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Boys who feel unloved. Boys who feel lost. That's what I'll call my new group of friends. The Lost Boys!
Peter Pan[src]

The Lost Boys are a group of ragtag young boys led by Peter Pan in Neverland in Disney's 1953 animated feature film Peter Pan.


As the name suggests, the Lost Boys were all male characters. However, this temporarily changed in Return to Never Land, where Wendy's daughter, Jane, becomes the first Lost Girl (although she later leaves the group).

Slightly is the second in command. He wears a fox costume and is shown to be the oldest member (and the tallest) of the Lost Boys. In the book series, he is called Slightly Soiled and it is revealed that his real name is James; his surname is never revealed.

Nibs is the most active and is the bravest of the group. He wears a rabbit costume and doesn't talk much. He may be the most minor Lost Boy, with the least amount of speaking parts (excluding Tootles of course). In the book series, it is revealed that his real name is Thomas. His surname is never revealed.

A set of twins that speak at the same time. Although they are known for this, they do not carry it out in the sequel; instead, they finish each other's sentences. They wear raccoon costumes. They are treated as one in the book because Peter has no clue who is who. In the books, their names are revealed to be Marmaduke and Binky, but it is not known which name belongs to who.

Cubby is the toughest of all the Lost Boys. He is large and overweight and speaks as if he does not have much knowledge. He wears a bear costume. In the book series, he is referred to as "Tubby Ted" which can be assumed that his real name is Theodore or Edward. His surname is never revealed.

Cubby is also the most emotional and impulsive of the boys. When Tinker Bell is first found to be ill in Return to Neverland, he bursts into tears and cries until Nibs shoves a club in his mouth.

Tootles is the only Lost Boy who does not speak at all; to compensate for this, he uses a large pad of paper to communicate (albeit only in Return to Neverland). He is the youngest of the Lost Boys and seems to be the most cunning of the group. He wears a skunk costume. In the book series, it is revealed that his real name is Pentiss, but his surname is never revealed.


Peter Pan[]


The Lost Boys in original film.

In the first film, the Lost Boys made their first appearance when Peter took Wendy, John, and Michael Darling to Neverland. The jealous Tinker Bell told them a "Wendy-Bird" had started a flight across there and needed to be hunted down. This later led to conflicts between Peter, Tink, the Lost Boys, Wendy, John, and Michael, due to how Tink had intentionally misled the Lost Boys into harming Wendy out of her jealousy.

John and Michael want to join their wild brigade, and Peter appoints John as their temporary leader. They sing "Following the Leader" as they walk, but are soon captured by the Indians. While being carried to the Indian Camp, they are shown annoyed. There, John takes the blame for getting themselves captured and the Lost Boys accept his apology. The Chief explains that his tribe has fought the Lost Boys many times, and Cubby suggests that he should let them go. John is confused and Slightly explains that they turn each other lose after a side wins. The Chief says he will not be releasing them, and accuses them of kidnapping his daughter, Tiger Lily, but the Lost Boys tell him that they did not do so and had not seen her. The Chief threatens them to be burned at the stake if she did not return by sunset.

However this punishment is prevented by Peter who rescues her from Captain Hook, the real kidnapper, and the Lost Boys, John and Michael are then set free. The Lost Boys also view Wendy as a mother-like figure, demanding she tells them stories. It eventually all came down to the final battle with Captain Hook, the children victorious in the end. The Lost Boys were sad to lose Wendy, but reluctantly allowed her, John, and Michael to return home under Peter's watchful eye.

Return to Never Land[]

Peterpan2-disneyscreencaps com-3632

The Lost Boys in Return to Never Land.

