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Lord Fathom is the main antagonist of the Jake and the Never Land Pirates television special of the 2011-16 Disney Junior series Captain Jake and the Never Land Pirates: The Great Never Sea Conquest. He is an evil shark-like mer-wizard who plots to take over the Never Sea.


Lord Fathom once served the ruler of the Never Sea, King Neptune. However, due to Lord Fathom's selfishness, pride, and desire for unimagineable power, King Neptune defied the mer-wizard. Soon, Fathom gained had eventually found a powerful corruptive jewel: The Darklight Emerald. Invigorated and enhanced by the emerald's power, Lord Fathom, and his most loyal follower Sinker soon devised a dark plot to rule the Never Sea with the help of a destructive beast: The 3-headed serpent Strake. Ultimately, the battle ended with both Lord Fathom and the Strake being imprisoned by Captain Colossus and King Neptune, along with the Darklight Emerald being stripped away from Fathom's reach.

Physical Appearance

Lord Fathom is a merman-person like being but with shark attributes. He has dark gray skin, clawed fingernails, yellow eyes with slender pupils, sharp teeth, and kelp-like tentacles for hair. Four jagged fins extend from his arms and two more from his waist. Despite his wizard title, he wears a breastplate of armor with spiked shoulder pads and an ocean pattern. When he steals Queen Coralie's crown, his dark magic transforms it into a sharper, more darker version of itself.


Lord Fathom is a diabolical villain with a wicked sense of humor. A power-hungry mer-wizard, Fathom is very manipulative and willing to destroy anyone to obtain his own desires. As revealed in the episode, he was highly greedy, caring for himself more than others, which lead to King Neptune's rebellion against him. In the face of insubordination, defeat, and humiliation, Lord Fathom is angered and short-tempered. After suffering a humiliating defeat at the hands of Captain Jake, Lord Fathom becomes more vengeful towards the young captain, swearing revenge, showing that victory is something that means a lot to Fathom.

Powers and Abilities

Aside from his natural abilities underwater, Lord Fathom's most notable source of mystical power is the Darklight Emerald, which, when placed in a trident, gives him control over various creatures of the Never-Sea, as well as control over water and the sea. His power from the emerald also gives him the ability to blast destructive magic towards others that has the power to both kill and destroy.

Lord Fathom is also quite effective at disguises, as evidenced by posing as an old mer-person to trick Queen Coralie into revealing the location of the Darklight Emerald. However, this skill has its limits, as Jake did not fall for his ruse later on.

Role in the series

Lord Fathom first appears in the double-length Season 3 finale, The Great Never Sea Conquest, as the special's main antagonist. When Captain Hook's ship sets sail, the anchor gets caught onto some rocks, which eventually set loose when Hook gets free. Unbeknownst to the Captain, the rocks had sealed up Lord Fathom's prison from the base of the sunken Colossus. Finally free, Lord Fathom re-unites with his old minion Sinker, and heads forward to Neptune City. Once he is there, he encounters the mermaids, under the disguise of an elderly mer-folk and manipulates Queen Coralie into revealing the location of the Darklight Emerald. However, he soon reveals himself and snatches the emerald and places it within his trident, invigorating him. He soon proceeds to imprison the mermaids, steal the crown and transform it in his honor, and soon brainwash the creatures of the Never Sea to his will, before heading to Dreadnaught Cove to fulfill his plan.

On his way to the canyon, he encounters Hook and his crew who are in search of the Mighty Colossus. The wizard views the captain as a disobedient interference and uses his powers to create waves that knock the Jolly Roger out of commission. No sooner does this happen then when Jake and his crew sail to stop Lord Fathom. Bucky attempts to capture Lord Fathom, but the wizard is too elusive. He then reveals his master plan: He will head to Deadnaught Cove, awaken the 3-headed serpent, Strake, indoctrinate it with the Darklight Emerald, and use it to destroy all that stands in his path and ensure his reign as undisputed.

Lord Fathom in control

After almost losing the Emerald to a greedy Captain Hook, Lord Fathom uses his powers to send the Jolly Roger and Bucky packing. He continues on his way to Dreadnaught Cove, only to stumble upon another obstacle: Jake's team of pirates, consisting of his and Hook's crew, Beatrice Le Beak, Captain Frost, and Captain Flynn. Growing more aggravated, Fathom releases his army of brainwashed Never Sea animals to keep his enemies at bay so he can continue his quest for the Stake.

