This is a list of boo-boos from the Disney Junior series Doc McStuffins.

Big Book of Boo-Boos Info

Episode Diagnosis Symptoms Who got it?
Knight Time Filthy, Icky, Sticky Disease Never been cleaned Sir Kirby
A Bad Case of the Pricklethorns The Pricklethorns Being pricked by a thorn Boppy
Out of the Box Can't-pop-otis Unable to pop out Little Jack
Run Down Race Car No Vroom-Vroom-atosis Lack of energy Ricardo
Tea Party Tantrum Eyes-Wide-itis Unable to close eyes Susie Sunshine
Blast Off! Fall-apart-atude Keeps falling apart Zero
Engine Nine, Feelin' Fine! Dried-Out-atosis Not having any water Lenny
The Right Stuff Flat-tail-itis Losing their stuffing Stuffy
Gulpy, Gulpy Gators! Stuff-fully-osis Too full of anything Gustave
One Note Wonder Loose Key Syndrome A music key loose Xyla
Arcade Escapade Stuffanemia Stuffing leaking out Gabby
Starry Starry Night Blurry-Star-itis Seeing blurry things Aurora
Ben/Anna Split! Huggy-Patch-otis A ripped patch Ben
That's Just Claw-ful Claw-Be-Gone-itis A claw gone Hermie
A Good Case of the Hiccups Repeat-itis Repeating themselves Millie
Stuck Up Sandy Scoop Syndrome Unable to move scoop Riggo
Rescue Ronda, Ready for Take-off Stuck-Prop-a-tosis Splinter stuck on a propeller Rescue Ronda
All Washed Up Wet-mosis Full of water, causing whole system to shut down Robot Ray
The New Girl Weak-Muscle-itis Muscles too weak Kiko
Wrap It Up Y.O.B. (Yucky Old Bandage) Osis Having a dirty bandage Niles
Rest Your Rotors, Ronda Roto-Crack-aotis A cracked rotor blade Rescue Ronda
Keep on Truckin' Scratchy-Scrappies Scratched paint job Trumaine
Blame it on the Rain Squishy-itis Being soaked with water Moo-Moo
Busted Boomer Deflate-aosis Being deflated Boomer
Dark Knight The Dark Willies Afraid of the dark Sir Kirby
Hallie Gets an Earful Ear-stuffed-a-nosis Ears stuffed with stuffing Hallie
Break Dancer Not mentioned Broken leg Bella
Bubble Monkey Gunk-inside-a-tude Gunk inside a toy Bubble Monkey
Out in the Wild Sticky-Launcher-itis A broken sticky launcher Robot Ray
A Whale of a Time Want-to-be-Big Syndrome Wanting to be bigger Lula
The Rip Heard Round the World Not mentioned An impossible rip Lambie
Walkie Talkie Time Static-osis Staticky noise Walter
Awesome Possum No-Stick-a-lepsy A missing velcro patch Penny
The Bunny Blues Not mentioned Missing nose Pickles
Un-Bur-Able The Un-Bur-Able Burrs Burrs all over the body Stuffy
Righty-On-Lefty Righty-on-Lefty Syndrome Legs on backwards Awesome Guy
Hallie's Happy Birthday The Silly-Willies, The Quacks and the Dancies Being silly, acting like a duck, dancing Sir Kirby
Shark Style Toothache Loose-Tooth-eosis A broken tooth Mr. Chomp
Get Set to Get Wet Stuck-Winder-Upper-itis Winder-upper stuck Melinda
Loud Louie Super-Loud-itis Being very loud Louie
Caught Blue-Handed Mystery Pox (Glo-Bo Pox) Blue spots Glo-Bo
To Squeak, or Not to Squeak Can't-squeak-otis Lost squeaker Marvin
Doctoring the Doc (Leaky, Sniffle-itis) Flu Fever, sneezing, itchy throat Doc
Hot Pursuit Overheat-atosis Staying in the sun too long Officer Pete
Boo-Hoo to You Ghost-stuck-in-a-Pumpkin Syndrome Cannot get free from a pumpkin Sebastian
It's Glow Time No-glow-a-totis Unable to glow Glo-Bo
Chilly Gets Chilly Brrrr-itis Staying in the cold too long Chilly
Through the Reading Glasses Glasses-Gone-itis Missing glasses Professor Hootsburgh
My Huggy Valentine Split-Heart-itis Sad from a broken heart Lambie
Dusty Bear The Dusty Musties Lots of dust Teddy B
Bronto Boo-Boos Bronto Boo-Boos Attacked by a Brontosaurus Every Toy
Brontosaurus Breath Stinky-salami-breath Stinking breath Bronty
Doc McStuffins Goes McMobile Not mentioned A missing winder-upper Norton
Chip Off the Ol' Box Bent Crank-osis A broken turning crank Big Jack
Awesome Guy's Awesome Arm Arm-Overuse-is A sore arm Awesome Guy
Lamb in a Jam Jam-on-Lamb-itosis Plush covered in jam Lambie, Stuffy
