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Machiavelli is a minor character in the 2021 DisneyPixar animated feature film, Luca. He's the pet cat of Giulia's dad, Massimo, and the first of the Marcovaldo family to learn that Luca and Alberto are sea monsters.


Machiavelli is Giulia's sweet-natured pet cat—sweet natured to humans, that is. When Machiavelli meets Luca and Alberto, he immediately senses there’s something fishy about them. And he loves the taste of fish.


Machiavelli comes off as hostile towards Luca and Alberto after discovering their sea monster identities. He gives them angry glares and proceeds to attack them as he saw them as a threat towards his human owners. However, after accidentally being thrown into the sea and being fed a fish by Luca as a way to apologize, Machiavelli lost any hostility towards him and Alberto and began treating the two sea monsters with as much affection as he gives to Giulia and her dad.

Physical appearance

Machiavelli is a burly cat with black and white fur (white fur for front half and black fur for back half). He has black ears, a black muzzle, and a black patch of fur on his front left leg, and the entire back half of his body white.



Machiavelli first appears when Luca and Alberto arrive at Giulia's home where the two crouch together upon hearing his father believing the sighting of a sea monster is true to which Machiavelli scowls at them just before the two return to their seats to which he later stares at them while sitting on the chair. During dinner time, Massimo asks the two to know where they were from to which Machiavelli stares at them and after dinner while discussing about a plan to make money so that Giulia can participate, Machiavelli pounces on Luca much to Giulia telling him that Luca isn't harming him.

The next day, Machiavelli approaches Luca and Alberto at Giulia's hideout and later arrives with Massimo during Luca and Alberto's task to catch fish to which while fishing, Machiavelli leaps at Luca and throws him into the water to which upon returning on the boat, Luca gives him a sardine to which he calms down after consuming it. He is later seen being dropped by his owner upon approaching Luca who is at the harbor and later when Giulia thanks her father just before Giulia, Luca, and Alberto hurry to look for an ad for the Portorosso Cup.

Later at home while preparing Luca and Alberto for the Portorosso Cup, Machiavelli observes Giulia who explains to Luca and Alberto that every year, the pasta changes during the Cup, preparing the two for everything. Machiavelli is later present in several occasions in the background during the training montage of Luca and Alberto to help prepare for the Cup to which the two train hard to get ready for the competition. After Luca and Giulia return home without Alberto, Machiavelli sits on his owner's shoulder just before he and Massimo leave. During the Portorosso Cup, Machiavelli is seen holding a banner whom his owner holds as Massimo begins to cheer on for his daughter.

After Luca, Alberto, and Giulia have won the Portorosso Cup, Machiavelli later appears on the Vespa for which Luca and Alberto wished. During the credits, it is shown that Machiavelli continues to live his life with Giulia, alongside a dog named "Nerone" and a turtle named "Caligola".

Ciao Alberto

Machiavelli was seen again in the short film Ciao Alberto. Machiavelli, as a suppose to growling at Alberto like in the first film, now enjoys Alberto's company, usually being with him wherever he is. Machiavelli was first seen in the treehouse with Alberto, sleeping as he read his letter from Luca. Just like in the movie, Machiavelli still accompanies Massimo and Alberto during their fishing trips. Machiavelli is also seen licking himself on Giulia's bed in her bedroom as Alberto writes more details in his letter. Machiavelli was also seen sleeping in the boat with Alberto during the scene where he's finishing his letter.

After losing their days catch of fish, Alberto sneaks out that night to make up for it. However, Machiavelli follows him to the boat. Although he startled Alberto when he only sees his eyes, Machiavelli quickly jumps up and meows at Alberto. When Alberto questions Machiavelli what he's doing in the boat, Machiavelli, once again meows, as if asking him what he's doing. Alberto explains what he's thinking to Machiavelli. However, the boat catches on fire, catching Machiavelli's attention while Alberto is oblivious to it. When he notices, Machiavelli meows in fear. Alberto dismisses Machiavelli's meowing but then turns when he sees the boat on fire. Machiavelli's screeching is heard from the house. Alberto and Machiavelli escape the boat. However, Alberto had no choice but to jump into the water with Machiavelli in his arms. Soaking wet, the two make it to the shoreline. Alberto sets down Machiavelli when he tries to explain to Massimo what happened. However, when Alberto tries again, he's greeted with Massimo angrily grunting at him. Upset, Alberto walks away, Machiavelli watching him do so.

At the end of the short, Machiavelli is seen coming out of the house through the backyard gate. He opens the gate himself and walks outside, coming closer to Massimo and Alberto, who are fixing their boat. Machiavelli sits down and begins licking himself yet again as they repair their boat.


  • His name was revealed on the Funko Pop! box for Giulia.[1]
  • He is named after Italian philosopher and writer Niccolò Machiavelli.
  • Machiavelli's muzzle looks similar to Massimo's mustache.
    • This could be a possible reference to Enrico Casarosa's short film La Luna, where Bambino compared Papà and Nonno's preferred tool to their facial hair.
  • As seen in the credits, Machiavelli met a female cat and had eight kittens with her.


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