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This is a list of uses of adult humor in live-action media produced by Disney, including Marvel, Lucasfilm, and 20th Century productions. Adult humor may include sex (or anything mildly sexual), nudity, drug content, strong language (or implication that someone is going to or wants to use strong language), graphic violence, and any other inappropriate images.


Disney films

20,000 Leagues Under the Sea

  • After Ned Land saves Captain Nemo's life, he tells Professor Aronnax "There's only one thing to do right now... get drunk"

Davy Crockett and the River Pirates

  • Early on in the film, Georgie gets drunk and drunkenly sings while dangling from the lights hanging on the roof.
  • When Davy Crockett and Georgie are trying to fall asleep, something sneaks into Georgie's sleeping bag, to which he informs Davy, "There's something in bed with me." A half-asleep Davy replies to Georgie, "Kiss it goodnight, then go to sleep."

Mary Poppins

  • While singing "Sister Suffragette", Winifred Banks hikes up her dress at one point, causing Ellen, the Banks' parlor maid, to shriek in horror, heavily implying she saw Winifred's privates.

Bedknobs and Broomsticks

  • During the "Portobello Road" musical number, several women who are heavily implied to be prostitutes approach Professor Browne, but he quickly dismisses them.

Snowball Express

  • When Sue Baxter tells her son Richard to go to his room in order to talk with her husband Johnny in private, Richard asks, "Mom, what's this gotta do with sex?", to which she irritably demands him to leave again.
  • While Johnny struggles to carry his ski equipment, he unwittingly bumps a woman in her rear end with the skis, then pins old Mr. Wainwright to the wall with them. 
  • While clumsily skiing down the steep slope for the first time, Johnny accidentally holds on to a woman skier's chest at one point. Surprisingly unoffended, the woman appears flattered while under the impression that Johnny is trying to get frisky with her, which he denies is the case.

Pete's Dragon

  • The opening song The Happiest Home in These Hills is a dark comedic song about abuse.
  • During his first suspicion-induced interaction with Lampie and Hoagy in his cave, Elliott is offered some of Lampie's "belt" (alcohol). Sniffing the beverage curiously, Elliott is given a moderate swig of the drink, which he swallows after sloshing it around in his mouth for a moment. He feels fine at first and seems to like it, as he briefly licks his lips, until his stomach starts to rumble (sounding like a growing earthquake) and briefly drops. A stunned look on Elliott's now red-eyed face can be seen for a brief moment (as though he realized too late what it was that he just drank) before he instantly and violently regurgitates a huge burst of fire, which causes Lampie and Hoagy to scream and flee the cave in terror, leaving a now-disoriented (and likely sick/drunken) Elliott wheezing out puffs of smoke at the entrance for a long time. This is equivalent to a naive person trying alcohol for the first time to see if they like it or not.
  • When Dr. Terminus tries to convince Pete to sell Elliott, he tries to bribe Pete with a bottle of his medicine, which Terminus claims is "guaranteed to bring on puberty two years ahead of time".
  • When the Gogans go to snatch Elliot from Nora, Merle tells Grover and Willie to get a boat and he goes goes to hold Nora but then Lena grabs Merle threattens to hit him if he wants to hold like the boys do.

The Shaggy D.A.

  • When John Slade is attempting to get some dogcatchers to catch Wilby Daniels (in his dog form) with tranquilizers, they accidentally shoot Slade in the buttocks.

Midnight Madness

  • While at Griffith Park Observatory, Barry Kidd uses a telescope to watch a young woman getting undressed through her window.
  • In one scene, a waitress's breasts are referred to as "giant melons", her cleavage is shown repeatedly close up, and various characters attempt to look at the necklace around her neck in a presumably sexual manner.


  • At one point, Kevin Flynn passes by a shady-looking area where a couple of female programs with red circuits are lounging about (a reference to prostitutes whose area they work in is nicknamed the "red-light district")

Who Framed Roger Rabbit

  • During the opening cartoon short, as Roger Rabbit bursts out of the ironing board, a dozen knives land around him, and one butcher's knife narrowly misses his crotch. Also, the oven's brand that Roger falls into during said cartoon is called "Hotternell", a pun on the phrase "Hotter than Hell."
  • As Baby Herman is leaving the set for his current film, he briefly flips the bird at the cutout of his mother, and when he passes beneath a woman's skirt, she lets out a loud wail with Herman extending his middle finger again, heavily implying that he touched her somewhere inappropriate (with him politely responding, "'Scuse me, toots!").
  • At one point, Yosemite Sam rockets out of Toontown, his clothed butt on fire, and he shouts: "Ow! My biscuits are burnin'! Fire in the hatch! Great horny toad, that smarts!" until he sits in a mud puddle, dousing the blaze.
  • While outside the Ink and Paint Club, Eddie Valiant hears Marvin Acme calling Jessica Rabbit to get on a bed with him. He then hears Marvin repeatedly yelling, "Patty cake!", getting faster and more excited every time he says it, with Jessica moaning. Though it was a literal game of patty cake in the end (regarding the photos taken by Eddie), the likely implication is that in the Roger Rabbit universe, that is how toons have sex.
  • At one point, R.K. Maroon offers Roger some booze to drown his sorrows over Jessica, and after Roger drinks the alcohol and rockets around the room, Eddie says, "Son of a bitch!", uncensored. This booze gag is repeated later in the film when Eddie saves Roger from Judge Doom's clutches.
  • When Eddie is sneaking Roger into the bar, Dolores asks him, "Is that a rabbit in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?" This is a parody of the saying: "Is that a gun in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?", which means if the one being asked either has a gun or an erect penis.
  • When Jessica is asking Eddie to find Roger, his pants suddenly fall down. Dolores then walks in and assumes Eddie is cheating on her with Jessica because she literally caught him with his pants down. As Eddie pulls his pants up, his head accidentally bumps Jessica's bosoms.
  • When Benny the Cab arrives to give Eddie and Jessica a lift, his eyes/headlights follow Jessica's sexy figure, and he remarks, "Hubba, hubba, hubba!" before opening his door to let Jessica in.
  • While searching Jessica for Marvin Acme's Will, Greasy reaches down into her breast cleavage, where he gets his hand caught in a bear trap. Eddie compliments Jessica with, "Nice booby trap."
  • When Eddie is singing "The Merry-Go-Round Broke Down", making most of the weasels laugh themselves to death, he sings: "I'm through with taking falls. I'm bouncing off the walls. Without that gun I'd have some fun, I'll kick you in the..." (a vase falls on him before he could finish the line). Roger then yells, "Nose!" and when Smarty says, "'Nose'? That don't rhyme with walls!", Eddie responds, "No, but this does," and kicks him in the crotch as he goes flying into the Dip (Eddie was going to say "balls", a slang word for testicles).
  • When the toon bullet train crashes into the Dip Machine, each window on the train is shown to depict a murder or death taking place.
  • When the cartoon characters gather around Judge Doom's melted body, they all wonder what he really was, and then all claim what he wasn't. Sylvester the Cat says he wasn't a pussy, a double entendre, as "pussy" is a crude term meaning vulva, or simply another word for cat/idiot/coward.

Honey, I Shrunk the Kids

  • When the four kids are first shrunk by Wayne Szalinski's shrinking machine, Ron Thompson exclaims, "We're all the size of boogers!"
  • After rescuing a nearly-drowned Amy while narrowly escaping a muddy flash flood, Russ Jr. volunteers to revive her, stating that he learned how to give mouth-to-mouth resuscitation in "French class".

White Fang

  • While fleeing from a grizzly bear, Jack Conroy falls and lands on his butt as he briefly rolls on the ground before he gets back up and resumes running from the bear.
  • A very subtle reference to prostitution is implied when Alex Larson and Belinda Casey are kissing.

The Rocketeer

  • When Neville Sinclair takes Jenny Blake on a date to a dance, he introduces Jenny to one of his friends Bill. As Bill kisses Jenny's hand he says "Charmed, my dear. Doubly charmed" and the camera pans down towards Jenny's breasts, implying that Bill is looking at them.

Ernest Scared Stupid

  • When Ernest P. Worrell is dancing with Trantor, the troll he had awoken from underground (and whom had become bigger and stronger), he kisses Trantor at one point, only to get slobber on his lips and express disgust, though this actually defeats Trantor.

Sister Act

  • When Eddie Souther tells Deloris Van Cartier that she would be hiding from Vince in the covenant, Deloris refuses, saying, "These people don't even have sex!"
  • On her first day at the covenant as Sister Mary Clarence, when Deloris tastes the lunch, she expresses her disgust at the food, saying: "Gee, what are you people? A Pridikin order? This stuff is terrible! It tastes like sh–", but before Deloris can finish, Reverend Mother tells the nuns they would spend the remainder of the day in silence and Deloris' plate taken from her, forcing her to take a ritual fast.
  • When Deloris and the other nuns are discussing covenants and Deloris tells the nuns about life at her 'covenant' in Reno, she says "[she] ministered to a lot of different kind of people," including hookers and gamblers. Deloris is about to tell the nuns a story about a "hooker living next door named Buckwheat Bertha who would-", but stops when Revend Mother arrives.
  • When the nuns express their excitement at the Pope coming to St. Katherine's to watch the choir perform, Deloris says, "It's better than sex." When the nuns are confused by her words, Deloris corrects herself, saying, "I've heard".
  • As Deloris leaves for the bathroom, Eddie asks her where she's going, to which Deloris answers, "I'm going to the nun's room, nosy."
  • When Vince LaRocca sends his henchmen Joey and Willy to kill Deloris, she prays to God, asking him to forgive Joey and Willy. After concluding her prayer, she escapes by whacking Willy and Joey in their crotches.

The Mighty Ducks

  • After Greg Goldberg and his hockey-playing friends pull a prank on a passerby that involves filling an old purse with dog feces, the passerby hits his crotch on a wooden beam while escaping through a construction site, thus causing him to slide off into the mud.

The Muppet Christmas Carol

Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey

  • At the beginning of the film, Chance is seen gnawing on a blouse and gets into a disagreement with Sassy; she, at one point, calls Chance a "big, flat-faced butt sniffer" before he chases her around the house.
  • When Sassy points out to Chance that cats are better than dogs, she adds, "And we don't drink from the toilet."
  • After Chance uses the seesaw as a makeshift catapult on Sassy to launch her into the sandbox, she remarks, "He threw me in the big litter box!"
  • Chance, after eating Bob and Laura's wedding cake, suddenly opens his mouth to vomit; the contents are only seen briefly from a short distance before the camera switches to Peter, Jamie, and Hope's disgusted reactions. Chance then states (in his narration) that "cake and polyester don't mix."
  • While visiting Kate's ranch, Chance is seen chewing on a shoe. Sassy then remarks, "Do you have any idea where that's been?", to which Chance replies: "Oh, yeah. That's why I love it. You want some?" Sassy only declines, saying she's not into leather.
  • During their journey, Chance, Shadow, and Sassy find some animal feces (offscreen) on the ground. Chance then exclaims, "Whoa, that's as big as Sassy!", to which she retorts, "At least I don't roll in it like some species!"
  • When Chance gets some porcupine quills in his muzzle, he exclaims, "He bit me with his butt!", to which Shadow remarks, "Oh, Chance, you really are a bulldog." In the same scene, Shadow, when advising Chance about his current predicament, says, "Whatever you do, don't lick yourself", alluding to dogs cleaning their crotches.
  • While Chance is "talking" under duress at the pound as the vets are trying to remove the quills from his muzzle, he mentions that he "left a gift on the carpet" (referring to urinating).
  • The kennel dogs, when noticing Sassy (who was trying to find Shadow's kennel), make flirting remarks toward her, which she disdainfully refers to as "catcalls".

Cool Runnings

  • While Derice Bannock runs and trains for the Olympics around the island, one of the elder women cheering for him remarks, "I could watch that backside all day."
  • When Yul Brenner is arguing and fighting with Junior Bevil for having unintentionally disqualified both him and Derice at the Olympic trial by accidentally tripping them after falling, he asks what they are all arguing about until Sanka Coffie points out that Derice was going to beat both their butts anyway. Then, Yul threatens to "beat his butt" until Sanka slyly replies, "How 'bout I draw a line down the middle of your head so it looks like a butt?"
  • After being insulted by Josef Grull, and when Irving Blitzer informs Derice that Josef is one of the best drivers in the world, Yul points out, "Yeah, he's one of the biggest assholes in the world too."
  • When Sanka tries to remind Derice about their country of origin after embarrassing themselves in the first race, the former tells the latter that he has known him since an unknown girl from their school days asked Derice to see his "ding-a-ling" (a.k.a. privates).
  • When Sanka's teammates laugh at him for keeping a bed warmer inside his coat, Sanka remarks, "I'm freezing my royal Rastafarian nay-nays off!"
  • When Irving and the team are deciding on a name for their newly-painted sled, Junior suggests, "Tallulah," much to the amusement of the others. Sanka remarks, "Sounds like a two-dollar hooker," but the group stops laughing after Junior reveals that Tallulah is his mother's name.

The Three Musketeers

  • When Milady and Cardinal first meet, she tells him she believes he hasn't suffered the burden of chastity. Cardinal mistakes that for an offer, and when he moves closer to Milady, she pulls out a dagger and points it at his stomach. Cardinal then threatens her that she could be back on the block where he found her with just a snap of his fingers, and Milady replies, "And with a flick of my wrist, I could change your religion!" This is a reference to castration.

