Being in the Emperor's Coven was my dream. I wanted to work alongside the most powerful witch on the Isles and make the world a better place.
―Lilith telling Luz about her childhood dream[src]

Lilith Clawthorne is Eda's older sister in the Disney Channel animated series The Owl House.



Lilith is the opposite of Eda. She is loyal and devoted to the laws of magic, and is considered to be one of the most honorable and respected witches on the Boiling Isles. As leader of the Emperor's Coven, it is her duty to enforce the Emperor's laws as well train new generations of powerful witches. Among those witches is Amity Blight, who she considers one of her top students.

Her relationship with her sister is full of bickering and conflict. She despises Eda's life choices, and her constant mocking and antics grimes on her nerves enough to break her self-discipline. However, despite their differences, Lilith is shown to deep down care about her sister.

It is revealed that Lilith hates how Eda is more powerful than her. During the duel to save Luz, Lilith was losing despite her advantage by holding Luz prisoner.

Her jealousy was the reason she cursed her sister, something which she is ashamed of.

After Belos revealed he had no intention of curing her sister she rebelled against the emperor she served for years and turned to Luz to help her rescue Eda. After she, Luz, and King successfully save Eda and escape, she cast a spell so she and Eda would share the curse together in order to make amends for the wrong she committed; claiming it is what she should have done long ago.

Physical appearance

Lilith is a tall, slender middle-aged woman in her mid to late forties (two years older than Eda).[1] She has ivory skin, pointy ears, dark teal lips, long, dark teal hair (formally red when she was younger), and aquamarine eyes. She has dark gray claw-like nails and an inverted kite-shaped sky blue gem on her sternum. After splitting the curse between herself and Eda in "Young Blood, Old Souls", Lilith's right eye becomes gray, and she gains a gray streak on the right side of her hair.

She wears a long-sleeved two-tone dark gray dress and dark gray laced boots. By the second season, she changes her attire to a similar black dress that is torn and ragged, and wears a light grey T-shirt with a picture of a low battery on it. But continues to wear the same boots.

In her childhood she had fluffy strawberry red hair tied in a ponytail at the back with eye-length bangs. Back then she wore glasses with round lenses and a Hexside school uniform with yellow sleeves and leggings, signifying her as a member of the potions track.

Powers and abilities

  • Magic: Since she is part of the Emperor's Coven, she has access to all forms of magic, and like all the other witches, her connection comes from a sac of magic bile attached to her heart. To cast a spell, Lilith must make a glowing Spell Circle with either her finger or magic staff. Although not as powerful as Eda or Emperor Belos, she is considered a formidable opponent. However, after sharing the curse with Eda, her magic becomes heavily crippled.
    • Fire Magic: Lilith can cast blue fire.
    • Teleportation: Lilith can teleport herself.
    • Pain Sharing: From a young age, Lilith can use her magic to share any physical wounds or curses. This helps minimize the pain/effects, but in turn she is affected as well.

Role in the series


Lilith making the biggest mistake of her life.

In her youth, Lilith Clawthorne used to play with her younger sister Eda. Whenever Eda was harmed in any way, Lilith would use her growing magic to share her pain with her. As they grew older, Lilith became a studious young witch who always played by the rules and was determined to one day join the Emperor's Coven and make a difference on The Boiling Isles. However, she needed to put up with her sister who was a notorious rule breaker at Hexside School of Magic and Demonics. Not only that, but Lilith began to suspect that Eda was growing stronger and would one day outrank her. When the Emperor's Coven began looking for potential recruits, Lilith feared that Eda would be chosen to join over her and out of jealousy found a curse at the Night Market and placed it on her own sister. The day came for picking recruits, but to Lilith's surprise, Eda forfeited her chance to join; feeling that Lilith was better suited for it. Unfortunately, the curse took hold, leaving Lilith devastated, but ironically giving her exactly what she wanted. Using her high connections, Lilith rose in the ranks and has become determined to capture Eda and force her to join the coven, not just to tame her, but to cure her of the curse she inflicted on her.

Season One

Lilith and Eda reunite as adults.

Lilith spent much of her adult life trying to find and bring Eda into the coven, but without any luck. Over time, she had developed a reputation as one of the top witches on the Boiling Isles and made a name for herself. While attending a Covention as an honored guest, she ran into her sister and was happy to see her still alive and well, but disappointed to learn that she had no interest in joining a coven. Ultimately, the two came to sisterly blows with one another and decided to have their protégés go toe to toe with one another. Lilith picked high ranking Hexside student Amity Blight while Eda chose her very own Luz Noceda, who unfortunately only knew one spell. Knowing that Eda would most likely cheat, Lilith immaturely decided to do so herself without Amity's knowledge. This ended getting outed and the sisters had a full blown witch duel with one another, ending with Eda making one of her famous escapes and leaving Lilith flummoxed.

