Lord Hater's Theme is a Wander Over Yonder song first heard in the episode, "The Prisoner" and is heard instrumentally throughout the series. It is sung by Andy Bean.


Who is the universe's awesomest evildoer?
(All right!!!)
Who's super strong and shoots out scary green lightning?
Who's really insecure and wishes he had a girlfriend
Videos himself lifting weights in his bedroom?
(All right!!!)


  • The song is heard often in the show, making it a running gag. The episodes where it is heard in are:
    • The Prisoner: Is heard while Lord Hater is sharpening a sword in his torture room. It is also heard as elevator music during the food court scene.
    • The Little Guy: A lullaby version is heard whenever someone on Lord Hater's ship is sleeping.
    • The Bounty: An 8-bit version is used as the music for Lord Hater's video game. Later, a piano version plays when Peepers thinks Lord Hater learned his lesson.
    • The Nice Guy: It is heard while the "Back in 5 minutes" sign is shown.
    • The Day: Is heard while Sylvia and Peepers are in the elevator.
    • The Brainstorm: During the end credits, the song is parodied as "Who is the universe's loneliest evildoer?"
    • The Gift 2: The Giftening: The elevator music version is heard when Hater leaves the conference room.
    • The Date - Heard instrumentally while Hater celebrates his life as a bachelor. A big band version is also heard when Hater introduces himself to the disguised Sylvia.
    • The Buddies - The Hawaiian version is heard instrumentally when Hater and Wander are under their shelter and a single snowflake falls.
    • The Liar - The Hawaiian version is heard instrumentally throughout the animatic.
  • The "All right!" part is heard in "The Greatest", "The Brainstorm" and "The Void", and is used for the shortened version of the Wander Over Yonder Main Title.


  • Andy Bean

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