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Little Sister is a character in Robin Hood. She is a churchmouse that lives in a hole in Friar Tuck's church and she is married to Sexton Mouse. She is voiced by Barbara Luddy, who also voiced Mother Rabbit in the same film.

Role in Film

Little Sister is first seen with her husband on Friar Tuck's scalp, cheering for Robin Hood and Maid Marian. She is then seen dancing on Friar Tuck's head. She is no longer seen for a while.

Next, she is shown in Friar Tuck's church, sweeping up the little Welcome mat outside the mouse hole, complaining over Prince John taxing the heart and soul out of the peasants. She then gets her (and Sexton's) last farthing (which they both have been saving) from under the mattress of their bed (which is a single shoe) and gives it to Friar Tuck for the poor. As the Sheriff of Nottingham enters, Sexton rudely asks what he wants, but Little Sister shushes him. She then scolds the Sheriff for entering to take the coin for Prince John by telling him to put it back, only for him to say that "His Majesty also blesses [her]". The two mice are watching Friar Tuck and the Sheriff fighting, only for the latter to arrest the former for "high treason to the crown", causing Little Sister to cry into her apron as her husband is comforting her.

Finally, she and Sexton are seen throwing rice on a newly-wed Robin Hood and Maid Marian.