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This is a list all of uses of adult humor in live-action media produced by Disney, including Marvel, Lucasfilm, and 20th Century productions. Adult humor may include sex (or anything mildly sexual), nudity, drug content, strong language (or implication that someone is going to or wants to use strong language), graphic violence, and any other inappropriate images.

Disney films

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Touchstone Pictures

Who Framed Roger Rabbit

  • During the opening cartoon short, as Roger Rabbit bursts out of the ironing board, a dozen knives land around him, and one butcher's knife narrowly misses his crotch. Also, the oven's brand that Roger falls into during said cartoon is called "Hotternell", a pun on the phrase "Hotter than Hell."
  • As Baby Herman is leaving the set for his current film, he briefly flips the bird at the cutout of his mother, and when he passes beneath a woman's skirt, she lets out a loud wail with Herman extending his middle finger again, heavily implying that he touched her somewhere inappropriate (with him politely responding, "'Scuse me, toots!").
  • At one point, Yosemite Sam rockets out of Toontown, his clothed butt on fire, and he shouts: "Ow! My biscuits are burnin'! Fire in the hatch! Great horny toad, that smarts!" until he sits in a mud puddle, dousing the blaze.
  • While outside the Ink and Paint Club, Eddie Valiant hears Marvin Acme calling Jessica Rabbit to get on a bed with him. He then takes photographs and hears Marvin repeatedly yelling, "Patty cake!", getting faster and more excited every time he says it, with Jessica moaning. When he witnesses the “patty cake” fiasco, he says in shock “You gotta be kidding me!” Though it was a literal game of patty cake in the end (regarding the photos taken by Eddie), the likely implication is that in the Roger Rabbit universe, that is how toons have sex.
  • At one point, R.K. Maroon offers Roger some booze to drown his sorrows over Jessica, and after Roger drinks the alcohol and rockets around the room, Eddie says, "Son of a bitch!", uncensored. This booze gag is repeated later in the film when Eddie saves Roger from Judge Doom's clutches.
  • When Eddie is sneaking Roger into the bar, Dolores asks him, "Is that a rabbit in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?" This is a parody of the saying: "Is that a gun in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?", which means if the one being asked either has a gun or an erect penis.
  • When Jessica is asking Eddie to find Roger, his pants suddenly fall down. Dolores then walks in and assumes Eddie is cheating on her with Jessica because she literally caught him with his pants down. As Eddie pulls his pants up, his head accidentally bumps Jessica's bosoms.
  • When Benny the Cab arrives to give Eddie and Jessica a lift, his eyes/headlights follow Jessica's sexy figure, and he remarks, "Hubba, hubba, hubba!" before opening his door to let Jessica in.
  • While searching Jessica for Marvin Acme's Will, Greasy reaches down into her breast cleavage, where he gets his hand caught in a bear trap. Eddie compliments Jessica with, "Nice booby trap."
  • When Eddie is singing "The Merry-Go-Round Broke Down", making most of the weasels laugh themselves to death, he sings: "I'm through with taking falls. I'm bouncing off the walls. Without that gun I'd have some fun, I'll kick you in the..." (a vase falls on him before he could finish the line). Roger then yells, "Nose!" and when Smarty says, "'Nose'? That don't rhyme with walls!", Eddie responds, "No, but this does," and kicks him in the crotch as he goes flying into the Dip (Eddie was going to say "balls", a slang word for testicles).
  • When the toon bullet train crashes into the Dip Machine, each window on the train is shown to depict a murder or death taking place.
  • When the cartoon characters gather around Judge Doom's melted body, they all wonder what he really was, and then all claim what he wasn't. Sylvester the Cat says he wasn't a pussy, a double entendre, as "pussy" is a crude term meaning vulva, or simply another word for cat/idiot/coward.

Turner & Hooch

  • When Scott Turner shows Hooch around his house and runs through rules, he tells Hooch "You will not lift your leg to anything in this house" as they are in the kitchen. This means that Turner is telling Hooch not to urinate in the house.
    • Also, when Turner shows Hooch his bedroom, one of the rules are "No sniffing of crotches".
  • After being left home alone, Hooch is seen drinking cans of Miller's beer from Turner's fridge.

