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Lumpytoystory2.jpg|Lumpy on the television screen in ''[[Toy Story 2]]''.
Lumpytoystory2.jpg|Lumpy on the television screen in ''[[Toy Story 2]]''.

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Lumpy the Clown is the secondary character of Red's Dream. He is a clown who is seen in Red the unicycle's dream of being in a circus. In the dream, he sits on Red and juggles blue, green, and red balls until Red took over and juggled them himself.


  • Lumpy the Clown was Pixar's first organic character.
  • According to the site, Lumpy inadvertently shows the middle finger, as if it were a mistake. Other sites say it is a subliminal message, which is completely different from the Pixar standard of quality, especially because the character himself has a mission to be funny, not satanic.
  • Lumpy appears in a cameo in Toy Story 2 on the television screen.
  • Lumpy is the first human ever to be seen in a Pixar film, however, he is not the first human to be seen in a Pixar feature-length film. This title is held by Andy Davis.
  • A picture of Lumpy's face appeared on the back of a truck at the carnival in Toy Story 4.


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