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Levander Hart is a minor and one-time character from Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja. He's a student at Norrisville High and formerly a member of the band 30 Seconds to Math.

Role in the Episode

Three months prior to the events of the episode "Unstank My Hart", Randy Cunningham and Howard Weinerman decided to recruit Levander as a member of their synthesized band 30 Seconds to Math, as he had provided the best rock gear. But when Levander showed up to show off his skills, Randy and Howard realized his talents weren't exactly "top notch". Randy knew they'd have to give up the equipment if they kicked him out, as the equipment was the primary reason he and Howard recruited Levander. After finding out that he'd been used, Levander ran away sobbing. The Sorcerer took advantage of the predicament after hearing Levander's cries and used a special type of Stank to possess Levander's guitar and grant him the skills he desired so.

Over time, Levander's newly acquired skills made him a rather popular rock star (he had even acquired a limousine of his very own, along with a pair of bouncers). One day, he paid a visit to Randy and Howard and told the duo to meet him backstage at the Norrisville High Amphitheater at 4:30, telling them it was a "reunion". Unbeknownst to either of them, this was actually the seed of revenge the Sorcerer planted months ago.

That night at the concert, Randy and Howard showed up all dressed for the occasion. No sooner had Randy just begun to play did Levander reveal his true intentions. Without further ado, he had his bouncers remove Randy and Howard from the stage as the get-back for removing him. As Levander began playing solo, the Stank that had been building up finally transformed Levander into a lightning monster right in front of the crowd, causing them to flee in terror. Randy showed up as the Ninja and did battle with Levander, but the monster proved to be far too strong, even for the Ninja's Tengu fireball. Randy realized that the only way to remove the Stank from Levander was to set right what once went wrong. Howard and Randy apologized to Levander and played along with him, dispelling the Stank. Afterwards, they made up by performing at Greg's Game Hole (only for a major power outage to happen).

Former Abilities

  • Guitar Skills: Being the only known victim of Blue Stank, Lavander became even skilled with his electric guitar (something he lack before). With this skill he became a famous rock star for 3 months until Randy destank him.
  • Electrokinesis: In his stanked form, Lavander turned into a lightning monster. It appears Lavander is able to manipulate the electricity in his electric guitar because whenever he played, he was able to blast blue colored beams of electricity from his guitar that disintegrated several Ninja Ring and engage in a beam battle against Randy while bring in the Ninja Rage mode when he fired beams of flaming energy at him. His lightning monster form also allowed him to be durable enough to withstand one fiery energy beam. Combined with his guitar skills Lavander was able to charge his electric powers to hold against the Ninja Rage.


  • While stanked and a rock star, Levander uses a fake British accent, although he's able to switch between it and his natural English accent.
  • He is the only known victim of blue stank.
  • His Stanked form resembles a Lightning Reed from Plants vs Zombies 2.
  • Levander is voiced by Danny Pudi and Randy by Ben Schwartz; since 2017 until 2021, the two have played the Duck brothers Huey and Dewey, respectively, on Disney's re-booted DuckTales. They also appeared in "Flora & Ulysses".


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