Hocus Pocus

  • A running gag throughout the film is Max Dennison being embarrassed about being a virgin.
  • When the witches catch a bus, the bus driver says that the bus will take them to their hearts' desires. After Winifred tells the bus driver that they desire children, the bus driver, thinking they are coming on to him, replies, "Hey, it may take me a couple of tries, but I don't think there's gonna be a problem."

D2: The Mighty Ducks

  • At the start of the film, the rival hockey team from the first movie plot revenge on the Mighty Ducks team as they watch them pass by, and as they all discuss their plan, a voice says, "They'll never know what hit them." The rival team wonders who said that, to which Fulton Reed shows up to intervene. The scene then cuts to the rival team having been stripped of their clothes and tied to a tree.

White Fang 2: Myth of the White Wolf

  • When Henry Casey discovers Lloyd Halverson with a trap stuck to his buttocks, the latter pleads, "Get this trap off my butt, boy...or shoot me where I lie!" The scene then cuts to Lloyd's rear end with holes in the seat of his pants where the trap had been removed as he limps away in pain.

Angels in the Outfield

  • While mostly reduced to random blabber, it is heavily implied that George Knox curses up a storm whenever he gets mad at his baseball players, prompting the Angels to tell Roger Bowman to make George cease doing so.

The Santa Clause

  • When leaving his voice message to Laura Miller, "excusing" his running late as being due to bad traffic, Scott Calvin, during one point to sell the act, honks his horn at another vehicle and yells: "Yeah, same for you! And that's not very ladylike!", making it sound as if the female driver flipped him off.
  • When provided with Neil Miller's phone number, Scott says sarcastically: "1-800-SPANK-ME? I know that number." 
    • This line was cut in re-releases and replaced with "1-800-POUND", due to it being discovered that such was an actual phone number for a phone sex hotline.
  • After noticing that Santa's suit remained behind while his body mysteriously vanished, Scott speculates that Santa is "[running] naked somewhere," referring to streaking.
  • After literally bumping into Santa's ladder by accident, Scott yells, "Where the hell did this come from?!"
  • When Scott climbs up onto the rooftop and tries to dissuade his son from interacting with the reindeer, Comet farts in Scott's direction, causing him to gasp for air and say sarcastically, "Easy, Rudolph," before correcting himself on the reindeer's proper name.
  • When first experiencing the effects of Santa's bag, Scott tells Charlie that he is used to flying, as he "lived through the sixties," referring to LSD usage.
  • When Scott is changing into pajamas Judy provided him with, the puppets in the room scream, with Scott covering himself as they proceed to discuss what they had seen. Similarly, when Judy returns, she encounters some elves who are seen peeking into Santa's quarters before ordering them to leave, and they do so while giggling ecstatically, implying they had engaged in voyeurism.
  • Scott, when trying to insist that he and Charlie didn't go to the North Pole and it was a dream, yells that he generally sleeps "buck naked" instead of wearing pajamas, causing some embarrassment to himself after a mother and young daughter walked past and he realized he yelled this out loud.
  • When asked by Neil what he remembered doing last night, Scott replies sarcastically: "We shared a bowl of sugar, did some shots of brown liquor, played with my shotguns, field-dressed a cat, looked for women..." before honestly answering that he read Charlie a book, and when asked further, he sarcastically claims the book was Hollywood Wives before making clear that the book was, in fact, The Night Before Christmas.
  • When Scott starts to feel the effects of the Santa Clause, he wakes up and briefly emits flatulence.
  • When Scott is practicing checking the list to see who is naughty or nice, he encounters a woman named Veronica and says, "Very nice," in a tone that indicates he was interested in entering a relationship with her, only for her to refuse him by saying sarcastically, "In your dreams, sleigh-boy!"


  • A boy mishears somebody saying the words "skinny winners" as "skinny wieners". He and his friends later insult Tony Perkis, calling him a "loser with a skinny wiener."

Muppet Treasure Island

  • In one scene, Long John Silver tries to propose a toast for their voyage, causing Squire Trelawney, Dr. Livesey, and Beaker to try to consume the wine Silver brought, only for them to throw the wine three times due to an argument between Silver and Captain Abraham Smollett, the latter opposing any kind of alcoholic drinking during the trip. The wine falls over a group of rats who tell them, "You wanna knock it off with the booze?"
  • When Billy Bones dies of a heart attack, Gonzo and Rizzo witness it, to which the latter exclaims, "We're standing in a room with a dead guy!" The two then scream and run panicking before a comedic battle ensues, involving a barrel of explosive gunpowder.
  • In one scene, while Gonzo and Rizzo are being tortured by Polly Lobster, Gonzo appears to enjoy having himself stretched on the rack.
  • When the ship arrives at Treasure Island, the ship figureheads cheerfully refer to bikinis as one of the benefits of a vacation on an island, meaning that they either wanted to experience summer love with a native, or they wanted to find bikinis for themselves.

Homeward Bound II: Lost in San Francisco

  • After chasing off a butterfly, Chance heads inside the house and says, "It's a thing of beauty when Chance is on duty," to which Sassy comments, "Speaking of 'doodie', I thought I smelled something yuck." She was most likely referring to Chance having pooped somewhere.
  • On their way to the airport, Chance ends up deliberately vomiting up his sedative and explains how he does so by envisioning a big, hairy cat, with Sassy remarking sarcastically, "How pleasant," in response. Chance then says, "Hey, I've been lookin' for that ball," when staring at the resulting vomit pool, implying that he unknowingly ingested the ball at some point.
  • After the Seavers' pets narrowly avoid being run over by a plane taking off, Chance denies being scared, only for Sassy to reply sarcastically, "Obviously," when she notices a puddle seeping underneath Chance on the tarmac, clearly alluding to wetting oneself in fear.
  • When Jack attempts to steal a female French poodle, she urinates on his shirt prior to him giving her back to her arriving owner, then remarks, "I leave you a special gift on your extra-large T-shirt!" After Jack and Ralph drive off, the former notices his urine-stained shirt and exclaims disgustedly, "That mutt peed on me!"
  • During Chance, Shadow, and Sassy's first confrontation with Ashcan and Pete, Chance tells Pete that there's a "furry, ugly thing growing out of [his] butt," and when Pete questions this, Chance responds, "It's your tail, genius!" before biting on it.
  • When Riley and his gang save Chance, Shadow, and Sassy from Ashcan and Pete, two of Riley's dog members threateningly tell Ashcan and Pete about them waking up at the vet with a (rectal) thermometer under their tails before Riley drives them off.
  • When Riley and the other dogs return to find Delilah and Chance together, their shocked reactions imply that they walked in on seeing them have sex. Spike even comments, "I bet they were probably kissing and stuff. Gross!"
  • Like in the prior film, Sassy quips that Chance "puts the 'bull' in 'bulldog'" at his expense.

James and the Giant Peach

  • At one point, Earthworm brags about his exquisite hearing, to which Mr. Centipede remarks, "Oh, yeah? Well, listen to this." He then makes flatulence noises with his twelve appendages before shouting, "LET'S GET OUT OF HERE!" through a megaphone.
  • When Centipede incompetently navigates the peach off course, and they wind up at the North Pole as a result, Mr. Grasshopper scolds Centipede by calling him an "ass", but not before describing him using scientific terms.
  • When Centipede dives into the icy water to retrieve a compass, Mr. Grasshoper, believing Centipede killed himself, exclaims, "Good heavens, he's committed pesticide!"
  • While the captive Centipede is being tortured by Jack Skellington and his pirates as they gradually stretch his body, his bones crack at one point, causing Centipede to admit that he enjoyed it.

101 Dalmatians (1996 film)

  • When Roger unwittingly snatches Anita's dog Perdy, mistaking her for his own dog Pongo, and she demands him to let her dog go before whacking him with her purse (revealed to be filled with three bricks), Roger questions this and raises Perdy's hind leg to examine her genitalia, causing Pongo to raise a front paw over his face in embarrassment. Roger admits his mistake after discovering that Anita's Dalmatian is a "she".
  • When arriving at Mr. Skinner's door, Jasper tells his brother Horace that Skinner had a childhood accident where a dog (literally) ripped out his throat, "leaving him brutally scarred and completely mute. He cannot talk at all." He then warns Horace, "Do not look at the horrendous scar on [Skinner's] neck" and "don't talk to him." When Skinner opens the door, Horace gasps and exclaims: "Look at the size of that scar! No bloody wonder you can't talk, mate!", making Skinner wheeze angrily. Jasper then tells Skinner to excuse them for a moment and closes the door, and we clearly hear him punching Horace in the face.
    • In some airings of the film, the word "bloody" is replaced with "blinking", due to the slang term "bloody" being considered extremely profane in the UK.
  • Inside Skinner's dwelling, Horace mutters, "The sight of all these deceased creatures gives me a shrinky-winky," a reference to his privates. 
  • When Roger tells Cruella that he and Anita are having a baby, she tells him "Accidents will happen", but when Roger adds that they are also having puppies (meaning Pongo and Perdy were), Cruella grins and remarks, "Well, you have been a busy boy, haven't you?"
  • At De Vil Manor, Whizzer (as his name implies), in one scene, urinates on a fashion magazine with Cruella's picture on the cover.
  • While attempting to grab a lone Dalmatian puppy on the other side of the room, Jasper falls through the weakened floorboards to the lower level, after which a mounted steer head falls on top of Jasper with its mouth stuck to his. He then pushes the taxidermic steer out of his own mouth and spits while groaning disgustedly.
  • While inside the barn, Cruella sees what appears to be a Dalmatian's tail sticking out of some straw, to which she grasps the tail, pulling with all her might. Said "Dalmatian" turns out to actually be a large pig, and it falls heavily on Cruella, after which it farts in her face.
  • In one scene, Jasper and Horace try to carefully step over an electric fence, only for both of them to get shocked in their groins before they are sent flying face-first to the ground. As the Baduns get up and walk off, they do so while still singed and sparking in pain.

D3: The Mighty Ducks

  • At some point, Charlie Conway, Fulton Reed, and Russ Tyler manage to collect some horse dung in a brown paper lunch bag. Later, when the trio enter the cafeteria and deliberately go near the varsity, Cole snatches the bag of horse waste out of Charlie's hand, to which he falsely complains, "Oh, come on, my mommy made me brownies!" When Cole scoops some of the horse excrement into his hand, he sniffs it, grimaces, and inquires, "What the hell kind of brownies are these?", to which Charlie replies, "I've gotta tell her to stop using the horse turds in the recipe." As the varsity chases after Charlie and the others, Cole throws the bag of horse dung at a nearby table where a group of varsity cheerleaders are sitting at. One female cheerleader opens the bag out of curiosity, and when the horse waste falls out of the bag, the varsity cheerleaders scream in disgust and flee from their table. The bag of horse excrement then ends up on another table where more female cheerleaders are sitting at, and they all scream in disgust and flee from the cafeteria, as do the rest of the students.
  • After Julie Gaffney eats a variety of sweets that Greg Goldberg had offered her, she later throws up over one of the benches during hockey practice, to which Goldberg remarks, "One cupcake over the line, Cat Lady!"
  • When the Varsity Warriors prank the JV Ducks by making them all pay for dinner at a restaurant (after Riley claimed that the varsity were supposed to treat the freshmen to dinner), the Ducks are forced to do hard labor to pay off their debt. In one scene, Goldberg and Connie Moreau are seen in a restroom cleaning adjacent toilet stalls, with Connie groaning in disgust from the toilet's stench.
  • While Charlie and Fulton are playing hooky at a carnival, they eat some snacks and go on a few stomach-turning rides, after which they are both seen vomiting with their heads inside a wastebasket.

First Kid

  • After Luke Davenport enters the changing room, he is seen mooning the media cameras.

Jungle 2 Jungle

  • As Michael and Mimi-Siku arrive in New York City a flight attend tells Michael that Mimi-Siku is peeing on the exit door.
  • When Michael manages to find Mimi-Siku after he runs off, Mimi-Siku asks his worried father, "Baboon scared?", to which he replies, "Yes, Baboon scared...Baboon's pants a little damp," implying he wet himself.

Honey, We Shrunk Ourselves

  • In one scene, Wayne (having been shrunk by his own shrinking machine) examines the roach turds on the floor with a piece of a pin and points out that they are dry, meaning whoever dropped them left a long time ago. However, he cautions about running into a wet roach turd, which he soon detects before he and his shrunk family encounter a giant cockroach, causing them to flee in terror.

George of the Jungle

  • While swinging through the jungle, George crashes into a tree at one point, then falls and lands groin first on a limb, causing him to groan in pain.
  • When Ursula tries to console an upset Little Monkey by wiping his tears with a handkerchief, he uses it to wipe his anus and hands it back to her, much to her mild disgust.
  • After Lyle trips and falls face-first in Shep's dung, one of the guides states that "bad guy falling in poop" is a classic element of physical comedy, and that they should throw their heads back and laugh in response, which they do.
  • When George walks out of the shower, he stands nude in front of Ursula and her friend Becky. He then complains that the "waterfall" was too hot, and he slipped on a "strange yellow rock" (a bar of soap). Ursula and Becky stare in amazement at George (we see nothing below his waist), and Becky jokes, "I see what made him king of the jungle." Ursula then runs over and places a book in front of George's crotch and a potted plant on his butt and escorts him out (though the side of his bare buttocks is still seen as they leave).
  • When Ursula's mother Beatrice Stanhope orders George to stay away from her daughter, she threatens to castrate George by saying "[she] will remove [his] reason for wearing a loincloth."
  • In one scene, when Max and Thor have Ape confined in a cage and attempt to transport him, the gorilla farts. The poachers express disgust and wonder who did it, to which Ape falsely denies it.

