Lorenzo is an animated Disney short which made its debut at the Florida Film Festival and a film festival in Los Angeles, California on March 6, 2004. It later had a national release paired with Raising Helen on May 28, 2004 and at the Mar del Plata Film Festival in Argentina on March 11, 2006. The short is also known as Lorenzo's Tail.

It was produced for the unfinished third Fantasia film and was finally released in home formats in 2015 as part of the Walt Disney Animation Studios Short Films Collection.


Lorenzo is a vain narcissistic cat living in a restaurant, lazing about on a couch near the window and eating shrimp cocktails. After feigning sympathy towards less fortunate strays watching him through the window, a stub-tailed black cat named Molly walks by the restaurant. Lorenzo laughs at her lack of a tail while lovingly dancing with his own luxuriously fluffy one. Molly then places a curse on Lorenzo's tail, bringing it to life. After dancing with his very domineering tail, Lorenzo tries to kill it and make it inanimate again, trying and failing through various methods. Molly reappears with a knife, beckoning him to just chop it off. He hesitates, but takes the knife, only for his tail to grab it and try killing him. After hiding behind a door, Lorenzo is able to grab the knife and cut it off. Molly, Lorenzo, and his tail happily reappear and take their bows.

Behind the Scenes

Lorenzo was initially conceived by Disney Legend Joe Grant as a short based around tango music, with several sketches being re-discovered around the same time as the production of Destino. Mike Gabriel picked up the project and sought out different tango pieces to use as a base track, buying numerous CDs, though quickly falling in love with and using one of the earliest tracks he listened to, an arrangement of Osvaldo Pugliese's Bordoneo y 900 by Juan Jose Mosalini and his Big Tango Orchestra.


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