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This article is about the Marvel character. For the television series, see Loki (TV series). For other versions of the character, see Loki (disambiguation).

I, Loki, Prince of Asgard... Odinson, the rightful King of Jotunheim, God of Mischief, do hereby pledge to you, my undying fidelity.
―Loki to Thanos just before attacking him to save Thor[src]

Loki, born Loki Laufeyson and also known by his adoptive name Loki Odinson, is a supervillain turned hero based on the Norse God of Mischief. He is a Marvel Comics character and one of the main characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He is Thor Odinson's adoptive younger brother. This version of the mythological Loki was created by Stan Lee, Jack Kirby, Larry Lieber, Don Rico, Christopher Rule, Violet Barclay, Chu Hing, Mike Sekowsky, Pierce Rice, and Syd Shores.

Introduced as the main antagonist of both Thor and The Avengers, he later allies with his brother after his mother's death during the events of Thor: The Dark World. In Thor: Ragnarok, he joins the Revengers to save the people of Asgard from his evil adoptive sister Hela and from the world's imminent destruction. Finally recognizing himself as a true son of Odin, Loki eventually sacrifices himself in a heroic act to save Thor from Thanos in Avengers: Infinity War.

In Avengers: Endgame, however, while the Avengers time-traveled to get the Infinity Stones from the past, Loki from an alternate timeline manages to steal the Tesseract and escape both from being arrested and from his eventual predetermined fate, leading him to be the protagonist of the Disney+ Loki series. The series also introduces other alternate versions of Loki, the main one being a woman that renamed herself Sylvie, who is a fugitive Variant being hunted by the Time Variance Authority and that becomes romantically involved with the protagonist. At the end of the series, Loki isolates himself at the crumbled Citadel at the End of Time and becomes the new entity watching over the Multiverse, God Loki.


Baby Loki

Baby Loki is found by Odin.

Loki was born on Jotunheim as the biological son of Laufey, the King of the Frost Giants. Shortly after his birth, his father abandoned him to die, but the King of Asgard, Odin Borson, found the baby in the aftermath of the battle between Asgardians and Frost Giants. Odin named the baby "Loki" and used magic to make him look like an Asgardian, before returning to Asgard with him. Odin adopted Loki into his family, raising him as his own son and a prince of Asgard. Through Loki, Odin planned to unite their two Kingdoms one day, with an alliance that would lead to permanent peace.

Loki grew up under the care of his adoptive mother, Frigga, who taught him how to use magic and developed a very close relationship with him. He also developed a strong bond with his adoptive brother, Thor Odinson. However, Loki disliked living in his brother's shadow, because he felt that Odin always favored Thor to be next king, despite telling them that only one would ascend to the throne but both were born to be kings. For most of his life, he was unaware about the truth of his origins, only finding out as an adult after fighting the Frost Giants during a confrontation on Jotunheim.


I don't enjoy hurting people... I don't enjoy it. I do it because... I have to, because I've had to. Because it's part of the illusion. It's the cruel, elaborate trick conjured by the weak to inspire fear.

Loki is the God of Mischief, an expert liar and trickster. He is a charming, unpredictable, spontaneous, cunning, gifted, and extremely intelligent man. He is often devilish, and many times betrayed even his loved ones to achieve his own goals, but he eventually proves himself as a good-hearted individual. Loki is motivated by his love for Thor and his desire for redemption for his criminal past. All of this, along with his overwhelming ambition means that he never surrenders.

Being told since childhood that he was born as a prince of Asgard and a candidate to be the king, Loki believes he is destined for a "glorious purpose", which he thinks it will be accomplished by becoming a ruler. This belief is shaken when he finds out he was adopted and that his true origins were hidden from him. He is then consumed by his need to show his family that he is a worthy son like his adoptive brother Thor, for whom he is envious because Loki always felt that he was living in his brother's shadow and claims that his adoptive father Odin always favorited Thor. His desire to rule and all his devious acts are ultimately a desperate way of not showing weakness. In truth, Loki does not want or enjoy hurting others, especially his family, but he does it because he feels the need to create the illusion that he is the one in control. Similarly, his mischievous actions are rooted in his desire to get others' attention. Because he is a narcissist, Loki loves being praised and be the center of a show. For this reason, he constantly enjoys making long speeches, performing extravagant entrances, showing off his intelligence and living in luxury while others serve him. In the end, this need for attention also comes from his fear of being alone.

Despite not always showing, his need to get the attention and acceptance of his family are result of the fact that Loki deeply loves them. Frigga, who always was kind and showed care towards him, is normally the one that Loki has less difficulty to demonstrate his affection and vulnerable side. On the other hand, his father is someone he really admires and seeks approval, but Loki also holds resentment towards him for hiding the truth of his origins for so long. However, Loki becoming emotional watching his father's final moments shows how much he actually cares for him despite everything. With Thor, Loki always also shared a close bond as they grew up together. His brother is his rival for the throne of Asgard, being someone he admires and envies at the same time. His desire to rule and indignation after discovering his true origins, makes Loki confront Thor and even hurt him, although at times he lets it show how reluctant he is to do so. Loki wishes to be seen as Thor's equal, and he eventually finds satisfaction in fighting by his side. Later, Loki is reluctant to accept to part ways with his brother, when Thor agrees that he should stay on Sakaar and is hurt by him saying that they are destined to be separated because of their personal differences. But they eventually reconcile and, after the Ragnarok, Loki demonstrates that his brother matters to him more than his own ego and quest for power, as he lets Thor assume the throne of Asgard and is content in just standing by his side. This also leads Loki to ultimately sacrifice himself out of love for Thor.

In the MCU, Loki finds his redemption twice. Originally, Loki joins forces with Thor motivated by his desire for revenge after the Dark Elves killed his mother, whose death left him deeply depressed. Circumstances unite them again when they have to defeat their evil sister Hela, who threats to destroy their home and their people. Loki then shows a selfless side of him when he chooses to return to Asgard to help Thor save the Asgardians instead of staying on Sakaar. Throughout this events, Loki and Thor finally understand each other and reconcile, deciding to stick together. Loki, however, dies shortly after at the hands of Thanos, in a heroic act to save his brother. He also finally states that he is an "Odinson", showing that he no longer holds a grudge against his father and recognizes himself as a true son of Odin just like Thor.

In an alternate timeline, Loki is set in another path of redemption after he was captured by the TVA. This time, he is deeply affected by seeing the events in his predetermined future, realizing that his quest for power and "glorious purpose" will not lead to a throne, just to suffering and death. He becomes disturbed knowing about the death of his parents and that his final fate is to die at the hands of Thanos. Seeing himself and Thor together in the future also helps him understand that he would have his brother's acceptance by becoming a better person. Loki also changes considerably after falling in love with Sylvie, who is himself in another reality but, at the same time, a very different individual from him. He admires her for being so determined but motivated by a distinct goal other than power, despite being a Loki herself. He is impressed by her achievements as she managed to survive on the run since she was a child and successfully plot against the TVA all by herself. This admiration is result of his narcissist side as he sees a lot of himself in her, thus the way Loki finally finds his self-acceptance and love, but it is also because he recognizes Sylvie as her own person. His love for Sylvie also makes him selfless, because he starts to care about her even above his own desires, refusing to leave her side and wishing to protect her. He ultimately casts aside even his wish to have a throne, just so he can be by her side and makes it clear that the most important thing to him is her well-being, also implying that she is his new "glorious purpose".

Powers and abilities[]


  • Frost Giant Physiology: As a Frost Giant, Loki has several superhuman abilities.
    • Superhuman Strength: Loki possesses superhuman strength that is substantially superior to that of an average Asgardian female or male.
    • Superhuman Durability: The tissues of Loki's Frost Giant body are superhumanly durable, enabling him to withstand injuries even from the Hulk, that could be fatal to other beings if hit.
    • Superhuman Stamina: Loki's Frost Giant metabolism grants him superhuman levels of physical stamina in practically all activities.
    • Superhuman Speed: Loki can move faster than average humans.
    • Superhuman Agility: Loki possesses superhuman agility, with reflexes that allowed him to grab Hawkeye's arrow in the air without even looking at it. He also won a physical confrontation against Valkyrie just by dodging her blows and grabbing her with nimble movements.
    • Superhuman Longevity: Like all Frost Giants and Asgardians, Loki ages at a far slower rate than humans and can live for thousands of years.
    • Cold Immunity: Like all Frost Giants, Loki is immune to lower temperatures.
  • Magic: Loki learned magic from his mother, acquiring the ability to generate and control a great number of magical abilities for a variety of purposes. He is also able to create an incredibly convincing illusion of himself and others, and change his appearance to match another person's. His powers are projected in the form of green energy.
    • Illusions: Using his magic, Loki can create powerful illusions in order to deceive his enemies. These illusions usually manifest themselves as hazy, green holographic lights. Loki can also cast illusions upon himself to give himself the appearance of others, effectively allowing him to shapeshift.
      • Duplication Casting: Loki can recreate an exact facsimile of one's own body in its present circumstance, which acts as a true holographic mirror of its molecular structure. He often uses this power to project a duplicate of himself to communicate with someone who is in a different location, as he did to talk with Thor when he was inside the chambers of the champion's challengers on Sakaar. This duplicate cannot interact with the outside world, and will phase in and disappear when touched. Loki also uses these duplicates to confuse his opponents in confrontations, either by hiding among several copies of himself or, most frequently, by exchanging places with a duplicate.
      • Illusion Projection: Loki can depict a detailed image from outside oneself, which is perceptible to the external world. Loki's illusion projections are also able to cover entire rooms. He used this power while imprisoned on Asgard to create the illusion of his normal confident self inside an intact cell, when he actually had destroyed his cell and was depressed mourning his mother's death. He also used this power to project an illusion to fake his own death while fighting the Dark Elves.
    • Shape-Shifting: Loki can magically change the shape of his clothes and/or body and alter his voice to transform himself into other humanoid beings or animals. He can also use his magic to change the forms of others as when he made Thor transform into Lady Sif. As a child, he used this ability to turn himself into a snake to trick Thor and, on another occasion, to temporarily turn his brother into a frog.
    • Presence Concealment: Loki can make himself invisible and unheard to those whom he does not wish to be noticed by. This is a mind trick, similar to hypnosis. This also applies to objects that he conceals with magic. The hidden objects stay with him as if he carried them in a kind of "invisible pocket", thus if Loki takes any damage, the object might be destroyed, as it happened with Sylvie's TemPad when he fell from the train on Lamentis-1.
    • Conjuration: Loki can magically manifest physical objects out of thin air, often when summoning weapons to attack, and can also make them disappear. His conjurations include the objects he previously acquired and hid with magic.
    • Mind Control: Loki can mentally influence the minds of others, often to do his bidding. Loki could also hypnotize people to carry out his schemes using the Mind Stone when it was embedded within his scepter.
    • Telekinesis: Loki can magically manipulate the movement of objects using his mind, generating huge force.
    • Energy Blast: Loki can use his magic to generate greenish energy from his hands and release it on specific targets.
    • Enchantment Resistance: Loki can resist being controlled by magic enchantments, because he claims that his mind is too strong.
    • Enchantments: With Sylvie's help, Loki was able to perform magic enchantments by making physical contact and then taking control of Alioth's mind.


  • Intelligence: Loki has a genius level intellect and possesses a great deal of knowledge of the mystic arts. He is also extremely cunning and skilled, an expert battle strategist, and a highly skilled and charismatic manipulator.
  • Expert Hand-To-Hand Combatant: Loki has advanced martial training, most of the time winning against his opponents because of his agility. He is specialized in dual wielding daggers, which he normally magically conjures to attack his enemies.
  • Swordsmanship: Loki has training in dueling with a sword and is very skilled in wielding one. This is seen when he defeats the guards who are protecting the Time Keepers using Sylvie's machete, and later when wields Kid Loki's sword during his duel against Sylvie.
  • Expert Thief: Loki is a very skilled pickpocket. He was able to steal Mobius' Time Twister and use it to escape the Time Theater which he was being interrogated before Mobius realizing that the device was missing from his pocket.


Marvel Cinematic Universe[]


I never wanted the throne, I only ever wanted to be your equal!
―Loki to Thor
Thor - Photography - Loki and Thor

Loki is the adopted son of Frigga and Odin, as well as Thor's adopted brother. He is seen as an envious and violent man who will stop at nothing to banish Thor and kill him. Loki first appeared in Thor when Thor was supposed to be crowned. As a prank to 'ruin his brother's big day', Loki allowed several Frost Giants to steal the Casket of Ancient Winters. Thor, upset by the turn of events, leads Loki, Sif, and the Warriors Three to Jotunheim where a battles begins. During the fight, Loki is touched by a Jotun and does not react to the Frost Giant's freezing touch. The fight is interrupted when Odin comes and takes them back to Asgard. Odin, disappointed for Thor's actions, banishes Thor powerless to Earth until he became worthy once more by picking up Mjolnir.

Loki then appears in the armory and questions Odin about his true heritage. Odin reveals that he found Loki abandoned as a baby, left to die and that Loki's real father is Laufey, king of the Frost Giant. Loki yells to his adopted father for lying to him, causing Odin to fall into the 'Odin-sleep'. While Odin is asleep, Loki becomes king of Asgard and forbids Thor from returning. Loki then travels to Earth and tells Thor that he is banished to keep Asgard from going to war with Jotunheim and that Odin is dead.