Air Bud

  • Norman Snively is revealed to have a stack of beer cans in the window of his dwelling and talks to an agent about Buddy doing a beer commercial.
  • At one point, Judge Cranfield comments about spilling beer on his wife decades ago while watching Arthur Chaney play basketball.


  • In one scene, Professor Philip Brainard inadvertently enters the wrong classroom, featuring a nude drawing class, and begins teaching Newton's Law of Gravity while the students stare at him. He then calls up the two nude models of opposite gender (only their bare backs are shown, and when the camera gradually pans around to their fronts, the woman has her arms covering her breasts), and both have some kind of material draped across their laps. Brainard then lifts up the blackboard to reveal another one with "Dr. Richard's Life Drawing: 60 Minute Pose Male & Female Figures" written on it, making him realize his mistake, and he sheepishly inquires, "This isn't my class, is it?"
  • When Brainard discovers the newly-created Flubber and starts interacting with it, the gooey green blob mimics the farting noises that Brainard makes.
  • While the Flubber is going into different people's houses, it sees a woman walking, follows her, and forms the shape of her buttocks.
  • When Weebo releases the Flubber while Brainard is away, the gooey green blob starts dancing. At one point, the Flubber shakes its "buttocks" at the camera for several frames.
  • At the basketball game, a Medford player, at one point, bounces high in the air (thanks to the Flubber that Brainard secretly applied to the soles of their shoes), and he lands groin first on top of the hoop.
  • During the film's climax, when Brainard and Sara are battling Wilson Croft and his henchmen using the Flubber as a weapon, Wilson accidentally swallows the gooey green blob at one point, causing him to suffer all sorts of abnormal sensations throughout his inner body. Inside of him, the Flubber's body-controlling actions make Wilson "dance", be ticklish, laugh, and move uncontrollably. Eventually, Wilson is able to get the Flubber "out of his system" by farting it out painfully, and the Flubber shoots out of his anus like a bullet.

Mr. Magoo

  • In one scene, Mr. Magoo's dog Angus is seen standing on his hind legs over a raised toilet and urinating in it. This gag is repeated in an outtake during the credits, where Mr. Magoo's nephew Waldo can be heard in the background saying, "Pee! Come on, pee!"

The Parent Trap (1998 film)

  • At camp, Annie James and Hallie Parker play a game of poker and bet the loser jumps into the lake nude. Annie shows her straight to Hallie, only to be beaten by the latter's royal flush. Annie is then forced to walk the pier naked (she is only shown from the shoulders up to the knees down), and several girls can be heard shouting compliments about her body. As soon as Annie dives into the presumably cold water, Hallie and the other girls steal her clothes (except her sneakers).
  • At one point, a greedy Meredith Blake unbuttons one button on Nick Parker's shirt, then seductively tells him that he looks better with that button undone.
  • When Hallie (pretending to be Annie) talks to Elizabeth James about Nick, she refers to him as "the F word", much to Elizabeth's confusion. Hallie assures Elizabeth that she meant "Father".
  • When Elizabeth gets off the plane from London to Los Angeles, she feels so dizzy from the long flight that she goes to a bar and drinks. Her tipsy state later causes her to nearly bump into several people.
  • After Elizabeth sees Nick at the elevator and, in her own words, "waving like a mindless idiot," she storms down a corridor and yells out, "HALLIE PARKER!" The opposite doors immediately open while both twins step out, thinking she means them, to which she groans: "Please don't do this. I'm already seeing double!" 
  • In one scene, Martin, the James' family butler, is wearing a small Speedo with the outline of his privates bulging.

Mighty Joe Young

  • When Gregg O'Hara and his team of researchers encounter the humongous gorilla Joe Young, Gregg instructs his crew, "Don't move!", to which his guide Pindi timidly replies, "I'm not moving, but my bowels are." This is an obvious reference to the phrase "scare the shit/crap out of [someone]."
  • When Joe attacks Gregg and hoists him up in the air by his foot, Jill Young promptly arrives at the scene. A dazed Gregg appears to stare at her cleavage, then asks Jill to get Joe to put him down. Jill instructs Joe to drop him, to which the gorilla obliges by dropping Gregg flat on his head, knocking him unconscious.
  • When Pindi calls Andrei Strasser about Joe and describes the giant gorilla, Strasser inquires, "You've been drinking, haven't you?" and then slams down the phone, muttering, "2,000 pound gorilla...he's crazy!"
  • While Jill watches Joe playing hide-and-seek with a nervous Harry Rubin, Gregg jokes, "It's a good thing Joe didn't wanna play doctor."
  • While rampaging in Los Angeles, Joe accidentally bumps a parked car, setting off a loud alarm that irritates him. So he punches on the automobile, trying to shut it off, then repeatedly bashes his rump on the car hood as four amused teenage boys watch nearby and cheer him on. As the alarm finally stops, Joe gives a satisfied grunt.
  • When a young boy named Jason objects to letting his mother go on the Ferris wheel with him, he points out that she threw up on the ride the last time. His mother then promises to throw up over the side this time, but Jason still insists that he ride the Ferris wheel by himself.

I'll Be Home for Christmas

  • When Jake gets a lift from some old ladies, they kick him out after he vomits in one of their handbags.
  • While Jake is trying to help a cop apologize to his wife, he writes a rendition of "O Christmas Tree". During the song, the cop sings, "Oh baby, oh baby, oh baby, I'll make it up to you on the velvet skirt of the Christmas tree."
  • When Allie and Eddie are at a Bavarian village, they see a man chasing a woman around a giant German clock, and Allie remarks: "Look at that! The clock man is sexually harassing the clock lady! How typical."
  • Later that night, when Allie and Eddie are forced to sleep in the same bed, it is revealed that she forced him to wear many layers of clothes.

My Favorite Martian

  • When Tim vainly fights Zoot with a golf club, Zoot grabs a hold of the club and deliberately forces it at Tim's crotch as the latter comments, "I must be going..." The club strikes Tim's crotch, making him finish his sentence with a pained moan "...nuts!"
  • When Martin sees Lizzie for the first time, Zoot comments about women and then pops out a pair of breasts.
  • When Martin transforms into Tim (who is seen lying unconscious) and greets Lizzie, he is completely nude, to which she is taken aback by this. As Martin dons Zoot, he lectures Martin about how they cover up down there, referring to a human's private parts.
  • When Tim is in the changing room trying Martin's gum, transforming into an alien, and freaking out, a clerk asks if everything is all right in there, to which Martin blames it on zipper trouble.
  • In one scene, Tim attempts to film Martin in the dressing room, but accidentally ends up filming a huge fat woman instead, who angrily shoves Tim to the ground and calls him a pervert.
  • After a woman refers to Zoot as "tacky", Zoot retaliates by spanking her twice behind her back.
  • When Martin tells Zoot to get in the bag, Zoot opens up a hole in his rear, giving the impression as though he were showing his rear end at Martin.
  • When Martin (in Brace's form) is close to transforming back into his real form onscreen and Tim is seen under him, Tim's former boss mistakes him for engaging in sexual intercourse with his "daughter".
  • When a fat guy is about to literally do number two with Tim and Marty inside the toilet (the car they are in is shrunk), his butt is partially seen sticking out before Tim and Marty come out of it in a flash.

Inspector Gadget

  • When John Brown wakes up from surgery, he is almost horrified to see gadgets literally popping out of his fingertips (bubbles, scissors, a lighter, etc.) and exclaims, "What have they got me on?!" He then rushes out of the operating room, where he bumps into Brenda Bradford and falls right on top of her. She then starts talking about how all this (the cybernetic skeleton) was new to him, and John nods sheepishly in agreement. His head then literally springs up and breaks through the ceiling, to which he comments, "I'd shake your hand, but you might lose an eye."
  • As Brenda retrieves John's manual while explaining his mechanics, she bends over with her buttocks in full view, to which John screeches like a monkey before quickly covering his mouth.
  • When John (now known as Inspector Gadget) tries to train his newly-created cybernetic body, he is sitting in a dark room blindfolded, where a guru places two glass balls on the floor and instructs Gadget to "obtain the balls." His cybernetic hand extends as desired, then suddenly stretches out and accidentally grabs the guru's balls instead, causing him to squeal in pain in a high-pitched, squeaky, falsetto voice. The poor guru is then carried away on a gurney and loaded into an ambulance, holding a huge ice pack over his crotch. This scene's heavy vulgarity is the main key factor for the film to receive a PG rating by the MPAA.
  • When Gadget takes his new car Gadgetmobile out for a spin (or maybe more accurately, the other way around), Gadgetmobile taunts Gadget on his crush with Brenda, stating: "Hey, I have heat sensors. I know what you were thinking when Dr. B gave you that smile," while a brief flashback shows Gadget stretching his cybernetic arm to reach Brenda, then slapping himself when she turns to face him.

The Kid

  • In one scene, Russ Duritz and his 8-year-old younger self, Rusty, are using adjacent urinals in a restroom. Rusty then comments, "Isn't it cool how we both have to go at the same time?", to which his older self replies, "Yes...I'll cherish this moment for a lifetime."

The Princess Diaries

  • A lord at the reception appears a bit intoxicated while he is delivering some brandy. Charlotte then advises him to go easy on the schnapps, reminding him of some previous event where he must have been drunk.
  • At a beach party, while Mia is changing in a tent, Lana and her posse pull down the tent to expose her nude and find Mia holding only a towel around her chest.
  • During baseball practice, Mia accidentally hits Josh in the groin with a baseball.

Max Keeble's Big Move

  • At one point, Ms. Dingman, the comely life science teacher, pulls out a bottle of pheromones and announces that they're "nature's dating service." A little bit of sexy music can be heard playing as she continues talking about them (being used to attract the opposite gender) and walks by every counter, where various flames shoot up from school equipment as she passes by. She then asks if somebody wants to open a window to prove her point, and all of the boys eagerly raise their hands and shout, "Me!" It then consists of her dropping some of the substance and a bird flying inside due to it.
    • In addition, when Ms. Dingman introduces herself, Robe moans and tells Max Keeble that he can no longer feel his fingers while staring at her, implying that he was sexually aroused by her.
  • After Max saves Robe from being locked in a pillar-shaped trophy case by Troy McGinty, he attempts to explain to the gathered crowd that Robe is very claustrophobic, to the extent of vomiting (or "hurling", in Max's description), if forcibly placed within a tight space, although Robe ends up giving a visible demonstration of this (off-screen) before Max could finish his statement. Robe then makes a quip while still having some vomit on his mouth about having to waste a perfectly good chili omelet, heavily implying what the contents of the vomit were, much to Megan's audible disgust. Shortly after, Max is subject to a swirly, with Dobbs also pestering another student for lunch money to use the restroom, despite the kid claiming he has a bladder problem.
  • While Jindrake is touring the library with Crazy-Legs, the principal gets attacked by a squirrel that evidently mistook him for a potential mate, and an audible chomping sound can be heard, making Jindrake even more erratic before yelling as he falls, heavily implying that the squirrel bit Jindrake in his groin.
  • When a female teacher (the same one who punished Max for tardiness despite such being Troy McGinty's fault, as well as letting Dobbs get away with stealing Max's lunch money) is forced to crawl away after being pelted with so much cafeteria food and forced into a trash can, part of the tossed food hits her rear end.
  • During Jindrake's rage-induced announcement at the start of school about intending to get rid of all extracurricular activities due to Max's actions (back when Max was believed to have moved to Chicago), Jindrake is oblivious to a cutout of Max standing right behind him with a silly expression and pointing to him, as well as a speech bubble over Jindrake, claiming the latter was wearing a thong. Jindrake finds out after hearing the entire staff in the office lobby laughing, causing him to turn around and then yell, "KEEBLE!"

Snow Dogs

  • In the 1977 opening scene, a young Ted Brooks is told to examine his father's dental patient. There is an extreme close-up of the inside of the woman's gross-looking mouth. Ted then rushes over to a trash can to vomit. Mercifully, the scene promptly cuts to Ted in the present day just seconds before we see any actual vomit.
  • While Ted packs for his trip to Alaska, his cousin Rupert gives him some neck-heating contraption for the Alaskan cold winter nights and then mentions something about him "getting a little nan-nookie."
  • At the Tolketna town pub, Barb complains to the customers about knives on the dartboard, stating: "These are for eating! No one's gonna order dinner if a silverware's in the walls!" An elderly patron named Ernie responds: "We've all seen your food. No one's gonna order it anyway." Barb then throws one knife at the dartboard, narrowly missing Ernie, to which she mutters, "Always a little high."
  • When Ted sits down at the bar, he requests a decade latte, to which Barb seductively replies, "You can get anything your heart desires...except decaf."
  • As George Murphy reads Lucy Watkins' (Ted's biological mother) will, he reads aloud, "To Thunder Jack, I leave you my outhouse and all its contents." Jack looks insulted but then suddenly starts laughing uproariously, which gets the whole bar laughing until Jack gives a glare, causing them to stop laughing.
  • With what looks like straw padded in the back of his pants, Ted tauntingly shakes his rear end at Demon, causing the dog to rush up and bite him there. Ted then starts spinning around with the dog attached to the seat of his pants, but thanks to the straw, though, he cannot actually feel Demon's teeth. 
  • When Barb pulls up on a snowmobile with Ted behind her, he cannot remove his frozen arms from around her. He then states that he is not being frisky, to which she replies, "That's what all of the guys say."

