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Doctor Lily Houghton is the deuteragonist in the 2021 Disney live-action film, Jungle Cruise based on the ride of the same name. She is a scientist who approaches skipper Frank Wolff and offers him a safe passage through the jungles of South America in search of the Tears of the Moon.



Jungle Cruise[]

At the Royal Society, Lily is present with the other people at the Society where she listens to her younger brother McGregor telling the legend of the Tree of Life at the Lágrimas de Cristal region where Don Lope de Aguirre and his men are imprisoned at. She then approaches Prince Joachim who directs her to the secretaries' gallery. Upon arriving here, a secretary warns Lily that this area is for Society members only to which she silences him before leaving the gallery. Suddenly while Sir James is talking to her younger brother McGregor about the deference to his late father, Lily finds a Society member outfit and decides to enter the gallery to which upon entering without getting caught, she sees a crate labeled "A. Falls Expedition" to which Lily grabs a sword to pry the crate containing the Arrowhead inside from it without getting noticed while evading Prince Joachim who is talking with Sir James at the Royal Society to which she was uses a window to escape the two who are trying to stop her from taking the artifact from Albert Falls' crate. McGregor, who left the Society, suddenly sees her hanging on a ladder where she is forced to return the Arrowhead to Joachim which she tosses to him but suddenly falls onto a double-decker bus with a group of soldiers boarded on it while McGregor joins in while Prince Joachim only finds the toucan decoy inside instead of the Arrowhead.

At home, Lily is discussing with her younger brother describing that a petal from the Tears of the Moon is the one that can heal, save countless lives, and change the world to which McGregor explains that he would visit his relatives in Scotland instead, to which Lily explains to him that he can stay there and not worry about the Amazon jungle. However, after McGregor feels concerned that his sister would have no one to protect her in the jungle, Lily decides to take McGregor to the Amazon jungle to which the two arrive at Porto Velho where they would be guided by a skipper.

Lily arrives with her brother at the village of Porto Velho, Brazil, where the two arrive at the docks where the skipper would be at. Lily explains to her brother that she traveled to the Amazon to find Nilo Nemolato. Noticing that Nilo is not present on his boat, Lily and her brother later arrive at a bar to know where Nilo would be at. Asking a bartender to know where Nilo's office would be at, he explains to her that Milo's office is upstairs. Lily goes to Nilo Nemolato's office where Nilo himself would be at only to find Frank instead (which Lily thinks Frank is Nilo). As Lily enters Nilo's office, she explains that she is headed upriver to the Lágrimas de Cristal. While asking to Frank to know where the Lágrimas would be at to which he explains to her that the region is at the Amazon. Frank curiously examines Lily to know where she retrieved the map to which she explains that this map was drawn by Aguirre's cartographer, which belonged to her father who used to tell her about the Tears of the Moon when she was young. Lily then discusses with Frank to know if he can take her there to which Frank warns her about the dangers of the jungle on the tour. However, Lily then decides to set a negotiation between Frank or request another skipper for the tour.

Later at the bar, Frank is negotiating with Lily about his payment after the tour to which McGregor explains to the two that he found Mr. Nilo himself to which Lily feels upset with him that he deceived him for claiming himself to be Nilo Nemolato just as Lily talks to the real Nilo. Suddenly, Frank sees a jaguar named Proxima inside the bar where Frank hands Lily a cane to help defend herself against the jaguar to which Frank manages to distract the jaguar by throwing a steak out of the window. After taking care of Proxima, Lily discusses with Franks that he owes her $12,000 to which she decides to settle the amount of money Frank owes to her.

Later when Frank finishes fixing the engines on his ship and arrives at the harbor of Porto Velho, he sees Lily and her brother on their way to the La Quila. As Lily boards the ship, she suddenly sees two smugglers who are endangering a flock of toucans to which to while confronting the smugglers to stop them from threatening exotic species, Lily ends up getting caged as well. While in the cage, Lily grabs a hairpin from a woman so that she can use it as a key to unlock the cage. Suddenly when the cage where Lily is at is suddenly opened (due to the lock which Lily opened using the hairpin), the toucans are suddenly rescued just as Lily herself fights against the thugs while being led by Frank during a brawl at the marketplace, Lily plans to escape into the La Quila with her younger brother present while evading the thugs to which she uses a zip line to evade them just as Lily finally manages to go onboard and escape the thugs.

