Loab is a supporting character on Milo Murphy's Law.


In Sick Day, Loab and Khone are tasked with getting a tissue sample of Milo's DNA.

In Abducting Murphy's Law, after Milo is successfully abducted but escapes his restraints, Loab and three other field agents are ordered to look for Milo in their ships' vents.

In Milo in Space, Loab helps move Milo from ship to ship as Murphy's Law destroys them one-by-one.

In Sphere and Loathing in Outer Space, he shape-shifts into Milo so the other earthlings will let them in the ship they managed to fix.

Official description

Loab was part of the mission to find someone to help defeat the ever expanding Sphere of Calamity.


Physical appearance

Loab is an aqua-colored Octalian. Like other Octalians that were aboard the first Octalian mother ship, Loab wears a mostly blue uniform.




  • He considers absorbing molecular structure gross.

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