The Rookie

  • In a school office, as Jim Morris sees Lorri passing by him, she playfully pats and grabs his clothed butt.

The Country Bears

  • In one scene, Zeb Zoober is at a bar establishment, where he presumably had numerous drinks and is unable to pay the bartender lady $500 that he owes her for hanging out at the bar.

The Santa Clause 2

  • When Judy the Elf reluctantly reveals that Charlie is on the naughty list, Scott remarks, "Sheen? I thought he went straight," referring to the actor Charlie Sheen and his notorious reputation for various lewd conduct, such as sexual escapades and drug addictions.
  • When Scott is reading the clause which states he has to get married, he reads: "Not valid in the state of Utah". This is a reference to same-sex civil partnerships and how certain states did not see them as valid at the time.
  • When Toy Santa is coming out of the clone machine, the camera has a close-up of his bare butt.
  • In one scene, Scott tells Comet that one of the reasons he doesn't want to take Prancer (as Comet suggested) was: "Besides, Prancer had too many apples. We know what that means."
  • When Bernard exposes Toy Santa as an impostor to the other elves, he states the latter has "a plastic tushie", resulting with Toy Santa placing his hands on his behind in embarassment.
  • Before Scott and Charlie leave the North Pole to deliver presents, Scott suggests to Carol that for their honeymoon, they should not go anywhere tropical, warning her that she doesn't want to see him in a Speedo.


  • A man gazes fondly at Kate Barlow and, referring to her canned fruit, says that her "peaches" (a possible double entendre for "breasts", based on the way he looks at her) are the work of an angel.
  • While at Camp Green Lake, Lewis receives the nickname "Barf Bag" after vomiting on Caveman's bunk.
  • At one point, a comment is made about there being cameras in the showers, prompting Caveman to worry about Warden Walker watching him. Another boy then jokes that they're microscopes, not cameras.
  • As Caveman and Zero are climbing God's Thumb, Caveman says: "You know what I keep thinking about? Imagine how fine this Mary Lou would have looked in a bikini." Mary Lou is actually the name of Sam the Onion Man's boat (where Caveman found Zero after running from Camp Green Lake) as well as his donkey.

The Even Stevens Movie

  • After Eileen leaves to check on Ren, Louis, and Donnie, Beans asks Steve if he wants to go skinny dipping.
  • At one point, Beans reveals he gets gassy in the morning and once farted in Louis' face. He later mentions feeling gassy while aboard a helicopter. When he first mentions it, Eileen claims that he did aboard a plane.
  • When Beans misinterprets the expression "bringing the bacon", he attempts to say his own "expressions" to Miles, but Ren covers his mouth.
  • When Steve and Ren ask Beans why the campfire is out, he states that he awoke last night to go to the bathroom before realizing it.

Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl

  • Jack Sparrow calls Will Turner a "eunuch" several times. A eunuch is a man who has been castrated, especially (in former times) one employed as a guard in a harem or other women's quarters.
    • In a deleted scene, Jack refers to the French as eunuchs, and Pintel says he used to go out with a eunuch.
  • Hector Barbossa gives Elizabeth Swann the option of either dining with him and wearing a specific dress or dining with the crew and be naked. It disappoints both Pintel and Ragetti when she chooses the former.
    • A deleted scene shows Pintel and Ragetti watching Elizabeth change.
  • When Elizabeth burns the rum to send out a smoke signal, Jack momentarily considers shooting her with his single bullet he has been saving for ten years.

Freaky Friday (2003 film)

  • When Tess Coleman wakes up in her daughter's body, she grabs her clothed butt (among other things) and states, "That's definitely not mine!"
  • While in Anna's body, Tess tells Anna's peers that she doesn't believe in physical contact with the opposite sex and advises them to follow her example.
  • While in Tess' body and seeing a patient, Anna informs the woman, who is worried that her daughter and boyfriend "might be..." (fooling around), that the daughter would be "doing it" and not writing about it in her diary.

Return to Halloweentown

  • Ethan asks We're not taking about laundry anymore are we?" to Marnie and gives her a suggestive, flirty look, which she returns.
  • When the Genie asks Ethan if he is okay, he mentions he got "Swept off his feet" the night before and the Genie gives a look as if she is thinking Ethan slept with Marnie the night before.

The Haunted Mansion

  • When Jim Evers is teaching his son how to kill a spider, he grabs a magazine and notices the cover is a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. They then both have a cheeky laugh about what they'd want to use it for.
  • At a graveyard, after Michael steps in some poop, he exclaims, "Oh, crap!" Jim tells him not to say "crap", but he also steps in some poop and exclaims, "Oh, crap!" Michael then cheekily tells him not to say "crap".
  • After Jim is informed about Master Gracey's death, he angrily remarks, "You're telling me this guy is dead, and the reason we were brought here is he wants to try to get jiggy with my wife?!" ("getting jiggy with someone" is a slang term for having sex).


  • At one point, Herb Brooks comments on a fight between two hockey players as being "more like monkeys trying to hump a football."

Around the World in 80 Days

  • After Monique La Roche notices that Phileas Fogg is entranced by her impressionistic artwork of a flying man, she asks if he dreams of flying and then adds, "Or naked men?" (the painting is shirtless). Fogg says that he does, but then says he means about flying.
  • While hanging from a rope dangling from a hot air balloon, Lau Xing (a.k.a. Passepartout) spots what appear to be several cancan girls (or hookers) in period revealing attire (we see some cleavage and exposed legs) who are with one man (he is seated and they are all around him).

The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement

  • A 12-year-old prince dances with Mia at her birthday party and states that if it were his party, they'd be kissing right now. He then wants to blow in her ear, but Mia (who is much taller than him) doesn't think he can reach.

The Pacifier

  • In one scene, Lulu Plummer examines Shane Wolfe's pectoral muscles and inquires, "Why are your boobs so big?" She then asks if hers will be as big when she grows up, and if he has to wear a bra.
  • At one point, we see Shane in the kitchen in just a towel in front of Lulu and her young Firefly troop. Lulu then tells her friends that she told them he had "boobs".
  • When Shane returns to Woody Woodchucks upon learning they left Peter behind, Shane pulls Peter out of the ball pit, exposing his bare butt (his diaper being in the ball pit) and prompting an employee to remark, "Not cool." Before Shane dives into the ball pit to retrieve Peter's diaper, he hands Peter to said employee, who holds the tyke with a disgusted look on his face. When Shane emerges from the ball pit holding Peter's diaper, Lulu and her Firefly troop run off screaming.
  • When Mr. Chun chases the Plummer kids, Seth loses Chun by throwing a diaper onto his windshield. As Chun tries using the wipers to get the diaper off, it leaves a brown trail on the windshield, indicating that it was used.

Ice Princess

  • A visual gag shows Casey Carlysle with a large Styrofoam pad in the seat of her skating pants, making it look like she has a huge butt (which the camera focuses on). After she falls and tears a hole in the seat of her pants which reveals some of the Styrofoam, Teddy Harwood stares at that part of her body.
  • Casey's female friend Gen Harwood tells her at one point that she looks "kind of hot" skating. Later, and after Gen applies some makeup to Casey's face, she tells her, "You're hot."

Herbie: Fully Loaded

  • After Herbie spits some oil onto Maggie Peyton's shirt, she changes into a racing outfit in the backseat, telling Kevin not to look. He promises, but then tries to get a sneak peek via the side-view mirror; however, Herbie stops him from seeing anything by repeatedly moving the mirror.
  • When Herbie spots a yellow VW Bug, sexy/lusty music (Lionel Richie's "Hello") plays. Later on, Herbie is shown (from his POV) checking out the same yellow VW Bug, his gaze starting at her rear end. We then see Herbie's antenna suddenly spring up in an erect line. Maggie then tells Herbie (about the other car), "She's too young for you," a likely reference to pedophilia.

Sky High

  • When Layla arrives at the Stronghold house for breakfast, Will's mother Josie expresses her excitement at Will & Layla starting high school, she says "Seems like yesterday you two were swimming naked in the kiddie pool.", much to Will's embarassment.
  • At school, a boy student zaps a girl's clothed butt with his laser vision, to which she responds by freezing him in a block of ice.
  • During the climax, when Gwen Grayson reveals herself to be Royal Pain, Will exclaims in shock "Oh my God! I made out with an old lady."
  • When Principal Powers places Gwen and her minions in detention following their defeat, Gwen says in dissapointment "I went through puberty twice... for this?"

The Shaggy Dog (2006 film)

  • A running gag is Dave Douglas' neighbor's dog urinating on the former's bushes, much to Dave's chagrin.
  • When Dave (in dog form) is taken to a dog park, several dogs sniff his rear, and he mutters dryly, "Is there anybody who has not sniffed my butt?"
  • When a dog member of the K-9 unit sniffs Dave's clothed butt in an elevator, its human handler jokingly asks Dave, "You don't have anything illegal up there, do you?" This is an obvious drug reference.

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest

  • In one scene, Jack tells the natives of Pelegosto that Will is a eunuch; he even makes scissors with his fingers and says, "Snip, snip!" In another scene, Jack informs Davy Jones that Will has a terrific singing voice (in reference to how eunuchs were castrated so they could sing).
  • At one point, Elizabeth sneaks onto a merchant ship in drag. When her dress is discovered, two men argue over whether to keep it or drop it, assuming it belongs to a spirit. When the captain discovers them, he believes they are arguing over who will wear the dress and tells them to share it by taking turns wearing it.
    • Later in the same scene, when the captain realizes a woman had sneaked onto the ship, he orders the crew to look for her. The crew refuses at first, but when the captain points out that she'd be naked, the crew is all too enthusiastic and scatter in search of her.
  • At Tortuga, when Elizabeth meets up with Jack, she is still dressed as a boy. She then tells Jack that she's here to find the man she loves. Jack, not realizing he is talking to a woman and thinking the "boy" is talking about him, tells Elizabeth, "I'm flattered, lad, but my first and only love is the sea."
  • When Jack, Elizabeth, and James are looking for Davy's heart, Elizabeth grows tired of the compass (which Jack told her points to what she wants most in the world), believing that it doesn't show what you want most. Then, after she sits down, Jack looks at the compass and tells her it does point to what he wants most, and she's sitting on it. Elizabeth, thinking it means her butt, is taken aback by this.

Air Buddies

  • A running gag throughout the film series is Budderball having a flatulence problem, as he passes unbearable gas whenever his paw is pulled (although he has also done it by himself at times).

Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End

  • At one point, Ragetti is seen peeping through a hole below Elizabeth's legs, where he could most likely see her privates. Pintel takes a peek as well, but then looks up when he spots one of Sao Feng's guards standing above them, causing Pintel to quiver with disgust.


  • When Jack Unger discovers Underdog licking splattered chili on the kitchen wall, the former assumes it's poop, but Jack says regardless, "I hope that's chili."
  • At one point, Underdog tells Jack: "When I'm bored, I just chase my tail. If you're lucky, you throw up, and BINGO, lunch part two!"

The Game Plan

  • At one point, Peyton Kelly pretends to be dizzy in front Joe Kingman (revealed to be her father), threatening to say that she drank margaritas at the restaurant opening party (she actually did not).
  • When Joe hires a nanny for Peyton, the nanny is revealed to be quite ditzy and more concerned with spending time with "The King" (presumably meant sexually) instead of taking care of Joe's daughter.


  • When Nathaniel arrives in New York City from Andalasia and is pulled out of the sewer by the construction workers Prince Edward met earlier, one of them asks Nathaniel if he's looking for a beautiful girl too, to which he says, "No, I'm looking for a prince, actually," causing the construction workers to think he is gay.
  • When Giselle (wearing a bath towel) ends up falling on top of Robert in front of Nancy, she then sarcastically asks if Robert was having some "grown-up girl bonding time." When Giselle then asks if Nancy thought they kissed, Robert replies, "Yeah, something like that."
  • At one point, a dog urinates on Prince Edward's boot.

College Road Trip

  • While James Porter is at work doing some target practice with his gun, he hears one of his co-workers talk about disturbing subjects, such as "party master" and "total freedom to do whatever you want." This causes Porter to get even angrier and shoot more targets, switching to an even bigger gun each time, until he fires a deafening shot that causes his co-workers to scream in fright. They then notice Porter grinning and making silly, high-pitched wheezing laughs. When they ask Porter if he is okay, he tells them that he has everything under control and is taking three days off. One of his co-workers then remarks, "I hope he doesn't do something crazy."
  • In one scene, Trey asks his father to give a letter to the secretary of defense about a species of super pigs to defend the country. James tells his son that he will have to send it himself and housebreak his pig first, to which Trey replies, "Already done." We then hear a toilet flushing, and Trey's pig Albert darts out of the bathroom with some toilet paper stuck to one of his hooves.
  • While James is taking his daughter Melanie on an escapade to prevent her from attending Georgetown University, his police car blows a flat tire at one point. When James opens the trunk to retrieve a spare, he discovers Trey who had stowed away along with his pig Albert (having invented a ventilation system to avoid suffocating). When James attempts to call Trey's mother after scolding his son, he is unable to get any service due to the area they are in. He then tells Trey, "You just bought yourself a stay at execution, boy," to which Melanie does a cutthroat gesture toward her brother twice while James is not looking.
  • At a hotel, when James notices Melanie about to make herself coffee, he states that caffeine is a drug, and that she doesn't take drugs. He then dumps out the coffee beans into a wastebasket, to which Albert the pig, upon hearing on TV that coffee will make you smarter, gobbles up the discarded coffee beans. He later starts acting hyperactive from eating said coffee beans and crashes a wedding ceremony at one point.
  • When James calls a sorority house to talk to Melanie who is staying overnight, a deep-voiced woman answers the phone, and James thinks it's a guy who says that "he" thinks Melanie is in the shower.

