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This page is about characters from the Fairy tale-based Laugh-O-Grams (created by Walt Disney and other partners before Walt Disney actually started his own company).

Recurring characters[]

  • Julius the Cat - A cat appears in the first cartoon, Little Red Riding Hood, where he dies from eating a donut. He's the protagonist of The Four Musicians of Bremen, the title character in Puss In Boots, and Cinderella's cat in the Cinderella Laugh-O-Gram. He is unnamed in the Laugh-O-Gram cartoons
  • Dog - A dog pushes the title character's vehicle and brings someone to rescue her when she's in danger in Little Red Riding Hood, is a minor character in The Four Musicians of Bremen, and is the Princess's dog in Puss in Boots and the Prince's dog in the Cinderella Laugh-O-Gram.
  • Boy - Puss In Boots' owner in Puss in Boots and the Prince in the Cinderella Laugh-O-Gram are both the same boy.
  • Girl - The Princess in Puss in Boots and title character of the Cinderella Laugh-O-Gram are both the same girl.
  • Man - A man who sticks his head out of a window or picture (not clear which) in Little Red Riding Hood has a cameo in The Four Musicians of Bremen as one of the people throwing things at the title characters, and is the king in Puss in Boots.


  • First Disney villain - The very first Disney villain ever created is a man in a top hat who menaces Little Red Riding Hood. A helicopter pilot uses a long hook hanging from his helicopter to hook this villain's car as he's driving away and dump him in a deep pond.
  • Criminals - Several criminals in The Four Musicians of Bremen try to kill the heroes when they land in their house. The cat jumps on one of the cannon balls fired by one of the criminals, detaches his tail, and rides the cannon ball while using his tail to knock all the criminals out.


  • Little Red Riding Hood
  • A woman who sends Little Red Riding Hood to deliver some donuts, presumably her mother.
  • The donkey and rooster who are musicians and minor characters that hang out with the dog and cat in The Four Musicians of Bremen.
  • A bull whom the boy kills in Puss in Boots.
  • Cinderella's stepsisters