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Mack McCro is the main antagonist of The Brave Little Toaster to the Rescue.

Role in the film

Mack is the assistant of Rob McGroarty. Unlike the latter, he doesn't care about animals' feelings and instead only cares about making money. In order to pay off his gambling debts, he decides in secret to sell the animals (which Rob has been taking care of) to Tartarus Laboratories, which presumably maimed the arm of one of them, a monkey named Sebastian. Mack even teases him with a potato chip at one point. His partner-in-crime is a driver of a truck for Tartarus Labs named Jim Bob. When they are taking the animals to the lab, Mack is eventually caught by Rob, and it angers him when he finds out that Mack was behind the animal cruelty. In addition, Chris (whom Mack has been jealous of) points out that they were also stealing Rob's childhood things (Toaster and the gang) because they were in the truck as well (when they had actually gone out to save the animals). In the end, Mack and Jim Bob are arrested by the police.


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