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I don't know, saving the girl I love and the world at the same time? Feels pretty right to me.
―Lincoln to Daisy, before his death[src]

Lincoln Campbell is character on the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.. He is an Inhuman with the power to manipulate electrical charges. He is portrayed by Luke Mitchell, and makes his debut in the season two episode, "Afterlife".



Campbell is shown to be a kind and charismatic individual. Upon meeting Skye, he was friendly to her and open about his struggles in controlling his powers and help her accept her new life as an Inhuman. He tries to help however he can, such as suggesting he can help Raina, despite not having such a drastic change to Terrigenesis like she did. He is also perceptive, being the first to notice Raina's precognitive powers. He has shown to be protective of those close to him, as he shadowed Skye in order to keep Cal in check and he will fight if attacked, such as Deathlok at the time. Being captured by HYDRA, realizing Deathlok was not the enemy, he suggested to him to work together in order to escape. Waking up in S.H.I.E.L.D. after being rescued, he was very wary of them, now that they knew of the Inhumans existence. In the beginning of the War against the Inhumans, Lincoln was misled to believe that S.H.I.E.L.D. attacked them and help the Inhumans secure the Iliad. Upon seeing Jiaying's willingness to murder unarmed agents, Lincoln began to doubt his leader's intentions and ultimately upon learning from Skye that Jiaying had started the war, Lincoln believed her, knowing that what she was doing was wrong. Upon teaming up with May and despite his willingness to fight, he stopped her from killing Alisha Whitley, instead he stunned her, believing that Inhumans weren't evil, just misled by Jiaying.

Upon being betrayed by Jiaying, Lincoln came to view his Inhuman status as a curse and refused to help Daisy Johnson for that reason, but when attacked by Lash, he was more than willing to fight back. Being on the run, Lincoln turned to John Donnelly for help, but when Donnelly suffered a heart attack, Lincoln tried to save him, proving he is still a good man, but ultimately had to leave. Emotionally shaken by his friend's accidental death, he turned back to Daisy for help, agreeing to work with her, but not S.H.I.E.L.D., still showing distrust of them over what happened. However, as Lash was killing his friends, he figured out only S.H.I.E.L.D. could have known about Jiaying's Ledger, Lincoln put his distrust aside and contacted Alphonso Mackenzie, the only agent he knew wasn't Lash and joined with S.H.I.E.L.D. to stop him. Lincoln quickly went against orders when he realized Lash was becoming unhinged and engaged him in combat, despite the latter's superior physicality. However, he managed to get Lash to the Containment Module despite wanting to avenge his friends deaths.

During his time at S.H.I.E.L.D., Lincoln developed anger issues, despite having always been calm and collected at Afterlife. Campbell claimed that this was due of the stress and fear of being on the run. These anger issues caused his control over his powers to dissipate, making his hands sparkle with electricity when he was angry. They also made him the primary suspect when one member of the Secret Warriors was swayed by Hive, as he became very defensive and even used his powers on his fellow teammates when he was accused of being the infected member. Despite his anger issues, Campbell still retained his kind and compassionate side, as he was in a romantic relationship with Daisy Johnson. He often tried to protect her by hiding the truth, as he did when he took a Terrigen Crystal to a mission to trick JT James into collaborating without telling her. Campbell was willing to sacrifice his own life in order to save the world, using his knowledge of Johnson's vision of the future to do so. Campbell took Yo-Yo Rodriguez's cross necklace from her and entered the Quinjet, blasting her out of it and flying the plane into space. There, he let the bomb explode, killing Hive and himself in the process.

Powers and Abilities

  • Electromagnetism Manipulation: Campbell's powers enabled him to manipulate the electrical charge in molecules for a variety of effects, such as accelerating the heat in objects and levitation by repelling a person from the ground. In battle situations, he could shoot blasts of electromagnetic energy, capable of stunning or killing humans. He was also able to channel this energy through any metallic objects for diversions or to disrupt electronics. He can project the electromagnetic energy into spheres, beams or blasts, and also absorb electricity.
  • Expert Physician: Campbell was a trained doctor, and also had a deep knowledge of the particularities of Inhumans' physiology. He was in charge of helping other Inhumans in Afterlife with their transition process after Terrigenesis, being described by Daisy Johnson as the best in that. Following the War against the Inhumans, Campbell worked in a hospital in Cincinnati, until he was forced to escape due to exposing his powers to defend himself from Lash.
  • Skilled Martial Artist: Campbell's S.H.I.E.L.D. training gave him great skill in hand-to-hand combat. Often using his powers to aid him, Campbell demonstrated this knowledge multiple times in the field, such as when fighting the highly skilled Alisha Whitley.


Marvel Cinematic Universe

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Lincoln Campbell grew up in Cincinnati and attended medical school; however, he had to leave school, which led to a downfall in his life and living roughly, even attempting suicide by jumping off a bridge until his friend John Donnelly was able to talk him down. Eventually, he was discovered by Gordon and Jiaying.

Like many other Inhumans, Lincoln Campbell had the feeling where nothing felt right and just empty. Trying to fill the void, Campbell drank vodka, but he could not control his temper. His girlfriend at the time thought she could help Campbell to become a better person, a subject they fought about a lot. One night Campbell and his girlfriend were arguing about a certain subject. During the argument Campbell drank more vodka, causing him to become angrier with every glass he had throughout the night.

To get away from the situation, Campbell got in the car, but before he was able to drive away, his girlfriend got in the car with him to try and talk him down. Since Campbell was unfit to drive a car at the time, he crashed into a telephone pole, nearly killing her. At that moment, Gordon, who had been watching Campbell since they discovered him, showed up. Gordon saved both Campbell and his girlfriend and brought Campbell to Afterlife. Here Campbell felt like the emptiness in him might be filled one day.

During his time at Afterlife, Campbell met another Inhuman named JT James who was hoping to gain powers and made many comments about an Inhuman God named Hive; however Jiaying caught him stealing from her archives and banished him from Afterlife. After a few years he was selected to undergo Terrigenesis, where he gained the ability of electricity manipulation. Campbell greatly suffered after his transformation, at one point almost burning all of Afterlife down. But his mentor was able to teach him to control his powers.

When Gordon brought a new Inhuman named Skye to Afterlife, Campbell was selected to be her transition. When she awoke, Gordon introduced her to Campbell before leaving the pair alone. Understanding that Skye had no previous knowledge of the Inhumans, Campbell explained to her the basics of going through Terrigenesis. Skye seemed more concerned about returning home to her friends, but Campbell reminded her that S.H.I.E.L.D. seemed to be hunting her down.