Beverly Hills Chihuahua

  • At one point, Papi offers Chloe a dead cricket and seductively tells her that, "If you ever need the inside of your ear licked or someone to bite those hard-to-reach places, I'm your dog," but she blows him off.
  • In one scene, while Chloe is walking alongside Delgado, she mentions that they passed this tree before, and when Delgado denies Chloe's statement, she points out that she tinkled there. When Delgado questions this, Chloe asks him if he can tell and then realizes he can't smell, much to his annoyance and chagrin.

Bedtime Stories

  • When Skeeter discusses about Violet to her father, he stumbles over his words, saying the wrong things about her, including about her "reputation" (but then adding that he isn't saying she has one; presumably meant sexually), as well as her being "hot".

Race to Witch Mountain

  • When the dog enters the cab, Sara states that the dog "needs to go," causing Jack to strongly disapprove this. The scene then cuts to where the dog returns from where he had to go.


  • After emerging from some water, Juarez is seen twisting her body in slow motion to wring herself out, and Blaster gazes at her doing so in a smitten manner. She then tells him, "Don't drop a pellet," but he replies, "Too late."
  • When Darwin escapes from a heating duct (after Leonard Saber turned on the furnace by clapping his hands), his rump catches on fire. Blaster notices this and warns him: "Darwin! Your butt's on fire! Stop, drop, and roll!", to which Darwin nonchalantly extinguishes the flame on his behind with his front paw.
  • At Elia's Pet Shop, after the G-Force critters are put in a cage, they hear a loud, prolonged farting noise, and Hurley erupts from the wood shavings. The three sycophantic mice all gasp, "The horror!", and one falls unconscious while the other two try to revive him. Hurley then remarks, "I love the smell of napalm in the morning!"
  • When Juarez asks Hurley where the bathroom is, the latter mentions a sports section page buried beneath the wood shavings and tells them they're standing on it, to which the G-Force critters all groan in disgust.
  • When Conner Goodman holds Blaster upside down while taking him out of the cage, he frantically asks Darwin what he should do, and the three mice tell him, "Poop in his hand!"
  • When Hurley notices something on Darwin's rump and questions it, the latter tells him it's a birthmark. Hurley states that he has seen that birthmark and reveals an identical one on his own behind, causing Darwin to react: "Don't point that thing at me! It might go off!" Hurley finally assumes that he and Darwin are related and joyfully claims, "I have a brother!", which Darwin repeatedly denies.
  • When Mooch manages to wake up a sleeping Ben, and he finds Mooch to be safe and sound, he remarks: "I was so worried about you. I don't like when my fly is down." This is a pun on leaving one's fly unzipped.
  • While Hurley and Darwin are riding in a tire to avoid a group of dogs, Hurley loses his footing when they roll the tire too fast, causing Hurley to roll around with it, and lands on Darwin's head. Disgusted, he tells Hurley, "Get your butt out of my face!", to which Hurley replies with, "Get your face out of my butt!"
  • As Hurley and Darwin are riding in a hamster ball and escaping from Carter and Trygstad, Hurley says at one point, "My stomach doesn't do well with action-adventure," and suddenly farts (and we see a visible cloud of flatus on the ball's plastic surface), to which Darwin remarks: "Yuck, Hurley! That's disgusting! I can't breathe!"

Old Dogs

  • At one point, Zach and Emily accidentally spill Dan and Charlie's prescribed pills, then mix them up in their attempt to put them back in their proper places, resulting in Dan and Charlie becoming under the influence of the scrambled pills. Dan experiences dry mouth and depth perception loss, and he accidentally sends a golf ball into the crotch of his associate Craig White, and then Mr. Nishamora. Meanwhile, Charlie cannot help himself from smiling broadly as members of the bereavement group share their tales of personal loss. The drug also makes him extremely hungry, and he pigs out at a potluck dinner for the bereavement group. At one point, he even slams his face into a pie after tearing off a turkey drumstick and gorging on other foods.

Alice in Wonderland (2010 film)

  • When Alice takes a bite of a piece of carrot cake, she suddenly grows out of her clothes, leaving her gigantic form completely naked (albeit with everything below her chest obscured by red rosebushes surrounding the Red Queen's palace). The repulsed Queen then demands her Frog Servants to find Alice new clothes, adding, "Use the curtains if you have to!" Alice is later seen clothed with a belt that suspiciously resembles a tie for a curtain, indicating that the servants followed the Queen's order a bit too literally. 
  • The Red Queen's courtiers all have comically huge and obviously fake body parts. When the Mad Hatter reveals to the Queen her council's prosthetics, she becomes furious that they never told her this. The council then frantically starts removing their prosthetics, and there is a very quick background shot of one of them tearing the fake breasts off a woman's chest (though no actual obscene bits are shown).

The Sorcerer's Apprentice

  • After the battle with Horvath at an antique shop, a young Dave Stutler runs outside talking nonsense about wizards to the teacher and students. A water-filled jar had broken over his crotch area, and the other kids notice this and all taunt him about wetting his pants, much to his embarrassment.
  • At one point, Dave follows some school papers blowing through a classroom, ending up directly in front of a seated Becky Barnes, and he sexually admires her stocking-covered legs up close.

Tron: Legacy

  • When Gem and Sam Flynn arrive at the End of Line Club, Sam eyes a pair of guards who are talking with two women. Gem tells Sam "Relax. They're occupied".


  • At one point, Secretariat the horse urinates on the ground near a reporter (and we see the splashing urine).

Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides

  • When Philip tries to convince Blackbeard's crew to treat Syrena better, Jack shouts out, "I support the missionary's position!" (sounding similar to "missionary position").
  • When Jack is marooning Angelica on the island, she tries to convince him not to by telling him she is pregnant with his child. Then, when Jack tells her, "I don't recall we ever had...", Angelica cuts him off before he can finish, telling him he was drunk. Jack responds with, "I've actually never been that drunk."

Spooky Buddies

  • After Warwick and the Halloween Hound are defeated and the curse is broken, Skip and Rodney (who had been turned into rats earlier by one of Warwick's potions) are seen completely nude with their lower regions covered by some bushes they had been hiding behind, and they ask the crowd of people for some clothes.

Geek Charming

  • When Josh films his movie while Dylan is shopping outfits, Josh asks "So how long is this going to take?" as Dylan steps into a changing booth. Seeing that Josh is still recording with his camera, Dylan says "No filming in here!" and closes the curtain.

The Muppets (2011 film)

  • At one point, Fozzie is seen wearing "fart shoes" (shoes with whoopee cushions tied under the soles) that make flatulence noises.
  • When confronting Miss Poogy, a rather husky-voiced and angry-looking Moopet, Miss Piggy takes a not-so-subtle look at Poogy's crotch area.
  • Camilla and the chickens are heard clucking CeeLo Green's "Fuck You", which was credited as "Forget You".

Treasure Buddies

  • Cammy is revealed to have the ability to hock a loogie, which she ends up doing to an Egyptian man when he tries to take her away.

John Carter

Oz the Great and Powerful

  • At the start of the film, Oscar Diggs is shown to be a womanizer; he has seduced many of his previous assistants (even the circus strongman's wife) by giving them a music box that he lies was a gift from his grandmother. When Oscar's assistant Frank walks in on Oscar seducing his latest assistant, he informs her that "the last one died of a broken heart" (meaning that she learned that Oz had lied to her), causing Oz to lie that she had a heart attack.
  • When Glinda introduces Oscar to the resistance (Quadlings, Tinkers, and Munchkins), she, at one point, playfully pinches his clothed butt.

Muppets Most Wanted

  • Among the many fictional cities that Kermit says the Muppets will perform in, one is named "Pooperburgen".
  • During the "I'm Number One" musical number, Constantine inadvertently hits himself in the groin at one point.

 Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

  • At work, prior to launching her new book entitled Jump on the Potty, Mrs. Cooper presents a slideshow to her fellow workers; one slide displays a naked young Alexander sitting on a toilet to learn to use the bathroom.
  • During the morning rush, Mrs. Cooper accidentally bumps into a wall and says, "Mother–!", partially censored. Also, in the same scene, Mrs. Cooper walks in on her eldest son while he was changing in the bathroom, causing Anthony to shriek and his mother to quickly close the door. Additionally, Trevor can be seen urinating in the kitchen while his parents attempt to find him a fresh diaper.
  • During the car drive, Mrs. Cooper puts her hand on Anthony's lap, causing him to give her an embarrassed look. His mother, sensing what was wrong, states, "It wasn't the first time I saw your penis." Alexander then remarks, "Whoa, you saw his penis?", to which his mother replies, "I've seen everyone's penis...including yours!"
  • When Mrs. Cooper is launching her book, there is a typo on the front cover which reads Dump on the Potty instead of Jump on the Potty. This misprint changes every instance of the word "jump" to "dump" when Dick Van Dyke reads Mrs. Cooper's book at the celebrity launch, telling children to "take a dump" in various ways.
  • At a pharmacy, when Mr. Cooper asks the pharmacist if he has a special Bumblebee pacifier for Trevor (after Mr. Cooper accidentally destroyed Trevor's previous pacifier in the sink's garbage disposal), the pharmacist responds negatively after checking, to which Mr. Cooper tells Trevor that his father wishes he could curse.
  • Prior to attending her school play, Emily overdoses herself with cough syrup, causing her to act intoxicated while she is performing onstage.
  • After Emily ruins her school play, Mr. Cooper tries to console his daughter before she vomits on him.
  • Near the end of the film, the "authentic" Australian cowboys performing at Alexander's birthday party are actually strippers. Fortunately, Alexander's parents realize this early on enough in the performance to tell the cowboys to "make it PG" for the children's sake.

Into the Woods

  • When the Witch is telling the Baker how she caught his father stealing from her garden, she over-exaggerates and describes it as his father raping her.
  • Though toned down for the film, The Wolf is a pedophile, Hello, Little Girl represents a pedophile's desire to molest children.
  • In an attempt to get the glass slipper to fit either Florinda or Lucinda's foot, the wicked stepmother amputates parts of their feet and justifies it by saying that when they're the prince's wife, they'll never need to walk.


  • As in Roald Dahl's original book, the titular character often drinks a soda called "Frobscottle", which causes him to fart upon drinking it because the soda's fizz sinks downward.

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales

  • When the crew of the Black Pearl are about to rob the bank, the wife of the town's mayor is seen in the vault that Jack was hiding in, heavily implying to have had sexual relations with Jack.
  • While the crew are talking about Barbossa and his armory, Jack jokingly says, "A one-legged man...with 18-pound balls?...No wonder he walks funny."
  • When checking to see if Henry Turner's parents are the same people he met previously, Jack describes Will as a "haste eunuch", then describes Elizabeth like, "She has golden hair...stubborn, pouty lips...neck like a giraffe...and two of those wonderful–" Henry cuts him off before he can finish his sentence.
  • When Carina tells Jack's crew that her mother was a horologist, the crew mistakenly thinks she meant a whore.
  • When Carina decides to abandon Jack by throwing herself overboard, she begins to strip. Henry tries getting her to stop, but Jack tries to get her to fully strip. After Carina dives into the ocean and swims away, Henry giggles to Jack that he saw her ankles (ankles being considered a private part of a woman at the time the movie was set), to which Jack replies, "You would've seen a lot more if you kept your cake hole shut!"

Beauty and the Beast (2017 film)

  • During the "Belle" musical number, the last man to say, "Bonjour!" appears to be intoxicated.
  • During the song "Gaston", LeFou, at one point, wonders if Gaston is the top and LeFou is the bottom, alluding to homosexual relationship positions.
  • During the finale, while LeFou (and others) are dancing in circles and switching partners, he ends up with another man.

Dumbo (2019 film)

  • After Dumbo's first public fly becomes a success with the public, the whole circus starts to celebrate. One of the clowns excitedly offers the elephant calf champagne, but Max Medici tells him, "No booze near the baby!"
    • This could serve as a nod to the animated film in which Dumbo indeed got drunk by accident.

Aladdin (2019 film)

  • During the harvesting party, Aladdin points out that the Sultan likes him more than Jasmine, to which Genie tells Aladdin that "[he] may become [the Sultan's] wife."

The Lion King (2019 film)

  • Similar to the animated film, Scar is forced to let a mouse he was about to eat escape, after Zazu scolds him for missing his nephew's coronation ceremony, and Scar groans, "Oh, now look, Zazu, you made me lose my lunch," which is a pun on "losing [one's] lunch," a euphemism for vomiting. The film also retains the gag about Pumbaa's flatulence issues.


  • In one scene, Noelle Kringle takes a sip of cocktail and quickly spits it back into the glass, claiming that it tastes awful. She then puts the cocktail on a table where two men are sitting and tells them not to drink it.

Magic Camp

  • Early on in the film, Ruth Brusselbach accidentally releases all the rabbits, and the bunnies are seen roaming the campgrounds throughout the movie. Later, she inquires why there appear to be hundreds, when there were twelve rabbits to begin with, to which Andy Tuckerman answers, "I think that's a question for your parents," as he did not want to tell Ruth that they were procreating.


