Lloyd in Space is an American animated television series that ran on ABC from February 2, 2001 to February 16, 2002, and then on Toon Disney from October 1, 2002 to February 27, 2004.
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Season Episodes Originally aired
Season premiere Season finale
1 11 February 3, 2001 May 26, 2001
2 9 September 29, 2001 February 16, 2002
3 10 October 1, 2002 October 31, 2002
4 10 February 12, 2003 February 27, 2004


Season 1: 2001

No. in Series No. in Season Title Original air date Prod. code Episode Summary
1 1 "The Big 1-3" 2001-2-3 101 Lloyd turns 13 in this episode. He is a man today, although he has to write an essay for Mrs. Bolt on what it's like to be 13 years old.
1 2 "Double Date" 2001-2-10 102 The school dance is here and everybody's excited except Lloyd, who doesn't have a date. Whilst playing ball with Eddie, Lloyd comes across a girl named Cindy, and falls for her completely. Shortly afterwards, Lloyd sees Cindy at school and realizes she has two heads, one being nice, polite and charming, the other cruel, impolite and abusive. Will Lloyd be able to take Cindy to the dance, or will he back out of it?
1 3 "The Science Project" 2001-2-17 103 Lloyd really wants a pet, but at the same time has a science project he needs to complete. Douglas suggests that Lloyd should make a mould, the simplest project. Lloyd is happy about it at first, deciding to call it his own pet 'Mouldy', but then Lloyd's science project goes bad when he feeds it too much junk food and it goes on a food rampage.
1 4 "Caution: Wormhole!" 2001-2-24 104 Lloyd feels unappreciated by his family and friends, so on the school trip Lloyd and Eddie fall into the worm hole, which takes them to the dumpster 30 feet away. But everyone else thinks they are somewhere else, far, far away, in the universe so Lloyd and Eddie decide this is their big chance and use it to get whatever they want.
1 5 "The Hero of Urbit-Knarr" 2001-3-3 105 Lloyd and his pals sneak aboard Brock Rockman's spaceship and Lloyd disguises himself as Brock Rockman but when the aliens find out he is in disguise he kidnaps Lloyd and friends and only Lloyd's mother can save them.
1 6 "Daydream Transceiver" 2001-3-24 106 While Lloyd goes through puberty, his 'SABs' kick in and his innermost fantasies come to life out of his antennae and create embarrassing moments for Lloyd, neither good nor bad, earning him his new freak name Fantasy Boy.
1 7 "Campout on Zoltan III" 2001-3-31 107 After watching a cool movie about surviving in the wilderness, Lloyd and the others ask their dads (Lloyd asks his grandfather due to his dad not being around) to take them to Zoltan III, but accidentally end up on Fangor Dar, the planet of danger.
1 8 "Kurtlas the Symbiotic Boy" 2001-4-7 108 When school bully, Rodney Glaxer, picks on Douglas and Kurt and challenges the former to an after-school fight, Lloyd suggests Kurt and Douglas work together as a symbiotic boy called Kurtlas, who rids the school of bullies, but with all the fame going to their heads, has Lloyd really found salvation or replaced one school bully with another?
1 9 "Babysitter Lloyd" 2001-4-21 109 Since Francine's babysitter is somewhere else and Commander Nebulon is leaving the house for the weekend, Lloyd is forced to take care of Francine for the weekend, but it turns into a disaster since Francine is breaking stuff and will blame Lloyd for the stuff she has broken. Lloyd then takes Rosie (Francine's favorite toy doll) onto a rocket ship. Francine later overhears Lloyd talking to his friends saying he wished he hadn't had a little sister so, Francine leaves the house for good, so Lloyd searches everywhere for her.
1 10 "Android Lloyd" 2001-5-19 110 Lloyd is sick and tired of school and he sees that he can make an android replica of himself. So he builds it and everybody seems to like the replica of Lloyd even though they don't know that it's a replica of Lloyd until the real Lloyd comes and confesses.
1 11 "Nerd from Beyond the Stars" 2001-5-26 111 A nerd named Larvel joins the class, whom everybody immediately ostracizes. Lloyd is forced to help him out, and soon he finds he's a pretty cool guy; but soon he becomes a more physically-developed teenager and starts to hang out with Brittany and the popular kids, eventually ditching Lloyd and his friends.