Once she was ready, Campbell gave Skye a tour of Afterlife while explaining the history and culture of the Inhumans, at one point demonstrating his powers by levitating her off the ground, telling her of his experiences just after going through Terrigenesis and how he felt like his body was burning due to the amount of electricity surging through him, but over years of training, he had learned to control his powers. He explained to her the history of the Inhumans and the rules of Afterlife, but had been ordered by the elders not to tell her that her enemy Raina was also living at Afterlife.

However, while they were having dinner, Campbell accidentally let it slip that Raina was also in Afterlife and Skye demanded to know why he had lied about her enemy's presence there. As Skye began to lose her temper, the entire room began to shake, showing him that Skye had the power to create earthquakes; she told him not to stand in her way as she did not yet have control of her powers. Campbell followed Skye when she found and confronted Raina in her room where she had been hidden away. Before Skye could kill Raina by vibrating her skull, they were interrupted by Jiaying, who calmed the situation down and said she would be Skye's mentor.

Campbell and Skye played a game of checkers, and Campbell noted that Skye seemed very distracted. She explained that she was still thinking about her dinner with her father Calvin Zabo; Campbell tried to cheer her up by saying that dinner with his own parents could be stressful. She explained that she did not feel the dinner was stressful; although she did not want to see Zabo, she was shocked to have found that he was pleasant to her. Skye asked if Campbell knew that Jiaying was sending Zabo away, which she knew was a bad idea as Zabo would likely hurt someone when upset; Campbell suggested that she speak to Jiaying.

Working under Jiaying's orders, Campbell was assigned to watch over Skye on her trip to Milwaukee with Calvin Zabo, as he could become dangerous. He stayed close to the pair as they walked along, and when Zabo took Skye to his old clinic, Campbell followed. Upon entering the building, he made a noise, alerting Zabo and Skye to his presence. Campbell showed himself, and told Zabo there was no need to worry. However, Zabo, in a fit of rage from learning he was not to stay at Afterlife, threw Campbell into a wall, where he lay stunned.

HYDRA agents led by Sunil Bakshi, entered the building, and Zabo turned his attention from Campbell to them, telling Campbell to get Skye away, which he tried to do before returning to the fight. Campbell encountered Deathlok, whom he tried to take down with his powers; however, due to his cybernetic enhancements, Deathlok was able to resist the electricity. When Deathlok tried to convince Campbell that he was a friend of Skye's, Campbell scoffed at him and continued to fight him. Their fight was interrupted by HYDRA agents, who incapacitated both of them with a Pulse Grenade.

Campbell awoke inside a cell in a HYDRA research base, when he regained his senses. Deathlok spoke to him through the prison wall, introducing himself as Mike Peterson of S.H.I.E.L.D.. Campbell suggested Peterson should use his weapons to help them escape, but Peterson assured him that HYDRA had disabled his weapons. Campbell explained that Gordon would not come to their rescue as HYDRA was tracking him, in the hopes he would lead them to Afterlife. Seeing they were helpless, Campbell introduced himself. Shortly afterward, the pair were knocked out for experimentation.

After being taken away by the HYDRA scientist Doctor List, Campbell was forced to endure terrible torture during HYDRA's experiments to try and understand his powers. HYDRA cut him open in an attempt to remove his organs to examine his DNA, causing his heart to stop. While Campbell died, the base was attacked by Phil Coulson and a team of S.H.I.E.L.D. agents, including Skye. After killing many HYDRA agents, Skye located Campbell and used his own electricity powers to restart his heart, saving his life. She took Campbell from the base along with Peterson before the base was destroyed.

Campbell was taken to the Playground where his injuries were treated, but he remained in a coma for a few days. When he awoke, he found Skye waiting by his bedside, who calmed him down. When Campbell realized he was at S.H.I.E.L.D., he began to panic, knowing that being there put his people at risk as it destroyed the secrecy of their existence, thinking that S.H.I.E.L.D. would not stop until they found Afterlife. He was later questioned by Jemma Simmons and placed onto the Index so S.H.I.E.L.D. had a record of him and his powers.

As Campbell and Skye prepared to leave the Playground, he spoke to Phil Coulson and compared S.H.I.E.L.D.'s methods to HYDRA's; Coulson insisted that he could trust them. They left and were soon collected by Gordon and returned to Afterlife. When they arrived, they were greeted by Jiaying, who asked Campbell what had happened; instead of going into detail about his ordeal, Campbell answered simply, but insisted that he was alright. When Jiaying learned that Campbell had been rescued from HYDRA by S.H.I.E.L.D., she sent him to the healing room to be checked on while she spoke to Skye about the recent events.

When Jiaying was shot twice in the shoulder, Campbell ran to her aid along with several other Inhumans. Jiaying claimed that Robert Gonzales had tried to kill her during their peace negotiations. She ordered Gordon to deal with S.H.I.E.L.D. while she sent Campbell to get the other innocent Inhumans to safety. Campbell did as he was ordered and evacuated Afterlife. Once people were safe, Campbell returned to Jiaying's side just as a S.H.I.E.L.D. Quinjet fired down upon them. They were just able to avoid the explosion and Skye denied all knowledge of the attack.

Campbell took Jiaying to the healing room, where her wounds were treated. Skye asked if Jiaying's powers helped take away the pain, and he revealed to her that her powers helped her heal but the pain remained. When Skye offered to give her blood to help, Campbell aggressively told her that she and S.H.I.E.L.D. had done enough, telling her that he blamed her involvement in S.H.I.E.L.D. for the attack on their home. Jiaying calmed the situation and told Campbell that Skye felt as betrayed as they all did; when Skye attempted to defend S.H.I.E.L.D., Jiaying sent them away, claiming she needed rest in order to heal.

Campbell joined a team of Inhumans led by Gordon onto theIliad to attack the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents on board. Campbell made his way through the ship, using his powers to kill and stun any agents he came across, working alongside Alisha Whitley to take over the ship and capture the crew within minutes. Campbell stood alongside Gordon and Whitley in the ship's control room as Jiaying was welcomed onboard. Jiaying took out the Terrigen Crystals which were deadly to humans, when Campbell asked what they would do now, Jiaying told him that now they must begin their plan.