When Loki discovers that Sif and the Warriors Three have gone to earth to retrieve Thor, he dispatches the Destroyer to make sure they do not return. Loki then brings in Jotuns to kill Odin, but later betrays them. After Thor regains Mjolnir and defeats the Destroyer, Thor then returns to deal with Loki. Loki likewise orchestrated an invasion by the Frost Giants, although he quelled the invasion and killed their leader in an attempt to gain Odin's trust. When Thor comes back to face Loki in Asgard and he tries to fight him as he wants to stop Loki from destroying Jotunheim. Thor then breaks the Rainbow Bridge that binds Asgard to other worlds. As Thor and Loki cling to the broken bridge, Odin wakes from the Odin-sleep and rescues them both. Loki then tells Odin that he could have been king and that destroying Jotunheim was for the best. Odin denies him and Loki lets go, falling into a dark abyss.

Loki is seen again after the credits, alive and well, who influences Dr. Erik Selvig to research the newly found Tesseract.

The Avengers[]

Kneel before me! I said, KNEEL! Is not this simpler? Is this not your natural state? It's the unspoken truth of humanity, that you crave subjugation! The bright lure of freedom diminishes your life's joy in a mad scramble for power, for identity. You were made to be ruled! In the end, you will always kneel.
―Loki before a crowd of kneeling humans[src]

After falling through the wormhole, Loki arrived in a part of the universe unknown to both the Asgardians and humans and came into contact with The Other, a servant of Thanos, who offered a pact that would allow him to become ruler of the Earth while Thanos and the Chitauri would take the Tesseract, the cosmic cube left on Earth being studied by S.H.I.E.L.D. Thanos gave him ancient knowledge through the powers of the Tesseract, providing him with a golden bladed staff with a blue gem that was powered by the cube itself. It acted as a very powerful weapon, and also as a mind control device, bending those who were touched by the gem's power to its will.


Loki arrives on the scene.

After accepting the deal, Loki turned his focus back to Earth in search of a suitable agent, someone close to the Tesseract. He found Erik Selvig, a friend of Thor's and a renowned astrophysicist, who had been summoned to the task of unlocking the secrets of the mysterious cube. In time, Selvig came to understand some of the Tesseract's capabilities, and through Loki's influence he developed equipment that would focus some of that power. When the time was right, Loki activated the Tesseract, forming a temporary portal that pulled him through to its location on Earth. He was immediately confronted by S.H.I.E.L.D. agents who fired guns at him only to learn that bullets bounced off of his body. Nick Fury attempted to keep him away from the Tesseract after, but Loki managed to use the scepter to subjugate and control Hawkeye and Selvig, as well as a number of other agents by placing the tip of the scepter at their chest near their heart and allowing the power of the gem to overtake them. He explained to Nick Fury that he wanted the Tesseract as part of his 'glorious purpose' which was to free the earth and humanity from 'freedom... life's great lie' as their one supreme king.

LokiStudgart-The Avengers

Loki in Stuttgart, Germany.

Fury tried to flee with the Tesseract, but then decided to stay and allow himself to die with the cube if it meant stopping Loki as well. Selvig and Hawkeye informed Loki of Fury's intent, prompting Loki to gather the turned agents and leave with the Tesseract after attempting to kill Fury, avoiding Maria Hill's attempt to stop them. The energy it had unleashed consumed the area and the entire S.H.I.E.L.D. compound with it. After securing an area to determine the next course of action for the cube, Loki noted the scepter's gem glowing and calling out to him. He allowed himself to enter a trance where he could appear to the Chitauri leader and his army in a metaphysical form. The Chitauri leader warned Loki that if he failed at his pursuit of earth and the Tesseract did not fall into their hands to be given to Thanos, that there would be no place for him to hide from the overlord's wrath and that he would beg for something as sweet as pain. Now unsettled about potential failure and more determined than ever, Loki went to Stuttgart, Germany with Hawkeye and other turned agents in order to retrieve iridium, necessary to stabilize the portal.

Here he disrupted a gala at a large museum while Barton raided a secure installation for iridium. Loki struck terror into the hearts of patrons and guests by securing the one thing needed for Hawkeye to breach the iridium lock's security measures: the curator's eyeball. Loki strode out after the screaming crowd into the streets where he made several copies of himself, trapping the people and demanding that they kneel before him. Loki bragged that this was man's purpose, but a single man challenged him and his intentions. When Loki prepared to kill the old man, Captain America appeared and challenged him. Seconds later, the Quinjet carrying Black Widow also challenged him from the sky. After a brief battle with the super-soldier, during which Loki had the upper hand, Iron Man arrived and threatened to fire upon Loki, daring him to make a move. Outnumbered, he allowed himself to be captured, secretly plotting to use this to his advantage. As they journeyed to the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier, Thor arrived and extracted Loki from the jet.


Loki in S.H.I.E.L.D custody.

Thor attempted to reason with Loki, imploring him to remember that they were brothers (even if not by blood) and to return home to Asgard and surrender the Tesseract. Loki, however, still resented his brother, and refused to cooperate. Thor was tackled by Iron Man before he could say any more, and Loki remained on his perch as he watched them battle before agreeing to ally themselves. They took him into S.H.I.E.L.D. custody aboard the helicarrier, where he was placed in a confinement capsule designed to hold the Hulk. Loki taunted Fury about his attempts to control the Tesseract and his gathering of misfits to defend Earth. Loki's mere presence was enough to provide a disruptive element that would fragment the only group of heroes that had any hope of stopping him. When Black Widow arrived to speak with him, apparently to offer a deal in exchange for Hawkeye's freedom, he subjected her to a play of wits where he ferreted out her deeper misgivings, but was completely caught off guard when she tricked him into revealing that there was already a monster among them and that it was not him. From this, she concluded that the monster was Banner and that he had planned to use the Hulk to destroy the ship and the heroes as well.

Black Widow and Loki

Loki speaking to Natasha about Barton.

However, Loki's plan to use the Hulk, only one aspect of his real intentions, did follow through as another jet carrying Hawkeye and the rogue agents came to his aide, following a signal from the scepter. The wounded Banner transformed into the Hulk, destroying much of the helicarrier, while one of Loki's controlled agents freed him from the cell. Loki then used illusions of himself to trick Thor into entering the cell and to distract Agent Coulson. Loki mortally wounded Agent Coulson and ejected Thor's cell from the Helicarrier. Though he retrieved his scepter, Hawkeye was released from the mind control, and Loki headed to New York, where Selvig waited with the Tesseract at Stark Tower.


Loki conversation with Tony Stark.

Loki prepared to welcome his army and begin his glorious, but brief, war on the earth. Tony Stark, still alive after the raid and having figured out his plan, caught up with him at the Tower and abandoned his wrecked Iron Man suit to threaten him. When Loki grew weary of the threats he tried to subjugate Stark with the scepter, only to be physically blocked by the arc reactor. Annoyed, he threw the inventor out of a window, and was surprised when a freshly built Iron Man armor rocketed out after the man. Loki found himself briefly under attack when the fully suited Iron Man rocketed back up to retaliate before the Tesseract opened the portal, allowing Loki's Chitauri army to come pouring through. With his triumph near at hand he was confronted by his brother, Thor, who demanded that he at once deactivate the Tesseract or the thunder god would destroy it. Loki refused, claiming that nothing could stop his war.

Loki Stabs Thor

Loki vs Thor.

The brothers fought a second time, Loki's scepter matching Thor's hammer. Blasts from the gem almost completely destroyed the Stark Tower logo on the side of the balcony, blasting the giant letters and debris off the side. When the confrontation came to stalemate with them grappling each others' necks, Thor urged Loki to look around him at the destruction he caused and asked if he truly believed it would all end with his rule. While Loki was unsure of himself, his eyes reverted to their normal green state temporarily as he claimed it was too late to stop the madness, but briefly considered Thor's appeal to work together to end it all and redeem himself. The will of the Tesseract over his mind was stronger than his guilt, however, and he instead stabbed Thor with a throwing knife, preparing to strike him down with the scepter as he knelt before him and laughing in amusement at the sentiment. This did little more than enrage the thunder god, who disarmed his adoptive brother of his staff and picked him up before slamming him down hard on the ruined balcony.

Loki threw himself off the building as he was defeated and managed to land on one of the Chitauri's small flying craft. From there, he led an attack on the city. When the first of the Chitauri's massive Leviathans was destroyed by the Hulk, he commanded the Chitauri on the other side of the still-open portal to send the rest of their massive armada, overwhelming the city's defenses. An aerial chase after Black Widow left his craft destroyed by one of Hawkeye's arrows and Loki landed back on Stark Tower, where the Hulk confronted him. Loki's frustrated rant about his perceived superiority goaded the Hulk into simply picking him up and repeatedly slamming him into the ground like a doll. Loki was too stunned to fight or threaten any longer, more wounded physically than he had ever been before.


Loki defeated.

When he eventually summoned the strength to crawl, he found himself face to face with six of the Earth's mightiest, having defeated the Chitauri army and closing the portal, he quietly requested the drink that Stark had offered before. After the Tesseract was relinquished to Thor, Loki was bound and placed in a metal muzzle (likely to prevent pleading, threatening, or perhaps use of magic) and led to an open area in Central Park with his brother. From there, Thor used the power of the Tesseract to transport both of them home to Asgard.

Thor: The Dark World[]

Loki DarkW

Loki talks with Odin.

Continuing from The Avengers, Loki is taken back to Asgard and brought to his father Odin to answer for his crimes. While Frigga is more than relieved to see him alive, Odin is disappointed in his crime for not only causing treason, but for also leading the Chitauri attack on New York. Loki shows no sign of remorse, thinking he committed a benevolent act as a god. Odin thinks otherwise and adds that if it weren't for the compassion of Frigga, Loki would probably be dead. Odin sentences him to spend the rest of his days in the dungeon. While Loki dwells within confinement, he watches from his cell as Fandral and Volstagg bring in some prisoners, including a disguised Algrim. Loki is visited by Frigga, in the form of a hologram, and expresses her concern toward him, he still has deep love for his mother though he brushes it off, becoming further doubtful of his family's acceptance of him.

When Algrim, who turns into a Kursed, causes a prison break, Loki's cell is left untouched by the dark elf, but he does give advice to Algrim on how to sabotage Asgard's defenses. Loki then returns to his boredom, but is then informed by a guard that Frigga was killed in the attack, evidently causing despair for Loki, as he nearly destroys everything in his cell in a fit of grief and rage. It is not until later on that Thor eventually comes to Loki and sees the effect Frigga's death had upon him. Thor then offers Loki his freedom in exchange for aid against Malekith, in order to enact vengeance for Frigga. Loki knows that Thor is desperate to come seek help from him, though Thor believes that the man he once called his brother is still in Loki. He agrees to help Thor in using diversion tactics. When they meet with Jane Foster (the current host of the Aether), and Sif, Jane slaps Loki for his attack on New York. Sif also promises to kill Loki if he betrays them. With the aid of his allies, Thor, Loki, and Jane escape into the crashed dark elf ship. The Asgardian warriors chase after them until they hop out of the ship and onto a smaller craft flown by Fandral. As he lets the trio make their way out, Loki uses a hidden passageway within Asgard to get to Svartalfheim.

Once they arrive, Loki betrays Thor by stabbing him and then slices off his hand to prevent him from summoning Mjolnir. He throws Jane before the dark elves, claiming his allegiance with them to spite Asgard. Malekith begins to transfer the Aether within Jane to himself. However, the process is interrupted by Thor, where it is revealed that Loki's betrayal was all an illusion to allow Thor to attack unexpectedly. Thor then uses Mjolnir to destroy the gathering Aether with lightning; unfortunately, as Aether cannot be destroyed, the substance quickly reforms and completes its transfer into Malekith. Malekith and the dark elves then make their way toward their giant vessel as Thor attacks them. Algrim throws one of their vortex weapons in the air, which almost catches Jane. But Loki pushes Jane away from it, and is nearly sucked in until Thor pulls him away. Thor fights back against Algrim, but the Kursed beast brutally beats him down. Algrim proceeds to kill Thor himself, but Loki uses a sword to stab Algrim from behind. However, the sword proves ineffective on Algrim, who then grabs Loki and impales him with the very sword he had used against him, and is thrown to the ground. While Algrim gloats in his victory, Loki declares, "See you in Hel, monster," as Algrim quickly realizes that the blade is attached to his own vortex weapon, destroying Algrim before he can react. As Loki lies dying, Thor clutches his brother in his arms, calming him down and vows to tell Odin about Loki's deed, but it is too late; Loki replies to Thor, "I didn't do it for him" before closing his eyes and quietly dies as his skin returns to its blue Frost Giant form. A grief-stricken Thor is left to mourn for Loki's sacrifice.

After Thor and Jane depart for Earth, Loki awakens, confirming his death to be false and disguises himself as a warrior and returns to Asgard to tell Odin that Thor had disappeared with his hammer left behind, and reports to Odin that Loki's body has been found.


Loki is the new king of Asgard.

After Thor defeats Malekith, Thor returns to Asgard and declines Odin's offer to take the throne while telling Odin of Loki's sacrifice. He offers Mjolnir to Odin, but he tells him it belongs to him if he be worthy of it. Thor thanks Odin and walks away. As he leaves, Odin's image shapeshifts into none other than Loki. Now seated in the throne he had long desired, he quietly answers, "No. Thank you."

Thor: Ragnarok[]

Four years after the events of The Dark World, Loki continued to rule Asgard still under the disguise of his adoptive father, Odin. It is revealed that Loki did not kill his father and merely sent him to live on Earth under a spell. Although Loki was able to keep up the act, eventually Thor realizes that Loki is, in fact, alive. To prove it to be true, Thor holds his brother with his hammer hand and threatens to have Mjolnir hit Loki in the face. The former king quickly changes back from Odin and into Loki and promises to lead him to where their father is.