During a plan to reach the Lágrimas de Cristal, Lily is under attack by Prince Joachim and his soldiers who are on their way to steal the Arrowhead to which while being under attack, Lily helps load the engine on Frank's ship to help him speed faster to avoid the torpedoes fired by Joachim and his soldiers to which she, McGregor, and Frank manage to escape from them. Having escaped from them, the La Quila arrives at another area at the Amazon River basin where the ship passes by a group of pink river dolphins to which Lily suddenly enjoys seeing these majestic animals. Later, Lily uses a moving picture camera showing a montage of footage in the Amazon jungle where she explains to Frank to know if he saw a camera to which Frank says that he hasn't while looking at the lush tropical rainforest around them just as Lily tells him to try this camera. When Frank explains that the Lágrimas de Cristal is straight ahead, Lily explains that according to the map, the ship is passing by a cliff and tributary nearby just as Frank turns right on their way to the region which Frank believes this path would lead to the rapids.

Passing through a lily pad area, Lily asks Frank to know if she can take a bath while on the ship to which he explains to her that there are no bathtubs on this ship. Later when McGregor requests Frank to give him food, he decides to catch some piranhas so he can give the couple some food to which Lily and her brother started enjoying the freshly-cooked piranha. After dinner, Frank tells McGregor that he can sleep anywhere downstairs except for his cabin which is off limits just as Frank discusses with Lily with McGregor getting ready for bed. That night, Lily is sketching a monkey based on her experiences she saw at the jungle while she asks Frank to know why he stopped drawing to which Frank explains that he figured out something new, much to Lily explaining that he needs more inspiration when drawing next time. She then explains to the skipper that according to legend, one petal from the Tree will heal everything and change the medicine forever. Suddenly, the conversation is interrupted when Lily's brother returns onboard the ship with Proxima chasing him to which Frank manages to deal with her, much to Lily's worry about Frank who brought a jaguar onboard the ship.

The next day, the La Quila arrives at the Garaganta del Diablo with Lily and her brother onboard alongside Frank and Proxima. Lily approaches her brother and shows him the Arrowhead, warning him not to lose this extremely rare artifact. As the La Quila arrives at the rapids, Frank tells Lily, McGregor, and Proxima to prepare for the high turbulence of the rapids to which Lily manages to survive the rapids. As the La Quila arrives at Ucayali Cove, Lily uses her camera to film Proxima who is chewing on McGregor's shoe just as she enters Frank's cabin to find a gallery of photos and sketches of modern inventions just as Frank continues his private conversation with McGregor. Lily finds a sketch of the Arrowhead where it is described as a heart-shaped arrow just as she faces Frank who tells her that the skipper's quarters are private to which while warning her, he explains to Lily that he came seeking the Tears of the Moon and also has a map just like hers just as Frank explains that he tracked the paths of the jungle where Aguirre once roamed to seek the legend but had no luck in finding seeking the legend. Suddenly, Lily and her brother are struck by darts fired by the Puka Michuna tribe alongside Frank where they are taken to the headhunter territory.

At the headhunter territory, the Puka Michuna tribe escorts Lily, her brother, and Frank to their chief where Frank tells the chief and helps Lily explain to her that she has the Arrowhead which she must use it to find the Tears of the Moon so the chief can set Lily and her allies free to which the chief refuses to listen. Lily confronts a couple of Puka Michuna tribesmen and later faces their chief who is none other than Trader Sam. Trader Sam confronts Frank to which she feels worried upon seeing Frank and the Houghtons who are wearing modern clothes just as Frank warns Lily about the fake danger. With Frank and McGregor freed, Lily asks Trader Sam to translate what is on the Arrowhead to which upon giving Sam the Arrowhead, she translates the Arrowhead, explaining that the Tears of the Moon possess the power to cure anything and according to her, she explains that the Tears must be under the blood moon as it is figured out that the Arrowhead is not found at the Lágrimas de Cristal but rather in the La Luna Rota region. Lily explains that she will seek the La Luna Rota region by herself without Frank accompanying her, much to Frank's worry.

