The Love Potion is a powerful dust-potion from the world of Strange Magic, it can only be made by the Sugar Plum Fairy, with her magic and a petal of a primrose flower. Its only antidote is real love, as it is stronger than the potion itself.

The Bog King of the Dark Forest had the potion's only known creator to make it for him, so he could win the heart of a girl that he had a crush on, however, he wouldn't hear the warnings of the potion after Sugar Plum had made it; making it look like that it didn't work or that it couldn't make someone fall in love with a creature like him. Which had caused the hurt King to lock the Sugar Plum Fairy away in his dungeon and to ban love from his kingdom.

Since then not another Love Potion has been made again since, until an Elf named Sunny, went into the forest with a primrose petal, on Roland's suggestion. Who wanted to use the potion to make the Fairy King's eldest daughter, Marianne, to fall in love with him so he could become king of the Fairy Kingdom. His plan, however, didn't work as it was accidently used on Dawn and with the Bog King and his men attacking the kingdom to get the potion. As their king wanted to destroy it before its magic could be used. Which the Imp had gotten ahold of, so it could spread its love magic-dust around.

After Sunny got the potion back from the trouble making Imp, he joined Roland's assault on the Bog King's castle, so they could save the captured Fairy Princess, Dawn, which Marianna had learned that the potion had caused her sister to fall in love with the Bog King, that is trying to find its antidote. For the young fairy princess and the other creatures that the Imp had used the potion on. The Sugar Plum Fairy told Marianna and the Bog King that the antidote is real love, after she told them the king's tragic love story, when he had used the potion on someone that was already in love with someone else. As the Bog King finally realized that if it did work, her love for him wouldn't be real. When Roland came to the castle, he tried to use the potion on Marianna, who was already in love with the Bog King. After Dawn was cured from the potion by accepting Sunny's feelings for her, Roland had managed to surprise attack her with the potion, Marianna made Roland think that the potion's magic had work, before her punch caused him to fall over a cliff, with the potion's opened bottle to spill the rest of its love dust on him; which had caused him to fall in love with one of Bog's early suitors.

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