Lewis Carl Davidson Hamilton, MBE is a British five-time Formula One World Champion, having won the 2008 Formula One World Championship with McLaren, and the 2014, 2015, 2017 and 2018 championships with his current team Mercedes. He voiced himself in Cars 2, and Hamilton in Cars 3.[1][2]

Disney Roles


  • Along with the English version, Hamilton also voiced his character in the Spanish and German versions.[3][4]
  • In a TV spot for Cars 2, Hamilton claims that his favorite Cars character is Mater.
  • In a Digital Spy interview about his role in Cars 2, Hamilton stated Cool Runnings to be one of his favorite movies.[5] In a 2017 Q&A on the Formula One website, he also stated it as the movie he would watch if he imagined having to choose just one movie to watch.[6]
  • While being interviewed by Owen Wilson following the 2017 British Grand Prix, Hamilton declared that after his chance to win the 2017 Formula One championship, he will want to be in Cars 4.[7]


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