When an emergency beacon was sent out from the ship, warning Phil Coulson that the Iliad had been taken over, Campbell ran to the control room to warn Jiaying. He told her that it could not be shut down without the correct code, Jiaying turned to Agents Anne Weaver and Oliver and ordered them to give her the code and expand the beacon, warning all other S.H.I.E.L.D. bases of what was happening. Campbell questioned why she wanted she and she explained that she wanted to show S.H.I.E.L.D. their power. When Oliver refused, Jiaying killed him and several other agents with Terrigen Crystals while Campbell watched in horror.

Considering what he had witnessed, Campbell went to theIliad's cargo hold and stared at the Monolith. He was visited by Gordon, who explained that while the Monolith was beautiful, in the wrong hands it was a dangerous weapon. They went on to discuss how dangerous they were, Gordon saying that they always had been and now S.H.I.E.L.D. knew it. Campbell expressed his displeasure at witnessing Jiaying murdering the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents, but Gordon insisted that that was necessary to protect their people. Gordon went on to remind Campbell of his life before meeting the Inhumans and what Jiaying had done for him, convincing him to stand with them.

Campbell found Skye in one of the rooms, attempting to shut down the emergency beacon; he confronted her and attacked her with his powers, stunning her. Skye begged him to listen to her as she claimed he had the information all wrong, and that Jiaying had murdered Robert Gonzales and staged the entire attack on the Inhumans as a way of tricking them into following her into a war. Skye explained that Jiaying had murdered Raina after she had had a vision of Jiaying's plan. Campbell believed her, but just as he told her where the Terrigen Crystals were being kept, he was knocked out by Alphonso Mackenzie.

When Campbell awoke, he joined forces with Melinda May and together they saved Skye from being beaten to death by Alisha Whitley. Campbell also removed Skye's gauntlets, which were stopping her from using her powers. While Skye went to stop Jiaying, Campbell and May stayed behind to continue fighting Alisha and her clones. After a prolonged fight, Campbell was able to knock out the original Alisha, causing all of the clones to collapse. Due to Campbell's assistance, Skye and S.H.I.E.L.D. were able to stop Jiaying's plans, leading to the deaths of Jiaying and Gordon.

Campbell decided to shun his past life and wanted nothing to do with the Inhumans, viewing them as a curse due to the betrayal he had witnessed by Jiaying. He started working at Cincinnati Memorial Hospital, where he could dedicate his life to helping others. When S.H.I.E.L.D. asked him about the Monolith, he told them all he knew, that it was dangerous, Campbell then asked Daisy Johnson to leave him alone so he could continue to build his life back as a normal man, forgetting his life as an Inhuman.

One day, while doing his rounds, Campbell found Daisy Johnson and Alphonso Mackenzie in a recovery room waiting for him; they explained that they wanted him to be the transition to a newly-powered individual, as she deemed him to be the most qualified person to take control of the situation. Campbell declined, noting that he felt everything he knew about Inhumans to be a lie due to Jiaying's betrayal and he felt that their history should die. As he attempted to walk away from them mid-conversation, Mackenzie stopped him, secretly placing a hidden Tracker onto his arm without Campbell's knowledge, telling Campbell that he was going to allow Johnson to speak and that he did not fear Campbell's powers.

As tension grew high between the two, the lights of the hospital began to flicker; Daisy Johnson told Campbell to calm down, but Campbell insisted that he was not causing the problem. The three of them ran to the front desk to investigate, when they arrived they saw a monstrous man use an energy beam to attack a security guard, demanding to know where the Inhuman was; when the guard could not answer, the monster killed him by blasting a hole into his chest. The beast then turned to see Campbell, Johnson, and Mackenzie and seemed to immediately recognize them as Inhumans, turning his attention to them to attack.

As the beast turned to attack them, Campbell defended himself by blasting energy at him; Johnson, with her vibrational powers, and Mackenzie, with his sidearm, acted as backup, causing the man to retreat by ripping a hole through a wall. The trio went looking for him through the hospital. Suddenly the man appeared and eliminated Mackenzie from the fight. Campbell and Johnson both used their powers against their foe, but it was having little effect, as he continued to walk forward. Johnson then destroyed the floor beneath the man; he dropped through it and escaped.

Although the threat of the monster seemed to be over, Campbell witnessed Tina Adams calling for the authorities to report what she had seen of the monster and Campbell's own abilities, which clearly frightened her. Seeing that his life as a human doctor was over, Johnson told Campbell to accompany her to the Playground where he would be safe and could help the other Inhumans, but Campbell refused, running off on his own. When Rosalind Price arrived with her team from the Advanced Threat Containment Unit, Adams showed her a picture of Campbell from his employee file.

Campbell was eventually cornered by the Advanced Threat Containment Unit and was chased down by a team led by Luther Banks. Running through a wooded area, Campbell barely managed to stay ahead of his attackers who were willing to use deadly force to bring him in. When Campbell ran into open ground he became in danger of being an clear target, so he ran to a power line and overloaded it, causing sparks to rain down and separate him from the team, allowing him to escape while they were forced to fall back.

Continuing to avoid detection, Campbell purchased a new phone and went on the run in the city. However the phone suddenly rang and he answered it to hear Daisy Johnson on the other end. Johnson revealed that S.H.I.E.L.D. was able to track him and advised him to get somewhere safe so they could bring him in for his protection as the ATCU had given his photograph to the FBI. Campbell hung up on Johnson and destroyed the phone before working out that Alphonso Mackenzie had embedded a tracker in his arm during their last meeting; removing his shirt, Campbell destroyed the Tracker and continued to run.

While traveling on a public bus, Campbell witnessed a news report air which showed his picture with a warning that he was wanted by law officials and was highly dangerous. Campbell sent a bolt of electricity through the bus which shut off the lights and the television; he then put on his hood and attempted to leave. Before he could escape however, another passenger on the bus, Private Brown, attempted to stop him, claiming he knew he was one of the Inhumans. Campbell told him that he had no idea what he was before sending a massive bolt of electricity through the bus and walking free.

With no other choices, Campbell robbed a series of ATMs before phoning John Donnelly, the man who had once saved him from a suicide attempt. Donnelly collected Campbell and drove him back to his apartment to hide out while Campbell slept. Once at his home, Donnelly asked for an explanation, but Campbell would only say that he was in a little bit of trouble and assured him that he had done nothing wrong. When Campbell requested to buy Donnelly's car, Donnelly accepted without question and offered Campbell a shower and a sleep.