The two of them come to Earth where Loki left their father in a nursing home, only to find the whole building to be demolished.

Detecting the two in New York, Doctor Strange imprisons Loki in an endless loop and only releases him after striking a deal with Thor. Upon arriving in Norway, they find Odin. Much to Loki's surprise, Odin has lost any animosity he had towards him and even says that Frigga would be proud that Loki could cast a spell on him. Loki watches with concern as Odin reveals that he is dying and was shocked when Odin reveals the existence of Hela, their sister. Loki watches on as Odin dies, afterwards Thor angrily confronts Loki and furiously blames him for Odin's death.

However, before Thor threatens Loki, Hela arrives from her prison and confronts the brothers. Loki approaches Hela and tries to peacefully talk to her, and Hela sarcastically notes he sounds like Odin.

As Hela proceeds to attack them, Loki orders to Volstagg to bring them back to Asgard with the Bifrost but in the portal, he and Thor are chased by Hela. Loki is kicked out of the portal by Hela and falls to an alien planet named Sakaar, where he meets the ruler of the planet, Grandmaster. Believing Thor perished in the Bifrost, Loki allies with Grandmaster to survive the planet. Weeks after his arrival, Loki is shocked to find Thor is alive and brought to the Grandmaster. When Grandmaster asks to Loki if he knows Thor, Loki, to maintain his ties with Grandmaster, denies before Thor adds that they are brothers. As Loki is unable to directly help him, Thor discovers he must first defeat the Grandmaster's champion to earn his freedom.

Later, Loki uses an illusion of himself for visit Thor in his prison cell and proposes to Thor to join him and the Grandmaster. However, Thor refuses to talk and remains adamant of returning to Asgard, and still blames Loki for Odin's death and Hela's appearance. Despite his concern for Thor, Loki leaves unable to persuade Thor, although he warns him that the Grandmaster's champion is extremely savage. Loki then wishes luck to Thor in his fight.

In the Grandmaster's quarters, Loki watches Thor in the arena when he and his brother discover the Grandmaster's champion is Hulk. Loki, remembering what Hulk did to him in New York, tries to leave Sakaar but is encouraged to stay by the Grandmaster. Loki watches his brother fight the green monster but luckily, Thor taps into his storm abilities to weaken the Hulk to Loki's shock. However, Thor ultimately loses the fight due to the Grandmaster's intervention, although he survives.

Later, Thor and Hulk escape and attempt to leave the planet, so the Grandmaster orders to Loki and Scrapper 142 to capturing them. Loki and Scrapper then fight for the bounty, during which Loki finds out Scrapper 142 is a lost Valkyrie and makes her relive the moment when Hela killed all of her teammates, but Valkyrie regains her senses and punches Loki unconscious. Loki is then imprisoned with chains by Valkyrie who decides to help Thor for revenge on Hela.

After Valkyrie shows Loki to Thor as a peace offering, Loki sees Bruce Banner, who makes it clear he doesn't trust Loki, although Loki still makes Bruce uncomfortable with his volatile ambitions.

Loki offers to help Thor to use the Commodore to escape from Sakaar and Thor accepts, so Loki is freed and the four join together as the Revengers. The group then start a revolution on Sakaar and free the other gladiators. Loki and Thor defeat the guard to retrieve the ship. Once they find the Commodore, Loki tries to betray Thor to escape Sakaar but Thor expects this and activates the control disk he surreptitiously placed on Loki, paralyzing Loki into submission. Before he leaves, Thor encourages Loki to be more than he is now and he leaves the remote to the disk away from Loki.

Loki remains paralyzed until Korg and the Saakarian Rebels find the remote and deactivate the disk. Loki thanks Korg and requests that he join them in their escape to help Thor defeat Hela, eager of redeeming himself. Together, Loki and the rebels escape from Sakaar sailing in the Statesman.

Loki and the rebels then arrive on Asgard to help evacuate the Asgardians to the Statesman and fight off Hela's army. While Loki, Thor, and Valkyrie confront Hela, Thor realizes they must revive Surtur to stop Hela. Instructed by Thor to retrieve Surtur, Loki goes to Odin's Vault and takes Surtur's crown and, noticing the Tesseract, takes it with him. Loki then throws Surtur's crown into the Eternal Flame and teleports himself with the Tesseract to outside as Surtur arises now a giant. Loki escapes with Thor, Hulk, and Valkyrie on board the Statesman while Surtur destroys both Asgard and Hela. Inside the ship, Loki appears to Thor remarking that Thor (sporting an eyepatch) now looks like their father. Assuming Loki already left them, Thor jokes if Loki was there, he would hug him before realizing Loki is physically present. The two reconcile and make their way to the other Asgardians, where Thor decides to bring them to Earth as their new home.

In a mid-credits scene, the redeemed Loki is uncertain if the humans will accept him on Earth after all he has done, but Thor assures them everything will be alright, Just then, the Sanctuary II ship blocks their path and they are boarded by Thanos.

Avengers: Infinity War[]

I assure you, brother, the sun will shine on us again.
―Loki to Thor[src]

After Thanos and the Black Order decimate half of the Asgardians on board the ship, Loki finds himself at knifepoint by Proxima Midnight and at the mercy of Thanos as the latter threatens Thor's life to get Loki to give up the Tesseract. Loki complies and gives the item to Thanos, who crushes it to gain the Space Stone, before revealing he was distracting Thanos so that Hulk could get the drop on the Mad Titan. Hulk puts up an impressive fight until he is swiftly defeated by Thanos in combat. Hearing Thanos prepares for Earth to gather the remaining Infinity Stones, Loki pretends to offer his loyalty to Thanos while preparing a dagger to stab him. Unfortunately, his act is seen through by Thanos as he stops Loki from carrying out his attempts using the Infinity Gauntlet.

Thanos mocks Loki for his effort, but Loki remains defiant and warns Thanos that he will never become the god he seeks to be. An unfazed Thanos ignores Loki's words and he crushes Loki's neck, dropping his body nearby a horrified Thor prompting the thunder god to cry helplessly. Following the ordeal, Thanos and his underlings leave Thor with Loki's body as they destroy the Statesman and Thor is left floating among the debris.

Avengers: Endgame[]

When Thor and Rocket Raccoon travel back to Asgard in 2013 to obtain the Aether, the 2013 version of Loki is seen remaining in his cell as per the original timeline. While he is unaware of their presence, they sneak past him. Steve Rogers, Tony Stark, Bruce Banner, and Scott Lang travel back to 2012 to get the Tesseract, they come after Loki is defeated and arrested. He is being escorted by the Avengers until Alexander Pierce arrives with some HYDRA operatives to negotiate Loki's custody and the Tesseract. Thor argued that Loki must be served justice on Asgard for his crimes, but Pierce remained unconvinced. When 2012 Stark suddenly fell into cardiac arrest and Pierce and the others tended to him, Loki noticed Lang kicking the briefcase to 2023 Stark, leaving him confused. As Stark attempted to leave with the Tesseract, he was knocked down by Hulk, causing the Tesseract to slide right to Loki's feet. Taking advantage of the diversion, Loki grabs the Tesseract and uses it to escape imprisonment. After Thor manages to reboot 2012 Stark's Arc Reactor, he turns his back to notice that Loki was gone. With this, Loki created an alternate timeline.


Tom Hiddleston reprises his role as the eponymous protagonist in this Disney+ series, set right after the events of Avengers: Endgame.

Season One[]

In the first episode, after using the Tesseract to escape from the Avengers, Loki lands in the Gobi Desert, Mongolia, where he is then captured by a Minutemen unit of the Time Variance Authority (TVA) led by Hunter B-15, before they reset the timeline he was in. In the TVA's headquarters, he watches a video narrated by Miss Minutes, explaining that he was captured because he deviated from his path determined by the creators of the TVA, the Time Keepers. He learns that a long time ago there was Multiversal War, but the Time Keepers managed to restore the peace by reorganizing the Multiverse into the Sacred Timeline. With this, when he stepped off his way, he created a nexus event which results in the Sacred Timeline branching, which could lead to another war. Deviating from his path turned him into what they call a "Variant" so he now must be judged for his offenses.

Loki - 1x01 - Glorious Purpose - Loki Prisoner

After being captured by TVA, Loki is judged for his crimes against the Sacred Timeline.

During his trial, Judge Ravonna Renslayer accuses him of crimes against the Sacred Timeline, but Loki believes the TVA should suspect the Avengers, because they were the ones who went back in time, causing him to acquire the Tesseract and end up in this situation. However, Ravonna counters this by saying the Avengers' mission was meant to happen according to what is determined by the Time Keepers, but Loki's escape was not. Loki finds this absurd and requests to talk with the Time Keepers, but Ravonna tells him that they are too busy dictating the proper flow of time. Loki tries to use his powers and fails, so Ravonna tells him that magic does not work inside their headquarters. Loki is sentenced to be reset, and resists, not wanting the organization to decide his fate in his story. Ravonna tells him that this story is not about him, it never was. However, an agent that has been watching the trial, Mobius, convinces Ravonna to use Loki to solve their current criminal investigation.

You weren't born to be king, Loki. You were born to cause pain, and suffering, and death. That's how it is, that's how it was, that's how it will be. All so that others can achieve their best version of themselves.
Mobius to Loki[src]
Loki - 1x01 - Glorious Purpose - Photography - Mobius and Loki

Mobius shows Loki a recording with events of his life while investigating the reason behind his misdeeds.

Following this, Mobius takes Loki to a Time Theater and says he is specialized in the pursuit of dangerous Variants, but doesn't consider Loki as one of them, referring to him as a "little pussycat". Mobius reviews Loki's past misdeeds and question his habit of killing and hurting people. Mobius asks Loki what he will do if he is freed and returns to the timeline. Loki tells Mobius that he will claim his throne of Midgard, then Asgard, and eventually the Nine Realms. Loki states that he was born to be king and was in the verge of accomplishing it before being captured. Mobius asks what Loki will do in case he succeeds in becoming king. Loki replies that freedom is a lie because almost every living being is doomed to make wrong choices, so he intends to make it easier for them by eliminating their options when they submit to him. Mobius then shows some events of Loki's life from a recording, reviewing some of his misdeeds, including events during his fight against the Avengers and the time he hijacked a plane as D.B. Cooper after losing a bet to his adoptive brother Thor.

Mobius notes that despite Loki claiming he was born to rule, he loses a lot and his actions are not really "mischievous", instead he only causes harm, pain, and death, which makes Mobius wonder if Loki harms people for his own enjoyment. Mobius then shows a recording of some events in Loki's future if he was arrested and taken back to Asgard. Mobius shows that Loki would eventually cause the death of his adoptive mother, Frigga, upon accidentally revealing her location to the Dark Elves. This deeply disturbs Loki, who initially thinks that the recording is fake. Mobius tells Loki that his role on the Sacred Timeline is to cause death and destruction in order to allow the ascension of others, as the Avengers, not his own. Mobius is then called by Hunter B-15, leaving Loki alone inside the Time Theater. When Mobius returns, he notices that Loki had stolen the TVA tech he was carrying and had teleported himself from the room.

Loki watches his own death

Loki watches himself die at the hands of Thanos during the events of Avengers: Infinity War.

Loki attempts to retrieve the Tesseract from one of the TVA workers but gives up escaping upon realizing that the TVA's power exceeds his and that of the Infinity Stones, as the stones become powerless and are used as paperweights inside the TVA. Loki returns to the Time Theater and tearfully witnesses the other events in the recording of his soon-would be future that shows the death of Frigga and also of his adoptive father Odin, him finally reconciling with Thor, and then his own death by Thanos' hand. Emotionally affected by the recording, when Mobius returns looking for him, Loki confesses that he does not like to hurt people, but he does it to keep the illusion that he has power and is in control. Loki admits recognizing himself as a villain, but Mobius says that he doesn't see Loki this way. Realizing that his cruelty and mischief will not lead to his ascendance and that he won't be able to return to his timeline, Loki agrees to work with Mobius to capture a rogue Variant of himself that has been killing the Minutemen.

In the second episode, Loki has been studying to participate in the mission to capture the Variant and before going to the field for the first time, he finds out that the TVA has pruned many Loki Variants, more than any other kind of Variant. Before leaving to the mission, Loki asks Mobius if they are not afraid that he will eventually betray the TVA, especially because he will have his magic powers again on the field. Mobius tells him that betrayal won't help Loki to get close to the Time Keepers, making Loki realize that they might let him have an audience with the creators of the TVA if he helps the organization. Arriving to the Renaissance Faire branch in 1985, where the last attack of the Variant occurred, Mobius questions if Loki has been studying the TVA material and a Minutemen quizzes him about reset charges, the tech that the Variant has been stealing from their units. Loki replies that the tech allows the timeline to "heal its wounds" according to the TVA propaganda, but he notes that it is another way to say "disintegrate everything in its vicinity".

Upon finding the tent where the Variant had ambushed a Minutemen unit, Loki tries to trick Mobius and the TVA. He stalls for time by stating that the Variant had set a trap outside tent and starts to explain how he would think in this situation. Loki tells them that he now has a newfound purpose as a servant of the Sacred Timeline, but he needs assurances to continue to help the TVA. Loki asks not to be pruned as soon as their mission to capture the Variant is done and also says he needs to talk immediately to the Time Keepers. However, Mobius knows Loki is lying and just tells the TVA to proceed in resetting the timeline. Mobius later tells Loki that despite knowing that he will try to deceive them to get to the Time Keepers and take control of the TVA, he wants Loki to continue to help them. Mobius tells him that Loki's need for validation, because the Variant seems to be a superior version of him, will motivate him to capture the Time Criminal, instead of a wish to be a hero or help the TVA. When Loki asks why he would risk so much for him, Mobius responds that he pities him, seeing him just as a scared little boy, and also that he really just wants to get the criminal somehow.

