Liam Dunn was an American actor who was famous for being in Mel Brooks' movies, such as Reverend Johnson in Blazing Saddles, Mr. Hilltop in Young Frankenstein, and the Newsvendor in Silent Movie. He also played Alonzo Hawk's doctor in Herbie Rides Again, Dr. Winslow in The World's Greatest Athlete, and Dr. Morgan in Gus.

In Spring 1976, it is said Liam Dunn collapsed on the set of Disney's The Shaggy D.A., during the filming of the roller rink sequence, and died soon after on April 11, 1976, from emphysema in Granada Hills, California. John Fiedler was brought in to complete the role as the dog catcher. Though only 59 at his death, Dunn always looked much older, and was cast accordingly.

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