Ernest Scared Stupid

  • When Ernest P. Worrell is dancing with Trantor, the troll he had awoken from underground (and whom had become bigger and stronger), he kisses Trantor at one point, only to get slobber on his lips and express disgust, though this actually defeats Trantor.

Sister Act

  • When Eddie Souther tells Deloris Van Cartier that she would be hiding from Vince in the covenant, Deloris refuses, saying, "These people don't even have sex!"
  • On her first day at the covenant as Sister Mary Clarence, when Deloris tastes the lunch, she expresses her disgust at the food, saying: "Gee, what are you people? A Pridikin order? This stuff is terrible! It tastes like sh–", but before Deloris can finish, Reverend Mother tells the nuns they would spend the remainder of the day in silence and Deloris' plate taken from her, forcing her to take a ritual fast.
  • When Deloris and the other nuns are discussing covenants and Deloris tells the nuns about life at her 'covenant' in Reno, she says "[she] ministered to a lot of different kind of people," including hookers and gamblers. Deloris is about to tell the nuns a story about a "hooker living next door named Buckwheat Bertha who would-", but stops when Reverend Mother arrives.
  • When the nuns express their excitement at the Pope coming to St. Katherine's to watch the choir perform, Deloris says, "It's better than sex." When the nuns are confused by her words, Deloris corrects herself, saying, "I've heard".
  • As Deloris leaves for the bathroom, Eddie asks her where she's going, to which Deloris answers, "I'm going to the nun's room, nosy."
  • When Vince LaRocca sends his henchmen Joey and Willy to kill Deloris, she prays to God, asking him to forgive Joey and Willy. After concluding her prayer, she escapes by whacking Willy and Joey in their crotches.

Disney Channel Original Movies

The Even Stevens Movie

  • After Eileen leaves to check on Ren, Louis, and Donnie, Beans asks Steve if he wants to go skinny dipping.
  • At one point, Beans reveals he gets gassy in the morning and once farted in Louis' face. He later mentions feeling gassy while aboard a helicopter. When he first mentions it, Eileen claims that he did aboard a plane.
  • When Beans misinterprets the expression "bringing the bacon", he attempts to say his own "expressions" to Miles, but Ren covers his mouth.
  • When Steve and Ren ask Beans why the campfire is out, he states that he awoke last night to go to the bathroom before realizing it.

Return to Halloweentown

  • Ethan asks We're not taking about laundry anymore are we?" to Marnie and gives her a suggestive, flirty look, which she returns.
  • When the Genie asks Ethan if he is okay, he mentions he got "Swept off his feet" the night before and the Genie gives a look as if she is thinking Ethan slept with Marnie the night before.

Geek Charming

  • When Josh films his movie while Dylan is shopping outfits, Josh asks "So how long is this going to take?" as Dylan steps into a changing booth. Seeing that Josh is still recording with his camera, Dylan says "No filming in here!" and closes the curtain.

Zombies 2

  • A running gag has Wynter describing what she will do to people that cross the werewolves, usually in gruesome detail, followed by her asking, "Too much?"

Marvel Studios productions

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Lucasfilm films

Star Wars: The Force Awakens

  • When talking with R2-D2 after the astromech droid awakened for the first time since Luke Skywalker disappeared, C-3PO angrily asks R2-D2, "How dare you call me that?!", implying that he cursed at C-3PO. Though given that the droid makes sounds that only the characters can understand, it is unknown what R2-D2 said to C-3PO.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi

  • When Luke reunites with R2-D2, the two exchange a brief "talk", during which Luke tells the droid that they are on a sacred Jedi island, so he should watch his "language", implying that R2-D2 cursed at Luke.

20th Century Studios films

The Call of the Wild

  • When John Thornton leaves his cabin to try to stop Hal and his family from crossing a frozen lake, he exclaims, "Son of a–!", but slams the door before the rest of the sentence can be heard.