Loki Mobius Pompeii

Traveling to Pompeii, Loki tests his theory to show Mobius how the Variant is hiding in apocalypse events.

Mobius tells Loki this is his last chance to help and instructs him to read all the files regarding the Variant to see if he finds out something that the TVA has been overlooking. While reading them in the TVA Archives, Loki comes across a file about the Ragnarok and becomes emotionally distressed that his homeplanet and its people are destined to be destroyed. However, Loki then notices that the event caused zero variance energy and realizes that apocalypses are the perfect hiding place for the Variant. Loki explains to Mobius that if everything in a location is destined to be destroyed during an apocalypse, the Variant could do anything without creating a branched timeline, thus it would not be detected by the TVA. Mobius reluctant to test this theory with him, predicting that Loki might try to backstab him on the field. Loki argues that even if Mobius can't trust him, the agent can be certain that he loves to be proven right. Mobius then takes Loki to before the destruction of Pompeii to test this theory, where Loki starts a commotion, revealing to everyone that him and Mobius are from the future and saying that they are all going to die when the volcano erupts. Mobius realizes that the theory is correct when the timeline doesn't branch despite of what Loki did.

Later, Loki becomes curious about the jet ski magazines that Mobius possesses. Mobius explains that he loves jet skis, but he never has been on one, as a member of the TVA appearing on the timeline on a jet ski would certainly cause a branch, but he keeps the magazines to remember the reason they are fighting. Mobius tells Loki more about the purpose of the TVA, that all the workers were created by the Time Keepers to protect the Sacred Timeline, but Loki thinks that this story is hard to believe. Mobius says that his work at the TVA is his life and the organization is real because he believes it is. When Loki asks how time will end, Mobius explains that the Time Keepers are still finishing to work on the ending for it which will bring peace and order for eternity. Loki thinks that this story is hard to believe and also says that all would be boring with no chaos. When Loki tries to correct Mobius for calling him a "scared little boy" earlier, Mobius remembers a clue, "Kablooie blooberrie" candy that the Variant had given to a child during one of the attacks. With this, they read more files and discover that the Variant is probably hiding in the apocalypse of Alabama, 2050, at a Roxxcart superstore. After gathering a team and traveling to the location, Hunter B-15 orders Loki to remain with her, arguing that this is her field of operation. Mobius initially refuses, reminding that Loki still dangerous and is under his supervision. Loki accepts to go with B-15 and assures both that he will earn their trust. The Variant, however, is aware of the TVA's arrival and is prepared to confront them.

Loki meets Loki

Loki meets the Variant inside the Roxxcart superstore.

After separating from Mobius, Loki accompanies Hunter B-15 while searching for the Variant, and they eventually find a suspicious man. This civilian grabs B-15 arm and Loki realizes that she is now being controlled by the Variant's enchantment. The Variant talks with Loki while transferring the enchantment to the bodies of other individuals inside the store by making them touch the next target. Loki offers a place beside him when he takes control of the TVA but the Variant has no interest in it, having a different plan. The Variant rejects being called "Loki" upon being addressed by this name and starts to fight Loki inside the store. Looking around, Loki sees that reset charges have been set up all over Roxxcart, and thinks that the Variant plans to blow up the place. Then, the Variant finally appears to Loki, revealing to be a female version of him. She had prepared the reset charges she had been collecting and sends all of them to the Sacred Timeline, creating several branches. The Variant gets her TemPad and waves him goodbye, before leaving through a Time Door. As Loki watches the Variant leaving, Mobius and the TVA finally find him. Mobius, B-15, and a Hunter named "D-90", run towards Loki, with Mobius pleading him not to follow the Variant. However, Loki makes up his mind and decides to go after her.

In the third episode, Loki chases the Variant, leading him back to the TVA. As the Variant walks inside the building, attacking and knocking out the Minutemen that cross her path, Loki follows the trail of defeated enemies she left behind. Loki faces the Variant again and offers an alliance, but she refuses and fights him. Ravonna Renslayer then appears, making Loki use the TemPad that the Variant is carrying to transport himself and the Variant somewhere else. There, they continue to fight for the TemPad until she sees that it needs to be recharged, before Loki takes it from her and conceals it using his magic. To her horror, the Variant realizes that Loki had transported them to the apocalypse of Lamentis-1, in which the moon will crash into the planet, killing everyone in it. The Variant attempts to enchant Loki to make him return the TemPad, but he claims that his mind is too strong to be controlled. She tells him that she had been carefully plotting against the TVA for years just to have him ruining all her plans. Against her will, they are forced to work together to survive and decide to look for a power source to recharge the TemPad. She tells him not to call her "Variant" or "Loki", because she prefers to be called "Sylvie".

Loki and Sylvie - magic

Loki shows Sylvie the magic that his mother taught him.

Sylvie and Loki find an abandoned town, where an old woman tells them that the inhabitants of Lamentis are evacuating the moon inside an Ark. Intending to use the power of the Ark to recharge the TemPad, they manage to get in a train to the vessel thanks to Loki using his magic to disguise himself as a guard and Sylvie using her magic to enchant one of the guards. Inside the train, Loki and Sylvie talk about their lives. He tells her that he learned magic from his mother Frigga and casts fireworks from his hand to show a trick she taught him. He says that his mother always believed in him and also that he was adopted. Sylvie then reveals that she always knew that she was adopted, which surprises him, but she can barely remember her mother. She also tells him that she learned to do enchantments by herself and then offers to show him how to do them, but Loki refuses, knowing she will try to enchant him to get the TemPad. They discuss their past love interests, and Loki reveals that he had been with women and men and he suspects that Sylvie had also been with both, but none of the relationships felt real, which Sylvie agrees. She claims that love must be a mischief, but Loki disagrees and thinks that he would need to drink more to elaborate about it.

After Sylvie wakes up from a nap, she sees that Loki is not using his disguise anymore and is also very drunk while dancing with other passengers and singing for her. She tries to warn him, saying that some people are already looking at him suspiciously, but he is too drunk to be concerned. Loki says that he finally figured out the answer to her question and tells her a clumsy metaphor about the meaning of love, comparing it to a dagger, which Sylvie considers to be a terrible metaphor. Then, the guards approach Loki, demanding to see the tickets, forcing the pair to fight them. However, Loki is thrown off the train, prompting Sylvie to jump after him and demand the TemPad back. Loki reveals that the TemPad was destroyed during his fall, infuriating Sylvie that tells him that he killed them both because he got drunk in the train and throws a fit. When Sylvie reveals that the Ark won't leave and will be destroyed along with the moon, Loki tries to comfort Sylvie by giving her the idea to hijack the Ark and make it take off before Lamentis is destroyed.

Sylvie and Loki - Lamentis ending

Loki and Sylvie witness the Ark being destroyed, leaving them with no way to escape the apocalypse.

Agreeing with the new plan, Sylvie walks with Loki to where the Ark will take off and along the way she tells him about how she does her enchantments. Sylvie explains that the mind of Hunter C-20 was messed up and that she had to pull a memory from before the soldier joined the TVA in order to create a fantasy and control her mind, inexplicably revealing that Hunter C-20 and the TVA workers had normal lives in the Sacred Timeline. Sylvie then clarifies that the members of the TVA are all Variants, surprising Loki as he realizes that the people at TVA is unaware of the truth of their past. Arriving at the location of the Ark, they rush to get to it and help each other among a crowd of people, meteors that start to fall from the sky and guards that fight them as they approach the vessel. However, when they get close to it, they witness the Ark being destroyed by a giant meteor, leaving them trapped in the apocalypse.

Sylvie touches Loki's arm EP4

While waiting to die, Loki and Sylvie fall in love, creating a nexus event that allows the TVA to locate them.

In the fourth episode, Sylvie and Loki are still stuck on Lamentis-1, and they both accept the fact that they are going to die. Loki sits beside Sylvie as she watches the moon being destroyed and apologizes to her. She tells him about her past and how she had been running from the TVA since she was a child until she finally learned to hide in the apocalypses, just to be now waiting to die in one. She asks him if what makes someone a Loki is the fact that they are destined to lose, but Loki replies that even if they lose, they will always survive. Loki tells Sylvie that she is a proof of this. He states that Sylvie managing to survive being persecuted by the TVA since she was a child and almost taking down the entire organization that governs the order of time by herself is impressive, and calls her amazing for it. Emotionally affected by his words, Sylvie reaches out and affectionately touches his arm, prompting Loki to grab her hand as they watch the destruction coming closer to them. Preparing for their deaths, they have a moment in which they gaze and smile at each other while new feelings grow between them.

Loki and Sylvie are captured by the TVA

Loki and Sylvie are captured by the TVA.

Just before they perish, two Time Doors suddenly appear before them as the TVA shows up on Lamentis and arrests them both, because at the moment Sylvie touched Loki, they detected a nexus event causing an abnormal straight-up branch, allowing the organization to locate them even in the apocalypse. The pair is separated and put in different Time Theaters. Mobius accuses Loki of betrayal, and calls him an "asshole" and a "bad friend" while the Minutemen take him to be punished inside a Time Cell. Just before being imprisoned, Loki tries to tell Mobius that the TVA is lying to him, but with no avail as Mobius just laughs off. The Time Cell is revealed to be a memory prison, in which Loki has to relive the day he cut Lady Sif's hair to play a prank on her, and then got beaten by her because of it. Loki tries to avoid Sif's fury and even attempts to tell her that she is not real, that she is a memory created by the TVA and then asks for her help, but she only hits him and keeps saying that he will always be alone. Loki gets beaten repeatedly, to the point that he tries to apologize and confesses that he plays pranks on others because he is a narcissist, likes attention and is scared of being alone. This confession makes Sif pause and she does not hit him, but she still emphasizes that being alone is exactly what he deserves.

Sometime later, Mobius returns to interrogate Loki. Mobius questions on what Loki said about the TVA lying to him, but Loki refuses to explain anything if he is not freed. Mobius simply bushes off this request and moves on to the next question. He asks about Loki's relationship with the Variant and how long he has been working with her. Loki immediately denies being Sylvie's partner, explaining that she is a very difficult and irritable person who keeps hitting him all the time. Mobius inquiries about the nexus event on Lamentis, but Loki once again refuses to say anything without the assurance he won't be pruned later. However, Mobius threats to send him to Lady Sif again, prompting Loki to elaborate a lie. Loki tells Mobius that he indeed is the one behind everything. He claims that, a long time ago, Sylvie came to him on Asgard, where they devised their plans. But Loki claims he is just using her as a pawn in his big master plan, so he will dispose of her afterwards.

You like her! Does she like you? I mean, no wonder you have no clue what caused the nexus event on Lamentis. Both of you were just swooning over each other, I guess. It is the apocalypse. Two Variants of the same being, especially you, forming this kind of sick twisted romantic relationship. That's pure chaos! That could break reality. It's breaking my reality right now! What an incredible seismic narcissist! You fell for yourself!
Mobius to Loki[src]
Loki hears about Sylvie being pruned

Loki in shock when he hears Mobius saying that Sylvie was pruned.

Not fooled by Loki's story, Mobius decides to make up his own lie to test him. Mobius tells him that the Variant was already pruned by Hunter B-15 when she tried to escape from her cell, so Loki does not need to worry about dealing with her anymore. Mobius adds that Loki should thank B-15, because now the Variant is gone, so in the end he is the "superior Loki". Loki becomes shocked hearing about Sylvie's supposed demise and immediately has tears in his eyes, but he tries to hide, attempting to keep a straight face and pretending not to be affected by the news. Mobius, who has been watching him and notices his reaction, starts to laugh, realizing that Loki is in love with Sylvie. Mobius explains that Loki and the Variant falling in love with each other is a source of pure chaos as they are two Variants of the same being. Mobius also tells Loki that their romantic relationship is the reason of the nexus event on Lamentis and it also could break the current reality. He pokes fun at the fact that Loki fell in love with himself and calls him an "incredible seismic narcissist". Loki hears and does not deny anything Mobius says, instead he emphasizes that the Variant's name is Sylvie. Irritated, as Mobius keeps teasing him about his feelings for Sylvie, Loki asks if she is still alive. He sighs in relief when Mobius confirms that she is.

Mobius questions about their plans, so Loki says that he allied with Sylvie because of their similar goals. Loki explains that the Time Keepers need to be overthrown and that Sylvie relied to him something that affects all of them. Mobius, however, refuses to believe in Loki or anything that his "terrorist girlfriend" said. Loki gets frustrated with Mobius, so he yells that all the members of the TVA are Variants. He continues by saying that the Time Keepers did not create them, they were kidnapped from their timelines and had their memories erased, but Sylvie can access the memories of their past lives through enchantment. Despite being affected by this reveal, Mobius initially seems not to believe in Loki and orders the Minutemen to put him back in the Time Cell. Just before entering the cell again, Loki says that of all the liars in the TVA, Mobius is the biggest. Mobius wonders if Loki is still upset because he lied about his girlfriend. Loki replies that he is talking about the lies Mobius tells himself.

