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Louis Stevens is the main protagonist of Even Stevens. He is Ren and Donnie's younger brother, who is notoriously always up to making outlandish schemes for him and his friends.



Louis is an opportunistic, crafty, but overall fun-loving teen with a penchant for scheming his way through life. His behavior is most likely influenced by his "perfect" family. As he explains in "A Weak First Week", he feels that since his family all have something they are good at (Steve is lawyer, Eileen is a politician, Donnie is an athlete, and Ren is an overachiever) he might as well break from the norm and leave his own imprint on the Stevens family. He is not afraid to get his hands dirty in order to get what he wants, though this results in him usually getting into more trouble.

Despite being seen as a problem child, or even a menace, Louis is an overall good person that looks out for his family and would never try to hurt them. At times, he is given an opportunity to humiliate or belittle Ren if he feels that he has been wronged by her, but ultimately refrains from doing so when he realizes that it will no doubt ruin her.

Louis takes pride in his scheming, insisting that what he does is an art form that takes years of practice. He can be overly childish, which can sometimes even upset his closest friends, but will learn his lesson by the end of the episode.


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