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PKNA - Paperinik New Adventures is a Disney comic, published in Italy from 14 March 1996 to 20 December 2000, about the new adventures of the Duck Avenger, the superhero created in 1969 by Guido Martina and Giovan Battista Carpi, which served as Donald Duck's secret identity.

The first issue of the series was called Evroniani, and featured the Duck Avenger's new alien enemies, the Evronians, or Evrons. Introduced in the same issue were the Avenger's two new allies, the A.I. Uno, who resides in the skyscraper Ducklair Tower, and Lyla Lay, a journalist and robot employed by a time police organization based in the 23rd century.

The series was extremely well received at the beginning of its run, and saluted as an unexpectedly innovative project for Disney, but this success was rather short-lived.

List of PKNA issues[1]

The issues marked 0, 0/2 and 0/3 were pilot issues, published with full diffusion but still regarded as "experimental": the Disney company finally greenlighted the series after verifying the commercial success of these three installments, thus leading to naming issue #4 as "number One".

The second date, when present, is the date of issue of "PK Reloaded", the current reprint of the series. The English translation of the titles is unofficial (since the comic is unpublished in English-speaking countries) and sometimes not literal, but tries to preserve the meaning.

The Speciale issue from 1999 is the only issue not released in other countries than Italy.[2]

Date Issue Title Writers Pencillers Inkers
March 1996
April 2005
PKNA #0 Evroniani
Alessandro Sisti and Ezio Sisto Alberto Lavoradori
June 1996
May 2005
PKNA #0/2 Il vento del tempo
The Wind of Time
Alessandro Sisti and Ezio Sisto Claudio Sciarrone
September 1996
June 2005
PKNA #0/3 Xadhoom! Alessandro Sisti and Ezio Sisto "Paul Ackerman" (Stefano Intini) Alessandro Zemolin
November 1996
July 2005
PKNA #1 Ombre su Venere
Shadows on Venus
Francesco Artibani and Simone Stenti Claudio Sciarrone
January 1997
August 2005
PKNA #2 Due
Alessandro Sisti Corrado Mastantuono and Paolo Mottura
March 1997
September 2005
PKNA #3 Il giorno del Sole freddo
The Day of the Cold Sun
Alessandro Sisti Claudio Sciarrone
April 1997
October 2005
PKNA #4 Terremoto
Francesco Artibani and Simone Stenti Francesco Guerrini
May 1997
November 2005
PKNA #5 Ritratto dell'eroe da giovane
A Portrait of the Hero as a Young Duck
Alessandro Sisti Alessandro Barbucci Massimo Sardi
June 1997
December 2005
PKNA #6 Spore
Gianfranco Cordara Fabio Celoni
July 1997
January 2006
PKNA #7 Invasione
Francesco Artibani Paolo Mottura
August 1997
February 2006
PKNA #8 Silicio
Alessandro Sisti and PK team Claudio Sciarrone
August 1997
March 2006
PKNA Speciale '97 Missing Alessandro Sisti, Tito Faraci, Gianfranco Cordara, Francesco Artibani, PK Team Corrado Mastantuono, Alberto Lavoradori, Alessandro Barbucci, Paolo Mottura, Stefano Intini, Giorgio Cavazzano
September 1997
April 2006
PKNA #9 Le sorgenti della Luna
The Springs of the Moon
Gianfranco Cordara and PK team Francesco Guerrini
October 1997
May 2006
PKNA #10 Trauma Tito Faraci Lorenzo Pastrovicchio
November 1997
June 2006
PKNA #11 Urk Francesco Artibani Marco Ghiglione Gianmarco Villa
December 1997
July 2006
PKNA #12 Seconda stesura
Second Writing
Alessandro Sisti Claudio Sciarrone
January 1998 PKNA #13 La notte più buia
The Darkest Night
Gianfranco Cordara Francesco Guerrini
February 1998 PKNA #14 Carpe diem Francesco Artibani Alessandro Barbucci Roberta Migheli
March 1998 PKNA #15 Motore/azione
Tito Faraci Silvia Ziche Alessandro Zemolin
April 1998 PKNA #16 Manutenzione straordinaria
Extraordinary Maintenance
Alessandro Sisti Lorenzo Pastrovicchio e Gian Marco Villa
May 1998 PKNA #17 Stella cadente
Shooting Star
Alessandro Sisti Paolo Mottura