Later when Aguirre and his conquistadors arrive to steal the Arrowhead, Lily gets ambushed where she ends up getting tied up by Gonzalo who traps him with roots to which Lily manages to free herself and later joins alongside Frank where she strikes Sancho, a conquistador who was fused with bees where Lily strikes him and Frank blows Lily's torch to attack him with fire to which Sancho gets the Arrowhead from her and tosses it to Aguirre, the conquistador fused with snakes. Later when Aguirre strikes Frank, he suddenly falls down from high but tosses the Arrowhead toward Lily just as Lily and her brother escape the headhunter territory to check on Frank.

The next day, Lily approaches Frank who is shown to have survived the ambush albeit with a sword placed on him. Lily suddenly removes the sword from Frank. Later, when Frank tells Lily and her brother to continue their journey to the La Luna Rota region, Lily tells her brother to rest due to the injury he had. Back on the La Quila, Lily stitches up Frank's wound just as Frank recaps his flashback of his father who was a mercenary who was recruited by Aguirre's father in Algiers just as Aguirre told his daughter Anna that he will give her a Tear of the Moon to heal her. After sharing his story, Lily then explains to Frank that he once was Aguirre's cartographer who drew her map just as she explains to Frank that he was a minor master at this time. Frank shares his story about how Aguirre and his men travelled very far to the Amazon River looking for the Arrowhead as well as telling her that Aguirre showed a hatred against Frank himself for betraying him just before he and his men punished by the jungle where Aguirre and his conquistadors became trapped just as Frank continued to explain that he was unlucky at this time while looking for the Tears of the Moon just before giving cruises to tourists across the Amazon as well as having a number of wild cats each named Proxima.

That night, Frank asks Lily to know how many people have been searching for the Arrowhead to which Lily explains to Frank that she liberated it before just as Frank makes sure the Arrowhead is Lily's owner. Lily asks him to know what he will do upon finding the Tree of Life to which Frank explains that he will lift the curse just as the La Quila continues its journey to the La Luna Rota region.

Arriving at the La Luna Rota region, Lily and Frank are planning to enter the area where the Tears of the Moon would be at just as the two plan to find a way to enter the temple much to Lily explaining to Frank that she is not a good swimmer much to Frank telling her to trust him just as the two begin to swim underwater in a plan to enter the temple where the Tears of the Moon are at. While underwater, Lily steps on a switch in a plan to find a way to enter the temple while Frank instructs her to follow him to which the two work together to pull a lever to find a way to enter the ancient temple where the Tears of the Moon are at and upon pulling a lever, a school of piranhas begin swimming towards Frank who is being attacked by piranhas. As the piranhas surround and attack Frank, Lily continues activating a switch to open the entrance to the temple where the Tears of the Moon are at in which the two manage to overcome the challenge together in which Frank manages to survive the piranha attack just as the two return back to the surface onboard the La Quila in time. Back on the boat, Lily feels furious upon telling Frank that she almost drowned while trying to find a way to enter the ancient temple where the Tears of the Moon are at just as the water level lowers down to reveal the entrance to the temple where the Tears of the Moon are at in a plan to turn water into stone. Frank then explains to Lily that after 400 years, he finally found the Tears of the Moon located in an ancient temple. Suddenly upon seeing Joachim's submarine arriving at the temple, Lily finds McGregor exiting the submarine just as Joachim and his men encounter Frank and Lily on the La Quila. As Joachim approaches Lily, he shows her the toucan decoy which he used to trick Joachim as Lily is forced to give Joachim the Arrowhead where he explains to Lily that she has been seeking the Tears of the Moon to share with the Society that won't permit her to share with her as Joachim continues to reveal his true colors towards her.

