This is going to be... fun!
―Lord Dominator with both her normal and machine voice

Lord Dominator is the main antagonist of the Disney Channel/Disney XD animated TV series Wander Over Yonder. She is the former lead in the Galactic Villain Leaderboard who takes pride in her mayhem the same way a bully enjoys messing with nerdy kids - and the whole galaxy is full of nerdy kids (according to Dominator herself).



While in her masculine armor, Dominator is a silent, intimidating figure that is dreaded in the galaxy not only for her army and strength, but because she managed to become the greatest villain in the galaxy in record time. In the rare times she speaks while wearing the armor, her voice is deep and coarse.

When not in her armor, however, Dominator seems to be a highly upbeat and energetic woman, getting overexcited about doing evil things and which destructive weapons to use. However, this should never be mistaken for anything less than evil and cruel. She is also manipulative, and will sometimes pretend to be interested in Lord Hater to trick him; however, she has no real interest in him and finds him highly obnoxious and weak in comparison to her.

In My Fair Hatey it is revealed she does not want to take over the galaxy, but rather destroy it. She herself states her motives as being because she finds it thrilling to destroy planets and watch people suffer as she crushes their hopes and dreams. She also states she's "always had a weakness for barrenness and bleakness." In the same episode, she manages to force all of the villains except Hater to surrender to her, and then she takes them prisoner.

In The Night Out, it turns out that her understanding on friendship is actually a foreign concept to her, believing it to be another word for subservience, and that her own social skills are poorly developed. This carries to the extent that the closest beings she considers to be friends are her own robots, who are evidently not exciting company. This was also carried through the series finale "The End of the Galaxy" when Dominator successfully destroyed nearly all the planets in the galaxy only to fall into depression when there was nothing left to destroy. When Lord Hater manages to wound her, Wander is able to see that she is really lonely and lacks companionship because of her environment, thus making her cruel because destruction is the only thing that gives her thrill. Despite this insight, Dominator still denies friendship and goodness due to her views of it as weakness.

Physical Appearance

Lord Dominator is a tall and humanoid pale-green skinned alien with white hair that's been shaved into a lengthy mohawk, bright pink eyes (sclera), red freckles and pointy ears. She wears thick, black mascara, black eyeliner that's drawn on to resemble running teardrops, and black lipstick.

When she is going into battle, her helmet's retractable, skull-like mask covers her face and her power suit transforms into a giant, brawny suit of mech armor that covers her from head-to-toe like a cloak. Out of battle, Dominator's power suit takes the form of a black crop top with spiked shoulder pads, a black, floor-length skirt with a thigh-high split on each side and yellow gloves just like Lord Hater's. She also wears a black helmet topped with giant serrated yellow horns, socks similar to Wander's and shoes similar to Lord Hater's. Dominator's insignia, a dripping red heart that looks like it was painted in blood, adorns the front of her crop top. Although less noticeable, it can also be seen on her fully-armored form.


Lord Hater

Lord Hater became jealous over Lord Dominator's ship and all of her weapons, powers, and minions, and tried to defeat her, but was forced to escape with Wander, Sylvia and Peepers. He hoped to defeat her and reclaim the title of "Greatest in the Galaxy".

During an all-out battle royale of villains for a powerful "Ring of Invincibility", Hater faced Dominator again, not knowing that not only was the ring made of candy, but it was meant to be a plan to hook both villains up by Wander who discovers that the latter is a girl. Hater did not know of Dominator's true identity until he successfully knocked off her helmet. Despite being defeated a second time, he has been madly in love with her ever since. Unfortunately for Hater, this love is unrequited, as Dominator has absolutely no interest in him. Although Dominator lacks interest in Hater, she enjoys messing with him, using his crush on her to blindly manipulate him.

After the events of My Fair Hatey, he has a grudge against her for breaking his heart.


Wander tries to make friends with Lord Dominator in the episode, "The Greater Hater." However, he was constantly ignored or tossed aside while she continues her attack on a planet Lord Hater was planning to conquer. Wander took it as if Lord Dominator didn't want to be his friend.

After Wander found out Dominator was a girl, he made it his goal to get Hater and Dominator together. He hoped if they would fall in love, their love would cancel out all of their evil, resulting with the two of them raising a happy family. It all proved to be wrong in "My Fair Hatey".

Emperor Awesome

In "The Rival", Lord Dominator invited Awesome onto her ship so he could show her a secret weapon, without realizing Emperor Awesome's ulterior motive of trying to woo her. The secret weapon was really just Awesome's muscular body, of which he hoped would woo her. Unfortunately for Awesome, Dominator has no interest in him. She only pretended to be interested, grabbing his leg and encasing him in lava while stating that he was pathetic, then trapped him in rock before kicking him away from her and blasting him. Initially, it was speculated as to whether or not Dominator killed him; however, as it turned out she was holding Emperor Awesome prisoner along with all the other villains she defeated. In "The Bad Neighbors" , it has been proven that he had escaped her ship, but now shows signs of PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) as he can't even say her name without getting freaked out.


Sylvia is an enemy of Dominator and usually has no qualms about fighting against her, perfectly willing to end her reign of terror in "My Fair Hatey". In "The Night Out", however, Dominator encountered Sylvia while visiting a karaoke bar in disguise and struck up a friendship with the Zbornak, starting a bar fight in the process. After a fun-filled chase through the city, however, their friendship ended when Dominator refused to apologize to the bar's owner, attempted to seize control of his criminal empire. When Sylvia refused to join her and instead leapt in to save the bar owner, Dominator left Sylvia in the owner's pit that held a monster (believing friendship to be another word for obedience), reverting to their usual antagonistic relationship. In "The Flower", Dominator feigned forgetting Sylvia's name before attempting to destroy her, and in "The End of the Galaxy," Dominator destroyed an ice sculpture of Sylvia to lure Wander out of hiding, then proceeded to mock him for it. Though she had initially established a bond with Sylvia during "The Night Out," after their fall out at the end of the episode, this does not stop her from nearly killing her in "The End of the Galaxy", had it not been for Hater's intervention.


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  • She has been called "A better hater than Hater", by series creator Craig McCracken.
  • Her goal is to destroy all planets in the galaxy instead of ruling them.
  • In The Flower, she is revealed to have hay fever.
  • Frank Angones, story editor on both Wander Over Yonder and the DuckTales reboot, has stated that had the producers allowed it, he would have been glad to feature Dominator in DuckTales.
    • Interestingly, Noël Wells, who voices the unmasked Dominator, would later voice June in DuckTales.
  • In a charity stream, Noelle Stevenson, writer on Wander Over Yonder, confirmed that Lord Dominator is lesbian.

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