After confirming the truth of the TVA by checking Ravonna Renslayer's TemPad, a troubled Mobius returns to talk to Loki inside the Time Cell, and asks if he truly loves Sylvie. Mobius questions Loki if he really thinks he deserves to be alone, but Loki does not have an answer. Mobius explains that Loki and Sylvie's romantic connection caused a nexus event so powerful that could destroy the TVA, and asks if Loki is certain that Sylvie didn't implant any memories in C-20's mind. Loki replies that he believes in Sylvie and Mobius feels cornered in having to trust in two Lokis, but Loki then tells him that Mobius can trust him as his friend. Mobius tells Loki that he was right about the TVA from the beginning and says that he needs Loki to trust him if he really wants to save Sylvie. Just before they leave the Time Cell, Mobius turns to Loki and tells him that he believes that he could be whatever he would like to be, even someone good, and says that he needs Loki to know this in case anyone has ever told him any different. Then, outside the cell, they meet Ravonna, who is aware that Mobius now knows the truth. She orders the Minutemen to prune Mobius as Loki watches it in horror and cries for his friend.

Loki almost confesses his love - Loki EP4

Loki tries to tell Sylvie that he is in love with her, but then he is suddenly pruned by Ravonna.

Loki and Sylvie are reunited as Ravonna and the Minutemen take them to face the Time Keepers. Loki reassures Sylvie that he is okay when she notices his solemn expression and asks him. Loki and Sylvie try to confront the Time Keepers, Loki tells them to do their worst, because he lost count of how many times he has been killed and is not scared of them. Sylvie and Loki are sentenced to be deleted, but B-15 shows up and frees them. Then, they both fight and manage to defeat all the guards, but when Sylvie beheads one of the Time Keepers, the duo sees that they are just mindless androids, making Loki question who in fact created the TVA. Frustrated that they found no answers, Loki tries to comfort Sylvie and attempts to confess his love for her, but as he is distracted, he is suddenly pruned by Ravonna, who hits him from behind with a Time Stick. Loki wakes up somewhere else, thinking he is in Hel, but then sees other Loki Variants inviting him to join them in order to survive.

Loki - 1x05 - Journey into Mystery - Loki with other Lokis

Loki meets other Loki Variants in the Void.

In the fifth episode, Loki joins the other Variants of himself, Classic Loki, Kid Loki, Alligator Loki and Boastful Loki. Loki becomes exasperated wanting to know where he is and what is going on. The Variants explain that they are in the Void, the place that everything goes after being pruned by the TVA. They also tell him that they are walking fast to escape Alioth, a living tempest that consumes the matter and energy transported to the Void, assuring that nothing ever returns. Loki asks them if there is a way to escape the Void because he needs to return to the TVA. The other Lokis tell him that none of their plans to escape the place ever succeed and that one way to leave is with a TemPad, but there are no TemPads around. Loki asks why there are so many Loki Variants in the Void. Classic Loki, an older Loki, explains that Lokis are good at surviving. Loki is surprised to find an alligator among them, and even more when the Lokis confirm that he is also a Loki Variant. Because the Lokis hear orders from Kid Loki, Loki asks them why they follow the commands of a child. Classic Loki tells him that the Void is Kid Loki's kingdom.

Boastful Loki and Classic Loki with Loki EP5

Loki hears the stories of the other Lokis.

Loki follows his Variants, and they walk until they arrive at their underground hideout, the Loki Palace. As they enter, Classic Loki asks why Loki wants to return to the TVA so badly and Boastful Loki playful asks if Loki had left his "glorious purpose" there. Loki replies that he sort of did. Inside the hideout, they rest and tell each other their stories. Loki is curious about the story of Classic Loki, who explains that he lived his life without deviating from his path in the Sacred Timeline but managed to survive Thanos' attack after the Ragnarok. Classic Loki says that he casted an illusion of himself able to fool Thanos and fake his death, before hiding and then isolating himself at a remote planet for many years. However, because he felt lonely, Classic Loki eventually tried to leave the planet to search for his brother, just to be immediately captured by the TVA. This makes Classic Loki bitterly tell them that the Lokis are destined to be outcasts on the Sacred Timeline.

Loki then reveals why he wants to return to the TVA, telling them about Sylvie. Loki explains that Sylvie is different despite being a Loki Variant, because she is trying to bring down the TVA instead of taking over it. Loki claims that Sylvie needs him and that she is their chance to stop the TVA, so he plans to kill Alioth to leave the Void and find her. He asks the other Lokis to help him, but they just laugh because they think that it is impossible to kill Alioth. Frustrated, Loki attempts to leave the hideout, but he runs into President Loki, who is accompanied by an army of Lokis. Boastful Loki reveals that he betrayed them by telling their location to President Loki to gain the army of Lokis and to overthrow Kid Loki, becoming the new king. However, President Loki betrays Boastful Loki, wanting the army and the throne for himself. Then, President Loki is betrayed by his own army of Lokis as they also want the throne. In a corner of the room, Loki watches this scene and is clearly ashamed by the actions of the other versions of himself. When a battle starts inside the Loki Palace, Classic Loki casts illusions that allow him, Loki, Kid Loki and Alligator Loki to escape the place.

Kid Loki and Classic Loki with Loki EP5

Loki and the other Lokis plan how to defeat Alioth.

After escaping, Classic Loki and Kid Loki express their frustration, saying that all Lokis are blinded by their own ambitions, not being able to change, and whenever they try to fix themselves and become better individuals, the TVA sends them to die in the Void. Loki tells them that this is the reason why he needs to go back and look for Sylvie. When Classic Loki asks him if he really trusts her, Loki replies that Sylvie is the only one he really trusts and their only chance to bring down the TVA. Upon hearing this, the Lokis accept to help him kill Alioth, although they agree only to guide him but not help him fight the creature. While they are watching Alioth from afar and thinking about a plan, they see a car approaching. Kid Loki warns Loki to stay alert, but Loki realizes that it is Sylvie and runs to reunite with her. Loki becomes surprised to see both Sylvie and Mobius again. He asks Sylvie if she is okay and how did she get to the Void, she replies that she came to help him. He introduces the other Lokis to Sylvie and explains about their plan, but Sylvie tells him that it is absurd to try to stab a giant cloud to death. She explains to him that the person behind the TVA is beyond the Void and is using Alioth as a guard dog to protect the only entrance and, because she managed to link with the creature earlier, she plans to enchant it.

Loki shares his blanket with Sylvie EP5

Loki and Sylvie share a blanket and discuss what they will do after the TVA is taken down.

Later, Loki and Sylvie are sitting together, discussing the recent events. Sylvie says that Mobius isn't so bad, Loki adds that he isn't so good either which is the reason they get along, and Sylvie tells Loki that his friend seems to really care about him. Then, she mentions that Mobius told her about their nexus event on Lamentis. Sylvie claims not to believe in "Mobius' theory" about the two of them falling in love being the cause of the nexus event, but they now seem awkward around each other because of their romantic feelings. Sylvie tells him that she is not used to have anyone in her life and that her main focus always was to destroy the TVA. While they are talking, Loki conjures a blanked claiming to be feeling cold, then he uses his magic to make it larger to share it with her, making Sylvie snuggle close to him. When Sylvie reveals that she is scared that he will betray her in the end, Loki assures her that even if he betrayed everyone that ever loved him in the past, he is not that person anymore and won't disappoint her. Sylvie playfully tells him that there might be a timeline for him to rule if they win, but Loki smiles about it and asks what she is going to do after the TVA is defeated. Sylvie admits that she doesn't know and Loki says that he doesn't either, before telling her that they could figure out together.

While preparing to face Alioth, Sylvie gives Ravonna's TemPad to Loki for him to return to the TVA with Mobius. But Loki refuses to leave Sylvie, declaring that he will go wherever she goes. The other Lokis say goodbye, and Kid Loki conjures a sword and gives it to Loki before leaving with the others. Loki asks Mobius what he will do when he returns to the TVA. Mobius responds he will "burn it to the ground" and thanks him for the spark, then says goodbye to them. Loki hugs Mobius and thanks him for everything, before his friend leaves the Void through a Time Door. Sylvie and Loki then wait for a branched timeline to appear to enchant Alioth while it is distracted. Loki realizes that they might not have time to wait, so he puts a hand on Sylvie's shoulder, to tell her that he will try to create a distraction. Sylvie shakes her head, asking him not to do it, but Loki runs holding Kid Loki's sword and using his magic to ignite it, attempting to call for the creature while Sylvie starts to enchant it.

Sylvie and Loki enchant Alioth EP5

Sylvie and Loki enchant Alioth.

However, Loki fails and then panics when he sees that Alioth is going after Sylvie instead. Sylvie is saved by Classic Loki, who comes back and uses his magic to cast a perfect illusion of Asgard. Sylvie wonders how Classic Loki is even doing such illusion and Loki tells her that they are stronger than they realize. While Alioth is distracted by Classic Loki, Sylvie takes Loki's hand and tells him that they are going to enchant the creature together. When Loki says that he doesn't know how to do magic enchantments, Sylvie tells him that he actually does because they are the same. Asgard's illusion distracts Alioth, but Classic Loki gets tired, so his projection disappears and he is later devoured by the creature, sacrificing himself to help them. When Alioth moves towards the pair again, they manage to enchant it in time, causing the living storm to dissipate, revealing a castle in the distance. Still holding hands, Sylvie and Loki walk towards it.

Sylvie and Loki talk to Miss Minutes - Loki EP6

Miss Minutes offers Sylvie and Loki everything they desire, including putting them together on the Sacred Timeline.

In the final episode of the season, Loki and Sylvie arrive at the castle. Sylvie becomes clearly nervous, telling Loki that she waited for this moment her entire life and Loki gives her time before they enter. Inside, they meet Miss Minutes, who greets and welcomes them to the Citadel at the End of Time. She informs that the creator and ruler of the TVA, He Who Remains, is impressed that the pair came as far as they did. Miss Minutes tells them that He Who Remains is offering a deal: if they both let the TVA continue to do their work, they can be reinserted on the Sacred Timeline and have whatever they want. She tells Loki that he could return and win the Battle of New York, kill Thanos, have the throne of Asgard and the Infinity Gauntlet, while Sylvie would finally be allowed to live a normal life without being a fugitive. Miss Minutes also offers to insert them together on the Sacred Timeline, and have everything together, which makes the duo pause, asking if this is even possible. Despite being tempted, Sylvie and Loki refuse the offer, Sylvie thinks that this would be as living in a fiction and Loki says that now they are the ones who will decide their own destiny.

Walking inside the Citadel, they finally meet He Who Remains and they enter an elevator after he invited the duo to talk in his office. He Who Remains asks if they are surprised for him being different from what they expected. Loki is in fact surprised seeing that he is just a man, while Sylvie says he is easier to kill because of this and repeatedly tries to hit him with her machete but He Who Remains escapes from all her attempts with his modified TemPad. In his office, He Who Remains reveals that he TemPad was loaded with everything he needs to prevent him to be killed by them and he was able to do this because he knows the future. He gets a bunch of scripts with descriptions about past and future events, and shows them a page with their discussion from the last few minutes as proof of his claim. He explains that he knows and has seen everything, including things that the TVA doesn't know. He saw everything they did during their journey on Lamentis and in the Void, so he knows all their talks, plans, and even about their intimate moments as their shared sentimental look by the lake on Lamentis. He then reveals that he not only knew that Loki and Sylvie would come, but he also had facilitated their way to get to the Citadel. He Who Remains planned this encounter and also knows everything that will happen next, so Loki asks if everything so far was just a manipulation. He Who Remains thinks that it is interesting that someone like Loki concluded this. He provokes the pair by asking Sylvie if Loki is really trustworthy, implying that the God of Mischief is manipulating her. Loki tells Sylvie not to listen to him, but then He Who Remains asks if she is even capable of trusting anyone at all.

Sylvie and Loki - Loki EP6

Sylvie and Loki hear He Who Remains inside his office.

He Who Remains tells them that the TVA was created to prevent the other Variants of himself from destroying the Multiverse. Because of their desire to conquer the new timelines discovered in the Multiverse, the others He Who Remains Variants caused the previous Multiversal War that almost brought the end to everything. The war ended when He Who Remains managed to weaponize Alioth and prune the timelines, putting an end to his own Variants. He Who Remains then explains that there are two options for Sylvie and Loki decide what they will do next: kill him and free the timeline, allowing the infinite versions of He Who Remains to start another Multiversal War, or they could take his place and become the new rulers of the TVA. When Loki asks him why he would give them the control of the TVA, He Who Remains admits that he is too old and tired, so he has been searching for someone to take his place. He Who Remains tells them that he finally found the right person to do it, and that the person arrived as a duo. He also says that if Loki and Sylvie assume his position, they can rule the TVA however they want, even as benevolent rulers. Loki is convinced by this story, while Sylvie says that He Who Remains is lying and is not willing forgive him for the destruction of her timeline.

During their discussion, the Sacred Timeline, which can be seen outside the windows of the office, suddenly starts branching off and He Who Remains says that they crossed the threshold in time. He then reveals to Sylvie and Loki that he lied about knowing all the events that will happen, because he only knew everything up to a point, which literally just passed. No longer being able to predict what will happen from this point on, He Who Remains is excited with the unknown and Loki asks if he will simply sit and wait them to decide his fate. He Who Remains replies that he will, because there is no real bad result for him, no matter what they choose; if the duo decides to take his place, they will continue his life's work; if they kill him, his Variants will cause a Multiversal War, which will end with him becoming the ruler of the TVA again. To show he is telling the truth, He Who Remains removes his TemPad from his wrist and places it on the table in front of the pair. As He Who Remains has no way to defend himself without his TemPad, Sylvie takes her chance to attack him, but Loki surprises her by holding her arm and stopping her from doing it.

Sylvie and Loki fight - Loki EP6

Sylvie fights Loki, who tries to stop her from killing He Who Remains.

