Lyle is a supporting character in Ernest Goes to Jail.

In Ernest Goes to Jail

Lyle began as Felix Nash and Rubin Bartlett's trusty inmate. He temporarily pretended Ernest was Nash. When Rubin informed Ernest he was going to be Nash from now on, he said Lyle will hurt Ernest should he not comply. The first thing Rubin does is toughen up Ernest's image in order to pass for Nash, and says Ernest will have to use intimidating speech. Ernest does impersonations of several famous tough guys, to include Arnold Schwarenegger and Sylvester Stallone to attempt this, causing Nash to chuckle at this.

Lyle does not speak until he forces Rubin to release Ernest at the Dracup Maximum Security Prison's main gate and knocks out Rubin. After this situation, he tells Ernest to flee the jail. In addition, he informs him about the real Nash robbing the bank at that same moment. Ernest tries to let him join the escape, but Lyle tells Ernest that he is a guilty man who deserves to be in jail, not a free man like Ernest. As Ernest exits the main gate, he thanks Lyle for helping him and promises to keep in touch by writing, and possibly sending a cake.


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