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Maddie Flour is a supporting character in the 2019 television series Amphibia.



Maddie Flour is a weird kid. She talks in a husky, whispering voice and makes those around her uncomfortable with her presence. Whether she does this on purpose or is inept to social cues is not known, but she does try to be friendly with people. She does seem somewhat self aware as she acknowledges that some people think she is evil when really she wants to use her abilities for good.

However, she is also shown to have an edge, being more than willing to curse somebody if pushed enough. This trait was shown in "Cursed!", when she fought Barry when it turned out he cursed Anne and Sprig, and in the online game Locus Pocus, where it was suggested that she will curse Anne and Sprig due to having repaired the bakery. The game also revealed that she actually dislikes working at the bakery.

As shown in "Maddie & Marcy", Maddie used to play with her younger sisters a lot when she was younger. But she stopped playing with them once she became invested in the magical arts, causing her to neglect her sisters in the process. This would lead to them often causing trouble for her and messing up her spells, and she considers them a nuisance. Even when her new friend Marcy pointed out that she should spend more time with them, Maddie felt that her passion was more important than them and didn't have time to babysit them. However, once Maddie realized the dangers they would put themselves in just to spend time with her, she proves that she cares about them deeply and promised to start spending more time with them.

Physical appearance

She is close in age to Sprig and is roughly the same height as him. She is a light blue frog with a lighter underbelly and has a red tongue. Just like the other frogs, she has 4 fingers and 2 toes. Her hair is a light pink with dark pink spots and bulbous in appearance with a small knot pinned with a clothespin on her head, making it look like a mushroom cap. It covers her right eye, but her visible left eye is big and yellow with a vertical pupil. She wears very little; just a black sack dress with a rope for a belt and is barefoot.

In "Maddie & Marcy", Maddie is shown what she looked like prior to doing magic. She wore a grungy pale yellow dress with a dirty apron. Her hair was better kept with both of her eyes visible and sported a small purple bow on the side of her hair.

In "The Shut-In!", Anne creates a human version of Maddie in the imagination of her story "Phone-Mo" named Haddie. She is a human of average height with pale skin, shock white hair that covers her right eye and black eyeliner. She wears a greyish-purple hoodie with thin dark pink horizontal lines and pink strings and cuffs, a purple checkered skirt, a black belt and dirty black boots. She also has a blue pearl bracelet on her left hand, a dull gold bangle on her right hand, and a noticeable tan band-aid on her right knee.


  • Charm casting: Maddie is well versed in casting spells, albeit small ones and can create ones on the fly.
  • Baking: Being the daughter of a baker, she herself can bake too.


  • It is possible that Maddie has had some unrequited feelings for Sprig prior to the start of the series. Whether or not she still has them since the events of "Cursed!" has yet to be revealed.
  • Maddie's hair supposedly resembles a spotted cort (Cortinarius iodes), also known as a viscid violet cort.
  • When the episode "True Colors" was leaked online, a personal message from Maddie was released asking fans to wait for the official release of the episode or else she would curse the viewer into a "turnip with a giant butt".[1]



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