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"Let the Wonk One In" is the fifteenth episode of the second season (and sixty-seventh episode overall) of Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja and the third Halloween-themed episode of the show. It premiered on October 17, 2014.


Randy unleashes the terrifying orange Halloweenja suit from the Nomicon and soon discovers that it's a force he can't control.


The scene began with Randy narrating about Halloween before being cut by Rachel. She behaves in her usual cheerful self and spreads it to other people with annoys Randy and Howard as it is the opposite of Halloween tradition. The boys arguing that they need to preserve the dark nature of the holiday, so they send an email blast to the kids of the block telling them that they made the scariest haunted house in a garage.

However after checking the scare-age with fresh eyes, they realized that they over exaggerated on details. Randy panics trying to formulate a plan but Howard suggests that he should go into the Nomicon to find them something to help make haunted house more scary; Randy hesitates at first unsure if the Nomicon has such a thing but ignores him and opens the book himself and shloomps Randy inside, saying that they both know there is.

Inside the Nomicon, Randy finds himself in front of The Temple of Forbidden Knowledge of The Shadow Warrior. Remembering the dark nature associated with the temple, he tries to enter inside but The Nomicon clearly against it board up all points of entry preventing him from entering. To Randy's luck however he finds a small vent which he is able to squeeze inside. Upon entering, Randy finds himself inside a storage room filled with stranger objects.

After walking around for a second. He finds an idol named "The Halloweenja." Thinking that it would be perfect of their garage. Randy released the magic within which resembles the Sorcerer's stank except it's black tinted mixed with yellow and it envelopes and brings him outside the Nomicon.

Outside the essence of terror had fused with the Ninja Mask giving it an orange color along with the whole suit itself. Stank like mist began emanating from Randy began to use the power of the halloweenja and released the stank like magic throughout the garage turning the novelty halloween objects to in living monsters.

The garage is covered in thick dark and light orange with lightning effects and thunder claps. Upon entering the scare-age, the kids of the block immediately ran away in terror. The duo called it quits after accomplishing what they had set out to do, Randy tried to turn off his dark magic but instead increased. He tried to remove the suit thinking it would work but in unable to, he then tries to use the NinjaNomicon but the suit reacts on it's own and pulls him away and then spits him out through the eyes of the mask.

The Halloweenja now fully in control used it's power to terrorizes the block by turning the kids in costume into actual monsters that they are dressed as. Randy is unable to fight the Halloweenja due to not possessing his suit but realized that the Halloweenja was unable to use it's magic Rachel due to her bunny costume and was scared of it; led Randy to conclude that cute was it's weakness.

Randy manages to gather the remaining kids at Rachael's house and retaliate against the Halloweenja and it's monsters by dressing up in cute costume. This method worked as soon as the kids began to hug the monsters, they immediately turned back to normal. With all the monsters preoccupied, Randy went after the Halloweenja himself, chasing him behind houses.

Randy was unable to do much due to his bear costume lacking any movement. However he manages to trick the Halloweenja into thinking he was defenseless, only for Randy to toss the Nomicon near it as it opened and sucked the Essence of Terror out of the suit, returning it's original colors, saving the day.

At the end, McFists was walking through the street during the whole chaos thinking it was fake and not being scared, only to be terrified after hearing old retro Halloween music. The episode ends with Randy talking to what he assumed as Howard in his bear costume but Howard shown up beside him and the unknown individual began to walk away with it head twisted all the way back.



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  • The title is a spoof of the 2008 horror film, Let the Right One In.
  • List of the characters in Halloween Costumes.
  • This is the third Halloween episode, the previous two being "Dawn of the Driscoll" and "Night of the Living McFizzles".
  • This is the second time to take place entirely at night. The first was "Night of the Living McFizzles".
  • The Forbidden Knowledge of the Shadow Warrior in the NinjaNomicon reappears, previously appearing in "Dawn of the Driscoll".
  • The part where Randy throws the NinjaNomicon and sucks the Halloweenja suit into it is reminiscent of the 80's film Ghostbusters.
  • Theresa dressed as Little Bo Peep respectively are much reminiscent of Bo Peep from the Toy Story film series.
  • The McFizzle candies reappears since the Halloween episode "Night of the Living McFizzles".
  • It's revealed in this episode that McFist is creeped out by retro Halloween music.
  • This is Rachel's second speaking appearance and first main appearance.
  • The Halloweenja's magic circle is a reference to the Disney XD cartoon Gravity Falls.
  • In the background, a plastic figure snowman is wearing the same hockey mask of Jason Voorhes from the "Friday the 13th" franchise.
  • Braedon's Halloween costume reference to Billy the Puppet from Saw (franchise).
  • This episode reveals that Rachel lives just a few houses away from Randy.
  • Halloweenja's minions in this episode are similar to the Yin Yang Yo! episode "The Howl of the Weenie" where Terroweenie's Weaknesses is Cuteness.
  • In the background, a plastic figure snowman is wearing a hockey mask similar to that of Jason Voorhees from the Friday the 13th franchise.
  • The last line of "The Ghost Boogie" sung over the credits is "I ain't 'fraid of no boogie," a parody of the line from the song "Ghostbusters," "I ain't 'fraid of no ghost!"
  • Rachel's line, "The power of cute compels you!" is a parody of the line "The power of Christ compels you!" from the 1973 horror film, The Exorcist, drawn from the Roman Catholic rite of exorcism.
  • The way "Mrs. Ted E. Bear"'s head twists all the way around echoes the twisting-around of the demon-possessed girl Reagan's head in The Exorcist.
  • Howard's line, "Childer-en of the night!" references the famous line from Bram Stoker's 1897 novel Dracula (and its many film versions), "Listen to them, the children of the night. What music they make!" (There the "children of the night" are wolves.)
  • The emblem of the Norisu Nine appears on the Temple of the Forbidden Knowledge of the Shadow Warrior.

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