Free Guy

Home Sweet Home Alone

  • When Max Mercer expresses his frustration of his relatives, he says "I'm sick of this bullsh-", but stops after he spots an Elf on the Shelf doll. Max then says to the doll "We don't have to tell Santa about this, right Goobie?".
  • When the Mercers are leaving for the airport, a character exclaims "Son of a sandwich!".

Disney Channel series

Boy Meets World

  • In "The Happiest Show on Earth", at the end of the episode, Cory gets grounded for a month for sneaking off to Walt Disney World for Topanga without his parents' permission. His sister Morgan is shocked because she got grounded longer for swearing, and she utters the curse word out loud, which is bleeped, so her father grounds Morgan for two months and tells her to go to her room. Before she does, she tells her brother that what he did was sweet, and that she hopes a boy does that for her someday.

Even Stevens

  • In the season 3 episode "Stevens Manor", after one of the guests at the Stevens' house upon it being turned into a bed and breakfast told Eileen Stevens on the phone that Louis (referring to her husband) broke his back (alluding to an incident where Beans tried to do a Japanese back massage on the other Louis while wearing boots), she paid a visit to the spa area that her husband was at while talking to Louis Stevens, with the other Louis being heard screaming after she closed the door, heavily implying that the guest was proceeding to torture the other Louis as revenge due to mistaking Eileen for a extramarital affair her husband was having. She later encounters the congregated family and sternly tells Eileen to "stay away from him!", alluding to the perceived affair, though Eileen and Steve misinterpreted the statement as her warning them not to worsen Louis Steven's back pain.

That's So Raven

  • In "Food for Thought", when Raven and Eddie are discussing the huge cafeteria portions, Raven spends over a minute trying to get a huge hot dog in her mouth, in an extremely suggestive manner. Eddie soon remarks that he feels his "pants getting tighter".

The Suite Life of Zack & Cody

  • A running gag throughout the show is Zack constantly flirting with Maddie, who happens to be older than him.
  • In "The Fairest of Them All", when Cody develops a crush on Rebecca, he wants to ask her out, but finds out that she is a contestant in the pageant, so Cody dresses up as a girl to get in.
  • In "Dad's Back", on the tour bus, one of Kurt's band mates get bus sick. When he imagines himself on a plane, he then gets airsick. When Zack is found, he stows away; some of them assume that he is a butler, as the sick guitarist asks him for paper towels before showing gagging and going into the bathroom.
  • In "French 101", when Zack asks Moseby to translate "Your eyes are beautiful" in French to Jolie, Moseby cannot hear him over the music. When Zack then yells out the phrase again, the two receive suspicious glances from the people who heard him.
  • In "Free Tippy", a running gag is the characters mistaking Tippy (Tipton's horse) for farting, only to reveal it was some person, such as with Zack and Mrs. Delecourt.
    • When Carey finds out, she explains that Tippy left something on the floor, carpet, and elevator (referring to urinating). She even tells one of the hotel guests to take the stairs.
  • In "Ask Zack", when Zack has a secret job of the "Ask Shirley" column, Bob asks Cody if he could go on a date with "her", not knowing it was Zack. Cody then claims that Bob wouldn't like it, while Zack further claims that it's creepy that Bob wants to ask him out.
  • In "What the Hey?", a running gag is the characters fantasizing what they will do once they are rich. One of them involves Zack daydreaming about kissing Maddie, only to realize he was kissing Cody on the cheek. This happens again when Maddie was daydreaming about being the president and kissing one of her bodyguards, only to realize she was kissing a broom.
  • In "I Want My Mummy", when Cody is found wrapped in bandages, Carey thinks Cody needed to use the bathroom, but he tells her he didn't, as the bandages are seen absorbing, implying he urinated while being wrapped, much to the disgust of everyone around him.
    • When Cody is walking through the hotel, one of the female guests says she's out of toilet paper. Then, when she sees Cody, she takes some of the bandages to use as toilet paper.
  • In "Health and Fitness", when Francesca makes an insult to London about her rear end being huge, London looks at herself in the mirror and imagines herself with a big butt, prompting her to exercise excessively and eat less.
  • In "Super Twins", when Zack and Cody wish upon a shooting star to have superpowers, Zack states that he started to feel something, but reveals he has flatulence upon farting.
  • In "Of Clocks and Contracts", Zack, acting as Carey's agent, tells Moseby that the only reason people see the shows in the lounge is because of the "glamour puss up there shaking her goodies." Made worse due to the fact that Zack was referring to his mother.
  • In "Arwinstein", Carey, dressed as a corpse bride at a Halloween party, says that if she eats one piece of candy, her dress would pop right open. Immediately after, Arwinstein eagerly hands her a bowl of candy.

