"Let's Go" is the theme song of the video series Mickey's Fun Songs series.


Singers: Mickey's Fun Songs time is here
We're ready for some fun
Mickey and Kids: Ya-hoo!
Singers: We never know what might appear
Come and join us, everyone
Minnie: That's you.
Singers: We always bring fun songs to sing
We're a traveling music show
We can laugh and play and smile all day
Let's be on our way
Kids: Let's go!

Singers: An adventure's really good for you
That's been our belief
Thrills and spills will fill the bill
And so and so and so
Kids: Good grief, let's go!

Singers: The time for fun is now
Get your body in the act
Kids: Hooray!
Singers: You'll have a real good time
Girls: And how!
Singers: You'll be happy, that's a fact
Goofy and Boys: You'll see!
Singers: You'll take a chance
Kids: Come on, let's dance!
Singers: As the music goes
Big or small, we'll have a ball
So join us in a cheer
Mickey's Fun Songs time is here!
Goofy: (laughs) Whoa!

Mickey: (laughs) Oh boy! We're going camping! Let's go!

Mickey: (laughs) Hiya. Today, we're going to the circus. Let's go!

Mickey: (laughs) Hey, kids. We're having a beach party today. Come on!

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