Campbell awoke to find Donnelly acting strangely, seemingly afraid of him. When Campbell asked what was wrong, Donnelly grabbed a baseball bat and ordered him to stay away from him, revealing that he had called the Advanced Threat Containment Unit to arrest him as he had heard he had killed people. Campbell then attempted to leave, demanding Donnelly move aside before blasting the bat from his hand, but suddenly, Donnelly collapsed from a heart attack. Despite Campbell's best efforts, he was unable to save him. Losing control of his emotions, Campbell called Daisy Johnson for help.

Campbell hid in an empty room upstairs until Daisy Johnson arrived; Campbell expressed his belief that he was responsible for John Donnelly's death and that he was dangerous to the world. Johnson reminded him how he had helped her when she first struggled with her Inhuman abilities, telling him that he could still help people as he had helped convince her that she was not a monster. Johnson explained she could not stop caring about him and kissed him. Campbell then agreed to go with her but still refused to work with S.H.I.E.L.D.

Before they could escape, Alphonso Mackenzie arrived with the team from the Advanced Threat Containment Unit, explaining that Phil Coulson had changed the plan, making a deal with their leader in which he promised to hand Campbell over to them. Confused, Campbell demanded to know from Johnson what was going on but she appeared to be clueless. When Luther Banks ordered his men to take Campbell into custody, he fought back, sending an electric shockwave through the floor which knocked Banks and his team backwards before he escaped on foot without them giving chase.

As Campbell continued to avoid detection and walk across America, he phoned Daisy Johnson to assure her that he was safe. Johnson teased him and told him she would stop if he revealed where he was. Campbell refused and promised to keep safe, although he admitted to not having as many friends as he used to. As the call was going to be traced, Campbell promised to reach out soon and hung up.

Having found many of his friends had been found and killed by Lash, Campbell realised that the only way Lash could be finding the Inhumans would be with a book that Jiaying kept, which had ended up in the hands of S.H.I.E.L.D. Campbell decided to call one of the only S.H.I.E.L.D. agents he knew could not be a suspect, Alphonso Mackenzie, and asked to meet him. Once Mackenzie arrived, Campbell explained that he believed that Lash was a part of S.H.I.E.L.D. noting that he could prove it.

With Mackenzie onboard with the theory, he and Campbell took a Quinjet onto Zephyr One to meet with Phil Coulson and Daisy Johnson. Once they arrived, Campbell questioned why Rosalind Price of the ATCU was there but Coulson promised she was on their side. Campbell explained how only someone with Jiaying's ledger could find the Inhumans from Afterlife and Coulson realized that only Andrew Garner had access to it. Once they realized that Garner was indeed Lash, they rerouted the plane to confront him; while speaking to Johnson, Campbell explained that Garner's transformations were temporary and he would soon be stuck as Lash forever.

Andrew Garner was tracked to an abandoned administration building at Culver University where he had kidnapped Agent Melinda May. While Phil Coulson tried to calm him down and take him in peacefully, Campbell prepared to engage if necessary. As he listened to the conversation, Campbell questioned what was happening about an Inhuman Outbreak that Garner mentioned, but Daisy Johnson refused to answer.

As Garner continued to defend his actions, Campbell came to the conclusion that he had gone completely insane and went to confront him, disobeying his orders. Stepping into the room, Campbell caused all of the lights to explode as he demanded to know what gave Garner the right to kill all of his friends. Garner claimed to have every right before he transformed into Lash; Campbell powered up and attacked Lash, firing a massive blast of electricity at him which caused him to flee from the room as Campbell gave chase.

Campbell followed Lash into the corridor where he continued to fire electricity at the monstrous man which stopped him in his tracks. Lash however turned around and ran straight towards Campbell, seemingly absorbing the blasts; he picked up Campbell and threw him hard from wall to wall, knocking him unconscious. As Lash knelt down and prepared to execute Campbell, Alphonso Mackenzie appeared behind him and shot him multiple times with an I.C.E.R. causing him to abandon Campbell and chase after Mackenzie while Campbell recovered.

Lash continued to walk through the building; Campbell found himself cornered. Speaking on the radio, he told the team that he would be able to get Lash to the Containment Module where he could be secured. Campbell battled Lash until they were in the correct room; however, Lash continued to prove to be the stronger fighter and Campbell was thrown across the room. Before he could be killed, Melinda May stood between Campbell and Lash, managing to calm him down so he transformed back into human form and was trapped in the Containment Module.

Back on Zephyr One, Campbell was offered the chance by Phil Coulson to stay on at S.H.I.E.L.D. under their Caterpillars program which he accepted. As Coulson, Johnson, May, and Price discussed what should be done about Andrew Garner, Campbell spoke to Alphonso Mackenzie, who asked if he had accepted the offer and Campbell simply told him that he could not keep running forever.

Having had a full night's sleep at the Playground, Campbell and Daisy Johnson explored the base, passing by Melinda May who glared at Campbell. They discussed how Campbell was able to sleep for the first time in weeks in the base; Johnson suggested that Campbell did not need to keep his distance from her and they spoke briefly about their kiss while Johnson teasingly flirted with him. As she walked away, Johnson made the point that Phil Coulson would only keep him at the base if he felt he was useful.

Campbell joined the rest of S.H.I.E.L.D. to hear a speech from Phil Coulson where he announced that they would be launching Operation Spotlight so they could study and observe the ATCU and discover their hidden secrets. Coulson noted that what had happened with Andrew Garner was tragic but it allowed them to use his Containment Module to hack into the ATCU security systems. When Coulson handed the team missions out, he said Melinda May would handle extraction and May requested that she be joined by Campbell, much to his shock. Coulson agreed and ordered the teams to head out and begin the mission.

While onboard Zephyr One and flying to Endotex Labs, Campbell witnessed Daisy Johnson and her team hack into the ATCU's main facility using Rosalind Price's phone, which greatly impressed and amused Campbell. While Lance Hunter and Bobbi Morse went on the mission on the ground, hacking into the computer systems of the ATCU by posing as FBI agents, Campbell and Melinda May got onboard the Quinjet and prepared to extract them when the mission was complete.

As they flew to Endotex Labs in the Quinjet, May remained silent. Campbell questioned if she was using silence to mentally torture him, telling her that he would not apologize for what happened with Lash. Much to his shock however, May apologized to him for Lash's killings, noting that she should have seen it coming. Campbell accepted and thanked her for shooting Lash when she did. They were interrupted when Daisy Johnson informed them that Morse and Hunter needed an early extraction and they collected them along with Luther Banks.