Hannah Montana

  • In the series finale "Wherever I Go", Jackson's boss Rico makes him box a kangaroo. Right before, though, Rico hands Jackson a specimen cup and tells him that the kangaroo "fights dirty".

Wizards of Waverly Place

  • In "Curb Your Dragon", Alex turns herself into a cat. Then, when she turns back into her normal state, she is still seen licking herself. Justin comes over to get an up-close view and comments on the situation, forcing Alex to reluctantly stop with a guilty expression.

The Suite Life on Deck

  • In "Can You Dig It?", Zack wears an Indiana Jones-style costume for a television interview and demonstrates his whip, which accidentally seizes the bikini top of a justifiably horrified off-screen guest.
  • In "The Defiant Ones", Cody and Bailey were apparently having some sort of "fun" the night before (even acting rather goofy in class the next morning), which is why Cody forgot to do his paper.

Good Luck Charlie

  • In "Driving Mrs. Dabney", Mrs. Dabney, while giving Teddy a driving lesson, angrily honks at another vehicle. The driver's (unseen) response leads Teddy to joke that he must think she's number one. Mrs. Dabney starts explaining what he is really saying (likely cursing) before Teddy cuts her off with a stern "I know!"
  • In "Dance Off", Teddy explains to Emmett that she feels it would be inappropriate for her to go to the dance with him because she thinks of him as a brother. Teddy then asks if Emmett heard anything she had just told him before he responds with, "Something about wanting to go to the dance with a brother."


  • A running gag throughout the show is Luke constantly flirting with Jessie, who happens to be older than him.
  • In "The Talented Mr. Kipling", Zuri gets bullied by an imaginary friend, and she gets Jessie to tell her to stop. When Jessie does, she asks Zuri what the imaginary friend said, and Zuri responds: "I'm not allowed to use that kind of language. But it was nasty!"
  • In "Used Karma", Jessie and Emma discuss bra-stuffing. Emma is later very excited to get her new issue of Leopard Beat, which is no surprise; however, the bra-stuffing feature is the first thing she mentions from it.
  • In "Caught Purple Handed", Ravi, at one point, sends his pet pigeons to poop all over a group of people.
  • In "Hoedown Showdown", Mr. Collinsworth asks to join Ravi's band, saying that he could play his cheeks. Jessie is taken aback by this, believing Collinsworth meant his butt cheeks.

Liv and Maddie

  • In "Twin-A-Rooney", Parker requests for him to have the right to poop with the door open because, "Everyone in this house has changed my diaper; what are we running from, people?!"
    • In the same episode, Parker's parents Pete and Karen intentionally embarrass their children by kissing in front of them in the hallway.
  • In "Team-A-Rooney", Joey says that the last time Liv was in the shower, she used up all the hot water, which made it hard for him to shave. Parker then confesses that he took a shower with the hose out front. The other Rooneys glare at Parker in alarm, to which he retorts, "Oh, come on, it's not like the neighbors haven't seen that already!"
  • In "Steal-A-Rooney", Joey's boss at the Happy Carrot is revealed to be interested in meeting single moms (obviously blatant in meaning).

Girl Meets World

  • In "Girl Meets Boy", the librarian encourages Riley to read any of the books about boys and girls and what they say to each other. Except for the one Riley reaches for on her desk, which is heavily implied to be smutty.
  • In "Girl Meets Game Night", Maya, at one point, tells Josh that she understands he's too old for her, but "[she's] in it for the long game."
  • In "Girl Meets Flaws", Cory and Topanga express how excited they are to be home alone without the kids, and Cory starts kissing Topanga's neck. Topanga even suggestively remarks that he enjoys it.