In the sequel, Wendy has grown up and has a daughter of her own, Jane, a high-spirited girl who no longer believes in Wendy's stories of Neverland as her little brother, Danny does, due to war pressure. Her opinion is forced to change, however, when Captain Hook kidnaps her (thinking she's Wendy), she is rescued by Peter Pan and is taken to his hideout, Hangman's Tree. While the Lost Boys all excitedly crowd around her, Tootles reminds her of Danny and she runs off. Once she returns to Peter, it is then the Lost Boys' job to teach her how to have fun. They play a game of scavenger hunt, which ends with her being appointed their first Lost Girl. However, Tootles blows into the whistle that Captain Hook gave her, and this causes him and his crew to capture the Lost Boys and Peter. It all winds down to yet another final battle with him, the Lost Boys have finally unlocked Jane's inner child. Once she saves them and says that she must go home, they appear to be sad, as they begin to cry. However, she comforts them by saying that she will tell Danny their stories.

House of Mouse[]

The Lost Boys make numerous background appearances in House of Mouse. In "Chip 'n' Dale", they are seen struggling to open a bag of peanuts until they are helped by Tinker Bell. In the episode "Donald Wants to Fly", they are part of a Neverland band and can be seen on stage singing along as Peter sings a version of "You Can Fly", although Nibs is not present during this cameo. After the song, they all fly back to Neverland with Peter and Tinker Bell.

Other appearances[]

The Lost Boys made cameo appearances at the end of "This is Your Life, Donald Duck".

In The Lion King 1½, the Lost Boys make a cameo appearance at the end, being called by Peter Pan to their theater seats, where they pile around him and shout.

Only one of the Lost Boys, Cubby, makes a brief cameo in the movie Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers where he bumps into Sweet Pete and recognizes him as Peter Pan when the latter chases after Chip and Dale at a convention.

Live-action appearances[]

Once Upon a Time[]

Once Upon a Time - 3x01 - The Heart of the Truest Believer - Lost Boys

The Lost Boys in in Once Upon a Time

In ABC's Once Upon a Time, the Lost Boys (also known as the "Lost Ones") are the murderous inhabitants of Neverland and servants of Peter Pan. He began forming them under his alias of the Pied Piper in the Enchanted Forest, in his quest to find the heart belonging to the "Truest Believer". Because time is frozen in Neverland, they do not age making them much older than their otherwise youthful outward appearance might suggest. As mentioned by Wendy, they cry at night because they miss their families. Captain Hook mentions to Emma Swan that while he was in Neverland, he spent time in the company of a group of orphans known as the Lost Boys.

A couple of years later, Hook accidentally finds himself in another realm, trying to find his way back to his girlfriend Emma Swan and get home to Storybrooke. He agrees to trade his ship with Blackbeard for a magic bean, but the ship is in another realm. Blackbeard and Hook use the bean to open a portal, but they find themselves in Neverland instead of Storybrooke. The screams of the Lost Boys can be heard which makes Hook and Blackbeard run. Hook explains that while Pan is dead, some of the Lost Boys decided to stay behind rather than leave with Emma, Hook, Henry and the group when they left Neverland. Hook mentions that some of the Lost Boys wanted to stay loyal to Pan which is why they never left Neverland.

Peter Pan & Wendy[]

The Lost Boys appear in the live action remake, and are featured as a more diverse cast of children that includes girls and boys. Slightly is now a child with Down Syndrome, Nibs is biracial, the twins are African-American girls, Cubby (reverted back to Curly) is a girl, and Tootles is African-American. Additionally two new Lost Boys are added. Birdie, who is a Chinese-American girl, and Bellweather, who is a Latino boy.[1]

The Lost Children approach Wendy accusing her of what she did to Peter and as Wendy talks to Tiger Lily, they think that she is an imposter which Tiger Lily halts their attacks. At first, Wendy is confused with the "Lost Boys" name due to the team of children having three girls (the Twins and Curly), much to the offense of the Twins.

Wendy discusses with the Lost Children that she and her siblings were flying at Neverland with Peter while being attacked by Captain Hook and his crew just as Slightly tells Bellweather to use his telescope to see what is going on just as Slightly gives Wendy the telescope to show what her brothers look liked which Wendy tells them that she is seeing John and Michael being captured by Hook and his crew.