  • When Eleanor meets a truck driver named Beth, the latter suspiciously asks her if she is drugged, due to her odd behavior. Eleanor denies this, only to ask Beth, "What are drugs?", which, in turn, convinces the truck driver that Eleanor is indeed drugged.

Flora & Ulysses

  • At the start of the film, Flora Buckman briefly notes how Silver Surfer is naked all the time.
  • When talking to her husband about Flora's recent behavior, Phyllis Buckman admits she fears she's using drugs, only for George to remind her that their daughter is just ten-years-old.

Jungle Cruise

  • When Proxima appears at the bar and Frank explains that she senses fear, McGregor remarks that she also senses "liquid fear", implying that he wet himself out of fear.

Marvel Studios productions


The Avengers

  • After Bruce Banner falls from the Helicarrier and lands into a warehouse, he is confronted by a guard, who states he watched Banner fall from the sky "buck ass naked".
  • Upon being revived by the Hulk after nearly dying, Tony Stark informs the other Avengers, "Please tell me nobody kissed me."

Iron Man 3

  • At the start of the film, Stark is noticeably drunk during the flashback sequence.
  • When Maya Hansen comes to Stark's mansion and explains to Pepper Potts that they only had a one-night stand, Potts briefly notes how Stark used to have several one-night stands before becoming Iron Man.
  • At one point, Potts says she is going to take a shower and asks Stark to join her.

Thor: The Dark World

  • During a television broadcast of Erik Selvig being arrested for streaking at Stonehenge and harassing bystanders by claiming he is trying to save them, his private parts are censored.
  • When Thor helps Loki escape from his prison cell, Loki uses his powers to give Thor the appearance of Lady Sif and jokingly remarks, "Mm, brother. You look ravishing." Unamused, Thor says in response, "It will hurt no less when I kill you in this form!"

Guardians of the Galaxy

  • When Rocket is on Xandar, he watches an old man flirting with a younger woman, to which he remarks: "Where's your wife, old man? What a Class A pervert!"
  • At Nova Corps Headquarters, when Rhomann Dey explains the group's crimes to Garthan Saal, Star-Lord suddenly points his middle finger at Dey and Saal, and then apologizes, stating, "I didn't know how this machine works." Saal then remarks, "What a bunch of a-holes!"
  • When Drax first meets Rocket, he says: "I recognize this animal! We'd roast them over a flame pit as children. Their flesh was quite delicious!", to which Rocket retorts, "NOT HELPING!"
  • As Rocket is devising a plan to break out of prison, he mentions about needing a quarnyx battery, and when Gamora asks how they are supposed to get to it, Rocket explains, "Well, supposedly, these bald bodies find you attractive, so maybe you could work out some sort of trade." Gamora scoffs, "You must be joking!", to which Rocket replies, "No, I really heard they find you attractive."
  • After the Collector shows the Guardians an image of a Celestial destroying a planet with the Power Stone, Star-Lord remarks that "there's a lot of pee coming out of [him] right now."
  • When Gamora informs Star-Lord that she doesn't dance, Quill tells her about a film called Footloose, where a hero named Kevin Bacon teaches an entire city full of people with sticks up their butts that dancing is the greatest thing there is. Gamora inquires, "Who put the sticks up their butts?" then adds, "That is cruel," to which Quill attempts to explain that it is just an expression.
  • When Drax and Groot tell Rocket they want to save Star-Lord and Gamora, Rocket is forced to either risk his own life playing hero or abandon his friends. He then yells angrily, "YOU'RE MAKIN'... ME... BEAT... UP... GRASS!" (a censored version of "beat up ass").
  • When challenging Ronan to a dance-off in the film's climax, Star-Lord calls him a "big turd blossom".
  • In a deleted scene, Stan Lee makes a cameo as an exhibit in the Collector's Museum and flips off Groot.

Avengers: Age of Ultron

  • At the party held at Avengers Tower, a World War II veteran drinks an Asgardian drink against Thor's objections that it was not for mortal men. Later, when the man is drunkenly escorted out, he exclaims, "Excelsior!"
  • As a recurring gag, the Avengers reprimand each other whenever somebody curses, like Captain America did to Iron Man while attacking Baron Strucker's HYDRA base.
  • At one point, Natasha tells Bruce that she should have joined him in the shower.


  • While attending Cassie's birthday, Scott tells his ex-wife, Maggie, that her new fiancé, Paxton, is an ass-hat. Paxton then tells Scott to "watch [his] language," causing Scott to angrily protest that he didn't curse, having said "-hat". This discussion clearly alludes to the word "asshole".
  • While explaining the details for the planned robbery of Hank's house to Scott, Luis, who often tends to overexplain everything, recalls that one of his cousins, Ernesto, told him about a woman, Emily, who gave the information to a friend of his. Luis then reveals that he'd previously met Emily whose breasts were "the first pair of boobs [he] ever touched."
  • While using the Ant-Man suit for the first time inside the bathroom, Scott tries to get the attention of Luis, who enters the restroom after Scott had shrunk. Luis then pulls down his pants, to which Scott remarks that "[he doesn't] wanna see this."
  • When trying to tell Scott that Falcon wants to recruit him for the Avengers, Luis remembers that one of his cousins, Ignacio, told him that the reporter who gave the news to Ignacio was "crazy stupid fine." Luis then says that Ignacio asked the bartender if she was indeed "crazy stupid fine," which the bartender agreed.
  • At one point, Stark tells Carson: "[Hank] just kicked your ass full-size. You really want to find out what it's like when you can't see him coming?"

Captain America: Civil War

  • Near the start of the film, Stark introduces a holographic therapy system which he branded B.A.R.F. (acronym for Binarily Augmented Retro-Framing). He then notes that he has to "work on that acronym" (as it is spelled "barf", a slang term meaning to vomit).

Doctor Strange

  • When the Ancient One briefly transports Doctor Strange to the Astral Plane and back, Strange asks her if the food that he was served had drugs. However, she clarifies that it just had honey.
  • When Wong explains to Strange his duty as Kamar-Taj's librarian and the history of Kaecilius, Strange asks him if there is some sort of punishment, such as mutilation for returning books late, and thanks Wong for telling him the story and for threatening his life.
  • Strange asks Christine if she is sleeping with a co-worker.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

  • At the beginning of the film, Drax claims that he has "sensitive nipples". Rocket then teases Drax and jokingly fakes the nipple twister.
  • When Ayesha explains how her people are born through pods, Star-Lord claims that he prefers "making people the old-fashioned way." Ayesha says that "perhaps someday [he] could give [her] a history lesson in the archaic ways of [their] ancestors...for academic purposes." Such a proposition could have caused Ayesha and Quill to have a sexual relationship. Though whether she was aware of it or not is unknown; however, a brief smile from one of her servants implies that she was aware of the implications of such a proposal. Quill ultimately declines the offer, thinking Gamora could feel jealous.
  • While trying to give Star-Lord some romantic advice, Drax remembers the time he met his late wife during a festival in which she refused to dance. While recollecting the moment, Drax also comments that "it would make [his] nether regions engorge."
  • As the Guardians argue over Rocket's foolish actions while being attacked by the Sovereign, Rocket states that he will leave Drax's turd in Star-Lord's bed. Drax then claims to have "famously huge turds".
  • When Ego talks to the Guardians while camping, he briefly leaves to urinate.
  • When Gamora reminds Star-Lord about how he used to pretend that David Hasselhoff was his father as a kid, Quill reminds her that he was drunk when he told her that story.
  • As Mantis shows her empathic powers to the Guardians, she touches Star-Lord and says that he feels love. While Quill claims that it is unconditional love towards everyone, Mantis states that Quill feels "romantic, sexual love" for Gamora, meaning that he wanted to have sex with Gamora.
  • When Ego reveals how he created himself as a humanoid form, Drax asks if he also made a penis. Both Star-Lord and Gamora are disgusted by the question, much to Drax's confusion. Quill then says that he doesn't want to know how his parents conceived him, leaving Drax further confused and revealing that in every winter solstice, his father told him how he had left his mother pregnant. Quill calls that disgusting, causing Drax to claim that "earthers have hang-ups." Ego then confirms he indeed has a penis, which he claims is not "half bad".
  • When Groot is instructed to find and take Yondu's fin prototype, he also brings some other objects, including Yondu's underwear and a severed toe. After the latter, Rocket asks Yondu if his Ravager Clan has "a refrigerator somewhere with a bunch of severed human toes," to which Yondu denies, meaning that Groot actually severed a toe from one of the Ravagers. Rocket instructs Yondu to never talk about what happened.
  • When Mantis wakes Drax up to warn him about Ego's true intentions, Drax assumes she did it to have sex with him. Drax then vomits, repulsed at the thought of them having a sexual relationship.

Spider-Man: Homecoming

  • Throughout the film, Flash Thompson taunts Peter Parker by calling him "Penis Parker".
  • When Aunt May drives Peter and Ned Leeds to Liz Allan's party, and Peter is reluctant to go, May tells him that she understands how difficult it is for Peter to fit in "with all the changes [his] body's going through," a likely reference to the stages of puberty.
  • At one point, MJ flips off Peter when he arrives at the homecoming dance.
  • When Ned is discovered by Monica Warren to be using computers during the homecoming dance, he claims that he is watching pornography as a cover-up for helping Spider-Man.
  • At the end of the film, when Peter dons his Spider-Man outfit again, his Aunt May sees him in the suit, causing her to scream, "What the f–?", but the movie cuts to the credits before she can finish her sentence.

Thor: Ragnarok

  • When Surtur refers to Thor as "Son of Odin", Thor, in turn, refers to Surtur as "Son of...", but hesitates and ends up calling him "...a bitch," as he doesn't know the name of any of Surtur's parents.
  • When Hulk shows Thor where the Quinjet is, he does so by leaving his hot tub nude and without covering himself, to which Thor, upon watching Hulk naked, comments, "It's in my mind now," implying that he saw Hulk's penis. Also, as Hulk shows Thor the Quinjet's location, his bare butt can be briefly seen.
  • When Thor tries to warn Valkyrie of the danger Asgard is in, she tells him that she will only listen after she finishes drinking a whole bottle of beer. Much to Thor's surprise, she manages to finish it quickly.
  • When Valkyrie explains that she went to Sakaar to forget the death of her fellow Valkyrior and eventually die, Thor comments that she may die due to her alcoholism. Valkyrie then clarifies that she will keep drinking.
  • When Thor instructs the recently-formed Revengers that they must cross through Sakaar's biggest portal to return to Asgard in time, Valkyrie reveals that the portal is called "The Devil's Anus", much to Bruce Banner's shock, who then asks, "Wait, whose anus are [they] going through?" Later, when Banner and Thor are stating what their ship needs, Valkyrie adds that they will also need cup holders in order to drink before dying.

Black Panther

  • After greeting T'Challa, Shuri raises up her middle finger, a gesture regarded as obscene, while leaving. Ramonda notices this and reprimands her daughter.
  • When Everett Ross tries to inform M'Baku that the new king of Wakanda is from the United States, M'Baku threatens to "feed [Ross] to his children," before revealing that he was only joking, and that the Jabari tribe are vegetarians.

Avengers: Infinity War

  • While the Guardians are traveling to respond to the Statesman's distress call, Star-Lord tells Groot to stop playing Defender, to which he replies by saying, "I am Groot." The whole team expresses disgust at what Groot said, with Rocket even rebuking Groot's language, implying that the adolescent tree cursed at Quill.
    • When Rocket rebukes Groot's language in the above scene, he comments, "Ever since you got a little sap, you're a total d-hole!"
  • During the journey to Nidavellir, Groot has to urinate, but he was unwilling to do it, as Thor and Rocket would both watch. When Rocket tells Groot to do it in a cup, nevertheless, while he ignores it, Thor advises Groot to do it and later throw his urine out of the pod and do it again.
  • At one point, Star-Lord flips off Thanos while fighting him on Titan.
  • When Nick Fury is killed by Thanos' Snap, he says, "Motherfu–!", but dies before he can finish his sentence.

Ant-Man and the Wasp

  • When Hank informs Scott that Janet may have entangled with Scott while in the Quantum Realm, Scott assumes he meant that the two had sex and denies, claiming to have too much respect for Hank to do it. Hank then explains that he meant a "quantum entanglement".
  • When Ant-Man comments to Wasp on how they teamed up twice in one day, Hope reminds him that, before going to Germany to fight with Captain America, they "were working together, training together, and...other-stuffing together," meaning that they often had sex during their relationship.
  • When Cassie tries to cover up for Scott, who is seen racing back to his house, she lies that her father is sick in the bathroom. FBI Agent Jimmy Woo, who tries to get past Cassie, insists that he has seen worse things than barf.
  • When Wasp accidentally shrinks an old man's car, the man then comments, "Well, the sixties were fun, but now I'm paying for it," alluding to LSD usage.
  • Due to having been injected with truth serum, Sonny Burch and his men are forced to, somewhat comically, confess their crimes to the SFPD, with one of the goons saying that they killed many innocents.

Captain Marvel

  • When Nick Fury and Talos (disguised as S.H.I.E.L.D. director Keller) watch the autopsy of a dead Skrull, they briefly lift the tablecloth to see if Skrulls have private areas.
  • When Talos explains to Maria Rambeau that he can gain access to anything, he calls her a "young lady". Rambeau then tells the Skrull general that if he calls her "young lady" again, she will "put [her] foot in a place it's not supposed to be," with her, Fury, and Carol Danvers explaining that she meant his ass.
  • When Fury plays with Goose after defeating the Kree, the Flerken ends up snatching his eye. Fury then angrily says, "Motherflerken!", a clear reference to the term "motherfucker".