  • In "Smells Like Camp Spirit", when there is a big pile-up on the ground and Emma lands front-first on Xander's back (with Lou and Hazel around them), he remarks, "I've had dreams about this, only I was much happier."
    • In a later scene, when the counselors are searching for a "contraband" phone, Hazel insists on frisking Xander several times, causing him to respond, "That's not a pocket, Hazel!"

K.C. Undercover

  • In "Pilot", Marisa mistakes K.C. for being locked up in a room with a prom date, with the room being "ocupado".
    • In the same episode, the spyglasses are clearly shown to have x-ray vision. Later, when Marisa and her date realize they both have spyglasses, her date can be seen looking at Marisa's chest for about two seconds.

Gabby Duran & the Unsittables

  • In "Crybaby Duran", Wesley believes that the dog that Sky's dad brought into Sky's room is his lost dog, Brisket. When he sees that the dog doesn’t take broccoli, Brisket's favorite treat, he flips the dog over to examine its genitalia (the camera cuts to his face before we can see anything) and says "Plus, you're a girl".

ABC series


  • A running gag in many of the show's episodes involves Baby bonking Earl on the head with a frying pan and saying, "Not the mama!" Baby also seems to enjoy getting hurt, as in several episodes when he seems to be clearly injured, he yells out, "Again!"
  • In "The Mighty Megalosaurus", Baby, at one point, tells Earl that he is going to bite him...and he actually does. Baby also bites other dinosaurs in certain episodes, such as Roy Hess.
  • In "The Mating Dance", Earl threateningly tells Robbie and Charlene that they're playing with fire. Baby then tells his father that he's literally playing with fire and sticks his tail in the stove's open flame. Earl rushes over and pulls Baby away from the stove; however, he points out his tail (which was still on fire) is hot. Earl then rushes Baby to the sink and soaks his tail in the water.
  • In "Hurling Day", a TV interview features a male dinosaur dressed in women's clothing. He then tells the interviewer that he is a herbivore trapped in a carnivore's body, and the interviewer refers to him as a cross-eater (a reference to cross-dressing).
    • In the episode's plot, Earl being able to throw his mother-in-law off a cliff due to her reaching a certain age and the elders having made it a strict law to prevent complications that come from old age (with Robbie protesting said law) is a satirical look at the euthanasia debate.
  • In "The Golden Child", when the Sinclairs are missing Baby, Earl tells Fran that they should have stuck with two kids. Fran then tells Earl that if he wants a third child again, there's one thing he could do. Earl, thinking she meant sexual intercourse, tells her: "Aw, geez, Fran, I'm not in the mood. Of course, I could get in the mood. Couple of cocktails, rub my back..."
  • In "I Never Ate for My Father", Baby tries to eat his own tail. He takes two bites and cries out in pain each time. He then tries to stab his tail with a fork, only to wail. At the end of the episode, he attempts to eat his tail again.
  • In "Charlene's Tale", the growing of female dinosaurs' tails is a reference to breast development.
    • Also, at one point, Charlene considers committing suicide by throwing herself off the roof (Ethyl even mentions that Fran was the same way when she was Charlene's age).
  • In "How to Pick Up Girls", Spike teaches Robbie to pick up girls, in one lesson he tries to get Robbie "to mark his territory" at the girl's house by urinating on the garden.
  • In "Refrigerator Day", due to depression from not getting his raise, Earl announces to the family that he's going into the garage to hang himself, much to the rest of the family's horror.
  • In "What "Sexual" Harris Meant", Monica begins working for Mr. Richfield and first meets her supervisor Al "Sexual" Harris (a pun on the term "sexually harass"). Al propositions Monica, but she turns him down, so he fires her. Monica then takes the company to court with charges of sexual harassment. This forces the court to try to determine what exactly "Sexual Harris meant" (a pun on the term "sexual harassment").
  • In Nuts to War, sticks and stones are treated as dangerous weapons like guns.
  • In "Nature Calls", when Earl goes to change Baby, he lays the tyke down off-screen. Moments later, he yells, "Don't you point that thing at me!" before being squirted. The camera then reveals Baby was holding a water pistol.
  • In "A New Leaf", the episode involves a "happy plant", which happens to be the equivalent of marijuana.
  • In "License to Parent", Baby, at one point, is seen squirming in his highchair and tells Earl: "My diaper's itchy. I think I'll...take it off," to which Earl looks up from reading a parent's manual and says, "Don't you dare!" Baby then snarks: "Nobody's gonna stop me. No parent here, is there?" He then hums "Night Train" while dancing in his highchair and takes off his diaper, which he shows Earl, much to his father's anger.
  • In "Steroids to Heaven", the episode involves small, spiny creatures called Thornoids, which are living allegorical representations of anabolic steroids. As a result of taking too many, Robbie becomes more aggressive towards everyone he interacts with and even develops spines on his body.
  • In "Hungry for Love", Robbie dates a girl who is rumored to have a reputation of eating her boyfriends or, as they specifically call it, "an eating disorder" (turns out it was actually her father).
  • In "Green Card", the episode's plot involves the Pangaean economy suffering from a bad recession, causing Earl and Roy to lose their jobs. Meanwhile, the government blames its problems on all four-legged creatures in an effort to shift the blame away from them. Legislation against quadrupeds is immediately passed, causing Monica to also be fired and lose her home. Roy marrying Monica to enable her to stay on the right side of the swamp, as well as Earl severing ties with him for it, is a satirical look at how people blame illegal immigrants for not being able to find work, often becoming homeless.
  • In "Wilderness Weekend", while Earl is off with some men in the wilderness, Fran and some women get drunk. At the end of the episode, the women go into the wilderness and make passes at the men.
  • In "Dirty Dancin'", Robbie reaches the point where he soon finds himself doing the mating dance spontaneously and uncontrollably. The "mating dance" is a reference to masturbation and sexual arousal.
  • In "Charlene and Her Amazing Humans", when Ethyl is playing poker with Baby, Ethyl tells Baby that she thinks he's bluffing because his nose is scrunched up, but Baby responds, "I'm not bluffing, I'm pooping."
  • In "Into the Woods", when Earl, Robbie, and Roy are trapped in a tar pit, at one point, Earl and Robbie note how warm it's getting, to which Roy apologizes and says that he had six cans of beer at home, most likely implying that he urinated.

