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Luisa Madrigal is a character in the upcoming Walt Disney Animation Studios feature film Encanto. She is the strapping middle-child of Julieta Madrigal and Agustín Madrigal, who had been gifted with super strength.


The middle daughter, Luisa, is the rock of the Madrigals. Graced with super-strength, she is the one who is always there to lend a helping hand. She’s the one that Mirabel relies on, she’s the one in the family that’s carrying all the burdens and never complaining. She’s tough but also can be really funny and vulnerable.

Physical appearance

Luisa's body has a strong build. She has tan skin hazel eyes and black hair that's tied up in a bun held by a red ribbon. she wears a dress with the top half being white and short-sleeved, with a red ribbon at the top. and the bottom half being indigo, with dark purple and pink stripes at the bottom. she also has felt bracelets with the left being red and denim and the right being red denim and yellow. and she wears dark blue shoes with two dark blue ankle straps.

Powers and abilities

She is the strongest in the family being able to lift things at ease.


  • Early in production, the character's name was Lydia.[1]



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