Having realized that Lord Fathom is too powerful of a threat, Jake's team retreats to a nearby beach to hide. However, the young pirate hero refuses to give up, and with the power of his Sword of Destiny, summons the Mighty Colossus and becomes its new Captain. Captain Jake sails the Mighty Colossus and leads the Legion of Pirate Captains into battle. Lord Fathom is appalled at the return of the ship of his greatest enemy, and calls upon his servants to attack and destroy the Colossus. This time, however, the Colossus is too strong to be overwhelmed by the sea creatures. The pirates then begin shooting cannonballs at Lord Fathom to try and shoot him down, but the evil shark-like-wizard retaliates by reviving sunken ship-wrecks and commanding them to charge at the Colossus. This keeps them distracted long enough for Fathom and Sinker to reach Dreadnaught Cove, (despite Sinker's requests to find a less devastating way to lay claim to the Never Sea.) Fathom then uses his magic to awaken the Strake, and mind-control it with the Emerald, and gives it only one command: Destroy the Colossus and kill Captain Jake and the Never Land Pirates once and for all.

Fathom, Sinker, and the Strake all re-emerge near the surface to face down Captain Jake. Jake manages to overpower the Strake temporarily until it rebounds and begins to constrict the Colossus. Still confident, Jake tells the usurper that he will never give up. Angered, Lord Fathom orders to the Strake to back down so he can, as he puts it "show the 'Captain' what he does with pests like him.' The mer-wizard blasts Captain Jake and strikes him down. Believing that he has won, Lord Fathom declares that he is undefeatable. At that moment, Captain Jake's Mighty Captain's Sword unleashes powerful magic that summons the all powerful King Neptune, who convinces Jake to believe in himself. Angered at his arch-rival's return. Fathom mocks Neptune, claiming that Captain Jake has no chance in following in Neptune's footsteps and defeating him. Neptune ignores his former advisor's hateful words and tells him that he will always fail at the hands of Captain Jake.


Having more confidence in himself than ever before, Jake uses the powers of his sword to blast Lord Fathom and the Strake, leading to an epic final battle for the fate of the Never Sea. Fathom retaliates by shooting magical blasts at him, but Captain Jake's indestructible sword deflects the hits, sending them back to Lord Fathom. The power of Jake's sword enhances the young captain, as it soon gives him the ability to fly without the usage of Pixie Dust. Jake manages to fly in circles around the 3-headed beast, confusing it. With another blast of his sword, the Strake is sent fleeing. Refusing to surrender, Lord Fathom attempts to blast Jake again, but the captain dodges the hits, and manages to steal the Darklight Emerald, and with that Lord Fathom's power. Now in control of the beast, Captain Jake uses the emerald's powers to send the Strake back into his imprisoned slumber. Lord Fathom attempts to manipulate Jake in his old mer-folk disguise, but Jake sees through his lies and shatters the Darklight Emerald, neutralizing Lord Fathom's power and restoring the Never Sea to its rightful place, ending the great Never Sea conquest once and for all. The evil mer-wizard and his squid minion are later banished from the Never Sea by his former subjects.

In the final scene, Lord Fathom and Sinker are shown hiding out in Dreadnaught Cove, just outside the cave of the Strake, hiding from the inhabitants of the Never Sea who were free from his spell. Humiliated and angered at his defeat, Lord Fathom realizes that the only thing standing between him and control over the Never Sea is Captain Jake and swears vengeance, stating that this will not be the last time Captain Jake has seen him. After unveiling a sliver he saved from the Darklight Emerald, he vows to regain his power and not only take over the Never Sea, but conquer Never Land and the lands beyond. However, the evil duo soon hear the Strake roaring and flee in terror as Dreadnaught Cove is shaken by the defeaning roars of the monster.

