Lil Danny Dawkins[1] goes to school at H.G Wells High. He has a extreme crush on Pim which she ignores his futile attempts on dating him, Pim uses him on every plan that she lays out and he'll go out of his way to impress her. Pim does like him at a point but doesnt show it. He is played by Brandon Mychal Smith[2].

Episode Appearances

Season Two

  • Versa Day
  • Virtu-Date
  • The Giggle
  • Dinner Time
  • Tia, Via, or Me...Uh
  • Get Ready to Go-Go
  • Phil Without a Future
  • Time Release Capsule
  • Mummy's Boy
  • Maybe-Sitting
  • Good Phil Hunting
  • Pim-cipal
  • Phil of the Garage
  • Happy Nird-Day
  • Ill of the Future
  • Where's the Wizard?
  • Not-So-Great Great Great Grandpa
  • Back to the Future (Not the Movie)



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