Diagnosis Not Even Close-Is The Zoomarounds A missing speed dial, stuck on fast mode Robot Ray
Bronty's Twisted Tail Twisted-tail-atosis Twisted tail Bronty
Frida Fairy Flies Again Ripped-Wing-engitis Big rip in wing Frida
A Tale of Two Dragons Cardboard Jammie-Jams Cardboard stuck on a lever Dragon-Bot
Think Pink Pinkatosis Pink coloring Chilly
You Foose, You Lose Can't-Spinner-itis Unable to spin Johnny Foosball
Leilani's Luau No-Hula-tosis No energy to hula Leilani
Karate Kangaroos Not-Ready-For-Play-itis Scared, not ready to play Angus
Doc to the Rescue Popped-out-otitis Leg popped out Dress Up Daisy
Don't Knock the Noggin Loose Chip-tosis Loose computer chip Stuntman Steve
Disco Dress Up Daisy Disco-fracture-itis, I-wanna-Boo-Boo Syndrome Cracked arm, feeling sorry for another toy Dress Up Daisy, Lambie
The Glider Brothers Not mentioned, Way-too-speedy-itis Broken propeller, very eager to fly fast Wilbur, Orville
Kirby and the King Stuck-to-you-Boo-Boo's Stuck together Sir Kirby and the Wicked King
Bubble Monkey, Blow Your Nose! Slippy Drippies Leak in bubble pipe Bubble Monkey
Professor Pancake Squished flat-atosis Flatten as a Pancake Professor Hootsburgh
You Crack Me Up Itchy Tickle-no-mosis Broken leather Gloria
A Very McStuffins Christmas Not mentioned Damaged gears Commander Crush
The Doctor Will See You Now The Yicky Blobs Splattered blobs of clay Dolly, Carl and Morten, then Chilly, Lambie and Stuffy
Lil' Egghead Feels the Heat Too-much-fun-in-the-sun-aplexly Too much sun Egghead
The Big Sleepover Homesick-tosis Feeling homesick Doc
No Sweetah Cheetah Beautiful-Spot-itis Having beautiful spots Rita
Big Head Hallie Big-head hippo-atosis Too Much Glory Hallie
Peaches Pie, Take a Bath! Wet-dog-amosis Smelling like a wet dog Peaches Pie
Celestial Celeste Bead-Stuck-o-lepsy Beads inside sphere Celeste
Run Doc Run! Broken-leg-atosis Tiny fracture on leg Dart
Crikey! It's Wildlife Will! Missing-parts-atosis Missing leg parts Wildlife Will
Rootin' Tootin' Southwest Sal Not mentioned Unable to swing a lasso Southwest Sal
The Big Storm Not mentioned Trapped in the clinic in a storm Chilly, Hallie
Spritzy Mitzi Pipe-a-cloggity-crackity-tentacle-osis Crack in tentacle sprayer Mitzi
A Fairy Big Knot Giant Knot-aotsis A giant knot on strings Frida
Rosie the Rescuer Forwards-Backwards, Panic-itis Head on backwards, panicking Sir Kirby, Rosie
Dad's Favorite Toy Worn-button-tosis A worn button Saltwater Serge and Wellington Whale
Chilly and the Dude Perfect Snowman Syndrome Perfect snowman The Dude
Sir Kirby and the Plucky Princess Break-apart-atosis Flag in hair, arms and legs breaking apart Princess Persephone, Sir Kirby
Serpent Sam Makes a Splash Sticky-itis Drinking a sugary drink, getting clogged up by the sugary residue Serpent Sam
Oooey Gablooey Springs A Leak Ooozy-goozy-itis Goo leaking out Oooey Gablooey
There's a King in Your Tummy Tummy-a-la-king Wicked King trapped inside tummy Serpent Sam and the Wicked King
Doc's Busy Day Tiara-itis, Overwhelm-atosis Tiara stuck on head, overwhelmed by lots of patients Dress Up Daisy, Doc
Mirror, Mirror on My Penguin Mirror Smear-os Baby drools smeared all over mirror Waddly Penguin
Hazel Has a Sleepover Sleepy-Drippies Dripping water Hazel
Training Army Al The Ready to Serves Preparing to be played in the woods Army Al
Sproingo Boingo Takes a Leap Sprain Spring-a-mosis Spring broken Sproingo Boingo
Shell Shy The Shy Guise Shy of being around others Theo
Commander No Stuck-transformation-switch-osis Switch malfunctions Commander Crush
The Flimsy Grumpy Bat The Soggy Flimsies Soaked by water Count Clarence
Rockstar Ruby and the Toys Icky Stickies Microphone button stuck Rockstar Ruby
A Day Without Cuddles! Flour-Tosis Plush covered with flour Lambie


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