The Library is Bonesborough's public library that appears in the Disney Channel animated series, The Owl House. It is home to the largest collection of magical books on The Boiling Isles.


Aside from the magical influence, the Library's system is pretty much the same as a human Library. There are books that hover over people's heads or shelve themselves, and crystal balls in the place of computers. The library also happens to contain books from the human realm, such as Manga and graphic novels

Amity Blight is a regular visitor, who often reads to kids in the kid's corner. She also has a secret hideaway hidden behind the Romance section, filled with a private selection of books she likes to read, including The Good Witch Azura. Access to this room is by pulling out the book titled The Lone Witch & Secret Room.

Whenever the Wailing Star shower passes over, the contents of the books are magically brought to life. For example, if one looks through the pages of a storybook, the characters of will come to life. It is also revealed that writing and doodles in books can also be brought to, as shown when Emira and Edric added human legs to a cute duck character and when Luz wrote about herself dressed as Azura. During this event, the library is closed early to prevent anyone from unleashing such magic.

Known library books

  • Otabin the Bookmaker
  • The Good Witch Azura series
  • Extinct Birds of the Boiling Isles
  • Snowballs a History
  • Quacks Eat Snacks
  • Barely a Duchess
  • Pride & Pythius
  • Nightlight
  • Coping with Empty Nest Syndrome


  • The "Demon Decimal System" is a Reference to the Dewey Decimal System used to categorize books in a library.
  • The books coming to life are similar to "looking to the books" in the 1994 live-action/animated film, The Pagemaster.


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