Trade paperback collecting the first four issues of the Little Gloomy comic series.

Little Gloomy is a comic book published by Slave Labor Graphics. The first issue premiered in October 1999. The series was created by Landry Walker and Eric Jones. Little Gloomy stories also regularly appeared in Disney Adventures Magazine, until the magazine stopped production with its November 2007 issue.


  • Gloomy is a girl who lives in the town of Frightsylvania (a town of monsters) in a house with her friends. Often, the most strange things happen to her, which are mainly caused either by the faults of her friends or the plots of her enemies (though most commonly the latter).
  • Larry the Werewolf, is Gloomy's only sensible friend, who often is a key player in getting Gloomy out of trouble. He is sometimes used as Frank's straight man.
  • Frank, a miniature Frankenstein's Monster, is selfish and is often more trouble than the situation is worth. He thinks only of himself when his friends matter the most, and sometimes ends up rescuing Gloomy and friends by accident.
  • Mummy is another one of Gloomy's friends. He owns a bar and speaks entirely in hieroglyphics.
  • Carl Cthulhu is an octopoid sea monster that loves bunnies and claims that he will one day destroy all life.
  • Simon Von Simon is Little Gloomy's bitter ex-boyfriend seeking revenge. He controls an army of zombies.
  • Evey, The Rotton Witch was formerly Little Gloomy's best friend, until she discovered she could gain greater magical power and immortality by sacrificing Gloomy to the dark gods.
  • Lily a sea creature that usually goes on vacations with Gloomy but they usually get in trouble. She is shown as very vain and selfish.
  • Shelly is the brain damaged result of Simon Von Simon's experiment to trap Gloomy's mind into a new, bride of Frankenstein type body. Her name is derived from the last name of Frankenstein author Mary Shelley.

Goth subculture

Due to the design of the central character and association through the Slave Labor Graphics publishing imprint, Little Gloomy is often labeled specifically as a goth related comic. As such, it was one of the first to reach mainstream audiences with regular distribution through Disney Adventures.


In 2005 Walker and Jones published a new "Little Gloomy" series called "The Super Scary Monster Show: Featuring Little Gloomy" which contains short stories separate from the "Little Gloomy" story

In 2006, Little Gloomy was optioned by 1492 Pictures.

Walker and Jones have another regular Disney Adventures feature titled Kid Gravity. In the universe of Kid Gravity, Little Gloomy is a fictional character and The Super Scary Monster Show is Kid Gravity's favorite television program.

There have been two toys from the comic to date. Carl Cthulhu and Mummy.

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