Miniaturized Exploration Technologies (MET) was a scientific programme established in the year 2068 dedicated to experimentation and medical exploration of the human body by miniaturization methods that allowed scientifics and doctors to introduce to the interior of the patients by themselves. It was featured in EPCOT's Wonders of Life pavilion's Body Wars ride.

Modus operandi

Because of the complex tasks and several medical cases to treat in different missions, MET operated by two different methods to cover a variety of necessities:

Vehicle navigation

It was the main and most important way to access to human body and the fastest one to transport from a different point of the body to another, it consisted in miniaturizing a LGS-250, an specially designed submarine to a microscopic size that allowed the vehicle not only to move freely through the blood, but also to allow scientists to see microorganisms like cells, viruses and bacterias in a proper size to allow their examination.

Blood diving

As a way to examine medical problems in a depper way, MET used to send blood divers to the bodies to look closer and if necessary apply medicine or fix human body parts with their own hands. They were normally picked and taken out by submarines and left there the necessary time until they were ready to get out and go back to their original size. 


  • MET is of course named after MetLife, the original sponsor for the Wonders of Life Pavilion. The 2068 founding year given in queue signage in the attraction's early years is a reference to MetLife itself having been founded in 1868.
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