Lord Fitzpatrick is Darby O'Gill (formerly) and Michael MacBride's boss in Disney's Darby O'Gill and the Little People.

Role in the film

Lord Fitzpatrick arrives unexpectedly with a young man from Dublin named Michael MacBride to the gatehouse next to his manor house in Rathcullen and asks Katie O'Gill to fetch her father, Darby, his former caretaker. He even tells Michael about Darby's untold retirement 5 years ago when Michael asks what ails him since Lord Fitzpatrick states that Katie is "a grand girl who almost makes up for her father." This conversation makes Sheelah Sugrue, who heard the whole thing, try to persuade Lord Fitzpatrick to hire her son, Pony as his new caretaker but he simply states he doesn't want "a man who is too well known to the town but a man outside would be more respected"; hinting that he already hired Michael MacBride as his new caretaker replacing Darby, an event that remains oblivious to Sheelah.

Later, Lord Fitzpatrick instructs Michael that he doesn't want to see the weeds in his field higher than the summerhouse despite the little use he has for the place and to put a stop to some poachers when Michael finds a dead rabbit caught in a snare; suspecting that Darby was probably the one responsible. When Darby finally arrives, pretending to have been busy sharpening the scythe when in fact, he was at the pub telling stories to his friends, Lord Fitzpatrick announces his retirement when he tells him that he has hired Michael to replace him; given his age. However, as an act of kindness, care, and generosity in return for his good services, he gives him and his daughter two weeks as a chance to move to the old McCarthy house rent-free for the rest of his days by the time he returns on Monday week despite the gatehouse having been considered their home for 20 years.

As Lord Fitzpatrick leaves Rathcullen, Sheelah drags Pony out so as to introduce him to his lordship; hoping he might impress his lordship to accept him as the new caretaker to his manor house and to have the chance to take Katie for his wife. Nevertheless, Lord Fitzpatrick does otherwise despite considering him "a big man."

Though not seen again after that, he is heard having returned on Monday after two weeks to see a job well done at his place.



  • Though never seen but mentioned, according to one of Pony Sugrue's mockeries to Darby, Lord Fitzpatrick had a wife named Lady Fitzpatrick.

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