates offer money for Mei's friends to which Mei and her friends continue the plan to accumulate enough money to buy tickets for 4*Town.

The next day at school, Priya, Mei, and Abby make red panda keychains while sitting on the bleachers to help make enough money only for her friends to be exhausted while Mei feels trustrated that all the money she earned is insufficient for the total of four tickets while Miriam tells her not to overreact to this just before Mei and her friends see Tyler under the bleachers who ffers her a birthday invitation at his house to which Mei eyes her friends to know if they should attend Tyler's party. Mei then decides to attend Tyler's party, alongside Miriam, Priya, and Abby so they could finish collecting the total amount of money for the tickets to see 4*Town performing at the SkyDome.


  • The school is named for Lester B. Pearson, a Canadian scholar and politician. Pearson served as the 14th prime minister of Canada from 1963 to 1968.
  • Though this school is fictional, several real schools in Canada are named in Pearson’s honor.

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