As Hook and his crew set sail for Skull Rock, Slightly alerts Wendy that the crew has headed for Skull Rock, leading Wendy and the children to find John and Michael and then rescue them, alongside Tiger Lily who follows alongside Wendy. While following Tiger Lily, the Lost Children discuss with Wendy about a story of what Peter Pan did to Captain Hook which Tiger Lily alerts them that Hook and his crew have arrived with John and Michael held hostage. Just as Tinker Bell rescues John and Michael thanks to her Pixie Dust, she leads Peter, Wendy, John, Michael, and Tiger Lily out of Skull Rock as the Lost Children escape Skull Rock into a hill. During a discussion with Peter, he tells Wendy and the Lost Children that nothing ever changes in Neverland just before Wendy follows alongside her brothers as well as the Lost Children, followed by Tiger Lily returning to her tribe.

Arriving at the hideout, Wendy attempts to tell a bedtime story to the her siblings and the Lost Children to which while discussing with them, Wendy instead sings a lullaby her mother sang to her when she was at home, just as they fall asleep. However, Captain Hook and his pirate crew arrive and capture the Lost Children, alongside Tinker Bell, just as they are taken to their prison cells at the Jolly Roger. With the children captured, Hook then leads a plan to send the children to walk the plank the next day, much to Wendy's worry of Hook's evil plans.

The next day, Hook orders his crew to send Wendy to walk the plank, followed by the Lost Children, John, and Michael being next; however, Tinker Bell escapes from Smee who trapped her in a lantern and then saves Wendy from falling into the ocean, much to Hook and the other pirates hearing no splash from the ocean as it is shown that Tink saved Wendy from falling into the ocean. Furthermore, the Lost Children take part during the battle against Hook's pirates while Peter takes on Hook, alongside Wendy, Michael, John, Tinker Bell, and Tiger Lily. Later, when Wendy tells everyone to hold on while trying to get the pirate crew out of the ship, the Lost Children hang onto the ship while the pirate crew starts falling into the ocean. Two Lost Boys then fire a cannonball at Hook to get him off the ship which Hook suddenly falls into the ocean.

After Captain Hook and his crew are defeated, Wendy then tells Peter to set sail back to London to give the Lost Children a home. Wendy introduces the Lost Children to her father George much to his surprise of seeing them in the Darling family's house to which they and the Darlings see the Jolly Roger sailing off for Neverland.

Video games[]

Peter Pan: Adventures in Never Land[]

The Lost Boys play supporting roles in the game, with the Twins often giving Peter the latest danger from Captain Hook, which leads to the latest mission, while the rest of the Lost Boys are locked in cages by Captain Hook, each of them hidden in a level of the game. It is worth mentioning that this is the only appearance of Tootles speaking.

Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep[]

Lost Boys

Ten years before Sora ever landed upon Captain Hook's ship in Neverland on his search for his friends Riku and Kairi, Peter Pan and Tinker Bell lived there with his mischievous team of playmates, the Lost Boys. Together they spent their days in endless bliss. That is, until, Keyblade warriors, Terra, Aqua, and Ventus, each visited the world. The Lost Boys, including Peter Pan, were awestruck by the foreign heroes, having many conversations with them. They were seen on a treasure hunt with Aqua, as well as making her their "mother". They are also seen with Terra while he explores Neverland in allegiance with Captain Hook.

Kinect: Disneyland Adventures[]

Only Cubby appears in this game during the Peter Pan's Flight mini-game. In the story, he is kidnapped by the pirates but fortunately, is rescued by Peter Pan and the player. Although he is the only Lost Boy to appear, Nibs' costume is available at the shops.

Disney Parks[]

Disneyland Resort[]

Animatronic versions of the Lost Boys are featured in the Peter Pan's Flight attraction.

Lost Boys Disney Parks

The Lost Boys posing for a photo at one of the Disney Parks.

Walt Disney World[]

The Lost Boys are extremely rare meet-and-greet characters there. They appear during Mickey's Halloween Party. Some of them also appear in the Festival of Fantasy Parade. They also appear in the animatronic form in Peter Pan's Flight. They appear twice through-out it. They first appear as small animatronics, sitting around a fire next to Hangman's Tree. Their second appearance of them is on the Jolly Roger, although only Cubby, Nibs, and Slightly are shown. These animatronics are much larger and tied to a mast, along with John and Michael.

