Lou is the titular protagonist from 2017 Pixar short film of the same name. He is a mysterious figure who takes the lost belongings from many children for them to collect, but he does not tolerate any child stealing their respective belongings.


Lou is an unseen entity covered in the lost belongings that pile into the "Lost and Found" box at an elementary school for children to collect their misplaced items. The main items are the red hoodie and eyes made out of baseballs and buttons. Lou collects these items, which he can use as parts for himself. In spite of this ability, he does help give children their lost belongings, but he dislikes when he sees children behaving rudely (in this case, a bully named J.J. taking things that do not belong to him and being rude to other students).

Role in the short film

Throughout the short, Lou is a mysterious creature hiding in a "Lost and Found" box. Lou presses the handheld game console he found, indicating that he found the children's lost belongings for the kindergarteners to collect. Later, when he discovers a bully taking the belongings that do not belong to him as well as being rude to the other students, he is unhappy that the bully is not treating the other students kindly as Lou decides to teach the bully a lesson while the bully grabs his backpack.

After the bully J.J. grabs his backpack, he notices Lou holding a plush dog with J.J's name tag on it. Recognizing the plush dog, J.J. remembers the plush dog was stolen by another bully when he was little. When J.J. tries to ask Lou for his plush dog, Lou refuses because the bully has to give the lost belongings back to their respective students as well as treating them kindly. Soon as J.J. does so, Lou feels happy that J.J. is becoming a good boy by giving the belongings back to their respective owners and upon doing the task what Lou told him, J.J. notices the box of lost belongings is empty, and is sad to see Lou gone where the baseballs and hoodie returned to their owners, so he grabs the plush dog that once belonged to him, thanks to Lou's help.


  • In early development of the short, Lou had his eyes together to look like a puppet (having slight reminiscence of puppet characters from children's television shows); however, for the final version, his eyes are separated together in order to avoid making him look like a puppet.
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