Once the agents had returned to the base, they gathered together and Rosalind Price revealed how she had met Gideon Malick, a high ranking HYDRA agent posing as a key advisor to the President and the ATCU, in 2001 and he had advised her in many key issues, starting when she was working for NASA. Having done further research into the subject, Jemma Simmons and Leo Fitz revealed that they had discovered that a division of NASA was connected to an ancient HYDRA order obsessed with studying the Monolith for unknown reasons.

At the Playground, Campbell met Joey Gutierrez as the other agents prepared for battle against HYDRA. Gutierrez asked why they were there; Campbell replied that they were probably all S.H.I.E.L.D. had. Alphonso Mackenzie entered the Quinjet with Daisy Johnson and proceeded to give a motivational speech to Campbell and Gutierrez explaining that HYDRA had opened another portal and planned to bring a monster through it that could hurt people that they cared about. Mackenzie asked if they would help; Campbell immediately decided to join the mission, with Gutierrez following him.

Campbell and Gutierrez joined Johnson in the control room of Zephyr One as they overlooked the HYDRA Castle, seeing how HYDRA was bringing in more captured Inhumans for unknown reasons, including Lash. Campbell insisted that their priority was to ensure that the Inhumans were safe, while Bobbi Morse noted that they needed to save scientists Leo Fitz and Jemma Simmons. Mackenzie insisted that they needed to use stealth to complete their mission, explaining that the Secret Warriors would join Melinda May and Johnson in infiltrating that base and defeating HYDRA.

Taking position outside the base, Daisy Johnson spotted Giyera, whom she noted was a telekinetic Inhuman. Joey Gutierrez claimed he was glad Giyera was not telepathic, with Campbell noting that was because he was afraid he was not a hero. Johnson assured Gutierrez that he was doing fine and they were all nervous, although Melinda May insisted that she was not. In order to get inside without being spotted, Johnson ordered Campbell to shut off the lights, so he got closer and caused the power systems to malfunction.

While Johnson attempted to hack into HYDRA's computer systems, Giyera attempted to shoot her. Gutierrez was able to run into the path of the bullets, melting them before they could kill him, as Campbell fired a blast of electricity at Giyera which knocked him down. While Gutierrez was still amazed by his newfound power which he claimed basically made him bulletproof, Campbell was filled with rage and attempted to execute Giyera; however, Johnson insisted they move out before HYDRA could find them, so Campbell was forced to leave Giyera alive.

They soon reunited with the rest of their S.H.I.E.L.D. team once Jemma Simmons had been rescued and gathered in the portal room. While Gutierrez reinforced the doors, Campbell learned that they had to use the Monolith pieces to extract Leo Fitz and Phil Coulson from Maveth before Hive could arrive, Simmons also admitted Lash was free. As they discussed it, Campbell noted that Jiaying was terrified of the Monolith for a reason and they must not allow It to return to Earth. With time running out, Mackenzie ordered the team to evacuate back to Zephyr One while he and Johnson stayed with the Monolith to evacuate Coulson and Fitz.

Once they were safely back on Zephyr One, Campbell witnessed Mackenzie giving the order to May to destroy theHYDRA Castle. They watched as the Castle was destroyed; however, Mackenzie was able to fly the Containment Module from the explosion and onto the ship. Campbell watched as Mackenzie, Johnson, Fitz and Coulson all stepped from the Module, kissing Johnson as she approached him, feeling that their mission had been a complete success and Malick's plans to bring Hive back to Earth were in ruins.

While at the Playground, Campbell observed as Jemma Simmons assisted Daisy Johnson in an investigation of an Inhuman who had used super-speed to kidnap Alphonso Mackenzie. While Simmons discussed how the Containment Module adapted to all kinds of Inhuman powers, Campbell explained to her that Inhumans were given their powers to fill a need at the time, which fascinated Simmons.

Campbell later watched as Werner von Strucker was brought in to be questioned with the use of the Theta Brain-Wave Frequency Machine, despite Strucker being still in a coma after being stabbed and nearly murdered by Kebo. Campbell made it clear to Phil Coulson that he was uncomfortable with this plan but did not try to stop him. As Coulson tried to learn Gideon Malick's location from Strucker, he began having a mental breakdown so Coulson ordered Campbell to give his brain an electric shock, which allowed Strucker to calm down and give up the information about Malick.

Campbell later bumped in Joey Gutierrez packing up his things after being offered some time away from S.H.I.E.L.D. to visit his mother. Johnson found Campbell in the changing room in the Playground once she returned from her mission in Bogotá and asked if it was a bad idea to split up the Secret Warriors. She then nervously offered Campbell the same deal, as the police hunt for him was over, suggesting that he could return to his old life if he wanted to. Campbell however told her that life was getting pretty interesting at S.H.I.E.L.D. and promised to stay, which Johnson told him was the correct answer as she kissed him.

Under the guidance of Melinda May, Campbell continued his training with a field mission to protect Phil Coulson during his meeting with Brigadier General Glenn Talbot, the new head of the Advanced Threat Containment Unit. May advised Campbell to blend in the best he could while she watched him through CCTV, when Campbell caught sight of General Talbot, he joked about his terrible haircut until he spotted someone seemingly following the pair, warning May that it was not a joke this time.

May and Coulson identified the stalker as Carl Creel and Campbell was ordered to rush in and defend the director. Campbell fired a bolt of electricity at Creel which knocked him to the ground, but Creel was able to transform his body into rubber which absorbed Campbell's attacks. Campbell challenged Creel again as May tricked him into turning into metal. Campbell's powers proved more effective and he almost killed Creel until Coulson ordered him to stop. When Talbot was freed, he revealed that Creel was not attacking them but was now Talbot's personal bodyguard.

Back at the Playground, Campbell was invited to fight training with Daisy Johnson in order for him to prepare for hisS.H.I.E.L.D. training at the Cocoon. Although Campbell was disappointed they were not spending time relaxing together, they began sparring without their powers. The pair proved to be almost equally matched until Johnson was able to flip Campbell over and pin him to the ground as they continued flirting. Before they could kiss each other, Jemma Simmons interrupted, asking for Campbell's help.