Nibs has his own spell card known as "Nibs' Neverland Assault" in the attraction Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom.

Disneyland Paris[]

Young park guests play the role of the Lost Boys in the interactive show "Peter Pan to the Rescue".


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  • In the original novel, the Lost Boys are boys "who fall out of their prams when the nurse isn't looking and if they are not found in a week, they are sent far away to Neverland," where Peter Pan is their captain, and the reason why the Lost Boys only have boys and have no girls is because as Peter explains, girls, unlike boys, are far too clever to fall out of their prams, hence subtly implying that girls are more intelligent than boys.
    • Jane's arrival in Neverland as a "Lost Girl" in Return to Never Land almost parallels this, except that for her case she ended up in Neverland when she gets abducted by Captain Hook and his pirates against her will, unlike these "Lost Boys" in question where they intentionally wander off their prams on their own accord until they get sent to Neverland.
  • In the original novel, the Lost Boys leave Neverland and are adopted by Wendy's parents, while in the Disney version, the Lost Boys remained on Peter Pan's side in Neverland (though the idea of them returning to London alongside Wendy was addressed). Wendy also marries one of them according to the novel; though whom is never stated. In an early version of the book, Wendy married Tootles.
    • In a deleted ending scene from the original film, it is revealed that despite Peter Pan allowing the Lost Boys the rights to return home to London with Wendy and the Darlings, the boys refused the offer, preferring to stay with Peter, which Wendy herself agrees, because she believes that the Lost Boys belong to Peter, and both Peter and the Lost Boys would be much happier living as ageless kids forever in Neverland as opposed to growing up in London with Wendy and the Darlings. [2]
  • In the novel, it is mentioned that there were many Lost Boys that died. Most deaths were from the war against Captain Hook and other villains; however, Peter himself would 'thin them out' if they seem to be growing up, which is against (Peter's) rules.
  • In the novel, Cubby is actually named Curly, being changed to reference his bear outfit.
  • All of the Lost Boys are very handy with a slingshot. While they all use different weapons throughout the two movies, Slightly is shown to have a weapon called the "Skullbuster", which is a long stick with a slingshot attached to the front of it.
  • Although they were not named in the original film, the Lost Boys' real names were revealed for the first time in Return to Neverland.
  • A minor inconsistency with Slightly is that his fox costume in Return to Neverland is a one-piece one, while in Peter Pan he wears a two-part one. Merchandise of his often depicts him with his Return to Neverland costume, but other merchandise shows him in his original costume.
  • While all the Lost Boys are very close and get along well, they do often shove each other around engage in fights against each other. Examples include when Slightly kicked Cubby and the Twins into a wall, thinking that Cubby had hit him on the head with a club. Another example was when they were all trying to take credit for knocking the "Wendy Bird" out of the sky, and they all began to fight, only to be broken up by Peter.
  • Even though they are simply wearing animal costumes, the Lost Boys can move the tails and ears on each one.
  • The names of some of the Lost Boys are changed in some merchandise. For example, the Lost Boys Tsum Tsums give Slightly, Nibs, and Tootles different names; Foxy, Rabbit, and Skunk (respectively).
  • In the 1989 short film Back to Never Land, Robin Williams is temporarily turned into a Lost Boy. He is very short, only coming up to Peter Pan's knee, and he wears a yellow cat costume.
    • In the 1994 film Hook, Robin Williams played an adult Peter Pan, who chose to leave Neverland.
  • In Peter Pan and Wendy, Slightly is the only Lost Boy with a disability, which is Down syndrome.
  • Cubby shares his name with a member of Jake's pirate crew.
  • Cubby's voice has notably changed over the years. In the original Peter Pan film, he speaks with a deeper, dopier voice, in contrast to the other boys, possibly highlighting Cubby's lack of intelligence. But in Return to Neverland and Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers, his voice sounds noticeably younger and higher-pitched, likely due to his replacement voice actors.


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