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"Life, the Negaverse, and Everything" is the forty-sixth episode of Darkwing Duck.


After another day of crime, Negaduck leaves for his secret hide out. Megavolt, Liquidator, Bushroot and Quackerjack are uninvited, so they decide to follow him to the bakery. Meanwhile, it is Honker's birthday and Drake reluctantly joins the party with Gosalyn. Launchpad arrives with the birthday cake (which happens to be a peanut butter, honey and sauerkraut cake) and tells Drake about the Fearsome Five at the bakery. His chance to get away from the Muddlefoots, Darkwing Duck goes out after them. Unfortunately, he gets captured and thrown into the Negaverse by Megavolt, Liquidator, Bushroot and Quackerjack, much to Negaduck's annoyance.

Darkwing finds himself in an apocalyptic version of St. Canard, which possibly became this way by the hands of Negaduck. He returns home to find Gosalyn behaving sweetly and wearing a pink dress, Launchpad armed and dangerous and Tank smart and polite. He also finds the rest of the Muddlefoots wearing leather and having bad attitude.

He is captured by the Friendly Four, opposite counterparts of Megavolt, Liquidator, Bushroot and Quackerjack. With Darkwing's help, the Friendly Four restore the Negaverse St. Canard to the beauty of its counterpart. Darkwing leaves the Negaverse and after a fight against Negaduck, returns to his own universe.



  • The title of the episode is based on a line from the book The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy: Life, the Universe and Everything, relating to a question relating to the meaning of life (which was given as "42").
  • The Gummi Bear doll is Zummi Gummi, whom Jim Cummings voiced in the final season of Adventures of the Gummi Bears.
  • Negaduck would return in a few episodes; it is unclear how he escapes Oblivion.
  • Gosalyn is apparently a non-sequitur to this episode: while everyone else from the Negaverse is a polar-opposite including in whether they were good or evil, Gosalyn is "good" in both universes and only apparently different in her attitude, being saccharine and pliant in the Negaverse and an aggressive tomboy in Darkwing's universe.


  • An animation error has Darkwing looking like Negaduck climbing out of the portal just before it vanishes. this happens at other points in the series owing to the two characters' identical designs. Darkwing is also colored as Negaduck right after the real Negaduck bowls him right into the Friendly Four.
  • When Launchpad is walking through the bakery and the Fearsome Four enter and walk past him, Launchpad's feet pass through the Fearsome Four as he walks by them.


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