Simmons and Leo Fitz showed Campbell how Creel's DNA was someone able to stop Terrigenesis and could therefore be used to create a cure for Inhumans. Johnson entered the lab and was horrified by the suggestion. Campbell noted that Jiaying was very selective at Afterlife about who could gain powers, something Campbell agreed with in the wake of the Inhuman Outbreak. Johnson argued it was a birthright and Campbell was sounding like the Watchdogs, but Campbell argued that Lash should never have changed and noting that he was an expert in Inhumans.

When the argument was finished Johnson found Campbell sitting alone in his room and apologized for overreacting. Campbell told Johnson was envious he was of her natural control over her powers, as he did not have that since leaving Afterlife, as he felt controlling his powers was like a war within his head. Johnson told him it could be good to lose control and the pair had sex. Later Campbell left the Playground to travel to the Cocoon to begin his final S.H.I.E.L.D. assessment to officially join the Secret Warriors.

When Campbell returned from his training at the Cocoon he was greeted by Daisy Johnson who was preparing for a mission to find the Watchdogs. As they were talking Phil Coulson told them that he had received Campbell's evaluation and had decided not to take him on Johnson's mission, despite Bobbi Morse and Lance Hunter now having left the team, but did not explain why.

Campbell later found Coulson walking around the playground looking for him; Coulson told Campbell that he was going on a mission to find the leader of the Watchdogs, a former agent named Felix Blake, Coulson explained that he knew where Blake's safe-houses were and he wanted Campbell to join him on the mission to find him. At first Campbell was pleased that Coulson was inviting him on missions but Coulson explained that he was not happy with Campbell's evaluation but wanted to watch him first hand.

As they rode in the Quinjet to Blake's possible location, Campbell asked Coulson about his evaluation and was told how it read that Campbell was there for Johnson not the cause and how he had trouble with control and taking orders, which had been proved in his battles with Lash and Carl Creel and therefore was not a part of their team. Campbell argued that it was not easy as he felt he was being constantly tested but Coulson insisted that he was the only team member who still needed to be fully checked over.

They eventually arrived at Blake's safe-house which they found to be in darkness, so they began exploring with their weapons drawn ready for a fight. They soon found Blake in the basement, who drew a gun on the pair as Coulson noted how well he had recovered since his encounter with Deathlok. As Coulson told Blake how he was working for the ATCU now, Blake began ranting about how there had never been a S.H.I.E.L.D., just HYDRA and how S.H.I.E.L.D. was now working with Inhumans, whom he called freaks.

As Campbell became more annoyed, Blake commented on how S.H.I.E.L.D. caused the Battle of New York while the Avengers created Ultron. Coulson ordered Campbell to kill Blake, although he tried to argue against the idea, but Coulson insisted it was an order. Campbell fired a blast of electricity at Blake only to learn it was merely a hologram. Coulson said he was impressed by how Campbell had handled the situation so effectively and they later learned that the Watchdogs were coming after Johnson and Alphonso Mackenzie.

While riding inside Zephyr One, a call came through in whichEdwin Abbott desperately called for Daisy Johnson's help. Campbell joined the team as they went to investigate as Abbott desperately tried to explain he had seen these events happening in a vision of his own death given to him by Charles Hinton. They were suddenly attacked by HYDRA who killed Abbott and used the Extraction Claw to kidnap Hinton just as he gave Johnson her own horrifying vision.

The team returned to the Playground where Johnson explained her vision, telling Campbell that she had seen his face covered in blood and Phil Coulson shooting her. They began discussing how they could try and get ahead of the vision and change the future, but Leo Fitz insisted that it was a fixed point in time which could not be altered no matter what they did. Campbell listened as Coulson suggested that they ensure that Johnson does not leave the Playground in order to change the course of the future.

Campbell continued to discuss these theories with Coulson inside his office where Coulson used the example of The Terminator as a confusing depiction of time-travel, when Campbell admitted never having seen the original film Coulson joked that he was fired. Campbell suggested that Hinton's visions were a part of his design as all Inhumans' powers where created to fill a need, using the example of how Raina's vision allowed Johnson to stop Jiaying. They soon found Hinton's family and Campbell threatened that he would kill Coulson if he harmed Johnson.

Campbell later joined Fitz, Jemma Simmons, and others as they began training to ensure Melinda May would undergo her mission as fast as possible in order to change the vision's outcome. Johnson made sure the room was laid out as accurately as possible to the vision she had had while Campbell and the other agents acted as the guards who needed to be taken out, with Campbell having to activate the alarm. Eventually May managed to beat the time limit and stopped Campbell hitting the alarm just in time.

Agent Anderson informed the group that the building in the vision had been identified as the Transia Corporation's Headquarters, a company involved in the design of Phil Coulson's Prosthetic Hand which Gideon Malick could be interested in. Campbell listened as May was given her mission orders by Coulson when suddenly the alarms in the base went off, telling them that there was an intruder. Andrew Garner was brought into the base and explained that Lash was taking over and he wanted to say goodbye to May.

May was ordered to stay behind so she could say goodbye to her ex-husband while Johnson went into the mission and Campbell was ordered to stay behind for his own protection. In Coulson's office they watched as they managed to hack into the Transia Corporation's CCTV feed. As they spotted Giyera on the feed Coulson and Campbell discussed his higher purpose theories, but stopped suddenly when the video seemed to show Grant Ward in the building, while Fitz claimed it was likely to be Hive.

Campbell led a team of S.H.I.E.L.D. agents into the Transia Corporation Building where Leo Fitz and Jemma Simmons gave him directions as he began searching for his teammates. Campbell soon found Phil Coulson who ordered him to take his team and search for Grant Ward while he hunted down Gideon Malick and Daisy Johnson searched for Charles Hinton.

As Campbell charged down the hallway, however, he encountered Giyera who was waiting for him and launched a fire-extinguisher at his head, causing him to bleed heavily down his face, just as Johnson's vision had foreseen. As the wounded and dazed Campbell tried to stand he suddenly spotted that Giyera was speaking to Ward and called Coulson for orders, Coulson however had seen the power of this creature and ordered Campbell not to engage just as Campbell fell unconscious from his injuries.

Back at the Playground, Campbell and the rest of the key S.H.I.E.L.D. agents were called for a meeting with Phil Coulson to discuss what they had witnessed at the Transia Corporation. They discussed how the being they had encountered was not Grant Ward and set up a plan to defeat their enemy. Campbell and Daisy Johnson however were given their own mission which Campbell would take charge of to find a former ally of his.