Loki tells Sylvie that he believes in He Who Remains' story and that they should think about their next actions carefully to not risk unleashing something worse. Sylvie states that He Who Remains is lying, but Loki says he is a liar himself and doesn't think so. When Loki tries to explain to her that if He Who Remains is removed, his position will be available for someone else, possibly worse, to take it, Sylvie accuses Loki of wanting He Who Remains' position to have a throne for himself. Feeling betrayed, Sylvie asks if all that happened between them was just a long con. Loki is visibly hurt by her accusation, now thinking that Sylvie never really trusted him despite everything they have gone through together. He tells her that the problem involves the balance of the universe and not him wanting a throne. Sylvie realizes that the two of them are not seeing things the same way and wonders why. Loki tells her it is because she cannot trust anyone, and he is not a trustworthy person. The pair starts a battle inside the office, with Sylvie attempting to get Loki out of her way, while Loki is trying to prevent her from reaching He Who Remains. Loki begs Sylvie to stop and think about the consequences of making the wrong choice. Infuriated, Sylvie even dares Loki to kill her to take the throne she thinks he wants, but Loki, clearly disturbed by this, refuses to harm her.

I've been where you are. I felt what you feel. Don't ask me how I know. All I know... is I don't wanna hurt you. I don't want a throne. I just... I just want you to be okay.
―Loki to Sylvie[src]
Sylvie kisses Loki - Loki EP6

Moved by his words, Sylvie kisses Loki, before using a TemPad to send him back to the TVA.

At one point, Sylvie finally seems to have the advantage and jumps to kill He Who Remains, but she actually had hit one of Loki's illusions with her magical energy blast and the real Loki reappears in front of her, stopping her blade with his own body. Loki drops his sword and then reaches out to hold Sylvie's upper arms while she still has her blade pressed against him. He cries and tells her that he knows what she is feeling because he was once in her place. He confesses that he does not wish to harm her or have a throne, and that the only thing he wants is for her to be okay. Hearing his words, Sylvie becomes emotional and drops her machete. She then moves forward and kisses Loki passionately. When the couple breaks apart from the kiss, however, Sylvie looks at Loki and tells him that she is different from him, before pushing him through a Time Door that she opened using the TemPad that was on He Who Remains' table.

Being sent back to the TVA, Loki runs in an attempt to reach Sylvie by crossing the Time Door again, but it closes before he is able to. Completely heartbroken that the woman he loves had chosen the path of revenge at any cost, even after his efforts to stop her, Loki spends a few moments crying for her. He then decides to warn the others about what happened, so he walks inside the TVA until he finds Mobius and B-15 in the Archives while they are checking the great increase in number of branched timelines on a TemPad. Loki tells them about him and Sylvie freeing the timeline, and that they need to prepare for the infinite versions of He Who Remains that are coming and will start a Multiversal War. To Loki's surprise, they don't recognize him. Mobius thinks Loki is a new analyst of the TVA and asks what his division is. Loki then turns around and sees that there is a statue of He Who Remains where the statues of the three Time Keepers once stood.

Season Two[]

In the first episode of the second season, Loki is at the TVA, but no one recognizes him. He runs away from Mobius and Hunter B-15, who are chasing him with a group of Minutemen. Loki begs his friend Mobius to remember him, to no avail, so he hops into a mail cart to escape. The cart ends up hitting a statue of He Who Remains and crashes into a lower level in front of Casey. The impact knocks down a chronomonitor that hits the floor, cracking it. Seeing a familiar face, Loki once again pleads for help and asks what is going on, but Casey doesn't remember Loki either and uses his TemPad to report that he found the intruder. Suddenly, Loki glitches and disappears, before reappearing in the same room. Casey is still there, but now he knows who Loki is. Loki sees the crack in the floor and Casey explains that the crack has always been there, making Loki realize that he actually was in the past TVA, which is why nobody remembered him. Loki asks about Mobius and B-15, but when Casey starts to lead him to them, Loki glitches and disappears again. Shortly after, Loki startles Casey by reappearing in front of him. Casey informs him that Mobius left to the War Room and Loki leaves to find him. But when he approaches Mobius and B-15 crossing a corridor, he glitches into the past.

Loki reveals He Who Remains mural - Loki S2 EP1

Loki reveals the hidden mural of He Who Remains in the War Room of the present TVA.

In the past, Loki enters the War Room, where he sees a mural with faces of He Who Remains carved into a wall. He also finds a recording of a past conversation between He Who Remains and Ravonna Renslayer, in which it appears they were partners and that Ravonna helped him to win the previous Multiversal War. Glitching into the present again, Loki interrupts a discussion between Judge Gamble, General Dox, Hunter X-5, Mobius, and B-15 in the War Room. Finally managing to reunite with Mobius, Loki desperately asks if his friend recognizes him and is relieved when Mobius confirms that he does. Loki begins to tell him about the ruler of the TVA but then notices that the wall of the present War Room has a mosaic of the Time Keepers instead of the mural with faces of He Who Remains. Loki surprises everyone in the room by rushing and grabing X-5's Time Stick, then using it to prune the mosaic, revealing the mural hidden behind it. He warns that this is the face of the real creator of the TVA, the one who stole their lives and who will come back through his Variants. Loki tells Mobius that Sylvie was about to kill He Who Remains and General Dox asks about her whereabouts. Loki admits that Sylvie kicked him through a Time Door and he has no idea where she is now.

Mobius tries to calm Loki down and guides him out of the War Room. Hearing the General mentioning Sylvie, Loki becomes worried and wonders who Dox is and what she wants with Sylvie. Mobius stops Loki from going back into the War Room to question Dox and asks him about Alioth. Loki explains about Alioth guarding the Citadel at the End of Time, the home of He Who Remains, and that Sylvie is likely still there. Still visibly stressed by the separation and Sylvie's decision, Loki panics as he remembers the impossible choice he and Sylvie had to do at the Citadel and wishes that he had more time to think, not understanding how Sylvie was so certain of her decision despite the terrible consequences. Loki recollects himself as Mobius asks him to slow down and proceeds to talk about how freeing the Sacred Timeline will lead to another Multiversal War caused by He Who Remains Variants. He tells Mobius that the ruler of the TVA made sense, but Sylvie was convinced he was the devil, which caused their fight and him being kicked through a Time Door. With this result, Mobius considers that Sylvie won the fight, but Loki thinks it was a draw because he was actively trying not to fight and was only trying to stop Sylvie from killing He Who Remains.

Loki explains more about He Who Remains and Mobius asks why he has no memory of the real creator of the TVA. Having been in the past TVA, Loki knows that Mobius and the other TVA members were once aware about the real identity of their founder, so he reveals that He Who Remains clearly wiped their memories more than once. Loki tries to go back to the War Room to warn the others again, but Mobius stops him and asks how Loki suddenly showed up inside the War Room and if he came straight from the end of time. Loki replies that he was in the past TVA, which Mobius thinks it is impossible. However, as Mobius talks about the time working differently at the TVA, Loki disappears and reappears in front of him, leaving Mobius speechless. Worried about Loki's glitching, Mobius decides to call Miss Minutes for help. Loki stops him and warns that Miss Minutes was at the Citadel with He Who Remains, so she can't be trusted. Mobius decides that fixing Loki's gliching should be their priority, despite Loki assuring him that the glitching isn't that uncomfortable and insisting that dealing with He Who Remains Variants is a bigger problem. Mobius questions how the glitching started and Loki thinks that it might have been caused by He Who Remains' modified TemPad, which was used when Sylvie pushed him through the Time Door.

Loki - 2x01 - Ouroboros - Photography - Loki, O.B

Loki and Mobius meet Ouroboros, nicknamed "O.B."

Mobius takes Loki to be checked out at Repairs & Advancement and they meet Ouroboros, nicknamed O.B., the technician responsible for this department that works non-stop repairing TVA devices. Loki watches as an awkward situation happens because O.B. knows Mobius, even saying that he was the one who nicknamed him and was his last visitor 400 years ago, but Mobius doesn't remember him. As they talk, Loki glitches and meets O.B. in the past while Mobius keeps talking to the present O.B. and from then on everything Loki does starts to alter the present time. Loki asks past Ouroboros to call him "O.B.", to which O.B. replies that he likes his new nickname. Loki tells him about his gliching and O.B. explains that it is called "time slipping" and has a hard time reconciling with Loki's issue since it is impossible to happen at the TVA. He tries to convince past O.B. that time slipping at the TVA is possible, but since O.B. still doubts him, he just asks how he would fix this problem. O.B. tells Loki that he needs a Temporal Aura Extractor and starts to build one as Loki patiently waits. When past O.B. finishes the Extractor, Loki asks him to keep it until his friend Mobius visits him in the future. Meanwhile, present O.B. now recalls that Loki asked him to construct the Extractor a long time ago.

O.B. explains that in order to fix Loki's problem, they need to go to the Temporal Loom, the device that transforms raw time into a physical timeline, so that the Extractor can pull Loki directly out of the time stream. To Loki's frustration, he learns that he will have to prune himself, removing himself from every thread of time and space and use the Extractor to anchor him to the present. But this plan can be really dangerous for both of him and Mobius if it fails, with Loki being turned into spaghetti and Mobius losing all of his skin because of the temporal radiation. Loki slips into the present again and he argues with Mobius about who will have the worst fate in case they fail. O.B. complains about a lamp that keeps flicking and Mobius tells him that the TVA is suffering from power surges. This surprises O.B., who is informed that the Sacred Timeline is branching and he decides to check the Temporal Loom. On their way there, they are joined by B-15. They see that the Loom is overloading because it wasn't built to weave together so many new branches. It is going to cause a Temporal meltdown if nothing is done, but pruning the branches would kill countless people, so they reject this idea. O.B. decides to close the blast doors to protect the TVA while he thinks of a way to retrofit the Loom to handle the new branches and says that Loki has to fix his time slipping before the doors are closed.

Holding a Time Stick, Loki tries to prune himself right away, but O.B. stops him because they need to get Mobius into position to launch the Extractor first. O.B. reviews the plan and gives Loki a timer which is synced to the Loom. Loki should prune himself when the timer turns green, but if he takes too long, Loki will be lost to time forever and Mobius' skin will be peeled off. Unhappy with this fate, Mobius writes "SKIN?" on a dusty monitor next to him as he listens to O.B. Hunter D-9O comes in and warns them that Dox and her Minutemen are preparing to leave. Loki realizes that the General is probably going after Sylvie and immediately decides to drop everything to protect her. Mobius stops Loki, saying that they won't have another chance to fix his problem. B-15 assures Loki that she will handle Dox and wishes them good luck before leaving. Loki then starts to tell his friend something he should do if he doesn't make it back, however, he isn't able to finish it as he suddenly time slips, leaving the Time Stick behind.

Loki - 2x01 - Ouroboros - Photography - Loki in the future

Loki with the timer after it turned green in the future TVA.

Loki ends up in the same room with the Loom, but now the blast doors are closed and he sees Mobius' "SKIN?" written on the dusty monitor, meaning that he is in the future. He rushes to find a Time Stick inside the TVA, which is suffering from much worse power surges and is being evacuated because of the imminent meltdown. Checking the timer, Loki keeps searching until the timer turns green and he sees that it is too late. Loki seems to accept his fate and stops running. He then hears the sound of a phone ringing and follows it to a corridor next to a elevator. To his surprise, Loki sees Sylvie getting out the elevator and it seems that she has been looking for him. As Loki becomes emotional reuniting with Sylvie, someone prunes him from behind. This results in Loki being sent to the Loom, and being pulled into the present by the Extractor. Loki lands crashing into Mobius, pushing them both inside the TVA as the blast doors are about to close completely. Inside, he tells Mobius that they definitely need to find Sylvie.

Loki - 2x02 - Breaking Brad - Three Lokis

Loki surrounds Brad with his duplicates.

In the second episode, Loki searches for Sylvie with Mobius help. They get a hit on X-5's TemPad before it goes dark and decide to find him since he was hunting Sylvie under Dox orders. Following this clue, they travel to London in 1977 on the Sacred Timeline and go to the premiere of the movie The Zaniac!. Loki immediately thinks that Sylvie wouldn't there because the place is too safe and he knows very well that her style is hiding in apocalipses. Mobius insists that they should investigate anyway as this is their only clue after Dox and X-5 stopped responding. During the premiere, they discover that X-5 has deserted the TVA and is now living his original life on the timeline as Brad Wolfe, the actor starring The Zaniac!. Brad initially seems happy to see the duo, but then attempts to run away. Mobius and Loki chase him through the streets. Being cornered by Loki, Brad uses a Time Twister to try to escape, but then he is surrounded by a gang created by Loki's magic and is telekinetically disarmed of the device. Using his duplicates, Loki surrounds Brad in an alley and casts two shadows to hold him, which Mobius comments that it was a bit unnecessary, but Loki disagrees.

They return to the TVA taking Brad as a prisioner, but he refuses to tell them anything. Loki and Mobius take Brad's TemPad to O.B. to check how it was altered. O.B. is now busy building the device to retrofit the Loom and asks if checking Brad's TemPad is really a priority over preventing the meltdown. Loki and Mobius obviously think that the meltdown is a higher priority, so O.B. simply gives them a copy of the TVA Guidebook, which already has everything they need to know about TemPads. The duo goes to Mobius' desk and try to figure out themselves the modifications made to the TemPad but have a lot of difficulty. While they work on the TemPad, B-15 brings Casey, who has been tracking Ravonna, to tell them that he found out that Miss Minutes is helping the TVA Judge. Loki remembers the recording he found in the War Room in the past, revealing that Ravonna and He Who Remains were likely partners, which surprises the others. Casey assures them that they will be informed as soon as he discovers the whereabouts of Ravonna and Miss Minutes, then notices the TemPad and asks about it. Loki explains that it is a TemPad that, according X-5, was rigged to block TVA tracking. Since Casey memorized the guidebook, he realizes that this isn't true. Knowing Brad lied, Loki decides to interrogate him along with Mobius and B-15.