Lord Fathom prepares his revenge against Captain Jake

Lord Fathom returns again in the Season 4 episode, Captain Jake and the Never Land Pirates: The Legion of Pirate Villains. Reinvigorated with the piece of the Darklight Emerald he had saved, he sets on to Dreadnaught Cove to awaken the Strake once again, get his revenge, and regain his importance. However, before he can do so, Captain Hook lands on top of him, searching the cove for the lost treasure of Captain Colossus. The emerald is seen drifting away from Fathom's grasp yet again (and is surprisingly out of sight from Hook). Eventually, Hook is snagged by a fishnet and carried away. When the mer-wizard comes to, he soon swims after the drifting emerald. After that, he is not seen in the special again. However, it is later revealed that Captain Colossus' former first-mate, the Grim Buccaneer had intended on capturing Lord Fathom and recruiting him in his legion of pirate villains to find the lost treasure of Captain Colossus and use its powers to rule Neverland and the lands beyond. The other villains, ShiverJack, and Captain Undergear reveal that they knew about Lord Fathom's vicious nature and great power, which would've made him an ideal addition to the Legion of Pirate Villains.



  • Lord Fathom is similar to Jafar, from the Aladdin trilogy.
    • Both were originally the royal advisors to the rulers of the Kingdoms they plan to overthrow. (Jafar plots to overthrow the Sultan and rule Agrabah, whilst Fathom plots to overthrow King Neptune and rule the Never Sea)
    • Both seek to obtain magical artifacts to aid them in their take-overs (Jafar plots to steal the Genie's Lamp to wish himself as Sultan, whilst Lord Fathom seeks to use the Darklight Emerald to awaken the Strake).
    • Both are sorcerers.
      • The difference at hand would be that whilst Lord Fathom is indicated to have always been a sorcerer, Jafar only became a sorcerer as a result of his second wish, and later a genie.
    • Both are defeated when a magic item within their grasp is destroyed. However, unlike Jafar, who was killed after his lamp was thrown in lava by Iago, and was later imprisoned as a spirit in the River Styx when the staff that had resurrected him was destroyed by Hercules, Lord Fathom was not killed, but merely weakened as the effects of his power are reversed. In addition, there were no remains to Jafar's lamp after its destruction in The Return of Jafar, or of his staff after its destruction in whilst Lord Fathom did retrieve a shard from the broken emerald.
    • Both are described to be animalistic. (Jafar being described as a snake-like 'coward' by Aladdin, and Lord Fathom being known as a 'half-shark' by Izzy)
    • Both plot revenge against the protagonists (Aladdin and Captain Jake) after their defeat, realizing they are their main obstacle in complete domination. The difference however is that Jafar's plot of revenge against Aladdin is explored throughout the sequel and later the Aladdin and Hercules crossover episode, Hercules and the Arabian Night, whilst Lord Fathom's revenge was not explored after The Legion of Pirate Villains.
  • He is also similar to Scar from the The Lion King franchise.
    • Both seek to rule their homelands by overthrowing the current monarch. (Scar plotted to overthrow Mufasa and Simba to rule Pride Rock, whilst Lord Fathom intended on overthrowing Neptune)
    • Both use their minions as a way to keep their enemies at bay. (Scar used the hyenas to rule the Kingdom, whilst Lord Fathom planned on using the Strake and his brainwashed minions to gain control of the Never Sea.)
    • Both were betrayed by their former minions when they [the minions] discover that they were manipulated.
      • However, the difference is that Lord Fathom used witch-craft to manipulate his subjects, whilst Scar had lead the hyenas on with false promises. In addition, Scar was killed by the hyenas, while Lord Fathom was chased from the Never Sea by his ex-subjects.
        • Another thing to note is that the Strake did not betray Lord Fathom, nor was he loyal to him, but rather influenced by the Darklight Emerald.
  • In some novelizations based off of The Great Never Sea Conquest, Lord Fathom was not the story's main antagonist. Instead, the antagonist role went to Ezmeralda (not to be confused with Esmeralda), an evil mer-witch who awoke the Strake and used its powers to try and overtake the Never Sea, with no mention of Lord Fathom, despite having the exact same role he does in the film. In addition, some articles promoting the Season 3 finale had included Ezmeralda, but list her and Lord Fathom as separate characters. It's rumored that Ezmeralda was initially going to be the special's antagonist, however, she was re-written into a male and re-named Lord Fathom, or that she was going to be a secondary antagonist but scrapped. This however all remains unknown.
  • Lord Fathom is not seen or referenced to throughout the rest of Season 4 following The Legion of Pirate Villains: It remains unknown as to whether or not he will get the emerald back and attempt to take his revenge against Captain Jake, however since the show's cancellation in 2017, we may never know.
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