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The Life Potion is an evil elixir used by Sarah, Mary, and Winifred Sanderson. The recipe for this elixir can be found in the Manual of Witchcraft and Alchemy.


The Life Potion allows others to suck the drinker's life-force away in order to replenish their own youth and vitality. The potion works best on young children, as they have the most youth to transfer. The more children the sisters manage to drain, the longer they shall live until they become immortal.

The recipe for this potion is found in the Sanderson sisters' spellbook, given to them by the devil himself. The sisters successfully create it for the first time in 1693 Salem, Massachusetts on a young girl named Emily Binx. As Emily rapidly ages, her vitality is transferred into the Sandersons, restoring their youth. Although Winifred made a large cauldron full of the potion, intending to use it on as many children as possible, Emily's older brother Thackery manages to spill it all over the floor.

Three hundred years later, Winifred and her sisters recreate the potion, this time targeting a young girl named Dani Dennison. However, Dani is rescued by her older brother Max before she is forced to drink it. He then pours the rest of the potion onto the floor so it can't be used on the other children of Salem.


"Bringeth to a full rousing bubble, then add two drops oil of boil and a dead man's toe. Next, add a dab of newt saliva, dash of pox. Stir thrice. One final thing and all is done: add a piece of thine own tongue. Administer one drop to victim and stand back. When victim's life force shows, inhale the glowing aura. When the aura is extinguished, the victim is dead and you shall be young again."

In addition, Winifred Sanderson says to "mix blood of an owl with the herb that's red. Turn three times, pluck a hair from my head" as part of the recipe.


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