Loki - 2x02 - Breaking Brad - Photography - Brad Wolfe, Mobius, Loki and Hunter B-15

Loki plays into his villainous side to scare Brad and force him to tell where Sylvie is.

Just before entering the room holding Brad, Mobius warns Loki and B-15 that Brad knows what to expect from them since he is familiar with the TVA's tactics and, most importantly, he is a jerk and they shouldn't let him provoke them. In the room, they question Brad about what he was doing on the Sacred Timeline and about the modifications made to the TemPad. Brad isn't very compliant but admits that he just went to the timeline to reclaim his original life. Loki says he should cooperate with them because there are many lives at stake, which Brad thinks it is ironic coming from Loki. Brad had read Loki's TVA file and believes that Loki is just a "pathetic little man" who is trying to make up for his mistakes to compensate for being a loser. He thinks that Loki Variants, including Loki and Sylvie, are a problem that make everyone's lives worse and reminds him that he is a villain, so he should stop pretending to be a hero. Loki struggles not to fall for this provocation, especially when his mother is mentioned, but he manages to maintain his composure. Instead, Loki tells Brad that he is right, he is in fact a villain and will do terrible things to him unless he answers where Sylvie is. Brad isn't intimidated by this and suggests that Loki needs therapy because he is clearly obsessed with Sylvie. Mobius intervines to break the tension between Loki and Brad. However, when Brad accuses Mobius of being "nothing" since he doesn't even know who he really is on the timeline, Mobius surprisingly becomes angered and ends up slapping Brad. Loki takes Mobius away from Brad and asks if he is okay.

Loki follows a nervous Mobius until they enter the automat, where Loki offers to eat a slice of pie so that Mobius will calm down. While they eat key lime pie, Mobius admits that he did fell for Brad's provocations, but Loki doesn't judge his friend for this. He reminds Mobius of the events of The Avengers, where Loki held the whole New York City hostage with an alien army just because he was angry with his father and his brother, and explains that being angry sometimes is normal. Seeing how X-5 provoked Mobius, Loki wonders if his friend never wished to visit his place on the timeline, but Mobius isn't interested in knowing about a life that isn't really his because the TVA is the only life he has ever known and he likes it. Loki thinks that Mobius should at least look, but Mobius tells him that he wouldn't be able to handle if he is missing out a good life on the timeline. They then discuss how to make X-5 talk. Mobius is convinced that X-5 found Sylvie because he is a really good Hunter and may have gotten help from the rigged TemPad. Loki disagrees since Sylvie has been hiding her entire life and thinks that this would only make sense if X-5 found her but walked away before her knowing. Mobius explains this is possible if X-5 just wanted to keep living on the timeline as Brad Wolfe.

The duo decides that Loki needs to be more "mischievous" in order to make X-5 talk, so they return to Brad's holding room planning to have Loki playing his old evil role. They both enter the room bringing the Gizmo, a TVA torture device. Brad is initially unimpressed and thinks they are getting desperate, but then Mobius is apparently locked out by Loki after leaving to get the controller. Loki pretends to have tricked Mobius, revealing to have the controller on him while Mobius screams outside the room, begging Loki not to do anything villainous. Brad notices that Loki doesn't know how to use the Gizmo but soon becomes worried when he manages to turn it on. Brad apologizes for the things he said earlier, including for bringing up Loki's mother, and screams for Mobius' help. Loki tests the buttons and a cube appears around Brad's stool, then the stool is crushed when Loki presses another button. Loki proceeds to trap Brad in a cube and starts to shrink it, reminding him about the terrible things he did in the past and saying he won't let him out unless he reveals Sylvie's whereabouts. Brad initially refuses to tell the truth, claiming that he doesn't know where Sylvie is because he bailed on his mission. Loki doesn't believe it and continues to torture Brad until he finally confesses that Sylvie is living a new life on a branched timeline.

Loki - 2x02 - Breaking Brad - Photography - Loki and Sylvie at McDonald's

Loki finds Sylvie working at McDonald's on a branched timeline in 1982.

Loki and Mobius make X-5 take them to Sylvie and they travel to a branched timeline in Broxton, Oklahoma, 1982. There, they find out that Sylvie is enjoying her new job as a McDonald's employee. Sylvie is surprised to see Loki but is still angry with him because of their fight at the Citadel. A nervous Loki approaches her and they greet each other, before agreeing to talk alone during her break. They go to the parking lot, where Sylvie sits on her car trunk and drinks soda as Loki musters the courage to talk to her, being aware that she doesn't want to see him. Loki begins explaining about his time slipping and that he saw her in the future TVA during the meltdown, but he doesn't know why she was there. Sylvie tells him that as much as she would love to see the end of the TVA, she has no intention to go back there and just wants to keep enjoying her new happy life. Loki assures her that the future he saw is going to happen, but Sylvie reminds him that she made sure that the future is no longer written by killing He Who Remains. Determined to convince her, Loki even asks her to enchant him and see for herself what he saw. Sylvie replies that she doesn't care and doesn't want to be involved with the TVA. Loki tells her that the problem is bigger than the TVA, it is about everything. He says that Sylvie should worry if she cares about her new home, because if what He Who Remains said is true, everything will be gone, and the TVA is the only way to prevent this to happen.

Sylvie and Loki join forces - Loki S2 EP2

Loki and Sylvie join forces to defeat Dox and her loyalists.

Sylvie decides to go back to her work, but Loki asks her what she will do if He Who Remains Variants appear and Sylvie simply replies that she will kill them. Mobius and Brad then join the pair in the parking lot. Mobius says that Brad has something important to reveal, however, Brad is hesitant to do it and rants how they are all going to die if they stay on this timeline. Sylvie enchants Brad and discovers that Dox is about to bomb all the branches with reset charges. Sylvie opens a Time Door and takes Loki and Mobius to where Dox and her loyalists are located. The trio sees a group of Minutemen connecting a great number of the Time Doors to modified TemPads which are linked to a central control panel, noticing that this allows then to bomb all timelines at once. Loki offers to distract the loyalists, attacking them while Sylvie and Mobius destroy the TemPads. The fight ends when Sylvie offers her hand to Loki and they join their forces in a combined energy blast that knocks down all the remaining loyalists and destroys the control panel. While Dox and her group are being arrested, Mobius calls Loki to return to the TVA. Loki follows Mobius, but before walking through the Time Door, he stops to glance back at Sylvie as she is seemly staying behind.

At the TVA, Loki is surprised to see that Sylvie ultimately decided to follow him. Loki joins the TVA members as they all somberly stare at a chronomonitor showing many branched timelines that Dox's attack manage to bomb disappear and with them countless lives were lost. Casey informs them that he just got a hit on Ravonna's TemPad and they check a monitor displaying her location. Loki looks at Sylvie, noticing how sad and angry she is after watching the branches disappear. When he approaches her, she angrily asks if this is the best that the TVA could have done to stop the attack. Loki apologetically tells her that there was nothing they could have done, but Sylvie rejects this defense. She is convinced that the TVA is the problem because it is broken. Sylvie opens a Time Door to go home, saying that she hopes that her new timeline still exists, and Loki tries to convince her to stay but fails.

In the third episode, the TVA is trying to find a way to open the blast doors so that O.B. can acess the Loom and adapt it to handle the new branches. O.B. tells Mobius and Loki that the Loom is currently stable, but the branches detroyed by Dox's attack are growing back and they need to do something to prevent the meltdown as soon as possible. The only way to open the doors is with the live scan of He Who Remains' temporal aura or if Miss Minutes helps them since she has administrator acess to the entire TVA. However, He Who Remains is dead and Miss Minutes is missing. Casey and B-15 remind them that Miss Minutes is likely working with Ravonna, so Mobius and Loki decide that they will look for the judge to find the mascot. Mobius comments that this will be an awkward reunion since Ravonna tried to kill both him and Loki, but Loki thinks that she might already be over it and they should focus on getting Miss Minutes.

Following the trace left by Ravonna's TemPad, Loki and Mobius first go to Chicago in 1868 on the Sacred Timeline. They find this a weird choice of destination since it isn't a pivot point in history, but unbeknownst to them, they pass a widow in the house where lives young Victor Timely, a He Who Remains Variant. They quickly decide to move on to the next location Ravonna's TemPad was detected, the same place in Chicago but now on a branched timeline in 1893. Finding themselves in the Chicago World's Fair in 1893, a more relevant point in history, Loki thinks this makes more sense as a destination and wonders if Ravonna went to 1868 by mistake. Mobius tells him that Ravonna wouldn't go there by accident, especially if Miss Minutes is with her, and they will have to find out. The duo decides to search for clues when a paperboy walks past them shouting about a "Ghost Clock" that has been haunting Midway. Mobius buys the newspaper from the boy and they see a drawing of Miss Minutes, confirming that she really is on this timeline.

They walk around the fair and stop at many pavilions, including food and drinks, even buying Cracker Jack. Loki thinks that Mobius is taking the chance to sightseeing, but Mobius explains that they have to check the high-traffic areas and this is just his investigation style. When they come across a diorama with the statues of Odin, Thor and Balder, Loki comments that they are embarrassing and inaccurate, however, Mobius thinks Loki is just jealous that his statue is not there. While deciding where to go next, Loki sees a poster mentioning a presentation called "Victor Timely's Astounding Temporal Marvels" and thinks that Ravonna will likely be there. Loki's assumption is proven correct when they join the presentation audience and quickly spot Ravonna in the crowd. Mobius wants to speak to her, but Loki stops him, as it is better if they aren't seen. On the stage, they notice that there is a device that looks exactly like the TVA Loom but much smaller. To Loki's shock, when Victor Timely shows up on stage, he realizes that he is a He Who Remains Variant. Mobius is surprised since Victor Timely doesn't look menacing like Loki's description made him out to be. Loki assures him that He Who Remains really is terrifying and thinks that Timely is one of the Variants he was warned about, indicating that the war is coming.

Despite Loki's horror, Mobius is still skeptical and suggests that they could simply take Timely to the TVA to solve the problem with the blast doors and the Loom. Loki thinks this is absurd and that a He Who Remains Variant shouldn't be trusted in the TVA. Mobius reminds him that they should focus on the more immediate issue with the Loom, so Loki reluctantly accepts. They see that Ravonna is already attempting to talk to Timely and decide to approach them, but they are delayed when Loki accidentally bumps into a tall man who takes this as an excuse to fight him. Loki uses his magic to telerport the man to a pig cage outside, surprising the crowd. Then, the duo rushes to catch up with Timely, who already left while being closely followed by Ravonna. Outside, Loki and Mobius compete with Ravonna for Timely's attention, with both sides claiming to have important business to discuss with him. They are interrupted by a Councilman who had bought a pair of mechanical trousers from Timely and claims that his invention doesn't work, making they realize that Timely is actually a scammer. Having found some in common, Loki calls him a "confident trickster" and is much more relaxed around him. Loki and Mobius end up losing sight of Timely when the Baron who brought the Loom seen in the presentation appears and accuses Timely of being a fraud, forcing Timely to flee. Looking for Timely in the crowd, Loki eventually finds him and acknowledges that he is good at getting away like himself, then they both are surprised by the sudden appearance of Sylvie, who came to this branch to murder Timely.

Sylvie points her machete at Timely and tells Loki to not intervene. Timely is pushed into a cabin of a Ferris wheel and Loki stands between him and Sylvie. She reminds Loki of what she said in their last encounter, that she would kill the He Who Remains Variants if they showed up again. Timely is confused about what is happening as Loki blocks her attacks like he did to protect He Who Remains at the Citadel and begs her to stop because they need Timely to fix the Loom and save the TVA. Sylvie doesn't care if the TVA is destroyed, so Loki reminds her again that her new timeline and everything else will also disappear if the TVA isn't saved. However, Sylvie takes the TVA Guidebook who belongs to Timely then accuses Loki and the TVA of working with Ravonna to turn him into the next He Who Remains. Ravonna had given Timely the book in 1868, straying Timely from his original path, and to make matters worse, Loki is trying to take this Variant straight into the TVA. Sylvie tells Loki that Timely would have remained harmless if the TVA hadn't messed with him, but now she will be forced to kill him despite admitting that it won't bring her any joy. Loki is shocked by the accusations and explains that he didn't even know that Timely existed before that day. Loki insists that Timely is needed alive to save many lives, but Sylvie is determined to eliminate him. Sylvie mentions with a broken heart that this situation is very similar to the one they faced at the Citadel.

They pair releases energy blasts against each other, resulting in Loki and Timely being pushed off the Ferris wheel. Ravonna and Miss Minutes take the opportunity to create a commotion, with Miss Minutes transforming into a giant ghost clock to scare the crowd and Ravonna grabbing Timely by the arm and running away. Loki loses sight of Timely again and Sylvie gets off the Ferris wheel saying that it is Loki's fault that he escaped. Later on, Loki and Mobius manage to locate Timely in his lab in Wisconsin. As they burst into the lab, they see that Ravonna is threatening to kill Timely with a Time Stick prototype after she was betrayed and left behind by him and Miss Minutes. Loki asks Ravonna to step aside because they need Timely alive and watches as Mobius tries to reason with her. But they are all suddenly knocked down by a huge energy blast when Sylvie arrives and prepares to kill Timely. Seeing a machete pointed at him again, Timely pleads for Sylvie's mercy and tells her he isn't the man she thinks he is because he can make his own choices. Loki watches this interaction and decides not to intervine as he realizes that Timely's words are surprisingly having an effect on Sylvie. Having a change of heart, Sylvie ultimately decides to spare Timely's life, letting Loki and Mobius open a Time Door taking Timely to the TVA. Just before Mobius and Loki cross the Time Door after Timely, Sylvie tells them they better not let her regret this decision and also that she will handle Ravonna herself.