While onboard the Quinjet, Campbell noticed that Johnson seemed distracted. Campbell explained that the Inhuman they were going to meet had never been granted powers while he was at Afterlife, explaining that the reason he had never mentioned him was being he had always assumed he was crazy, until he had seen Ward walking again. Campbell explained that during his time at Afterlife, JT James had been caught stealing by Jiaying and was banished without powers while ranting about an Inhuman who could raise the dead.

Campbell and Johnson soon tracked down James in South Dakota where he was living in a hut surrounded by barbed wire. James greeted them on a loud speaker and rudely told him to leave. Campbell and Johnson entered and James stepped out with a rifle and warned them not to take another step as they would regret it, Johnson did step closer and accidentally stepped on a land-mine which James had placed down. Although Campbell insisted he was not there to fight, James claimed he had been waiting for Jiaying to send someone after him, although he'd always assumed it would be Gordon, clearly unaware of their deaths.

Johnson used a shockwave to push the land-mine in place while she and Campbell stepped away to safety until they dived back to avoid the explosion. James continued to mock them, Johnson responded by sending a shockwave through the ground which caused all his land-mines to exploded at the same time. Furious at the attack, James grabbed his gun only for Campbell to fire a blast of electricity at him which sent James flying backwards and knocked him out. Campbell and Johnson then took James inside his hut and laid him on his sofa, waiting for him to wake up so he could be questioned.

When James finally awoke Campbell told him they only needed information about what he had stolen from Afterlife and what he knew about Hive. James mocked Campbell about Jiaying giving him powers until they confirmed that Jiaying was dead and they were now working for S.H.I.E.L.D. but James still refused to give up any information in exchange for nothing, so Campbell revealed that he had brought one of the Terrigen Crystals and offered it in exchange for what they wanted, promising to give James powers.

James revealed to them that he had stolen a Kree Orb, which he explained that Hive had stolen while battling the Kree Empire with his army of Inhumans, telling them that he believed that Jiaying had no right to keep this information from them. When James demanded the Crystal, Campbell betrayed him by stealing the Orb and threatening James, claiming Jiaying was right that not everyone deserves powers. As Campbell and Johnson were leaving, James reminded Campbell of how he had almost killed his girlfriend.

Back on the Quinjet, Johnson demanded an explanation from Campbell about what James had said about almost killing his girlfriend, threatening to end their relationship if he was not honest. Campbell relented and told her how before undergoing Terrigenesis he had tried to fill his emptiness with alcohol and during one night of rage and drinking, he had driven his car with his girlfriend beside it and crashed into a telephone pole, nearly killing her before he was found by Gordon. Campbell apologized for not telling the whole truth and promised that he would never hurt her.

Johnson then told Campbell that Charles Hinton had given her a vision of the future and that one member of their team was going to die soon, but she did not know who or how. As they prepared to leave and return to the Playground, suddenly Campbell and Johnson received a message from a wounded Melinda May that Giyera had hijacked Zephyr One. Knowing that they had to do something and Campbell told Johnson that it was finally time to bring together the Secret Warriors to save their teammates from HYDRA.

Campbell reassured Daisy Johnson as they flew their Quinjet to the location of the rest of the team, while also sending a message out to the Secret Warriors to unit and join them on the mission. Once Joey Gutierrez and Yo-Yo Rodriguez had been collected, Johnson and Campbell explained the mission and that they knew very little about what to expect. Despite this, the team agreed to the mission and together they parachuted out of the Quinjet to search for their allies.

Once inside the Schoonebeek Oil Field, Johnson used her powers to destroy a concrete wall before she and Campbell went together to complete their mission while sending Gutierrez and Rodriguez to locate and rescue the rest of their team. They soon split up as Johnson tracked down Zephyr One while Campbell used his new S.H.I.E.L.D. training and Inhuman gifts to fight off multiple HYDRA guards in order to keep them away from Johnson, using bolts of electricity to hook onto and fling the guards across the hallway.

During the fight, Campbell came across one guard who was able to withstand the electric shocks as he forced Campbell to fight one on one. However before long Campbell's advantage of his powers allowed him to win the fight as he launched the guard through a glass doorway. Following the now subdued guard inside the room, Campbell discovered Gideon Malick, informing the team of this development. Malick offered now resistance as he surrendered and Campbell used Overpowering Tape to take the HYDRA leader into custody.

Getting onboard Zephyr One with the rest of the Secret Warriors and Malick, Campbell witnessed Gutierrez being knocked to the ground by a wrench launched at him by Giyera. Johnson however then arrived and used a shockwave to subdue Giyera. While Rodriguez and Johnson went to find Phil Coulson and the others, Campbell took Malick to the Containment Module only to be paralysed by Lucio. With Campbell now out of action, Gutierrez saved his friend by using a steel rod melted into a dagger to kill Lucio by stabbing him in the heart.

Back at the Playground, Campbell joined the rest of the Secret Warriors in the changing room where they discussed and joked about the successful Retaking of Zephyr One. While Rodriguez excitedly explained how Joey Gutierrez had stopped several bullets with his powers, Campbell took him aside and personally thanked him for saving his life when Lucio had almost killed him. Campbell claimed that it was a good day for their team although Daisy Johnson insisted that as Malick was in their custody it was a great day.

Campbell took some time away to look at the Kree Orb when he was caught by Johnson, although he insisted he was just considering if it really had belonged to Hive. Johnson confronted Campbell about bringing Terrigen Crystals to bribe JT James, although he tried to convince her that he was just trying to keep the blame away from her if something went wrong. Johnson reluctantly forgave him and told him not to do it again, changing the subject Campbell asked how Gutierrez was doing after killing Lucio during the mission.

Campbell was informed that the Playground was being locked down, with Yo-Yo Rodriguez as well he confronted Daisy Johnson about the reasons for this, as Rodriguez was eager to leave. Johnson insisted that it was a security matter whileGideon Malick was in the base but Rodriguez did not accept this and stormed off. Campbell instead tired to help with Melinda May's treatment but was sent away much to his frustration, with Johnson telling him to meet her in her room later.

Suddenly the lights throughout the base were cut and an explosion was heard. Campbell discovered that Jemma Simmons was hurt but when he tried to assist Leo Fitz pushed him away. Phil Coulson ordered the Inhumans to go to the common area and wait for answers. Coulson explained that Hive could control Inhumans and therefore he suspected that a member of the Secret Warriors was under his control. Campbell confronted Coulson while Rodriguez stole May's gun before they all ran for cover in another room for their own safety.

