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Lulu Plummer is one of Julie Plummer's children of the Disney's 2005 action comedy film, The Pacifier. Lulu is the middle child of the Plummer family and is the most troublesome of the five. She also belongs to a troop called "Fireflies", who are bullied by another troop called the Bear troop but in the end they beat the Bear troop boys up for being so mean to the girls. She is portrayed by Morgan York.


Lulu is kind of mischievous to Shane Wolfe, and asks him lots of questions. One night, when Lulu follows Wolfe down the hall, she asks him "why his boobs are so big", but he tells her that they are not boobs.

When Lulu walks into the playroom with Wolfe, she asks him if her boobs will get as big as his someday. However, Wolfe replies with "I think it's time you went nappy-poo in beddy-bye land". His words greatly embarrass Lulu.

With that she storms off to her room, declaring, "Disrespectful. And I think I was interested in you!"

Role in the film

Lulu is first seen peeking round the door and screaming when she sees Wolfe, and closes the door. She hides behind the stair banister, afraid of him at first. On the night after their mother leaves, Lulu screams and Wolfe follows the sound, but he sees her playing a video game. She is woken by Wolfe's whistle between Zoe and Seth. At the table, Lulu copies what Wolfe says, then says, "Peter farted."

Later in the film, she reappears in the living room, complaining with the others that they have something to do tomorrow. The next day, she crosses her eyes to show Wolfe, but it upsets Tyler. With Wolfe on the phone, Lulu shushes her little brother. She is seen again with the whole gang at the garage staring at their minivan. She is buckled in her seat between Peter and Tyler, but when chased by Mr. Chun later in the film, she is seen sitting in the front beside a desperate Zoe.

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