Avengers: Endgame

  • When the Avengers are heading into space on the Benatar to confront Thanos, Rocket asks the crew who hasn't been to space. When Natasha, Steve, and Rhodes raise their hands in response, Rocket tells them, "You'd better not throw up on my ship!"
  • After finally killing Thanos, yet overcome with guilt and PTSD due to his multiple loses over the years, Thor falls into alcoholism. However, despite the tragic circumstances that led him to drink, it is mostly played for laughs throughout the movie, with several jokes centered around his alcoholism (such as Rocket convincing him to rejoin the Avengers by telling him that his spaceship has beer, Thor rejecting Stark's offer of breakfast and asking for a Bloody Mary, as well as Thor trying to find Asgardian alcoholic drinks that his father had while on 2013 Asgard).
  • Upon hearing her father saying, "Shit!", Morgan then starts saying that word, much to Stark's annoyance, who then tells his daughter that only her mother can say it.
  • While the Avengers attempt to send Scott back in time, he ends up becoming a kid, an old man, and a baby. Upon returning to normal, he reveals that he peed in his pants, but claims to be unsure if he did it as a baby or as an old man, before suggesting that he peed in his normal age.
  • While on 2012, Stark comments to Rogers that the suit the latter used to wear at that time "[did] nothing for [Rogers'] ass." Rogers reprimands Stark's rude comment by stating that no one asked about what he thinks of the suit. Scott, however, claims that it looked great and deems Rogers' butt as "America's ass". Rogers himself later agrees with Scott's claim after staring at the butt of his defeated 2012 self.
  • During the climactic battle against Thanos' army, Star-Lord discovers 2014 Gamora. Believing her to be his timeline's Gamora, Quill gets close to her, only for 2014 Gamora to strike him in the crotch twice, with Quill saying that she only "got 'em both the second time," clearly referring to his testicles.
  • In a deleted scene, Thor urinates over a balcony while on Asgard in 2013. Rocket, who asks Thor for directions to Jane's chamber, witnesses this. As Thor zips his fly, he asks Rocket if he said something, to which Rocket remarks, "I said I wanna claw my eyes out, but, unfortunately, it wouldn't do any good 'coz I already saw the awfulness!"

Spider-Man: Far From Home

  • At the start of the film, during a school news report, Betty Brant tries to call that school year's events as "historic" until Jason Ionello briefly interrupts her and claims they were "[censored] crazy". Brant then reprimands him for cursing on camera.
  • During the flight to Europe, Flash has a glass of champagne while he taunts Peter. MJ informs a flight attendant that Flash is underage, resulting in the attendant confiscating the drink. Flash denies knowing MJ, though he is unable to get the drink back.
  • While in Venice and filming a video with two Venetian women, Flash gets punched in the groin by a passerby.
  • As a seamstress is helping Peter into his new stealth Spider-Man suit, he gets spotted by Brad Davis who saw a half-naked Peter with the seamstress and assumed they were having an affair.
  • When the group is at the Prague Opera, Brad flips off Peter at one point.
  • After Spider-Man and Mysterio supposedly destroy the "Fire Elemental", Brant tells Ned that she would kiss him if she hadn't barfed during the battle.
  • While toasting, due to having tricked Spider-Man into surrendering the AI system E.D.I.T.H. to Mysterio, the latter refers to Stark as a "boozy man child".
  • When MJ states that she assumes that Peter is Spider-Man, due to the fact that he always disappears whenever Spider-Man appears, Peter tries to deny it. MJ then reveals that some classmates believe he is a prostitute, which Peter also denies.
  • When Peter and MJ are in a hotel room, the former proceeds to change into his stealth suit and takes his shirt off. Peter then gets embarrassed, so MJ turns around yet cannot help but watch him change, implying that she might have wanted to have sex with Peter.
  • When Happy Hogan arrives in the Netherlands to pick up Peter, the latter demands Hogan to prove that he is really himself. Hogan does so by revealing that, when the two went to Germany, he discovered that Peter bought a movie which he realized was R-rated due to its price. Given how Peter abruptly interrupts Hogan, it is implied that the film he watched was a pornographic movie.
  • At the end of the film, after Mysterio blows Spider-Man's cover of the static video feed, he says, "What the f–?", but the movie cuts to the credits before he can finish his sentence.

Disney+ shows


  • In episode 2, "Don't Touch That Dial", Wanda moves the beds together and Vision tells her to turn the lights off as they both get under the covers, clearly having sex.
    • In the above episode, after Vision gets a piece of chewing gum stuck in his gears, he behaves in an intoxicated manner.
  • In episode 7, "Breaking the Fourth Wall", Vision tries to jog Darcy Lewis' memory and is confused when she doesn't remember him from the night before. This leads Darcy to think she and Vision slept together the night before and says "hard pass".
  • In "The Series Finale", fake Pietro is revealed to be a Westview resident under Agatha Harkness's control and his real name is revealed to be Ralph Bohner. This is an obvious joke to men getting boners (erect penises), during or after sex.

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier

  • In "New World Order", when Bucky Barnes tells his therapist that he only wants peace after being pardoned from his crimes as the Winter Soldier, she bluntly responds with "That's utter bullshit".
  • In "Power Broker", when Sam Wilson is told by Barnes and Helmut Zemo that most painting in the Louvre are fake, he searches on Internet to see if its true. When the search gives positive results, he says "No shit".


  • In "Glorious Purpose", a robot wants to strip Loki, when Loki refuses to have his fine Asgardian clothes removed, the robot uses a laser that removes Loki's clothes, with the robot arm obscuring his privates from the camera view.
    • Later in the episode, when Loki is forced to sign a paper confirming the content in the papers is everything he said, it can be seen that he wrote "Suck my Assgard".
    • After watching another variant being "reset" for not having a ticket, Loki comically begins to desesperately searches for his own.
  • In "Lamentis", as Loki and Sylvie hide on a train by pretending to be passengers, Loki ends up drinking and becoming intoxicated.
  • In "The Nexus Event", when Loki is trapped in a Time Loop, Sif arrives and kicks Loki in the crotch for cutting her hair.
  • In "Journey into Mystery", after President Loki questions Alligator Loki's presence, the latter ends up comically biting off the former's hand, who reacts in an over-the-top panic.

Lucasfilm films

Star Wars: The Force Awakens

  • When talking with R2-D2 after the astromech droid awakened for the first time since Luke Skywalker disappeared, C-3PO angrily asks R2-D2, "How dare you call me that?!", implying that he cursed at C-3PO. Though given that the droid makes sounds that only the characters can understand, it is unknown what R2-D2 said to C-3PO.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi

  • When Luke reunites with R2-D2, the two exchange a brief "talk", during which Luke tells the droid that they are on a sacred Jedi island, so he should watch his "language", implying that R2-D2 cursed at Luke.

20th Century Studios films

The Call of the Wild

  • When John Thornton leaves his cabin to try to stop Hal and his family from crossing a frozen lake, he exclaims, "Son of a–!", but slams the door before the rest of the sentence can be heard.

Free Guy

Home Sweet Home Alone

  • When Max Mercer expresses his frustration of his relatives, he says "I'm sick of this bullsh-" but stops after he spots an Elf on the Shelf doll. Max then says to the doll "We don't have to tell Santa about this, right Goobie?".
  • When the Mercers are leaving for the airport, a character exclaims "Son of a sandwich!".

Disney Channel series

Boy Meets World

  • In "The Happiest Show on Earth", at the end of the episode, Cory gets grounded for a month for sneaking off to Walt Disney World for Topanga without his parents' permission. His sister Morgan is shocked because she got grounded longer for swearing, and she utters the curse word out loud, which is bleeped, so her father grounds Morgan for two months and tells her to go to her room. Before she does, she tells her brother that what he did was sweet, and that she hopes a boy does that for her someday.

Even Stevens

  • In the season 3 episode "Stevens Manor", after one of the guests at the Stevens' house upon it being turned into a bed and breakfast told Eileen Stevens on the phone that Louis (referring to her husband) broke his back (alluding to an incident where Beans tried to do a Japanese back massage on the other Louis while wearing boots), she paid a visit to the spa area that her husband was at while talking to Louis Stevens, with the other Louis being heard screaming after she closed the door, heavily implying that the guest was proceeding to torture the other Louis as revenge due to mistaking Eileen for a extramarital affair her husband was having. She later encounters the congregated family and sternly tells Eileen to "stay away from him!", alluding to the perceived affair, though Eileen and Steve misinterpreted the statement as her warning them not to worsen Louis Steven's back pain.

That's So Raven

  • In "Food for Thought", when Raven and Eddie are discussing the huge cafeteria portions, Raven spends over a minute trying to get a huge hot dog in her mouth, in an extremely suggestive manner. Eddie soon remarks that he feels his "pants getting tighter".

The Suite Life of Zack & Cody

  • A running gag throughout the show is Zack constantly flirting with Maddie, who happens to be older than him.
  • In "The Fairest of Them All", when Cody develops a crush on Rebecca, he wants to ask her out, but finds out that she is a contestant in the pageant, so Cody dresses up as a girl to get in.
  • In "Dad's Back", on the tour bus, one of Kurt's band mates get bus sick. When he imagines himself on a plane, he then gets airsick. When Zack is found, he stows away; some of them assume that he is a butler, as the sick guitarist asks him for paper towels before showing gagging and going into the bathroom.
  • In "French 101", when Zack asks Moseby to translate "Your eyes are beautiful" in French to Jolie, Moseby cannot hear him over the music. When Zack then yells out the phrase again, the two receive suspicious glances from the people who heard him.
  • In "Free Tippy", a running gag is the characters mistaking Tippy (Tipton's horse) for farting, only to reveal it was some person, such as with Zack and Mrs. Delecourt.
    • When Carey finds out, she explains that Tippy left something on the floor, carpet, and elevator (referring to urinating). She even tells one of the hotel guests to take the stairs.
  • In "Ask Zack", when Zack has a secret job of the "Ask Shirley" column, Bob asks Cody if he could go on a date with "her", not knowing it was Zack. Cody then claims that Bob wouldn't like it, while Zack further claims that it's creepy that Bob wants to ask him out.
  • In "What the Hey?", a running gag is the characters fantasizing what they will do once they are rich. One of them involves Zack daydreaming about kissing Maddie, only to realize he was kissing Cody on the cheek. This happens again when Maddie was daydreaming about being the president and kissing one of her bodyguards, only to realize she was kissing a broom.
  • In "I Want My Mummy", when Cody is found wrapped in bandages, Carey thinks Cody needed to use the bathroom, but he tells her he didn't, as the bandages are seen absorbing, implying he urinated while being wrapped, much to the disgust of everyone around him.
    • When Cody is walking through the hotel, one of the female guests says she's out of toilet paper. Then, when she sees Cody, she takes some of the bandages to use as toilet paper.
  • In "Health and Fitness", when Francesca makes an insult to London about her rear end being huge, London looks at herself in the mirror and imagines herself with a big butt, prompting her to exercise excessively and eat less.
  • In "Super Twins", when Zack and Cody wish upon a shooting star to have superpowers, Zack states that he started to feel something, but reveals he has flatulence upon farting.
  • In "Of Clocks and Contracts", Zack, acting as Carey's agent, tells Moseby that the only reason people see the shows in the lounge is because of the "glamour puss up there shaking her goodies." Made worse due to the fact that Zack was referring to his mother.
  • In "Arwinstein", Carey, dressed as a corpse bride at a Halloween party, says that if she eats one piece of candy, her dress would pop right open. Immediately after, Arwinstein eagerly hands her a bowl of candy.

Hannah Montana

  • In the series finale "Wherever I Go", Jackson's boss Rico makes him box a kangaroo. Right before, though, Rico hands Jackson a specimen cup and tells him that the kangaroo "fights dirty".

Wizards of Waverly Place

  • In "Curb Your Dragon", Alex turns herself into a cat. Then, when she turns back into her normal state, she is still seen licking herself. Justin comes over to get an up-close view and comments on the situation, forcing Alex to reluctantly stop with a guilty expression.

The Suite Life on Deck

  • In "Can You Dig It?", Zack wears an Indiana Jones-style costume for a television interview and demonstrates his whip, which accidentally seizes the bikini top of a justifiably horrified off-screen guest.
  • In "The Defiant Ones", Cody and Bailey were apparently having some sort of "fun" the night before (even acting rather goofy in class the next morning), which is why Cody forgot to do his paper.

Good Luck Charlie

  • In "Driving Mrs. Dabney", Mrs. Dabney, while giving Teddy a driving lesson, angrily honks at another vehicle. The driver's (unseen) response leads Teddy to joke that he must think she's number one. Mrs. Dabney starts explaining what he is really saying (likely cursing) before Teddy cuts her off with a stern "I know!"
  • In "Dance Off", Teddy explains to Emmett that she feels it would be inappropriate for her to go to the dance with him because she thinks of him as a brother. Teddy then asks if Emmett heard anything she had just told him before he responds with, "Something about wanting to go to the dance with a brother."