Lilith would continue to search for Eda after being promised by her leader Emperor Belos that he would cure her. While her motivations are good, her overall methods turn out to be more more harm than good. Lilith would have a couple of encounters with Luz and indirectly tell her that Eda wanted to join a coven (Luz had switched bodies with Eda at the time). She would encounter her sister again and again, but their interactions were less dire and more familial with Eda continuing to outsmart or outwit her sister. This did not prevent them from teaming up to take on a evil merchant who attempted to drain them, unaware of how powerful Eda and Lilith were combined. They even had a friendly grudgby game together with the victor having to do what the other asked. While Lilith lost, Eda was kind enough to give her her ring so that she could tell her superiors that she at least tried.

Lilith shares the curse with Eda.

With not much time, and close to losing her place in the Emperor's Coven, Lilith doubled down on trying to capture Eda and resolved to kidnapping Luz to draw her out. The sisters united to have a witch's duel that utilized everything both sisters knew. However, in the heat of battle, Lilith accidentally revealed that she was the one who had cursed Eda. Nevertheless, the curse takes hold of her, and Lilith lets Luz go so that she can bring Eda to Belos. Unfortunately, Lilith is horrified to learn that Belos had no plans to cure Eda and simply wanted to have her executed as he found her a nuisance to his plans. Devastated, Lilith is confronted by Luz who manages to calm her and explain her situation to her. They resolve to rescue Eda from execution where Lilith makes amends with her with the help of King. The heroes escape, but Eda's curse has gotten worse. With no other choice, Lilith uses her magic to share it with her, resulting in both sisters magic diminishing, but with Eda returned "mostly" to normal. Their bond now stronger.


Eda Clawthorne

When Edalyn and I were younger, we were, the best of friends.
―Lilith and Eda's childhood[src]

Lilith and Eda's adulthood rivalry.

Concerning Eda, Lilith has a typical sibling relationship that borders on immature even into adulthood. Lilith feels that she has a strong responsibility to her, especially since her then current predicament was technically her fault. Lilith clearly sees that Eda has a lot of potential and for a while was afraid of being overshadowed by her. She eventually saw that she could be a great witch and now wants her to embrace it, but at the cost of joining a coven. She seems to still have some respect for her as she refers to her by her full name "Edalyn" as opposed to the simpler "Eda". Despite being overly determined and occasionally violent to get Eda to listen to her, she does care about her well-being and was greatly motivated to capture her so as to cure her, even though her methods were misinformed. Following the events of "Young Blood, Old Souls", Lilith's relationship with her sister has improved as she sacrificed her position in the Emperor's Coven to be with her and used her magic to share the curse with her.


Hooty: "Every friendship comes with its ups and downs, right best friend?"
Lilith: "I'm not commenting on that... Hootcifer."
―Lilith and Hooty becoming friends[src]

Lilith and Hooty getting along.

Lilith's relationship with Hooty started as pure animosity. To her, he was nothing more than an obstacle preventing her from bringing Eda into the Emperor's Coven. Following her reformation and abandoning of the coven, Lilith has found herself in Hooty's presence more often. Just like everyone else who had come in contact with the house demon, Lilith was perturbed by Hooty's strange demeanor and wanted nothing to do with him. In "Separate Tides", Hooty attempted to help her collect ingredients for a spell, but Lilith scolded and insulted him; apparently the first time anyone had ever actually done so. Despite this, she was surprised to see him save her from danger anyway despite what she said. Since then, Lilith has grown to appreciate and respect Hooty, even giving him the nickname "Hootcifer".


Kikimora is Lilith's superior. She appeared to be somewhat frightened of her as seen in "Covention", however by her next appearance, it is apparent that Lilith feels some slight animosity towards her and vice versa. In Lilith's efforts to prove that she is one of the best witches on the Boiling Isles, she continues to get belittled by Kikimora who pokes fun at the fact that despite her leading status in the Emperor's Coven, she fails to capture Eda at every turn. Kikimora gets off at seeing Lilith squirm in front of Emperor Belos and will call her out for unprofessionalism. Overall, Lilith does nothing to impress Kikimora and instead seemed happy to finally be away from her.

Emperor Belos

Lilith under Belos' rule.

From a distance, Lilith showed great admiration towards Emperor Belos and praised his rule over the Boiling Isles and how he chose to separate the different types of magic. However, it slowly becomes apparent that Lilith's admiration is actually that of fear. While she was happy to finally join the Emperor's Coven, she in return found herself working under Belos and performing various missions and tasks for him that are a mystery even to herself. It is implied that his appraisal of him stems from her desire that he will help Eda and remove the curse she placed on her. However, when he tells her that it is beyond his magic to cure her, Lilith begins to see him for what he truly is; a monster who uses others to achieve his own goals. Since then, she has turned on her former leader and has turned her back on his ideals.


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  • Like Eda, the palisman on Lilith's staff is a bird, specifically a raven.
  • Lilith is probably named after the demon who fell in love with Adam before Eve in Jewish Mythology.
  • "Wing It Like Witches" revealed that Lilith used to have red hair when she was a teenager.


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