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MacKnee is the main antagonist of the TaleSpin episode "Mommy for a Day".



MacKnee is a hunter with a terrible temper, a gruff Aussie accent and for some unknown reason has an extreme hatred toward children, especially toward Kit Cloudkicker and Molly Cunningham when the latter unwittingly stole a rare creature that he just captured. While his hatred against children is unknown, he seems to really hate being laughed at by Molly due to Henry hiding in her shirt. He also gets easily angry when people like Baloo nearly wreck up his cargo. Being a poacher, he would go to any lengths to bag a rare creature, even by threatening and endangering the lives of innocent people in the name of the profit.


He is a grey, overweight koala who wears a pink shirt, a red vest, purple/blue pants, a dark blue bandana, and an Australian cowboy hat with a gun hole shot on one end.

Role in the episode

MacKnee first appears during a stormy night and starts attacking an Inkara and puts him in a crate, proclaiming that it will make him rich for being the only Inkara in captivity.

MacKnee later appears in the scene in which Baloo, Kit and Wildcat are trying to put his cargo with the Inkara inside. While it's not shown or heard, he yells at Kit for almost destroying the crate while Baloo defends him saying that it wasn't his fault and that the crate is too heavy for them to carry. They then try using a crane to lift the crate, but the controls to it is jammed and Wildcat tries to get the wrench to fix it without destroying the crate. Molly tries to help only to drop the wrench into the bay. Wildcat rescues her while letting the crate fall onto the dock, almost destroying it.

Furious, MacKnee gets into Rebecca's face, yelling at her to get the "brat" away from here, which Rebecca adheres to while apologizing for the mishap. Baloo, Kit, and Wildcat manage to get the crate out of the dock only for it to fall on MacKnee who angrily yells at them for their incompetence. After getting up, he gets into Rebecca's face again, threatening to take his business elsewhere if her workers don't take better care of his cargo. Rebecca reassures him that his cargo will be perfectly safe and MacKnee leaves in a huff. Unknown to him, the Inkara escaped and made friends with Molly who names him "Henry".

After finding out that the Inkara escaped, MacKnee starts destroying numerous crates inside the Sea Duck until Baloo stops him, trying to calm him down. He tells him that the Inkara is missing, but Baloo and Kit think he's crazy as they tell him that it's only a folklore. After knocking down the crate the Inkara was in, he shows them a hole in which the Inkara has escaped. He then proceeds to tell them that the Inkara is mean and dangerous and is only big when it's wet and shrinks when it gets dry.

MacKnee then trespass into Rebecca's house to find the Inkara with Kit and Baloo. After Molly has Henry grow while trying to give him a bath, MacKnee barges in and attacks the helpless creature who escapes through a hole in the wall with Kit and Molly riding on top of him. MacKnee, Baloo and Rebecca then head into the Sea Duck to try and follow him. Once they find them, MacKnee attempts to shoot the Inkara, but Rebecca stops him, accidentally hitting the Sea Duck's oil line, causing the plane to crash land.

MacKnee then leaves Baloo and Rebecca to hunt down Kit, Molly and Henry who are hiding from him. Kit distracts MacKnee long enough for Molly to get Henry into the river to grow. Just when MacKnee is about to presumably kill Kit for lying to him, Henry rescues Kit and MacKnee lets go of his shirt collar, falling into a river.

MacKnee then somehow makes it to the Valley of the Inkara just as Molly and Henry were about to say goodbye and he captures them both. He then threatens to do dreadful harm to Molly if Baloo, Kit, and Rebecca refuse to help him catch all the other Ikaras in the valley. However, Molly takes his water canteen and spills it onto Henry, making him grow and sit on MacKnee.

Later, MacKnee is turned over to the police who are told by Baloo and Kit that he's gone insane. MacKnee tries to tell the police that the Inkaras are real and vows to share a fortune with them. The police refuse to believe him and take him away to prison (or possibly an asylum).


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