  • A running gag throughout the show is Luke constantly flirting with Jessie, who happens to be older than him.
  • In "The Talented Mr. Kipling", Zuri gets bullied by an imaginary friend, and she gets Jessie to tell her to stop. When Jessie does, she asks Zuri what the imaginary friend said, and Zuri responds: "I'm not allowed to use that kind of language. But it was nasty!"
  • In "Used Karma", Jessie and Emma discuss bra-stuffing. Emma is later very excited to get her new issue of Leopard Beat, which is no surprise; however, the bra-stuffing feature is the first thing she mentions from it.
  • In "Caught Purple Handed", Ravi, at one point, sends his pet pigeons to poop all over a group of people.
  • In "Hoedown Showdown", Mr. Collinsworth asks to join Ravi's band, saying that he could play his cheeks. Jessie is taken aback by this, believing Collinsworth meant his butt cheeks.

Liv and Maddie

  • In "Twin-A-Rooney", Parker requests for him to have the right to poop with the door open because, "Everyone in this house has changed my diaper; what are we running from, people?!"
    • In the same episode, Parker's parents Pete and Karen intentionally embarrass their children by kissing in front of them in the hallway.
  • In "Team-A-Rooney", Joey says that the last time Liv was in the shower, she used up all the hot water, which made it hard for him to shave. Parker then confesses that he took a shower with the hose out front. The other Rooneys glare at Parker in alarm, to which he retorts, "Oh, come on, it's not like the neighbors haven't seen that already!"
  • In "Steal-A-Rooney", Joey's boss at the Happy Carrot is revealed to be interested in meeting single moms (obviously blatant in meaning).

Girl Meets World

  • In "Girl Meets Boy", the librarian encourages Riley to read any of the books about boys and girls and what they say to each other. Except for the one Riley reaches for on her desk, which is heavily implied to be smutty.
  • In "Girl Meets Game Night", Maya, at one point, tells Josh that she understands he's too old for her, but "[she's] in it for the long game."
  • In "Girl Meets Flaws", Cory and Topanga express how excited they are to be home alone without the kids, and Cory starts kissing Topanga's neck. Topanga even suggestively remarks that he enjoys it.


  • In "Smells Like Camp Spirit", when there is a big pile-up on the ground and Emma lands front-first on Xander's back (with Lou and Hazel around them), he remarks, "I've had dreams about this, only I was much happier."
    • In a later scene, when the counselors are searching for a "contraband" phone, Hazel insists on frisking Xander several times, causing him to respond, "That's not a pocket, Hazel!"

K.C. Undercover

  • In "Pilot", Marisa mistakes K.C. for being locked up in a room with a prom date, with the room being "ocupado".
    • In the same episode, the spyglasses are clearly shown to have x-ray vision. Later, when Marisa and her date realize they both have spyglasses, her date can be seen looking at Marisa's chest for about two seconds.

Gabby Duran & the Unsittables

  • In "Crybaby Duran", Wesley believes that the dog that Sky's dad brought into Sky's room is his lost dog, Brisket. When he sees that the dog doesn’t take broccoli, Brisket's favorite treat, he flips the dog over to examine its genitalia (the camera cuts to his face before we can see anything) and says "Plus, you're a girl".

ABC series


  • A running gag in many of the show's episodes involves Baby bonking Earl on the head with a frying pan and saying, "Not the mama!" Baby also seems to enjoy getting hurt, as in several episodes when he seems to be clearly injured, he yells out, "Again!"
  • In "The Mighty Megalosaurus", Baby, at one point, tells Earl that he is going to bite him...and he actually does. Baby also bites other dinosaurs in certain episodes.
  • In "The Mating Dance", Earl threateningly tells Robbie and Charlene that they're playing with fire. Baby then tells his father that he's literally playing with fire and sticks his tail in the stove's open flame. Earl rushes over and pulls Baby away from the stove; however, he points out his tail (which was still on fire) is hot. Earl then rushes Baby to the sink and soaks his tail in the water.
  • In "Hurling Day", a TV interview features a male dinosaur dressed in women's clothing. He then tells the interviewer that he is a herbivore trapped in a carnivore's body, and the interviewer refers to him as a cross-eater (a reference to cross-dressing).
    • In the episode's plot, Earl being able to throw his mother-in-law off a cliff due to her reaching a certain age and the elders having made it a strict law to prevent complications that come from old age (with Robbie protesting said law) is a satirical look at the euthanasia debate.
  • In "The Golden Child", when the Sinclairs are missing Baby Sinclair, Earl tells Fran they should have stuck with two, Fran tells Earl that if he wants a third child again, there's one thing he could do. Earl, thinking she meant sexual intercourse, tells her "Aw, geez, Fran, I'm not in the mood. Of course I could get in the mood. Couple of cocktails, rub my back..."
  • In "I Never Ate for My Father", Baby tries to eat his own tail. He takes two bites and cries out in pain each time. He then tries to stab his tail with a fork, only to wail. At the end of the episode, he attempts to eat his tail again.
  • In "Charlene's Tale", the growing of female dinosaurs' tails is a reference to breast development.
    • Also, at one point, Charlene considers committing suicide by throwing herself off the roof (Ethyl even mentions that Fran was the same way when she was Charlene's age).
  • In "How to Pick Up Girls", Spike teaches Robbie to pick up girls, in one lesson he tries to get Robbie "to mark his territory" at the girl's house by urinating on the garden.
  • In "What "Sexual" Harris Meant", Monica begins working for Mr. Richfield and first meets her supervisor Al "Sexual" Harris (a pun on the term "sexually harass"). Al propositions Monica, but she turns him down, so he fires her. Monica then takes the company to court with charges of sexual harassment. This forces the court to try to determine what exactly "Sexual Harris meant" (a pun on the term "sexual harassment").
  • In Nuts to War, sticks and stones are treated as dangerous weapons like guns.
  • In "Nature Calls", when Earl goes to change Baby, he lays the tyke down off-screen. Moments later, he yells, "Don't you point that thing at me!" before being squirted. The camera then reveals Baby was holding a water pistol.
  • In "A New Leaf", the episode involves a "happy plant", which happens to be the equivalent of marijuana.
  • In "License to Parent", Baby, at one point, is seen squirming in his highchair and tells Earl: "My diaper's itchy. I think I'll...take it off," to which Earl looks up from reading a parent's manual and says, "Don't you dare!" Baby then snarks: "Nobody's gonna stop me. No parent here, is there?" He then hums "Night Train" while dancing in his highchair and takes off his diaper, which he shows Earl, much to his father's anger.
  • In "Steroids to Heaven", the episode involves small, spiny creatures called Thornoids, which are living allegorical representations of anabolic steroids. As a result of taking too many, Robbie becomes more aggressive towards everyone he interacts with and even develops spines on his body.
  • In "Hungry for Love", Robbie dates a girl who is rumored to have a reputation of eating her boyfriends or, as they specifically call it, "an eating disorder" (turns out it was actually her father).
  • In "Green Card", the episode's plot involves the Pangaean economy suffering from a bad recession, causing Earl and Roy Hess to lose their jobs. Meanwhile, the government blames its problems on all four-legged creatures in an effort to shift the blame away from them. Legislation against quadrupeds is immediately passed, causing Monica to also be fired and lose her home. Roy marrying Monica to enable her to stay on the right side of the swamp, as well as Earl severing ties with him for it, is a satirical look at how people blame illegal immigrants for not being able to find work, often becoming homeless.
  • In "Wilderness Weekend", while Earl is off with some men in the wilderness, Fran and some women get drunk. At the end of the episode, the women go into the wilderness and make passes at the men.
  • In "Dirty Dancin'", Robbie reaches the point where he soon finds himself doing the mating dance spontaneously and uncontrollably. The "mating dance" is a reference to masturbation and sexual arousal.
  • In "Charlene and Her Amazing Humans", when Ethyl is playing poker with Baby, Ethyl tells Baby she think he's bluffing because his nose is scrunched up, but Baby responds with "I'm not bluffing, I'm pooping"
  • In Into the Woods, when Earl, Robbie and Roy are trapped in a tar pit at one point Earl and Robbie note how warm it's getting, Roy apologises and says he had 6 cans of beer at home, pretty much stating he urinated.

Once Upon a Time

  • In "Queen of Hearts", while Emma and Killian are sword fighting, she ends up on her back. Killian then tells Emma, "Usually, I prefer to do other enjoyable activities with a woman on her back," most likely referring to sex.
  • In "The Cricket Game", Emma and Henry end up walking in on Snow White and Charming having sex. Henry, not understanding, asks them why they are bed when it's the middle of the afternoon. Charming and Snow try to cover things up by claiming that they were having a nap.
  • In "In the Name of the Brother", when Killian asks Emma to give him his hook back, he then inquires, "Or is there another attachment you'd prefer?", clearly referring to his crotch/penis.
    • In the same scene, Killian tells Emma at one point, "My ribs may be broken, but everything else is still intact," additionally referring to his crotch/penis.
  • In "Quiet Minds", Robin Hood states that Regina doesn't seem evil from the angle he is looking at her, and is seen staring at her butt as he says "angle".
  • In "There's No Place Like Home", Emma manages to get past Killian drunk and seduces him. He then asks her to come back to The Jolly Roger with him for a "night cap", clearly referring to a one-night stand.
  • In "The Apprentice", during their first date, Killian offers to order a drink for him and Emma, but she declines because of the Snow Queen. Killian asks if it's because Emma will find him resistible after a few drinks, then gives her a flirty and suggestive look, clearly thinking that if she gets drunk, she will want to have sex with him.
  • In "Smash the Mirror", when Snow White and Regina are having a girly talk about Robin Hood, Snow asks, "Did you guys, uh...?" before continuing her sentence, clearly referring to sex.
  • In "An Untold Story", when Dr. Jekyll tries to get the key to let Charming, Snow White, Killian, and Zelena out of the cell, Jekyll claims that the warden enjoyed too much whiskey, implying he got drunk.
  • In "The Savior", Emma and Killian are making out on the couch until the house begins shaking because of a blimp above it. Emma asks Killian if she should take off her red leather jacket, implying that she thinks Killian wants her to get undressed to have sex.
  • In "Awake", after Emma and Killian's engagement, the couple are having some romantic time until Snow White walks in. Killian and Emma claim they are making pancakes after making out, but Snow says, "Maybe I should come back after you've had...pancakes," thinking they were having sex or about to.

The Muppets (2015)

  • In "Pig Girls Don't Cry", Sam the Eagle reprimands the Muppets for saying words inappropriate for TV twice. First, he tells them to remove the words "crotchety", "twiddle", and "gesticulate" from the script of Up Late with Miss Piggy. When Kermit argues over removing "gesticulate" from the script, as it only means "moving the hand", Sam responds by claiming that it leads to shaking hands, which he explains is the first step to having babies. Later, when Kermit says that "[his] life is a bacon-wrapped hell on Earth," Sam tells him to not to say "hell".
    • Also, when explaining how he and Denise met, Kermit says that they were in a cross-promotional synergy meeting in which they ended "cross-promoting", implying they had sex during the meeting.
    • Additionally, the Electric Mayhem band tell the Imagine Dragons that Animal doesn't go on tours anymore because life on the road isn't good for him, to which Animal adds, "Too many women; too many town."
    • Later, while meeting the parents of his girlfriend Becky, Fozzie is asked by her father Carl if any future children would go into the woods if they need to go to the bathroom, to which Fozzie claims it's an offensive stereotype, alluding to the expression "Do bears shit in the woods?"
    • Also, when Elizabeth Banks tells Miss Piggy that she looks beautiful because she hikes a lot, Piggy gestures at both her face and breasts while claiming that she had them "hiked".
  • In "Hostile Makeover", when Zoot signs Sweetums's birthday card, he is warned by Yolanda the Rat to not to make any dirty drawings on it. Zoot then says he may still be able to turn the signature into a saxophone, implying that he was drawing a penis.
    • Also, during Jay Leno's house party, the comedian asks Fozzie to try his Japanese toilet, to which Fozzie tells him that he will drink a lot of water during the party, the implication being very clear.
    • Additionally, Kermit, at one point, reveals that he and Piggy used to have a "free pass" list of celebrities they would be allowed to have sex with if there was an opportunity. Kermit says that it was mostly for fun, until he found himself alone with Lea Thompson in an elevator, implying that he and Thompson had sex during that moment. Later, Kermit almost finds himself in the same situation until Gonzo comes in to talk with Kermit.
  • In "Pig Out", when told that he is in a meeting, Zoot stands up and introduces himself similarly to an Anonymous Alcoholics meeting, before being told that it is a writer's meeting. The scene also implies that Zoot is an alcoholic.
    • Also, at one point, Statler states that Fozzie "knocked [him] arse over teakettle."
  • In "A Tail of Two Piggies", when talking about Piggy's tail being seen in public, Sam asks Kermit if he has ever seen it himself, to which Kermit responds by saying, "Well, I believe you know the answer to that question," implying that he saw her naked.
  • In "Got Silk?", when Rizzo and Pepe try to take off Gonzo's suit (without having removed his shoes), Kermit tells them to always wear pants during work, to which Rizzo replies, "Okay, Mr. Naked."
  • In "Because... Love", Rizzo states that, while he could not sway Yolanda into joining the "Team Love", he can make her join the "Team Friends with Benefits". The phrase "friends with benefits" is a term used to refer to a non-romantic relationship in which two people agree to have sexual relationships.

20th Television series

Doogie Kameāloha, M.D.

  • In the episode "Aloha – The Hello One", after seeing Dr. Clara Hannon dancing at the hospital, one of her colleagues points out that there's no problem with her dancing at work yet him "going all Magic Mike" on the hospital's Halloween party is treated as a problem he needs to resolve.

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