A list featuring examples of recycled music pieces in Disney movies, television shows, and shorts.


Television shows

Animated shorts

  • In The Karnival Kid, the music used for Minnie from Plane Crazy was recycled when Mickey was entertaining Minnie with a couple of hot dog tricks.
  • In Orphan's Benefit, the music used for Clarabelle Cow's dance from Orphan's Benefit was recycled in another Clarabelle Cow's dance sequence. It was also recycled in Mickey's Rival when Mortimer Mouse was fighting off a bull behind a fence.
  • The music heard in Insects as Carriers of Disease, when Careless Charlie frantically removes all sources of insects is reused from the race portion of the Flying Gauchito scene of The Three Caballeros. The dramatic music from when Charlie could die from contracting typhus is reused from Education for Death.
  • Several snippets of music from various sources are heard in Planning for Good Eating. As the various animals are seen eating their own preference of food, the music from Contrary Condor (from when Donald first discovers the condor's nest) is heard. As the animal products are described, music from the Flying Gauchito scene of The Three Caballeros (as the Gauchito goes into the mountains to hunt condors) is heard. As the vegetables and fruits are described, music from Bambi is heard. As the family labors on the farm, this spawned original music that would later be used in Wet Paint (as Donald is first seen painting his car).
  • The Pink Elephants' theme music from Dumbo is played in the Donald Duck short Tea for Two Hundred in 1948, when the ants are marching to steal Donald's picnic food.
  • In Slide, Donald, Slide, the music played on the radio which encouraged Spike to enter Donald's home and "conduct an orchestra" was reused when Chip and Dale tricked Donald on the phone to make him listen to some music only to get himself banged in the eardrums again after Chip 'n' Dale shoot a toy cannon into the phone.
  • In Bubble Bee, the buzzing music of a bee from Pluto's Blue Note was reused when Spike was first seen entering a bubble gum machine to take out another chewing gum ball.
  • In Toy Tinkers, the music where Abner and Monty feast on cheese from The Country Cousin was reused when Dale put on his top hat and took a bow before the girl and clown dolls.
  • In Wonder Dog, the music for the circus parade, the clown act, the opening title and credits, and the pachyderm pyramid from Dumbo was recycled when Pluto tried to perform all kinds of Circus tricks to impress Dinah while avoiding Butch. Some background music cues around this part were also recycled from The Flying Gauchito segment from The Three Caballeros.
  • In Donald Applecore, the music where Chip and Dale were going hunting for the "monster" that had been giving them a hard time from Out on a Limb was recycled when Dale lead Donald to their tree where they tricked Donald about the whereabouts of his apples by emptying the rest of their finished-up apples in his basket.
  • In The New Neighbor, the music where Snow White and the animals were cleaning the dwarfs' home was recycled when a mother bird was flying to her nest to care for her babies.
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