This is a list of The Walt Disney Company's Executive Management Team, both present and historical.

Current Board of Directors

  • Susan E. Arnold
  • John S. Chen
  • Judith L. Estrin
  • Robert A. Iger (Chairman)
  • Fred H. Langhammer
  • Aylwin B. Lewis
  • Monica C. Lozano
  • Robert W. Matschullat
  • Sheryl K. Sandberg
  • Orin C. Smith

Current Senior Corporate Officers

  • Robert A. Iger – Chairman and CEO
  • James A. Rasulo – Senior Executive Vice President and CFO
  • Alan N. Braverman – Senior Executive Vice President, General Counsel and Secretary
  • Kevin A. Mayer – Executive Vice President, Corporate Strategy and Business Development
  • Christine M. McCarthy – Executive Vice President, Corporate Real Estate, Sourcing, Alliances and Treasurer
  • Zenia B. Mucha – Executive Vice President and Chief Communications Officer
  • Jayne Parker– Executive Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer
  • Ronald L. Iden – Senior Vice President and Chief Security Officer
  • Brent A. Woodford – Senior Vice President, Planning and Control

Current Principal Business Executives

Walt Disney Studios and Entertainment

Walt Disney Parks and Resorts

  • Bob Chapek – Chairman, Walt Disney Parks and Resorts
    • Michael Colglazier – President of Disney Parks International
      • Rebecca Campbell – President, Disneyland Resort
        • Vice President, Disneyland Park - Jon Storbeck
        • Vice President, Disney's California Adventure Park - Mary Niven
        • Vice President, Downtown Disney and Disneyland Resort Hotels - Daniel Delcourt
      • Josh D'Amaro – President- Walt Disney World Resort
        • Senior Vice President of Operations and Next Generation Experiences, Walt Disney World Resort - Jim MacPhee
          • Vice President, Magic Kingdom - Kevin Myers
          • Vice President, Epcot - Melissa Valiquette
          • Vice President, Disney's Hollywood Studios - Phil Holmes
          • Vice President, Disney's Animal Kingdom - Djuan Rivers
          • Vice President, Downtown Disney - Keith Bradford
          • Vice President, Resort Operations - Thomas Mazloum
          • Vice President, ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex and Disney Water Parks - Kristen Osborne
          • Vice President, Transportation Operations and Maintenance - Jim Vendur
          • Vice President, Global Promotions, Disney Destinations LLC.– Greg Albrecht
      • Natacha Rafalski – CEO, Euro Disney S.C.A. (Disneyland Paris)
        • Senior Vice President of Operations, Disneyland Paris - Joe Schott
    • Bill Ernest – President and Managing Director, Walt Disney Parks & Resorts, Asia
        • Stephanie Young - Managing Director, Hong Kong Disneyland Resort
          • Vice President, Park Operations - Noble Coker
          • Vice President, Hotel Operations - Peter Lowe
          • Vice President, Marketing - Maple Lee
          • Vice President, Sales and Travel Trade Marketing - Aliana Ho
        • Philipe Gas - Chairman and CEO, Tokyo Disney Resort (Oriental Land Company)
          • President and Chief Operations Officer, Tokyo Disney Resort (Oriental Land Company) - Kyoichiro Uenishi
          • President of Walt Disney Attractions Japan - Nick Franklin
            • Vice President and Executive Managing Director, Walt Disney Attractions Japan - Dave Vermeulen
      • Karl Holz – President, Disney Cruise Line
        • Senior Vice President of Operations, Disney Cruise Line - Tom Wolber
      • Claire Bilby – President, Disney Vacation Club
    • Chief Creative Executive, Walt Disney Imagineering - Bob Weis
    • Chief Design and Project Delivery Executive, Walt Disney Imagineering - Craig Russell
    • Senior Vice President of Operations Integration/line of Business - Erin Wallace
    • Senior Vice President, Conservation & Environmental Sustainability - Jerry Montgomery
    • Senior Vice President of Global Sports Enterprises - Ken Potrock
    • Senior Vice President, Corporate Responsibility - Kerry Chandler
    • Senior Vice President of Worldwide Travel Operations - Kevin Lansberry
    • Senior Vice President of Corporate Alliances & Operating Participants - George Aguel
    • Executive Vice President, Human Resources, Diversity & Inclusion - Tami Garcia
    • Executive Vice President, Public Affairs - Alannah Hall-Smith
    • Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer - Jim Hunt
    • Executive Vice President, Global Marketing - Leslie Ferraro
    • Executive Vice President, International Development - Mike Crawford
    • Executive Vice President, New Business Development and Next Generation Experiences - Nick Franklin
    • Vice President, Animals, Science and Environment - Jackie Ogden, PhD

Disney Media Networks and Television

  • Anne M. Sweeney – Co-Chair, Disney Media Networks, President, Disney–ABC Television Group
    • Rebecca Campbell – President, ABC Owned Television Stations
    • Paul Lee – President, ABC Entertainment Group
    • Michael Riley – President, ABC Family
    • Brian Scott Frons – President, ABC Daytime
    • Ben Sherwood – President, ABC News
      • Diane Sawyer - Chief News Anchor, ABC News
    • Gary Marsh – President, Disney Channels Worldwide
    • Ellen Archer – President, Hyperion Books
  • John D. Skipper – Co-Chair, Disney Media Networks, President, ESPN, Inc.[6]
    • Sean Bratches: Executive Vice President, Sales and Marketing[7]
    • Christine Driessen: Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer[8]
    • Ed Durso: Executive Vice President, Administration[9]
    • Charles Pagano: Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer[10]
    • Norby Williamson: Executive Vice President, Production[11]
    • Russell Wolff: Executive Vice President and Managing Director, ESPN International[12]
  • George W. Bodenheimer – Executive Chairman, ESPN, Inc.

Disney Interactive Media

  • John Pleasants – Co-President, Disney Interactive Media Group
  • James A. Pitaro – Co-President, Disney Interactive Media Group
    • Bruce Gordon - Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
    • Larry Shapiro - Executive Vice President, Strategy and Business Development
    • Garry Randall - Senior Vice President, Human Resources
    • Courtney Simmons - Vice President, Communications
      • Lane Merrifield - Executive Vice President, Disney Online Studios
      • Bart Decrem - Senior Vice President and General Manager, Disney Mobile

Disney Consumer Products

Walt Disney International

  • Andy Bird – Chairman, Walt Disney International

Former Executives


Chief Executive Officers

Chairman of the Board

From 1945 to 1960 Walt and Roy Disney shared the role of Chairman of the Board. Walt dropped the Chairman title in 1960 so he could focus more on the creative aspects of the company. Roy O. Disney kept the Chairman and CEO's role.

Vice Chairman of the Board

  • 1984–2003: Roy E. Disney
  • 1999–2000: Sanford Litvack (Co-Vice Chair)

Chief Operating Officers

Director Emeritus

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