This is a list of vocal sounds (and sometimes lines of dialogue) made by Pinto Colvig, the voice actor for Pluto, that were used in several Pluto cartoons.


  • Pluto's Party - Pluto tries to grab the birthday cake and looks at the candle, which burns his paws before he blows out the flame.

Barking 1

  • Mother Pluto - Pluto angrily barks at the hen to stay away from the chicks he was taking care of.

Barking 2

  • Playful Pluto - During the flypaper sequence, Pluto barks while trying to get the flypaper off of him, and while spinning around into the window blinds.

Barking 3

Barking 4


Crying 1

  • In Dutch - Pluto is seen crying after he and Dinah both get kicked out of the village for sounding a false alarm when Dinah barks and nuzzles Pluto to cheer him up.

Crying 2

  • Pluto and the Armadillo - Pluto is seen crying about supposedly killing the armadillo, which was actually his own ball when the armadillo comes out from the hole to cheer him up with a lick as a kiss.

Crying 3

Growls ("Waa-growl-ruff!")

Pluto's Growl SFX

Pluto's Growl SFX

  • Mickey's Elephant - Pluto flips himself on the ground after Bobo the Elephant uses his trunk to grab Pluto's tail.
  • Cat Nap Pluto - Pluto chases Figaro around in a circle after Figaro wakes Pluto up by grabbing his tail.
  • Mickey's Delayed Date - Pluto runs out of the closet with Mickey's fancy tuxedo suit and top hat, and trips under the bed.
  • R'Coon Dawg - Pluto sniffs the tracks of the raccoon, but chases a mirage raccoon after being hit on the head by a rock.


  • A Gentleman's Gentleman - Pluto laughs while reading the comic strip of himself until the wind blows away the newspaper.
  • Canine Caddy - Pluto laughs while Mickey has the golf club stuck around his body, until Mickey says, "Quiet!" to Pluto.
  • First Aiders - Minnie gives Pluto a backrub and says, "Hands on, swing forward; hands off and relax," while Pluto is laughing.


Screaming 1

Screaming 2

  • Playful Pluto - When Pluto plays with the water hose and yelps when he gets water on him.
  • Pluto at the Zoo - When Pluto gets scared by the alligators and runs off from the alligator pond.
  • Rescue Dog - When Pluto cracks the ice pole and falls through the ice into the freezing water.
  • Food for Feudin' - When Pluto slips on the acorns and crashes into his doghouse.

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