Once Upon a Time

  • In "Queen of Hearts", while Emma and Killian are sword fighting, she ends up on her back. Killian then tells Emma, "Usually, I prefer to do other enjoyable activities with a woman on her back," most likely referring to sex.
  • In "The Cricket Game", Emma and Henry end up walking in on Snow White and Charming having sex. Henry, not understanding, asks them why they are bed when it's the middle of the afternoon. Charming and Snow try to cover things up by claiming that they were having a nap.
  • In "In the Name of the Brother", when Killian asks Emma to give him his hook back, he then inquires, "Or is there another attachment you'd prefer?", clearly referring to his crotch/penis.
    • In the same scene, Killian tells Emma at one point, "My ribs may be broken, but everything else is still intact," additionally referring to his crotch/penis.
  • In "Quiet Minds", Robin Hood states that Regina doesn't seem evil from the angle he is looking at her, and is seen staring at her butt as he says "angle".
  • In "There's No Place Like Home", Emma manages to get past Killian drunk and seduces him. He then asks her to come back to The Jolly Roger with him for a "night cap", clearly referring to a one-night stand.
  • In "The Apprentice", during their first date, Killian offers to order a drink for him and Emma, but she declines because of the Snow Queen. Killian asks if it's because Emma will find him resistible after a few drinks, then gives her a flirty and suggestive look, clearly thinking that if she gets drunk, she will want to have sex with him.
  • In "Smash the Mirror", when Snow White and Regina are having a girly talk about Robin Hood, Snow asks, "Did you guys, uh...?" before continuing her sentence, clearly referring to sex.
  • In "An Untold Story", when Dr. Jekyll tries to get the key to let Charming, Snow White, Killian, and Zelena out of the cell, Jekyll claims that the warden enjoyed too much whiskey, implying he got drunk.
  • In "The Savior", Emma and Killian are making out on the couch until the house begins shaking because of a blimp above it. Emma asks Killian if she should take off her red leather jacket, implying that she thinks Killian wants her to get undressed to have sex.
  • In "Awake", after Emma and Killian's engagement, the couple are having some romantic time until Snow White walks in. Killian and Emma claim they are making pancakes after making out, but Snow says, "Maybe I should come back after you've had...pancakes," thinking they were having sex or about to.