Once alone they were joined by Joey Gutierrez and Campbell explained the situation while Gutierrez assisted Rodriguez in blocking the doors. Campbell noted that Jiaying was terrified of Hive ever returning to Earth while Gutierrez continued to freak out. As accusations were thrown about, Campbell accused Johnson of wanted to kill Malick while she blamed him for the lights being cut out. Eventually Johnson convinced the team not to fight each other but find their own way out and figure out the situation themselves, away from S.H.I.E.L.D..

However Johnson instead led them to the Containment Module where Coulson was now waiting, claiming he had discovered who was the infected Inhuman. Coulson claimed that Campbell was the one to blame as he had discovered the Kree Orb within Campbell's locker. Campbell denied all involvement but the team remained highly skeptical as Coulson noted he had stolen the Terrigen Crystals from the same room before. Campbell argued that he had not been exposed to Hive but it was soon noted he was close to him during the Battle at the Transia Corporation Building leading to Coulson then claiming that Campbell had been under Hive's control for days.

Despite Campbell's attempts to clear his name he was attacked by Rodriguez using Overpowering Tape, causing him to use his electric powers to knock her out. When Coulson drew an I.C.E.R. Campbell tried a electric blast at him before attempting to unlock the door. This led to a brief fight with Gutierrez until Johnson used a shockwave to thrown Campbell hard against the wall and knock him out. Seemingly having been confirmed to be Hive's spy, Campbell was left in the Containment Module was the other Inhumans were allowed to leave.

Eventually Campbell was visited by Daisy Johnson who explained she could get him free as she had been the one who had programmed the security features. Seeing Johnson was going againstS.H.I.E.L.D., Campbell came to the horrible realisation that she was the one who had murdered Gideon Malick and was under the control of Hive. Campbell desperately tried to convince Johnson that she was sick but she wouldn't listen, eventually leading her to leaving him behind and causing the Sacking of the Playground as she walked out.

In the aftermath of the Sacking of the Playground, all the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents focused all their efforts in regaining control of their base and beginning the search for Daisy Johnson. Although the other members of the Secret Warriors decided to wait at the Cocoon, Campbell refused to leave and instead used his powers to regain electricity across the Playground, turning back on all the lights while they prepared to leave.

Onboard Zephyr One, Campbell listened as Phil Coulson gave a speech in which he insisted that Johnson was still an Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. despite being under the sway of Hive and they would stop him building an army of Inhumans. Once in the air, Campbell, Leo Fitz and Jemma Simmons tried to find a scientific explanation to Hive's power, explaining that it was like an addiction for Johnson, noting that Hive's infection also made her immune to I.C.E.R.s. Simmons then suggested seeking the help of Holden Radcliffe to find a cure for Johnson.

When Campbell learned that Coulson planned going to Alisha Whitley to keep her from being controlled by Hive, Campbell insisted upon joining, despite Melinda May ordering him not to due to the risk of him becoming infected. Coulson however told Campbell that he would be allowed to come on the mission on one condition, that he wear a Nanothermite Vest which would explode if Hive infected him. Campbell was mortified calling it a murder vest as May was given the trigger, however his devotion to Johnson caused him to reluctantly agree to wear it.

Campbell greeted Whitley and immediately questioned if she had seen Johnson, although Whitley seemed more confused about how Campbell had found her. Campbell began explaining about Hive and how he looked like Grant Ward, promising to keep her safe from him. However just as he was saying this, Campbell noticed that one of Whitley's clones was sneaking up behind him, forcing him to defend himself from his former ally, who have already been infected by Hive, who was now going after JT James and helping him undergo his long awaited Terrigenesis while S.H.I.E.L.D. was distracted.

Campbell managed to hide from Whitley who tried to convince him that joining Hive's army of Inhumans was the right thing to do, while Campbell awaited help from May and Coulson. When May arrived and they both fought the clones until May was knocked out and Campbell managed to get ahold of one clone, threatening to use his powers to make her suffer if she did not reveal Johnson's location. However to Campbell's horror, Whitley shot and killed her own clone before the other clone was killed by a single bullet fired by Coulson before Whitley could execute Campbell as well.

Back onboard Zephyr One Campbell expressed his horror at Whitley's suicide, noting that she felt all her clone's pain and suffering, so killing herself is something she would have never done before being under Hive's control. Coulson informed him that he was taking him off the mission until Leo Fitz and Jemma Simmons could find a cure for Hive's infection, despite Campbell apologizing for going overboard while dealing with Whitley and insisting to be allowed to find Johnson himself, but Coulson insisted that his decision was final and walking away.

Desperate to learn more about the mission to find Daisy Johnson, Campbell found and confronted Melinda May, asking for an update. Campbell recommended that they try her old Rising Tide contacts but May just ignored him telling him that his torturing of Alisha Whitley proved that he could not be trusted with this mission. Campbell argued that he would not apologize for trying to save someone he cared about leading to an argument between them.

Campbell later found Leo Fitz and Jemma Simmons discussing a potential cure for Hive's infection that was too dangerous and had not been tested, so Campbell volunteered to test it himself. The matter was brought to Phil Coulson to be discussed, as Simmons warned that just taking the drug could kill Campbell before they could test if it stopped Hive's infection. Although Fitz agreed with Campbell, in the end Coulson voted not to go ahead as he did not want to risk Campbell's life if the drug did indeed fail, much to Campbell's great frustration.

Ignoring the direct order, Campbell walked into the science lab and took the drug sample just as Fitz and Simmons reentered and tried to get him to stop. Campbell explained that he was tired on arguing and injected himself, causing hisInhuman powers to overload as surges of electricity burst out from his body, frying much of the science equipment and damaging the computers. Although he was nearly killed, Campbell insisted that Simmons not inject him with an antitoxin as he was sure the cure would work and he was so desperate to save Johnson from Hive by any means necessary.

Having been taken into a hospital bed to recover, Campbell tried to apologize to Fitz who told him it was foolish to disobey Coulson's direct order. As they prepared to run more tests, Simmons revealed that the tissue sample they needed was from Campbell's brain, much to his horror. Campbell was later moved into the Containment Module where he was informed by Simmons that the mission to rescue Johnson had failed and also told him that her tests had proven that the drug he had tested did not work so there was still no cure for Hive's infection.


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