June 1998 PKNA #18 Antico futuro
Ancient Future
Gianfranco Cordara Marco Forcelloni
July 1998 PKNA #19 Zero assoluto
Absolute Zero
Tito Faraci Lorenzo Pastrovicchio and Gian Marco Villa
August 1998 PKNA #20 Mekkano Bruno Enna Andrea Freccero
August 1998 PKNA Speciale '98 Zero barra uno
Zero Slash One
Simone Stenti, Tito Faraci, Bruno Enna, Francesco Artibani, Gianfranco Cordara, Massimo Marconi Claudio Sciarrone, Paolo Mottura, Silvia Ziche, Corrado Mastantuono, Marco Forcelloni, Giorgio Cavazzano
September 1998 PKNA #21 Tyrannic Francesco Artibani Andrea Ferraris and Gianni Gatti
October 1998 PKNA #22 Frammenti d'autunno
Fragments of Autumn
Bruno Enna Claudio Sciarrone
November 1998 PKNA #23 Vuoto di memoria
Memory Lapse
Tito Faraci Francesco Guerrini
December 1998 PKNA #24 Crepuscolo
Francesco Artibani Marco Forcelloni Luciano Milano and Marco Forcelloni
January 1999 PKNA #25 Fuoco incrociato
Tito Faraci Lorenzo Pastrovicchio and Lorenzo Chiavini
February 1999 PKNA #26 Il tempo fugge
Time Escapes
Tito Faraci Ettore Gula, Roberta Migheli, Emilio Urbano, Graziano Barbaro, Nicola Tosolini, Stefano Turconi
March 1999 PKNA #27 I mastini dell'universo
The Mastiffs of the Universe
Alessandro Sisti Claudio Sciarrone
April 1999 PKNA #28 Metamorfosi
Bruno Enna Marco Palazzi Gian Marco Villa
May 1999 PKNA #29 Virus Gianfranco Cordara Andrea Freccero Luciano Milano
June 1999 PKNA #30 Fase Due
Phase Two
Alessandro Sisti Graziano Barbaro Marina Baggio
July 1999 PKNA #31 Beato Angelico Davide Catenacci Lorenzo Pastrovicchio Alessandro Pastrovicchio
August 1999 PKNA #32 Underground Augusto Macchetto Paolo Mottura
August 1999 PKNA Speciale '99 La fine del mondo
The End of the World
Gianfranco Cordara and Bruno Enna Andrea Freccero and Marco Forcelloni
September 1999 PKNA #33 Il giorno che verrà
The Day that Will Come
Francesco Artibani Stefano Turconi Roberta Zanotta
October 1999 PKNA #34 Niente di personale
Nothing Personal
Francesco Artibani Nicola Tosolini and Nicola Morante
November 1999 PKNA #35 Clandestino a bordo
Stowaway on Board
Francesco Artibani Manuela Razzi Donald Soffritti and Sonia Matrone
December 1999 PKNA #36 Lontano lontano
Far, Far Away
Augusto Macchetto Lorenzo Pastrovicchio Alessandro Pastrovicchio
January 2000 PKNA #37 Sotto un nuovo sole
Under a New Sun
Alessandro Sisti Corrado Mastantuono
February 2000 PKNA #38 Nella nebbia
In the Fog
Alessandro Sisti Emilio Urbano Davide Zannetti
March 2000 PKNA #39 Cronaufragio
Alessandro Sisti Marco Gervasio
April 2000 PKNA #40 Un solo respiro
Just One Breath
Bruno Enna Paolo Mottura
May 2000 PKNA #41 Agdy Days Augusto Macchetto Emilio Urbano Davide Zannetti
June 2000 PKNA #42 La sindrome di Ulisse
The Ulysses Syndrome
plot: Katja Centomo, script: Francesco Artibani Manuela Razzi Marina Baggio
July 2000 PKNA #43 Tempo al tempo
Time to Time
Bruno Enna Graziano Barbaro Simone Maccari
August 2000 PKNA #44 Sul lato oscuro
On the Dark Side
Gianfranco Cordara Roberta Migheli and Sonia Matrone
August 2000 PKNA Speciale '00 Super Tito Faraci, Bruno Enna, Francesco Artibani, Alessandro Sisti, Gianfranco Cordara, Augusto Macchetto Emilio Urbano, Roberta Migheli, Ettore Gula, Graziano Barbaro, Nicola Tosolini, Manuela Razzi
September 2000 PKNA #45 Operazione Efesto
Operation Hephaestus
Francesco Artibani Sergio Cabella Gianni Gatti
October 2000 PKNA #46 Nell'ombra
In the Shadow
Augusto Macchetto Lorenzo Pastrovicchio Alessandro Pastrovicchio
November 2000 PKNA #47 Prima dell'alba
Before Dawn
Tito Faraci Marco Gervasio Luciano Milano
December 2000 PKNA #48 Le parti e il tutto
The Parts and the Whole
Alessandro Sisti Andrea Freccero
January 2001 PKNA #49/50 Se...
What If...
Stefano Ambrosio Stefano Turconi, Lorenzo Pastrovicchio, Graziano Barbaro Roberta Zanotta, Sandro Pastrovicchio, Simone Maccari


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