The Muppets (2015)

  • In "Pig Girls Don't Cry", Sam the Eagle reprimands the Muppets for saying words inappropriate for TV twice. First, he tells them to remove the words "crotchety", "twiddle", and "gesticulate" from the script of Up Late with Miss Piggy. When Kermit argues over removing "gesticulate" from the script, as it only means "moving the hand", Sam responds by claiming that it leads to shaking hands, which he explains is the first step to having babies. Later, when Kermit says that "[his] life is a bacon-wrapped hell on Earth," Sam tells him to not to say "hell".
    • Also, when explaining how he and Denise met, Kermit says that they were in a cross-promotional synergy meeting in which they ended "cross-promoting", implying they had sex during the meeting.
    • Additionally, the Electric Mayhem band tell the Imagine Dragons that Animal doesn't go on tours anymore because life on the road isn't good for him, to which Animal adds, "Too many women; too many town."
    • Later, while meeting the parents of his girlfriend Becky, Fozzie is asked by her father Carl if any future children would go into the woods if they need to go to the bathroom, to which Fozzie claims it's an offensive stereotype, alluding to the expression "Do bears shit in the woods?"
    • Also, when Elizabeth Banks tells Miss Piggy that she looks beautiful because she hikes a lot, Piggy gestures at both her face and breasts while claiming that she had them "hiked".
  • In "Hostile Makeover", when Zoot signs Sweetums's birthday card, he is warned by Yolanda the Rat to not to make any dirty drawings on it. Zoot then says he may still be able to turn the signature into a saxophone, implying that he was drawing a penis.
    • Also, during Jay Leno's house party, the comedian asks Fozzie to try his Japanese toilet, to which Fozzie tells him that he will drink a lot of water during the party, the implication being very clear.
    • Additionally, Kermit, at one point, reveals that he and Piggy used to have a "free pass" list of celebrities they would be allowed to have sex with if there was an opportunity. Kermit says that it was mostly for fun, until he found himself alone with Lea Thompson in an elevator, implying that he and Thompson had sex during that moment. Later, Kermit almost finds himself in the same situation until Gonzo comes in to talk with Kermit.
  • In "Pig Out", when told that he is in a meeting, Zoot stands up and introduces himself similarly to an Anonymous Alcoholics meeting, before being told that it is a writer's meeting. The scene also implies that Zoot is an alcoholic.
    • Also, at one point, Statler states that Fozzie "knocked [him] arse over teakettle."
  • In "A Tail of Two Piggies", when talking about Piggy's tail being seen in public, Sam asks Kermit if he has ever seen it himself, to which Kermit responds by saying, "Well, I believe you know the answer to that question," implying that he saw her naked.
  • In "Got Silk?", when Rizzo and Pepe try to take off Gonzo's suit (without having removed his shoes), Kermit tells them to always wear pants during work, to which Rizzo replies, "Okay, Mr. Naked."
  • In "Because... Love", Rizzo states that, while he could not sway Yolanda into joining the "Team Love", he can make her join the "Team Friends with Benefits". The phrase "friends with benefits" is a term used to refer to a non-romantic relationship in which two people agree to have sexual relationships.

20th Television series

The Mysterious Benedict Society

  • In "A Bird in the Hand", the children are all learning morse code. As a joke, Constance mockingly asks Reynie what she is typing. This is followed by Reynie appearing shocked and telling her that what she typed was inappropriate.

Doogie Kameāloha, M.D.

  • In the episode "Aloha – The Hello One", after seeing Dr. Clara Hannon dancing at the hospital, one of her colleagues points out that there's no problem with her dancing at work yet him "going all Magic Mike" on the hospital's Halloween party is treated as a problem he needs to resolve.

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