Lothar is the secondary antagonist of Disney's The Rocketeer. He serves as a henchman for Neville Sinclair.

Role in the film

At night, while enjoying a nice chicken dinner and watching T.V., Lothar receives a call from his boss, Neville Sinclair for a special job.

At the hospital, he tries to get some information out of one of Eddie Valentine's goons, who survived a car chase unlike his partner earlier in the day at an airfield from the FBI and is in bad condition, about the whereabouts of a rocket they were hired to steal from Howard Hughes by Valentine for Sinclair but when the goon refuses to answer to anyone but his boss, Lothar proceeds to torture him and inflict great pain on him to get the information out of him, thus, causing him to scream in pain and horror until Lothar finally breaks him in half and to death.



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