Season 2: 2001–2002

No. in Series No. in Season Title Original air date Prod. code Episode Summary
2 12 "Girl from the Center of the Universe" 2001-9-29 201 When this new girl appears in school she makes the boys fall in love with her but they soon realize it is just a trick and only Lloyd is not affected by it, until he confronts her and soon he's affected. It's now up to Cindy to stop her and save the boys from being hypnotized.
2 13 "Nora's Big Date" 2001-10-6 202 Commander Nebulon starts falling in love with the ship mechanic and Lloyd begins to worry about her acting like this he figures out that the guy happens to be a monster like Lloyd thought he was but still then Nora loves him anyway.
2 14 "Pet Wars" 2001-10-20 203 The boys have no money, so Lloyd comes up with an idea by starting to do a pet care business. Then Eddie can't take being bossed about anymore and he starts his own pet business which leaves them fighting against each other and soon the pets are all released.
2 15 "Lloyd Changes His Mind" 2001-11-3 204 Lloyd is so sick and tired of Francine always reading his mind that Douglas gives him his mind scrambler which can block reading his mind. But when Francine tries to read his mind, she tried so hard they ended up swapping bodies and minds. Lloyd liked being in Francine's mind and body when she went to kindergarten, whilst Francine hated being inside Lloyd's mind and body when he went to school. Will Lloyd in Francine's body of course save Francine before she gets scared of the dark at Darkon 5 and starts bawling?
2 16 "Boomer's Secret Life" 2001-11-10 205 The police try to find Boomer and he must hide so Lloyd and Eddie hide him only to find out that his Father (The King) wants his son to come home and we find out that Boomer in fact is a prince but Boomer doesn't want to be king. Lloyd and Eddie keep trying to convince his dad that he doesn't want to be king but he doesn't allow them in until Boomer claims that he doesn't want to be king.
2 17 "Francine's Power Trip" 2001-11-17 206 Francine gets a head cold and will not able to read minds for a day. Lloyd uses to his advantage, only to feel sorry for her upon seeing how upset she is when her powers seem to fizzle out for good.
2 18 "Lloyd's Lost Weekend" 2002-1-19 207 Commander Nebulon and Francine are going to Zizmo Beach which Lloyd thinks is babyish and even worse they are going to McZorks' (their version of McDonald's) afterwards which Lloyd declines to spend a weekend with the McNoggins but they are too boring then he spends a weekend with the Blobberts but they are too babyish he then goes to Eddie's family but they are too boring as well he starts to miss his family and he'd do anything to see them again even if it means going to Zizmo Beach.
2 19 "You're Never Too Old" 2002-2-9 208 Lloyd visits his Grandpa Leo at the retirement home but he is bored until Leo starts to see a woman he has a crush on but he is afraid to even speak to her so Lloyd helps him try to get her attention by maybe doing a dance.
2 20 "The Big Sleepover" 2002-2-16 209 Lloyd and friends discover that the girls have been getting invitations for a girl's only party at Brittany’s house so Lloyd disguises himself as a girl in order to infiltrate the slumber party.

Season 3: 2002

No. in Series No. in Season Title Original air date Prod. code Episode Summary
3 21 "Gimme Some Skin" 2002-10-1 301 Station's email pen pal is coming over at Lloyd's house so Station asks Douglas to give him a living body just to impress his pen pal and Douglas accepts. They teach him everything to do to act like a man but soon it causes trouble.
3 22 "Incident at Luna Vista" 2002-10-2 302 During a squabble caused by their inability to get along with each other, the class accidentally jettison their classroom into space with themselves in it. What will Lloyd and friends do next?
3 23 "Big Brother Kurt" 2002-10-3 303 Lloyd asks Kurt to play with Francine and so he does but they become so addicted to each other that there now friends which leaves Lloyd jealous of them.
3 24 "The Thrilla in Intrepidvilla" 2002-10-4 304 Francine uses her powers to defeat a band of bullies, so Lloyd and the gang make some guys come over to have a challenge with Francine but for some reason Francine is too tired to use her mind powers. The episode title was derived from Thrilla in Manila.
3 25 "That's Debatable" 2002-10-7 305 When Douglas' partner Charmaine falls ill, he asks Lloyd to be his partner so when Douglas studies extra hard and stuff he becomes sick so Lloyd must win the championship.
3 26 "Stink-O-Rama" 2002-10-8 306 Lloyd & Eddie spend Career Day working for Mr. Stinko the garbageman even though they don't want to. They soon start to like it and they must save a ball from coming into Intrepidville.
3 27 "Space Farm" 2002-10-9 307 The gang have to do their own chores and get sick and tired of it so Douglas has an idea of introducing them to his Cousin Jubb which happens to live on a farm-like world. They start to hate it as first but soon they start to like the chores that they have to do in Cousin Jubb's home.
3 28 "Love Beam Number 9" 2002-10-10 308 Lloyd uses Douglas' latest invention which is The Love Beam and accidentally makes Brittany fall in love with him. He seems to like it at first but then he misses the old Brittany and tries a way to figure out how he can change her back until he realizes that the love beam didn't change her, it only allowed her to admit that she had always loved Lloyd, which she proves by showing him the message she wrote on the same tree as Lloyd, which says "Lloyd luvs Brittany...and Brittany luvs Lloyd too". Though warmed by this, Lloyd eventually still decides to return her back to her conscience, preferring that she wait to reveal her true feelings for Lloyd when she is ready to.
3 29 "Neither Boy Nor Girl" 2002-10-24 309 The new kid Zoit has an upcoming 13th birthday and will then choose a gender. The boys and girls fight over whether Zoit will either become a boy or a girl.
3 30 "Cheery Theerlap, Lloyd" 2002-10-31 310 Lloyd tries to get out of singing holiday songs for Droimatz (their version of Christmas) to read his comic book by claiming he celebrates Theerlap, even though he knows nothing about it. When he finds out there's not much to it, he makes it bigger than it is, and ends up offending his grandpa, the only one who truly knows about Theerlap, by doing so.