As the group arrives at the area where Aguirre and his conquistadors were punished by the jungle in an attempt to steal the Arrowhead, Joachim confronts Lily who is threatening to kill her to which Frank attempts to give Joachim his comeuppance as he is the one using the Tears of the Moon just as Frank, Lily, and McGregor arrive at the spot where they are attempting find a way to find the Tears of the Moon. As Frank attempts to place the Arrowhead to help them find the Tears of the Moon, Joachim tells Lily to help him to which Lily decides to avoid trusting Joachim fearing that Joachim is deceiving her just as Frank decides to let Lily go through him first. Lily then sees an inscription of a warrior where she studies about a broken-hearted warrior who climbed to the highest peak where he shot his arrow to the Moon which tells the legend of the Tears of the Moon where a sacred tree grew inside the temple just as Lily tells Frank to give her the Arrowhead. As Lily explains to Frank that both of them should fix the broken heart, it is found out that the artifact represents the heart just as Frank opens it in half to reveal a small gem inside and place it on the inscription of a fallen warrior to form his heart while Frank places the Arrowhead on a slot that fixes it where the Tears of the Moon appear just as Lily and the others see the sacred tree inside the La Luna Rota temple.

Later after seeing the Tears of the Moon inside the temple, Lily uses a pistol against Frank as a sacrifice she made for Joachim in which he suddenly falls off to which Frank suddenly survives the fall as he ends up in the La Quila. Later upon seeing a rope, she grabs it for her to reach the top of the tree just as Joachim orders his soldiers to shoot her just as Lily sees the Moon on the sky while noticing the Moon itself being set causing the petals of the Tears of the Moon to wither to which Lily manages to grab one before the tree withers. Joachim confronts Lily, urging her to give him the petal to which she refuses. However, Frank and McGregor arrive to the rescue to save Lily as Frank manages to retrieve the petal while avoiding parts of the tree which are falling. When Aguirre and his conquistadors appear again, they chase after Lily where they set out an ambush where they chase her across the temple in which during the ambush, Sancho's bees swarm her and upon seeing the La Quila below her with Sancho's bees and Aguirre's snakes chasing Frank, she manages to go down where she encounters McGregor while Frank is attacked by Aguirre and his conquistadors on his ship.

Later, Joachim becomes very enraged and threatens to kill Lily, McGregor, and Proxima in which McGregor feels furious with Joachim who betrayed him just as McGregor knocks Joachim into a wall where he is crushed by falling debris. Lily later notices Frank crashing his ship into the pillars to block the river alongside McGregor and Proxima followed by the three of them looking at Frank being grabbed by the vines and later being petrified alongside the other conquistadors. Lily manages to give a petal of the Tears of the Moon to revive Frank just as Frank happily rejoices with Lily, McGregor, and Proxima to which a new petal of the Tree of Life suddenly grows inside the La Luna Rota area.

The next day, Lily returns to Porto Velho via raft alongside Frank, McGregor, and Proxima. Frank approaches Nilo to which Frank explains to him that he has all the boats as it is shown that he sold his business to Nilo, to which Nilo feels startled upon feeling Proxima passing through him just as Frank, Lily, McGregor, and Proxima walk across the docks.

Upon returning to England, Lily teaches Frank how to drive like her where Frank tries to get used to driving a car while exploring London together with Proxima sitting at the back of the car.

Disney Parks[]

Jungle Cruise[]

Lily's blouse, coat and pieced-together map are all located in the queue for Disneyland's Jungle Cruise. Her coat appears with that of Frank's in the office of Alberta Falls while her map is framed in the halls of the Jungle Navigation Company's boathouse. This map also appears in an office within the queue for the Walt Disney World version of the Jungle Cruise.


  • Lily is likely partially inspired by Katherine Hepburn's character Rose Sayer from The African Queen (1951) which inspired both the Jungle Cruise attraction and film. Her sun-hat might be a visual reference to Sayer and her father Charles Houghton is likely a tribute to the film character of Charlie Allnut.
  • Lily is often thought to be the protagonist of the film.
  • Interestingly, Emily Blunt and Jack Whitehall who both play McGregor and Lily Houghton respectively, were both born in London where they live minutes away from each other; however, Blunt and Whitehall did not meet each other until the filming of the Jungle Cruise movie.[1]



  1. Bonus feature Jungle Cruise Expedition Mode (Jungle Cruise Blu-Ray/Digital formats).

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