What If...?[]

Season 1[]

In the third episode, in an alternate timeline set during the events of Thor film, Loki assembles an Asgardian army, including Lady Sif, the Warriors Three and the Destroyer, and uses the Bifrost to travel to Earth after his brother, Thor, was killed during his banishment from Asgard.

What If...? - 1x03 - What If..

Loki and his army, including Lady Sif, in "What If... The World Lost Its Mightiest Heroes?"

Loki and his army arrive at a base of S.H.I.E.L.D. in New Mexico, where he meets with Nick Fury. Loki announces that he came to avenge Thor's death after knowing that an agent from Midgard murdered him. Loki uses the Casket of Ancient Winters to attack the people of S.H.I.E.L.D., freezing them. Fury tries to talk to Loki, saying that declaring war on Earth won't bring Thor back. Sif manages to convince Loki to stop, telling him that his father Odin would want them to listen what Fury has to say.

Fury explains that two of his allies (Iron Man and Hawkeye) were killed by the same assassin, so Loki should work together with them to capture the murderer. Loki is reluctant to accept the alliance, but Fury offers to give him the culprit once the person is found. Loki then accepts and says that Fury has until the next dawn to deliver his brother's killer to him, and promises to reduce the entire planet to ash and ice in case he fails to do so. Loki and the army set up an ice base on Earth, with the Destroyer guarding the entrance. Later, when Fury figures out that Hank Pym is the one murdering the candidates to the Avengers Initiative to avenge his daughter's death, Fury goes to meet Loki, and they devise a plan to get Pym.

In the next morning, Loki and Fury go to the location of Hope Van Dyne's grave. When Pym sees Fury standing in front of Hope's grave, he approaches wearing a Yellow Jacket suit and reveals that he in fact killed the Avengers to get revenge because Hope became an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. and died working for them. When Pym tries to fight Fury, however, he is shows much more endurance, speed and strength that Pym would expect from him. When Fury disappears, and many copies of him appear, Pym is confused and tries to fly above them, but is frozen in ice and falls on the ground defeated. Loki then transforms back into his normal appearance and presents himself, while the real Nick Fury who was nearby, appears beside him. After the Asgardians took Hank Pym captive, Fury expects Loki to leave Earth, but Loki tells him that he plans to continue their alliance and stay in Midgard for a while.

In the following day, Loki goes to the United Nations headquarters accompanied by the Asgardian army, to announce his ascension to power. He informs the world that in a single day, he was able to make the nations put aside their petty differences to unite under his command, stating that humans were made to be ruled and he will fulfill their destiny.

In the seventh episode, which is set in another timeline during the events of Thor, Odin had found the abandoned baby Loki but returned him to the Frost Giants instead of adopting him and raising him along with Thor. The Watcher explains that Loki and Thor's relationship is what shaped the God of Thunder into becoming a hero and changed the fate of the universe. So, without his trickster brother to keep things "lively" during childhood, this Thor didn't learn many of the lessons that his main counterpart did and grew into a different person. On the other hand, being raised by the Frost Giants, Loki was not a rival to the throne of Asgard and did not become a villain. In this universe, Loki also appears in his original Frost Giant form as he was never enchanted by Odin to look like an Asgardian.

Thor & Loki - What If..

Loki as a Frost Giant with Thor in "What If... Thor Were an Only Child?"

After Thor traveled to Earth and started a party there, Loki along with other Frost Giants go to meet him. The two of them friendly greet each other and Thor becomes very happy that Loki came to join his party. Loki says that Thor is "his brother from another mother" and they promise to be brothers forever. They are surprised upon seeing a shooting star and Thor tells Loki to make a wish, but it is actually revealed to be Captain Marvel. Loki and the others watch as Thor fights her since she came to Earth to stop Thor's party under S.H.I.E.L.D.'s request.

Later, Thor is eating Chinese food with the others when Jane Foster calls him, but it is Loki who picks up the phone. Loki recognizes Jane as Thor's new "sweet lady" and asks if she has a friend, so they could all go on a double date. Jane asks him to give the phone to Thor, but Loki accidentally drops it, breaking it.

Afterwards, when Frigga says she is coming to Earth to check on Thor, the God of Thunder asks for Loki's help to clean up their mess. Loki says that he is building the world's biggest sling shot with the St. Louis Arch, in order to cause even more destruction. Thor explains that Frigga is coming and they should end the party. However, Loki reminds him that Frigga is not his mother, as they are brothers from different parents. Loki decides to leave, but Thor asks him to stay and says he also has the duty to clean up everything. Loki states that Thor is starting to sound like Odin and then goes away with the other Frost Giants.

In the ninth episode, Loki from the timeline in which the Avengers were murdered returns. He leads the Asgardians to attack S.H.I.E.L.D. after they recruited Captain America and Captain Marvel. As he prepares to use the scepter on Nick Fury, he is stopped by a universe-displaced Black Widow, who was brought by the Watcher after everyone in her universe perished.

Season 2[]

Another Loki appears in the opening of "What if... Captain Carter Fought The Hydra Stomper?". Like his Sacred Timeline counterpart, he commands the Chitauri army to invade Earth, but he is defeated by Captain Carter and Black Widow.

Marvel Animation[]

The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes[]


In this incarnation, Loki is more or so the same as the comic book incarnation of Loki (unlike his current animated counterparts).

Loki tries to conquer Asgard with the Frost Giant army, but they are defeated by his adoptive brother, Thor, and he takes Loki to Odin after a short fight. Odin banished him to the "Isle of Silence". It is revealed that he manipulated the whole situation with help from the Enchantress who later frees him from the Isle and says that "no one is ready for what comes next" before making a long sinister laugh. Loki appears again as a silhouette speaking with Enchantress.

To prepare for this victory, Loki manipulated the whole situation of Thor where he posed as the Leader to have the Wrecking Crew attack a boat containing a shipment of Stark Industries technologies, had Enchantress in the form of a woman send Thor that way, and posed as Balder to tell Odin about Thor's actions on Earth. After the Frost Giants were defeated, Loki ended up fighting Thor and was defeated. Loki was then brought before Odin who banished Loki to the "Isle of Silence" where he can not use magic and trickery. After the Enchantress frees him from the Isle, Loki sends her to gather the Masters of Evil to start the next phase in his plan.

After the Avengers destroy the Norn Stones, Loki takes to the throne and had Thor imprisoned in Asgard. He told Thor that he was responsible for anything that happened to Thor for causing his banishment from Asgard, causing the supervillain breakout, forming of the Masters of Evil and while he was occupied, Loki took over the rest of the Nine Realms. Thor told he failed to take over Midgard, which was responsible of the Enchantress' love for Thor. Thor also told him that the Avenger will stop his schemes, but Loki laughed maniacally since he believed that the Avengers would not survive in the Nine Realms. Loki then orders Thor to be executed, but before this is carried out, the Avengers arrive along with the rest of the resistance. Enraged about the arrivals of the mortals, Loki calls forth the Asgardian Wolf Hoarfen. He watches how the Avengers took on the wolf and is chided by Thor about the underestimating of the mortals. Loki boasted about himself to be powerfully with the Odinforce in his command, but when Thor questions why he has not still win the war yet, Hoarfen crashes into the throne room where the Avengers, the Warriors Three, Sif, and Faradei arrive.

Loki laughs maniacally and challenges the Avengers, taking them easily all out. He walks towards Captain America, telling him not to go against him anymore and breaks his shield. Before Loki can finish them off, Iron Man arrives in his new armor. Noticing that his armor was made of Uru, Loki challenges Iron Man in the sky above along challenged by Wasp, Hulk, and Captain America. Thor eventually arrives to fight him as well, but to no avail as Loki goes berserk with the Odinforce. Meanwhile, the other Avengers destroy the Tree of Life which causes a new one to grow out, returning Loki's power over the Odinforce to Odin and allowing the allfather to reawaken. Cornered by the Avengers, Loki still chooses to fight them until he is approached by the waking Odin, enraged by Loki's actions. Instead of sending him to the Isle of Silence, Odin sends Loki to a dimension where he was trapped and in which he is tortured by the Midgard Serpent with its acid saliva dripping on the eyes of the Asgardian.

Some time after his banishment, the Enchantress visits Loki and strikes a deal to get him to kill Thor. After Loki agrees to it, the Enchantress puts Loki's soul into the Destroyer and sends him to Midgard. There, he battles Thor, Iron Man, Captain America, and Hawkeye, all of whom had been made powerless by the Enchantress (except for Hawkeye). The spell is broken, when Thor discovers humility, enabling the restored heroes to defeat Loki. After his defeat, Loki's soul returns to his body. When his soul was back in his body, the Enchantress tells the Midgard Serpent that it can have him, much to its delight.

Since that was the final episode that he was featured in, it remains unknown if Loki is ever freed from the Midgard Serpent.

The Good, the Bart, and the Loki[]

Loki appears in this Simpsons short film, with Tom Hiddleston reprising his role from the MCU.

Due to his crimes against Asgard, he is once again banished to Earth. However, he is sent to Springfield, much to his horror, and lands on the Simpsons' backyard. Upon arriving, he meets Bart Simpson, who asks if he can help Loki. Loki instead sarcastically asks whether he knows about abusive and distant fathers or perfect blonde siblings. Bart quickly connects with Loki's plight and invites him inside. Inside the Simpson Residence, Loki turns a pork chop into two after Homer asks him to do so, causing Homer to reverence him and vow eternal loyalty towards the God of Mischief. Once Lisa begins to argue with his decision, and at Bart's suggestion, Loki sends Lisa to Asgard. However, Lisa returns the following morning with Thor's powers and the "Springfield Avengers". In order to escape punishment, Loki changes appearances with Bart, taking over his place and letting Bart suffer instead. That night, Loki is caught by Homer, who merely asks him to turn Ned Flanders into a pork chop. After Homer leaves, Loki comments how he finally found a "functional family".

In a series of post-credits scenes, Loki disguises himself as Moe in order to give free beer and cause depression and contamination (something Barney doesn't care of), is beaten-up by Ralph in a similar manner to his defeat at the hands of the Hulk during the Battle of New York, and is condemned guilty of several charges by Ravonna Renslayer at the Time Variance Authority which include: changing the timeline, crossing over into other Disney+ franchises, taking two parking spots at a Goofy parking lot, being more popular than all the heroes, having a British accent in spite of being from Norway, promising to be good but never keeping his word, and forcing the audience to wait for the credits to end to watch a scene in hopes that it will advance the story.

Video games[]

In Disney Infinity 2.0, Loki has a character and is in the Avengers Playset.

Disney Parks[]

Loki, along with Thor, has a meet-and-greet at Disneyland Resort in promotion of Thor: Ragnarok. Guests can meet them at Hollywood Land at Disney California Adventure.[2] It is unknown if Loki will continue to appear annually like other Marvel characters.

Loki also appeared with Thor in the 2017 Super Heroes Half-Marathon runDisney event at Disneyland.


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  • Loki was originally going to make an appearance in Avengers: Age of Ultron, however, he was cut.[3]
  • In the scene of Thor: The Dark World where Loki masquerades as Captain America, when they were filming, Tom Hiddleston put on the Captain America suit and did an impression of Captain America.
  • Charlie Cox auditioned to play Loki in Thor. Although he did not get the part, he would later play the title character in the Marvel series Daredevil.
  • Tom Hiddleston originally auditioned to play Thor, but ended up being cast as Loki instead.
  • In Marvel Comics and in Norse mythology, Loki is actually the father of Hela, while in the MCU he has no blood relation to her whatsoever. Despite this, they are still family as Loki is the adoptive sibling of both Thor and Hela.
    • Although they are not related by blood in the MCU, Loki notability shares many similarities with Hela in both physical appearance and behavior. They both dress black and green colored clothes along with a horned helmet, both have dark hair and eyes, both fight using a pair of knives or blades, and both were villainous, desired to rule and have others submit to them. This makes Hela much more like Loki than Thor, who ironically is her biological brother but is nothing like her in both physical appearance and behavior.
    • Loki is also the father of Fenris Wolf in both Marvel Comics and in Norse mythology, while in the MCU Fenris is just Hela's animal companion.
  • A promotional video for the Loki series confirmed that the character is gender-fluid in the MCU just like his counterparts in the comics and in Norse mythology. The video shows the Time Variance Authority's file on Loki, in which the word "fluid" is written in the "sex" section of the file.[4] The director of the series and Tom Hiddleston later also confirmed this information.[5]
    • The third episode of the series, also confirms that the character is bisexual in MCU. When Loki and his female alternative version, Sylvie, are talking about their love interests, she asks him if he ever had "would-be-princesses or perhaps, another prince", and he replies "A bit of both. I suspect the same as you". This makes Loki the second character confirmed to be bisexual in the MCU after Valkyrie.
    • This also makes Loki the second character to protagonize a Disney-related production and to be openly bisexual, after Luz Noceda from Disney's The Owl House.
    • Loki is the third character to be confirmed a LGBT in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, following Valkyrie and Joe Russo's character from Avengers: Endgame.


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