Season 4: 2003–2004

No. in Series No. in Season Title Original air date Prod. code Episode Summary
4 31 "A Place for Larry" 2003-2-12 401 Larry is fired from working on the bridge and tries to look for another job. Soon, everything is going wrong in the station and Larry saves the station from a meltdown.
4 32 "The Big Feud" 2003-2-13 402 Principal Feely wants everyone to find out about their race for a festival and Kurt and Douglas start to dislike each other due to the fact that both of their species have hated each other for generations.
4 33 "Halloween Scary Fun Action Plan" 2003-10-31 403 Lloyd and the gang have a plan to scare Francine and her friends at Halloween, topping it off with Boomer's haunted house. But when Lloyd and the gang themselves go into the haunted house they are sent into the future, where all of Lloyd's friends turn into monsters, and he's left hiding on the station for the next fifty years. After admitting he misses Francine, and that he shouldn't have scared her, it turns out that it was a telepathic prank by Francine, with help from her friends and Boomer.
4 34 "At Home with the Bolts" 2003-2-11 404 Mrs. Bolt arranges a party for the class at her house, but nobody apart from Lloyd shows up. After being talked into staying by Mr. Bolt, he finds a video of what Mrs. Bolt used to be like, rather than the way she is today. Mrs. Bolt catches him watching it and decides to retire. Lloyd then shows the tape to everybody at school and encourage her to come back.
4 35 "Heads Up, Blobberts!" 2003-2-19 405 Kurt tries out for the Crater Worm Crush Ball team (their version of football), where everyone finds out that he can remove his head and still operate his body. His body becomes a lot more popular without the head, and rejects Kurt. Around the same time though, Kurt's body becomes mean and uninhibited and eventually gets too rough out on the field (even against his own team), and everyone has had enough, making the Kurt's head and body reconcile.
4 36 "Picture Perfect" 2003-2-26 406 A new kid named Derek comes to Luna Vista and he becomes instantly popular. Lloyd is determined to find out how he is becoming popular and why he feels like it's necessary to take pictures of everyone.
4 37 "Commander Lloyd" 2003-3-13 407 Lloyd becomes commander after a gas freezes every adult in Intrepidville. Soon, everything gets chaotic when Lloyd enables the kids in town to do whatever they want until the adults unfreeze and the station breaks apart, forcing Lloyd to have to save all the kids in Intrepidville.
4 38 "Day One" 2004-2-13 408 Eddie reminds Lloyd about an incident from 1st grade that led to him becoming unpopular during his future school years. When Douglas gives him a traveling time communicating watch which will able to take him to any time he wants, Lloyd then goes back to the day he first went to school in Intrepidville to stop his little self from tripping over Rodney's foot and ruining Brittany's picture and he becomes popular in the present. However, Lloyd also realizes that him becoming popular meant that he never made friends with Eddie, Douglas, and Kurt, whom he feels sorry for upon finding out how poorly they've turned out without befriending him, prompting him to go back and restore the balance of time and his former unpopular life.
4 39 "Go Crater Worms!" 2004-2-20 409 The class clown and school mascot, Zoopy, is leaving Luna Vista Middle School and holds an audition for a student good enough to take his place, with both Lloyd and Eddie making the cut. But it proves to be even more of a tough competition when the two friends are forced to compete against each other in terms of getting the most laughs for the final test.
4 40 "The Ride Along" 2004-2-27 410 Lloyd and Eddie wonder why there is a large crowd of people at a restaurant in the mall and Eddie's Dad tells them that there was a robbery at the restaurant and Lloyd and Eddie go with Eddie's Dad to investigate the crime. This is also the first time that Lloyd gave a warmful advice to his friend, and also the last episode of the series.

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