Loop is an experimental short film produced by Pixar as part of Pixar's SparkShorts series and was released on Disney+ on January 10, 2020.


A non-verbal, autistic girl and a chatty boy are partnered on a canoeing trip. To complete their journey across an urban lake, they must both learn how the other experiences the world.


Renee, a 13-year-old autistic girl, sits patiently in a canoe waiting for a partner while playing with a sound app on her phone. Marcus arrives late and is forced by the camp counselor to partner with her, much to his annoyance. Marcus attempts to speak with Renee, who only mutters and makes noises to voice her pleasure or displeasure at something. When Marcus attempts to show off his paddling skills, Renee begins to moan. Marcus asks Renee to tell him what she wants and she responds by showing a poop emoji on her phone and signaling to a couple of outhouses. Marcus obliges and paddles her to land.

When they pass by some reeds, Renee seems to completely forget about her bathroom needs and instead wants to have her arms brush through the reeds. She has Marcus paddle through multiple times. When Marcus tries to do the same thing, Renee suddenly goes back to her phone. Marcus paddles them to a sewer tunnel and has Renee play her phone so that the sound can reverberate. She seems to enjoy it at first, but suddenly becomes overwhelmed by the sound and forces them out onto land. She angrily tosses her phone into the lake and hides under the canoe while Marcus stands around flustered.

Eventually, Marcus pulls up a reed and sits by the canoe until Renee calms down. She sits up and takes the reed where she begins to giggle and the two repeat the sound that the phone made together. Marcus and Renee get back into the canoe and paddle back to the camp. In a post-credits scene, Renee's phone is resting in a glass of dry rice and receives a message from Marcus asking if she wants to go out canoeing. Renee's mother calls for her as she excitedly moans.


  • Madison Bandy as Renee
  • Christiano "Chachi" Delgado as Marcus
  • Louis Gonzales as Camp Counselor
  • Asher Brodkey as Additional Voices
  • Erica Milsom as Additional Voices


  • Renee is the first non-verbal autistic character in a Pixar project.
  • This short film is dedicated to Adam Burke (1971–2018).


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